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Zbigniew Brezezinski's Plan

Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 18:34:03 -0500
Subject: Zbigniew Brezezinski's Plan
From: John Judge

In this piece, which is very useful in recording Zbigniew's thinking in his book about Eurasia and Uzbekistan and the strategy there, very clearly reveals Ruppert's political analysis and leanings. Like most of the right wing theories spawned from the old John Birch Society analysis, he focuses on the CIA not the DIA, the CFR not the military-industrial complex or the Pentagon, and the Trilateral and Bilderberg groups as the center of the "New World Order" dictatorship.

In addition, he tries to make an anti-NWO hero out of reactionary Larry McDonald, whose Western Goals foundation illegally collected all the LAPD dirt on the left, gathered for years into the LEIU funded Criminal Conspiracy Section from red squads across the country working on COINTELPRO and CHAOS and spying on the left, and then continued to smear any progressive forces in the movement. McDonald was also a hero of the Birch Society magazine, and they claimed he was a prisoner in the Gulag after 007 went down. He took KAL 007 after telling fellow Congressmen he would not ride with them because he faced death threats on their flight. They arrived safely at a world congress meeting of the World Anti-Communist League sponsored by Rev. Moon and the WACL branch in Asia (APACL), an infested nest of anti-communists, fascists and reactionaries. In fact Peter Dale Scott reveals in his book Cocaine Politics that the Central American branch of the WACL group came up with a strategy of selling cocaine to fund their right wing death squad and takeover plans in those countries, (later revealed to have been done with the complicity of the CIA and the DIA).

Is there a global alignment strategy forcefully in place since September 11 that threatens world genocide and the end of the illusion of democracy? Yes, without question. Mussolini said that fascism should really be called corporatism, since it was the merger of the government with the corporations. He called it "corporatism plus reaction". The global view of the current corporations, the "globalist" neo-liberal model is much broader and more sophisticated than anything the Nazis dreamed of. But the roots are the same: corporate control, tremendous concentration of wealth, a global view of resource management, technological advancements, and the expendability of labor. This is what Einstein pointed to in the 1950s as the cause of "pressure for genocide" in the future as capitalism reaches its last stages of concentration of wealth. To paraphrase Charleton Heston's character in Soylent Green "Labor is people!!!"

But to assert that solely the "eastern establishment" of the CFR or the axis of the Trilaterals is behind it all posits only a segment of the ruling elites. The German he so enthusiastically quotes wants only to educate a more ethical elite, but still an elite. Are citizens the real target? Yes. However, the solution is not to finger the scapegoats at the top, but to build real democracy from the bottom.

Ruppert's analytical roots are clear in this piece, and should be countered. But the information about Zbig is valuable as a window on the thinking of some of the planners of current global events. It should be clear by now that the permanent war we are being thrust into was planned long before September 11. In fact, the cause and effect may actually be reversed given the apparent leakage of the US invasion plans in July to the Taliban via Pakistani ISI. The US blockade of oil to Japan gave the excuse to their militarist class to begin the planning of the attack on Pearl Harbor.


See (local copy of): A War in the Planning for Four Years by Michael Ruppert, From The Wilderness Publications, November 2001

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