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Statement: Need for a Peoples Investigation Of 9/11
by John Judge
2 October 2002

Mark [a member of The People's Investigation of 9/11], here's a statement if you want to use it:

The American people have yet to be told the full truth about the events of 9/11. We cannot know what was known in advance without an admission on the part of the officials themselves. It seems clear they could and should have known, and that such an attack was not beyond imagining, since efforts had been made by US security forces to prevent just such an incident at both the Pentagon and the economic summit in Genoa which Bush attended.

To call this an "intelligence failure" merely supports the expansion, increased funding, consolidation and lack of future accountability for the various intelligence agencies whose covert operations done in our name abroad for the last fifty years have led to the current situation. The war in Afghanistan was not in response to 9/11 but had been planned long before and announced to the surrounding countries months in advance by Secretary of State Colin Powell.

What we can know is what the administration and various agencies did or did not do after everyone knew the nature of the attacks, in other words after 9:05 am that day when the second tower was hit. Absolutely nothing was done between that time and 9:47 when the Pentagon was hit to intercept or shoot a clear and announced threat to the most restricted air space in the country by American Flight 77 which all knew was headed towards DC. There was a military stand down in DC, and fighter planes that could have interfered with Flight 77 were called back to base in several incidences.

What we can also see is that the chemical and DNA analysis of the anthrax sent to the main Democratic opponents of Bush's domestic agenda and of the Patriot Act leads us back to the gate of Ft. Deitrich, MD, home of the largest chemical/biological weapons lab in modern history. We can know that international treaties were violated by CIA and DIA experimentation with building anthrax "labs" and "bombs" to supposedly counter terrorist threats, in advance of 9/11. We can also know that the 70-year archive of all known anthrax strains at the University of Ames in Iowa, which allows any given anthrax to be traced back to a specific batch and to all those who ordered samples to experiment with from that batch, was destroyed in cooperation with the FBI just ten days before the first anthrax envelope was mailed out.

We can also know just how visible various Saudi men made themselves to intelligence agencies and the FBI, men later named as perpetrators of the crime against humanity on 9/11. We can know that at least five of the named hijackers were using identities of living people who were not on the planes or in the US, and who survived to say so. We don't yet know who all the perpetrators were, much less who they worked for. We certainly don't know who Osama bin Laden works for, since he has been funded and armed by Pakistani and Saudi intelligence as well as our own CIA.

On all these points and more, the official story falls apart once the facts are compiled. These are enough to call into question what really happened, and they are the most vulnerable areas of the official version of reality. I support all honest inquiry into various aspects of 9/11, but I am also wary of a huge volume of disinformation being circualted ^ about the event. For instance, the idea that Flight 77 never hit the Pentagon is patently absurd on the face of it. There were eyewitnesses to the event, the physical damage is consistent with the plane's assault, and there were other airline employees who identified the wreckage and the bodies of their fellow workers.

None of these questions are being asked by the Congressional intelligence committees' hearings, nor are they likely to be. Chairs Porter Goss and Bob Graham, both from Florida, were having breakfast at the time of the 9/11 attack with Muamar Ahmad, head of the Pakistani ISI intelligence service, a man close to bin Laden who had sent $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, the alleged mastermind of 9/11 in August of that year.

We need a fully independent and credible national citizen's inquiry and international tribunal, similar to the Betrand Russell tribunals of the 60s and 70s concerning the JFK assassination and the war in Vietnam. We need to take our history back from the clutches of the national security state. The secrecy around 9/11 has set the stage for global warfare, with the US as the main player trying to set up Pax Americana instead of justice and peace abroad. I support the efforts of the Independent People's Progressive Network in New York to build such a tribunal, and local efforts everywhere to collaborate on solid research aimed at getting the truth about 9/11.

John Judge

Mark Nemeth wrote:


PRESS CONFERENCE: Friday, October 4th, 10am - noon,
San Francisco Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate, San Francisco, CA

We, citizens of the United States, declare a national emergency in uncovering what really happened on 9/11/2001 through an immediate call for an independent collaborative investigation worldwide. Unanswered questions, stonewalling and unsettling evidence suggest a government plan to allow these horrific attacks to happen.

Current overt and covert US war plans and ever-increasing military and intelligence budgets are part a massive power grab which does not provide US citizens or the world any real security, particularly if and when terror is planned or allowed to happen from within our government. The Patriot Act, passed by a frightened Congress who did not read the 300+ page document the day it was presented and passed, is just one resulting curtailment of our civil liberties sold to us in the name of "security".

It is crucial that we act immediately.

Teachers, students, firemen, lawyers, family members of victims, investigative reporters, media, researchers and anyone interested in discovering the truth behind the events of, leading up to and following the attacks of 9/11/2001, we need your participation.

Do not expect mainstream media to educate you on 9/11. The congressional "independent" investigation and public hearings currently being held are limited in scope. The outcome of these hearings will likely be "intelligence failure" and a subsequent request for more funding.

The People's Investigation of 9/11 will have no central leadership, only a centralized online repository of research information. A non-partisan ad-hoc committee is being formed now to facilitate this collaboration of global research efforts. If interested in participating, send an e-mail to or call 415.956.8330.

Please attend the press conference.

Current 9/11 research can be found at Unanswered questions regarding the attacks can be found at

Break the cycle of fear, disinformation, violence, prejudice, anti-Semitism, anti-Arab sentiment, hate and war. Join the Peoples Investigation of 9/11.

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