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Truth or conspiracy: JFK

Gerald (the Poisoner) Posner

Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 01:09:12 -0400
Subject: Truth or conspiracy: JFK

Well, here is Gerald (the Poisoner) Posner hard at work. Looks like someone has been giving him hand lessons. And Katie Couric, whose father is CIA, on NBC, whose father is General Electric, showing us the Zapruder film "for the first time on NBC" proudly (never mind that it's 38 years since the event happened).

But the question is, why do they need to do this now? Admittedly, it's still their worst PR and damage control failure in years (unless just maybe they wanted us to know back then and want us to forget now?), and the real majority who disbelieve them is nearer 90% as Posner guesses it would be. The Zogby poll had to be stacked somehow to get 68% for conspiracy.

"We've been looking at this all week" says Katie, meaning their attempt at mixing aliens, fake moon landings and the conspiracy to kill JFK under the twisted rubric of "Truth or Conspiracy". How about the Truth of Conspiracy which includes the fact that not all "conspiracies" are created equal? Prove one wrong, it doesn't mean you've solved them all. And all they can drag out is McAdams and Posner, the disinformation warriors.

Posner notes that all the Warren Commission files have now been released (not fully accurate, by the way), because everyone said they would prove a conspiracy, but now you "don't hear anyone talk about them" because there is nothing there, he concludes. He even accuses other people of "making a career" out of debundking the evidence, as if his career hasn't been set by his calumny.

The truth is, not all the files are yet released and what has been released is revealing a great deal:

  • A whole new history of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which inspired an academic transcript book as well as the film 13 Days, the prequel to JFK.

  • A clear involvement of the CIA with Oswald from 1958 to the weeks prior to the assassination in a double operation in Mexico City, which is used to get LBJ in line with the coverup.

  • A whole new understanding of the Bay of Pigs operation, which led to a meeting of veterans from both sides of the conflict.

But unlike Posner's ballyhooed cheap work, Newman's Oswald and the CIA can't even get a review. Other books based on the new files, by Peter Dale Scott, and Bill Davy and Gary Aguilar are forced into self-publication and oblivion. What, you have to keep asking yourself, are they so damned afraid of? And of course, the answer is us, the people. Take heart and act.

John Judge
See you in Dallas, I hope!

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