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Asking the Wrong Question

Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 16:14:12 -0400
Subject: - Cheney: Future attack on U.S. 'almost certain' - May 19, 2002
From: John Judge

Cheney: Future attack on U.S. 'almost certain'
CNN, 19 May 2002

Backed into a corner, they threaten us with "intelligence" of an attack that is so vague that it doesn't justify a public warning, but so certain that it is only a matter of time. Investigations must not interfere with the war, they say. The point is, they are answering the wrong question. They began by denying that it was possible to have predicted or imagined such an attack on the United States. This ignores the following:

  • Attacks on those very buildings in NYC had happened by that very network in 1993, and bin Laden was high on their radar screen according to them.

  • The use of planes as weapons was not unkown. An attempt on the Eiffel Tower was foiled; an attack on a building in Russia on behalf of the Chechnyans was carried out; both involved bin Laden's network in the 90s. I was personally told in 1996 by the director of security at the Pentagon building that they had radar on the roof tracking for plane attacks. President Bush was relocated and special security measures were taken at the economic summit in Genoa to prevent a plane attack. A plane had already attacked the White House when Clinton was there.

  • There were warnings to US intelligence in advance of 9-11 from German, Israeli, British and other intelligence agencies of an impending attack, including details about hijacking, using planes as weapons, and the timing of the event. There were US military base alerts the day before. There was a warning to Mayor Willie Brown in San Francisco not to fly that day from his security team.

They have spent $13 trillion tax dollars since the end of WWII on this military/intelligence complex, and it cannot protect its own headquarters? It can track every electronic communication on earth, crack the codes of the Al Quaeda in advance of 9-11, locate bin Laden's cell phone, but it can't decipher what it all means?

And beyond that question is the more pertinent one hardly anyone is asking.

  • Bush clearly and undeniably had advance knowledge of a terrorist attack on US soil using planes as weapons by 9:05 am on September 11.

  • NORAD had it by 8:45 in an unprecedented simultaneous hijacking of four planes.

  • The Pentagon had it, as did everyone in DC by 9:05 as well.

  • The Pentagon began to evacuate the building, as did the White House and Capitol.

  • EVERYONE had advance knowledge of Flight 77 coming towards DC for 40 minutes.

Yet, there was a complete defensive stand-down. Interceptors from distant Langley AFB took off late and flew at subsonic speeds to arrive 5 minutes too late. Planes from nearby Anacostia Naval Air Station, Andrews Air Force Base, and the 73rd Air Wing at Atlantic City, NJ never took off. Scramblers in the air already at 9:05 from Otis AFB turned to target Flight 77 and were called off, despite a formal shoot-down order from Bush/Cheney "moments after" the 9:05 crash -- which had ended any speculation of accident or coincidence or hijacking motives.

By that moment they undeniably knew in advance what was coming and where it was headed. Local news announced that DC was the destination. Surface-to-air missiles at the White House and Pentagon remained sheathed in their silos. Despite the planes having turned off communications with ground control towers and their identifying transponders (which also shuts off their own near-range radar screens to avoid mid-air collisions), they were clearly visible to all external radars, they were being tracked by NORAD and DC towers, and they were somehow being navigated directly to their target.

How were they allowed to come into the most restricted air space in the world with no challenge or defense? That is the question that answers both when Bush knew in advance and begs any rational response.

The White House and Pentagon officials have been lying since day one about both advance intelligence knowledge that could have foiled the operation, and about their own ability to prevent, at least, the attack on the Pentagon. Let them answer that.

John Judge

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