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rat haus reality, ratical branch is the electronic manifestation of rat haus reality press, dedicated to promulgating and promoting life-nurturing activities and awarenesses regarding this home we all share and are all responsible for, not simply for the seventh generation of humankind yet unborn, but for all life germinated and nourished by Gaia.

The perceptional reality of the techno-logic human transition from an adolescent, "industrial-mind" value system, based only on asking the question, Is it possible? (to do whatever is being considered), to Gaia- sustaining and promoting practices and explorations which must ask the question, Is it appropriate?, is the only possible future of all human activity on our Grandmother Earth. Without taking responsibility for everything we participate in here, we condemn to premature termination the exquisite eons of life exploring itself in this dimension.

There are many people who have participated, and continue to assist, in making this place be actualized. their love and caring are embodied in, and help light, this library.

rat haus reality press
45 Bexley Road
Roslindale, Massachusetts    02131

David T. Ratcliffe, ratitor, publisher, & teacher
dave at-sign ratical dot org, ratitor at-sign ratical dot org

rebecca michele lord, editor & librarian
mosa at-sign rapidnet dot com

Of all the teachings we receive, this one is most important:
Nothing belongs to you of what there is,
of what you take, you must share.
—Chief Dan George       


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