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Exchange With John Judge On The WTC Disaster
13 September 2001

Steamshovel editor Kenn Thomas sent a note of concern to conspiracy writer John Judge after the Pentagon plane crash, and got this response:

"I am ok thanks, I felt the Pentagon blast shake my windows and decided to take a small trip to the Maryland suburbs until the situation calmed down. It was heading fast to martial law early on here, and they were clamping the exits. So, I packed a bag and went to see friends beyond the play zone. Nasty stuff.

The non-response (ground-to-air missiles -ed) as the Dulles plane flew over the White House and turned to go into the Pentagon is inexplicable that late in the scenario unless this was in inside job. I am sure there is a false sponsor ready to be handed to us.

Now the global corporate/military state will divide the world into "freedom loving free market people" and "terrorists" (meaning anyone who stands up to the neoliberal takeover) and act in unison against them with impunity. The Congressional consensus will be used to bolster Pentagon budgets, create excessive security measures, limit civil liberties, unleash open CIA skulduggery, and attack progressive movements here and abroad.

Retaliation militarily is the most likely and the worst possible response to this, it will escalate it into a permanent war. Rumsfeld told the troops today to be ready to make many more sacrifices for a while. The fraudulent and failed missile defense will get funded I am sure.

But no one is asking the most basic question. If this is foreign in origin (which I think it really is not), then WHY is it happening? It is not happening in Canada, for instance (another large, relatively wealthy country of "freedom-loving" people) who also have an international presence and policy. The rationale for "terrorism" only exists when there is long term injustice and oppression to a weakened people, and without that these activities would be isolated without sanction or support anywhere.

The old saying is "If you treat people right, you can leave your door open". No amount of military retaliation and advanced security measures can do anything helpful because they discourage the self examnination necessary to begin to act with justice to the world around us, to end corporate globalism and aggression, and to stop making 75% of our "aid" to others in the form of weapons, not to mention training and arming the likes of bin Laden to turn them around on us.

If we stop creating enemies then we don't have to be a fortress state of frightened people. At some point, the chickens come home to roost.

Sometimes, we bring them.

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