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ARCHIVED: ®TMark, a brokerage that benefits from "limited liability" just like any other corporation


Scorecard, the ultimate source for free & easily accessible local environmental information


Billboard Liberation Front -- Truth in Advertising Since 1977

4. -- Minnesota E-Democracy - Government, Politics, Public Policy, and Community Information and Discussion


Web Map Projects -- locate community toxics and perform environmental justice research


California Voter Foundation -- applying new technologies for public participation

Expanding the collective consciousness
manifesting on/in/thru the web:
  1. ®TMark -- WHAT will they think of next?
    ®TMark is a brokerage that benefits from "limited liability" just like any other corporation; using this principle, ®TMark supports the sabotage (informative alteration) of corporate products, from dolls and children's learning tools to electronic action games, by channelling funds from investors to workers for specific projects grouped into "mutual funds." ®TMark is indeed just a corporation, and benefits from corporate protections, but unlike every other corporation, its "bottom line" is to improve culture, rather than its own pocketbook; it seeks cultural profit, not financial. For starters, see The Mutual Fund Model, Curation, and Frequently Asked Questions.

    • The Yes Men in Finland--WTO Introduces New Member, 8/30/01
    • ®TMark offers an array of significant Mutual Funds including:
      • The Corporate Law Fund -- The projects in this fund challenge the legal rights and powers that corporations have arrogated over the years. Many of these projects focus on corporations' status as full persons, obtained via an 1886 U.S. Supreme Court--SANTA CLARA COUNTY v. SOUTHERN PAC. R. CO., 118 U.S. 394--ruling based on the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was ratified to protect the rights of freed slaves.

      • The Biological Property Fund -- The projects in this fund are aimed at corporations that scavenge the earth's biomes and human bodies for valuable genes, with only the most mercenary consideration for the long term social, health and environmental consequences of their actions. Some of these projects focus on the well-known dangers of letting corporations steer and shape scientific research. Other projects call attention to the way that biotechnology P.R. shifts public attention away from corporate damage to the environment and society by brandishing absurdly simplistic solutions, e.g. "better genes" that in fact only benefit corporations.

      • The Intellectual Property Fund -- This is a stable and reliable fund with a diversity of risk, specifically tailored to the youth market, and all projects focus on copyright and trademark issues. The Intellectual Property Fund is managed by Negativland, who have an extensive history of activism against copyright abuses and are very strong cultural producers in their own right.

      • The Media Fund -- For reasons of situation, this high-risk fund has tremendous potential yields. The Media Fund is managed by Andrei Codrescu, who has consistently produced oppositional cultural dividends in various contexts, from the poetic to the cinematic. His current position as commentator for National Public Radio completes his exceptional qualifications for this position.

    • Quintessential Genius:   ®TMark's -- World Trade Organization / GATT Home Page and the entry point
    • Corporate crime - Got Bush? Bush Gets Tough On "Limited Liability", Plan would help corporations become fully human
    • ®TMark's first version of and it's current entry point
    • McHome

  2. and speaking of "the bush family",
  3. Click once-a-day to:

Inform Yourself About :

Biological koyaanisqatsi

A significant jumpdoors section wades into the story assuming ever more oceanic proportions including cell patenting and moves by global hierarchal systems of authority to "safely" lock up herbs via the "Codex Alimentarius". A good place to start is with RAFI's (Rural Advancement Foundation International) document on The Human Tissue Trade; The Global Traffic and Market in Human Biomaterials, as well as the full text of the 1994 book, People, Plants, and Patents, The Impact of Intellectual Property on Trade, Plant Biodiversity, and Rural Society. Essential Reading also includes The Gene Giants, Masters of the Universe?, 3/99, Traitor Technology, The Terminator's Wider Implications, 1/99, and How Suicide Seeds Work / Where They are Being Patented, 1/99


Crimes Against Humanity


The 9-11 bombings Are Not Acts of War

The 9-11 bombings Are Crimes Against Humanity

Community Curriences


nuclear techno "logic"


Order the November 1999 issue of The Ecologist,
"Rethinking Basic Assumptions..."

The Madness of Nuclear Energy, 11/99


For five decades, humanity has been hoodwinked by the most poisonous confidence trick in history. Now, as we begin a new millennium, it is time to end the nuclear nightmare - for good.


  • Ending The Nuclear Century by the Editors
  • Nuclear Power: Time to End the Experiment by Peter Bunyard and Pete Roche
  • The Final Boltholes by Anthony Froggatt
  • Poisoning in the Name of Progress by Chris Busby
  • Nuclear Power - A Dead Loss by Peter Bunyard
  • Nuclear Skullduggery by Chris Busby
  • Richard Doll Falls into Plutonium Trap by Richard Bramhall
  • Victims of the Nuclear Age by Rosalie Bertell
Nov Ecologist - The Madness of Nuclear Energy


Biological koyaanisqatsi


sustainable/renewable energy technologies


Original Free Nations & People


Hemp, THE Premiere Renewable Resource


Know Your Corpses


Gaia and alternatives to corpse world


Noteable Things Webly


Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press
A Film by Rick Goldsmith

"Nominated for an Academy Award for 1996 Best Documentary, Tell the Truth and Run, the dramatic story of muckraking journalist George Seldes (1890-1995), is a piercing examination of American journalism. . . .
        Tell the Truth and Run raises fundamental questions about the recorded history of the Twentieth Century; about freedom, fairness and diversity in the media; about power and abuse of power; and about public citizenship and the democratic process."
        Learn about/help expand the PBS campaign to get more stations to screen this film on PBS television.

From Rick Goldsmith:

            If your local public TV station is on the broadcast list, consult the web page periodically to find out when the broadcast is scheduled. (There's other neat stuff on the web page.) If the film is not yet scheduled on your local public tv station, you might encourage them to schedule it soon. (You can find the name, address, phone, fax and e-mail of your local public television station at )
            If your local public TV station is NOT on the above list, you can contact the station's program director by phone, fax, letter or e-mail:
    • let him/her know you understand that APS has offered the station the opportunity to broadcast the Academy Award-nominated documentary feature Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press; and
    • ask if they have plans to broadcast it; if not, urge them to take another look; APS can send screening cassettes to stations upon request.

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