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Selected Writings and Recordings of John Judge
John Judge was an unparalleled historian of the US National Security State. An exemplar earthling, his loyalty was to the human race, not to a flag or a country.
John Judge Interview Concerning 11 Sept 2001
by Kenn Thomas, 27 May 2005
Antidote to September 11 – Exercising Our Imagination:
John Judge, Leading Change: A Transformational, Quiet Servant Leader
Case Study by Cynthia McKinney, 2012
  John Judge (1947-2014)  
alternate historian, renowned researcher, educator, investigator, advocate for real democracy

Remarks delivered at the Celebration of the Life of John Patrick Judge
National Press Club, Washington DC, 31 May 2014

A Remembrance by David Ratcliife

John Judge and Dave Ratcliffe, 1988

John Judge was a co-founder of 911 Citizens Watch, a grassroots watchdog group demanding transparency and a thorough investigation by the National Commission on Terrorist Acts Upon the United States. John also co-founded the Committee for an Open Archives, the Coalition on Political Assassinations, and the Committee for High School Options and Information on Careers, Education and Self-Improvement (CHOICES), a group countering military recruitment in the schools and providing civilian alternatives. John was on the board of the Washington Peace Center and was an activist opposing war, racism and militarism since the 1960s. He died in 2014 due to complications from a stroke. His final project, established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2012, was the Museum of Hidden History. With John’s passing, work involving the Museum has shifted to developing The Hidden History Center, now housed in York, PA. The vast and incisive legacy of his research and voice provides an inspiring beacon to engage all one’s wits and creative imagination to help the human project change course and stake out a different future than this current one based on the demands of capital and its accumulation. Exercising our intelligence in this manner, with clarity and coherence, is of the highest calling Life presents us with.

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The 9-11 bombings Are Not Acts of War

The 9-11 bombings Are Crimes Against Humanity
I prefer law to war under all circumstances. . . . We have to apply the existing rules. To call them "terrorists" is also a misleading term. There's no agreement on what terrorism is. One man's terrorism is another man's heroism. I'm sure that bin Laden considers himself a saint and so do many of his followers. We try them for mass murder. That's a crime under every jurisdiction and that's what's happened here and that is a crime against humanity.
--Benjamin Ferencz, 9/19/01
Our choice now seems to be between a "new war" and a new world. As always, the forces of reaction and wealth are telling us we have no choice but war, and no right or power to decide. They are calling for a secret investigation, a secret conviction, a secret method of execution, and a totally secret war abroad. The American people as a whole are the only ones in the world who have the right to decide on a national response to this tragedy, and it must be one that takes into account the rights of all the other peoples and nations of the world.
--John Judge, 9/23/01


I met John in 1987 through Tom Davis (a first-generation JFK assassination researcher and bookseller) after some years of listening to Mae Brussell's weekly radio program, World Watchers. John is a first-generation assassination researcher who grew up in Washington D.C. Along with wading into studying the incoherence of the 26 volumes of Warren Commission Reports and Hearings, in the latter sixties, John began providing draft resistance counseling to people being sucked into the VietNam war machine.


John is an author, historian, and researcher who, since the sixties, has examined the hidden history of the Cold War, U.S. intelligence agencies, and international fascism, naming the key players in control of our society and describes their plans to gain that final frontier -- "the space between our ears."

While doing extensive research in mass and individual mind control, Judge uncovered what he believes to be the real story behind the murders at Jonestown, Guyana, and links to military intelligence and a CIA program called MK-ULTRA. He also found numerous connections between people known to be involved with Jonestown as well as the Martin Luther King murder. He was the first researcher to raise questions and unearth suspicious evidence in the deaths of Judge William Miller (on James Earl Ray's appeal court), Jessica Savitch, Abbie Hoffman, and Dorothy Hunt (wife of Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt).

As an avid investigator into the Kennedy Assassination, John Judge found links between the characters, assassins, funding and operations in the subsequent murders of Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and numerous other public figures and eye witnesses to the killings.

Judge's research includes detailed examination of the entire Warren Commission Report and Hearings, 26 volumes, some 300 cubic feet of records in the National Archives on the internal meetings and works of the Commission, related books, and thousands of articles by the critics of the report, as well as those who defend it. . . .

Articles by John Judge have been printed in publications such as Utne Reader, Critique, Spy, and Newsweek, and he is the author of the book, Judge For Yourself. His Jonestown research was recently published by Feral House in Secret and Suppressed. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and has lectured at many colleges and universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, Amherst College, University of Dayton, and the University of California-Santa Barbara.

I've learned a great deal from John's unique perspective and am pleased, after all these years, to begin presenting a smattering of his writings, analysis, and observations here on ratical. Among other pursuits, John was the executive director for many years of the national Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA).

David Ratcliffe

911--What Aren't We Being Told?
Everything you wanted to ask but we're afraid to know
Analysis by John Judge

latest:   Pentagon and P-56 Preparations and Defenses and the Stand-Down on 9/11, 1/11/06
  9/11 Source Bibliography, 11/4/04

An e-mail archive of John's analysis and observations on "news" specific to the crimes against humanity committed on 11 September 2001. The following provide a glimpse of the focus:


Coalition on Political Assassinations




Web Reference Links High-Lighted by JJ

This is an e-mail archive of John's analysis and observations on the state of the world thought built. (Some of John's mail in the above was posted on the "counter-recruitment" egroups list on yahoo. To subscribe, go to: .)

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