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Foreknowledge of 9/11

The following is John Judge's response to Vincent J. Salandria's mail included below.

Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 23:16:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Foreknowledge of 9/11, follow up
From: John Judge
To: Vincent Salandria


Regarding advance knowledge:

  1. Certain officials were warned not to fly that day, including SF mayor Willie Brown.

  2. Osama bin Laden was allegedly linked to the bombing of the Twin Towers in 1993, another situation the FBI knew of in advance and did nothing to avert.

  3. Osama bin Laden was linked to incidents using planes to attack buildings, including one foiled in Paris against the Eiffel Tower, and one that succeeded in Moscow during the Chechnya war.

  4. Bush's security people took special precautions, moving him and downing all aircraft during his visit to the Economic Summit in Genoa last year, anticipating such attacks.

  5. There were numerous warnings from foreign intelligence agencies about the timing and nature of the attack in advance.

  6. Colin Powell was busy telling leaders in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, India and other surrounding countries that the US planned to militarily intervene against the Taliban in mid-October, so maybe 9-11 was a pre-emptive strike, it certainly was not the "cause" of the war in Afghanistan.

  7. I organized a demonstration called "A Day Without the Pentagon" in 1998 (only envisioning what could be done with the money, not the disappearance of the building), and the head of security there took me on a tour of the Joint Chief's offices and lunchroom and the parade ground beyond where we planned to gather. He told me we could not come near the steps because the building was on Delta Alert, their highest security alert. This was 1998. He told me they got constant bomb threats from Muslims and that they had radar working on the roof to prevent planes from crashing into the building.

  8. There is a point when everyone had advance knowledge that planes were being used as weapons, that was 9:05 am on 9/11. By 8:55, Flight 77 had turned and was known to be headed for DC. Local TV news announced its course and destination and Cheney was taken immediately into the Situation Room to start continuity of government (which I am convinced continues to this day). Bush and Cheney conferred and agreed on a shoot down order. The White House, Capitol, Congressional offices and the Pentagon began to be evacuated. This is well before it shook my windows at 9:48. We all knew it was coming and that it was a weapon. Yet not a single local fighter went up to intercept it, not a single surface-to-air missile at White House or Pentagon aimed at it. The Pentagon stood down, it looped all the way around until it could hit the empty side.

  9. The US government and its contractors and consultants have been studying "terrorist scenarios" for over 25 years, with full contingency plans for martial law. The three stages are conventional, chemical/biological and nuclear. Each one ups the ante. I gave a talk in LA in 1996 about the rise of domestic terror and how it would be used to justify ending liberties and issuing in fascism. "Are You Scared Yet?: Phony Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and the Strategy of Tension". I'm supposed to be more scared of Osama bin Laden, who worked for Bush, than of Bush?

John Judge

From: Vincent J. Salandria
To: ... John Judge ...
Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 5:08 PM
Subject: Foreknowledge of 9/11, follow up

Dear Friends,

    Senator: U.S. didn't connect 'dots' before 9/11, May 15, 2002, Posted: 10:04 PM EDT (0204 GMT)

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- "U.S. authorities failed to recognize clues before Septemer 11th about a potential terrorist attack, including an internal FBI memo that questioned whether Osama bin Laden was behind Arab students taking aviation lessons in the Unied States, a key Senate leader said Wednesday.

    "In an interview with CNN, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Bob Graham, D-Florida, said the House and Senate intelligence panels will hold hearings soon about various memos and reports, including one dubbed the Phoenix document, written by an FBI agent last summer."

    A key question, Graham said, would be "why these dots weren't seen and connected."

    The Phoenix document was the subject of a briefing for lawmakers last week, he said.

    The memo, he said, cited "an unusual number of Arab students" taking flight lessons in Arizona and raised "the suspicion that they had been sent there in a coordinated plot by Osama bin Laden in order to learn the U.S. civil aviation procedures."

    Asked whether the September 11 attacks might have been averted had the Phoenix document raised more red flags, Graham replied, "Well, it might have been if this had been seen in the context of other information, which indicated that there was a potential conspiracy to use commercial airliners as weapons of mass destruction."

    Graham continued. "That could have started a chain of events, which would have disrupted September 11, but unfortunately because the information was not placed in the right hands or was distributed to too many places, there wasn't a single point of contact for analysis and reporting of what was going on."

    "We failed to put the puzzle together before the horrific event."

    Lawmakers, Graham added, "did not get a satisfactory answer about why the memo did not prompt more FBI action and investigation."

Yeah, especially since Moussaoui excited attention because he was not interested in learning how to take off or land a commercial airliner. Now I wonder what he could have had in mind learning to fly a plane once it got into the air and not wishing to know how he could land it? Let us count the many matters he may have had in mind. One -- using the plane as a weapon of mass destruction -- jumps immediately into my mind. As for other suggestions... Funny, none occurs to me.

Have you guys got some thoughts on this score? Well, if you don't, I am sure that the governmental commission investigating this matter will come up with something better than my single-bullet explanation. When a governmental commission needs a single-bullet myth to cover up a state crime, we know it produces it. When it needs some red herrings to cover up a state crime, they will come up with oceans of them.


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