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Flight 77 Timeline

Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 03:07:07 -0400
From: John Judge
Subject: Flight 77 Timeline

Flight 77 Timeline
by Paul Thompson, Center for Cooperative Research, last updated: 20 August 2002

OK here's the Flight 77 timeline, with a 9:41 crash time into the Pentagon. I still say it was later, but certainly not at the 9:37 NORAD claims (and shouldn't they know?). I put it at 9:43 earliest, 9:48 latest, but maybe my clock is off. I did hear it hit and looked at the time. In terms of response time they had plenty.

All the interceptors are flying slooooowwwwwwly. I am glad to see a source about something going up from Andrews, but they had more there than that.

The surface-to-air missiles are inside the Pentagon courtyard. I sat on the port of one in the 1950s and my father told me to get off it and what it was. There may be more outside too, but none were used in any case. Pentagon has its own radar.

On local Channel 8 there were announcements that the plane had turned and was headed to DC before the crash, as well as evacuation announcements for Capitol, White House and Pentagon. CNN carried interviews of evacuated people on the lawn of the White House who remembered looking up to see a plane turning overhead. They were told by Secret Service that it was one of the President's "Doomsday" planes (command and control centers), but if so, who was in it? More likely it was Flight 77.

The loop down from 7,000 feet was an amazing flying feat, going 270 degrees out of its way to hit the empty side, and flying in so low it took off lamp poles. A Pentagon spokesman in DC said it had to be a very experienced flyer to do that, comparing it to dog fight maneuvers.

Hitting the empty side of the Pentagon and timing the first tower crash at 8:43 minimized the potential levels of death. That was planned. The speculation about the pilots continuing to fly the plane after it turned is borne out by a source I have inside American Airlines who was told that the American pilots flew almost to the end of each route. One of the AA 77 pilots had his throat slashed at some point though.

The speculation that one of the hijackers joined them in the cockpit reminded me of a story I heard from a flight attendant on American who had seen Mohammed Atta on an earlier flight and recalled him bugging her several times to be let up into the cockpit because he was also a pilot. She said such requests are routinely refused, though, as was his. He made her mad by continuing to ask, although in a very friendly way.

The Military Command Center is also notified during hijackings right away, not just NORAD, so the Pentagon would have been among the first to know the whole situation and watch it unfold on their radar screens. AA77 was briefly lost to radar but back on by 9:05 according to a speaker at the recent American Airline Pilots Association gathering.

Every official story about the events makes no sense, and every credible source points to the fact that there was a military stand down that day that allowed the Pentagon hit if not the Tower crashes as well.

This excellent and sourced timeline makes it all clear. It is part of a larger timeline of events, so go back to the source page as well. Great research source.

John Judge

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