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your mother and my mother are both mothers
--Curly Howard          

1stfloor.gif 1stfloor complete, minus lights [February, 1982]
way back in the dim dark past a floor plan was drawn out in one-to-one scale size on graph paper, "2x8" floor joists were glued in place on top of this plan, foundation posts raised it off the ground, "4x8 plywood" flooring was laid down, walls were framed in, covered with "interior paneling", "front" (rear left) and "back" (front right) stairs put in place, second floor joists were laid down with appropriate blocking to match existing walls, and then i took time out to have a friend snap this pic'cha!

3rd floor 3rdfloorRun.gif complete, including lights [May]
two stories later, the floors were starting to pile up. it was important to always be visible somewhere in the pic'cha so a "scale" reference wood convince friends far away this house was "real" and not some sort of visual trick being played on their red eye-balls. immediately in front of where i'm running, is the roof above the 3rd floor mawstah bedroom. this is the only room in the whole house spanning the entire length of either front-to-back, or side-to-side distance. dig that classy pentagonal gable in the corner closest to da camera's eye, hey?

self-portrait of the selfportrait.gif guy i hired to do the labor [May]
i employed a down-and-out old who-mahn (ferengi pronounciation) friend to do most of the back-breaking labor on this project. he had that peculiar streak of vanity most who-mahns are quite susceptible to, so i agreed to let him have one self-portrait made after the 3rd floor was finished before beginning the fourth-fifth floors/roof. and i, the ever-present scale, am still visible peeking out of the 2nd floor bathrum. s'pose i've picked up some of his vanity in this endeavor.

house's 3D "footprint" mostly porchdeck.gif complete [September]
by this time, we figured any photog's wood be most swank taken outside rather than in the musty rarified air of the massive who-mahn "ware-houses" we had been "constructing" in up to that point. here one can see the electrical wire "snake" for the 32 lights throughout all five floors. the vantage point here is the backside of the house. i'm carefully choosing my footing across the joists for the soon-to-be-covered-by-planking back porch.

detail, backporch framed-in and covered, porchside.gif [October]
this set o' pic'cha's add an extra dimension to the rat haus reality "mystique", as one of the who-mahn's ware-houses is nearby-visible as well. it's architectural style and form lends a sort of visual continuity to the rat haus itself with it's "who-mahn realism" features being heightened by the juxtaposition with the actual who-mahn edifice in the background. this set o' pic'cha's manifested the highest incarnation of rat haus reality--who-mahn style, accomplished by their visual recording devices. others from this day are also included below and are some of my all-time fave's.

detail, "4th floor"/attic inspection and tour [October] attic.gif
have always enjoyed the geometries visible and suggested by the unfinished-but-framed-in fourth and fifth "floors" attic space. in this shot, one instance of the triangular pat'ins abounding throughout the roof structure is emphasized, with yers truly doing his walkabout-for-who-mahn-recording-device in the center of it. my who-mahn friend-builder is visible in the background, but, the other who-mahn at the backside of the recording device, is also to be commended for his perceptive capacities with regard to composing the mise en scène.

detail, "4th floor" washing ritual wash.gif and moment for reflection
this was recorded back in the early september series. i had been reviewing the recent work's results and needed to stop for a moment. in case yer not aware of it, we not only are constantly stopping to wash our heads and bodies for reasons of physical health, but, we also engage in this activity to enable "stepping out" of the i'm so bizi and don't have any time thought-stream who-mahns raised in industrial cultures seem to be so deeply thrall to. our unner'tanding of this dimension of being is that the who-mahn activity occuring on this planet related to such quaint concepts as "progress is good", "psychological evolution is occuring", and "becoming [better, peaceful, etc.] is desireable" is a denial of the "what is actuality of existence. perhaps more of you are beginning to see the fact of this.

4th story yogic stretch, reach2.gif a practice for balance & groundedness
taken at the same time as the "welcome" shot at the very beginning of this gallery, this yogic stretch provides a wealth of access to flow energy. this is a label i use to stand-in for a process of being where, that which you who-mahn's inwardly think of as "the self", is suspended in various ways on the brink of the unknown. in such a state there is a dying to the long-standing assumption that "we are all individuals, inwardly separate and different from `each other'". with such a dissolution, an opening occurs into a realm who-mahn thought (meaning the response of memory ) cannot grasp hold of--there is no longer a division between one's thought's, anger, depression, fear, excitement, anxiety, elation, grief, enthusiam, despair, and one's "self". there is no longer a "me", which, by it's very existence, automatically creates all else as the "not me". this is where all the division begins which then flows as a river outwardly into the world those of us raised in industrialized cultures daily are creating with evermore conflict and fragmentation. yes, even tho i am a rat, i have been with such who-mahns long enuff to begin to be very influenced by this construct thought calls "the self". the level of self-interest driving most feverishly the bulk of human activity on this Mother Earth at this time, did not used to exist as intensely as it does now. it may yet be possible to die to this incoherent incarnation of self-interest and provide an increased opening for the seventh generation yet unborn.

house cleaning always sponge.gif involves swabbin' all the decks
i admit it--i've got this thing about our brothers and sisters you call sponges. they're SOO GORGEOUS throughout their natural home in the sea. i've seen a couple of different places where tremendously diverse communities thrive and rejoice in their lives of swaying and dancing to the fundamental beat of water's pulse. even after they've been killed and collected by who-mahns, and then cut into right-angled volumes, their exquisite beauty is still breathtaking, with the richly complex and intricate structures revealed along all sides of such pre-fabed who-mahn "tools". here i was attempting to lift a sponge piece up onto the first floor, but the size my friend-builder had provided me wasn't the proper scale. still, the feeling and closeness of such spongeness was quite invigorating and while this was being recorded, i began to hear the ocean's pulse that this part of a sponge sister had danced so passionately to not very long before. it started to carry me away as well.

stairs1.gif listening to the ever-present bird chorus symphony
how often i've caught myself not sensing the world in all its myraid forms! --and then stopping whatever-it-is to observe the inifitude of being occurring. here the winged-one's chorus transfixed me for some indeterminant period of time. their song is always so rich in depth and intensity, both each participant's, as well as the whole of their sonorous rhapsody. they are always there to lift and buoy up, soothe and excite. this and the next pic'cha both make effective use again of the who-mahn ware-house in the background to further convey that rat haus reality--who-mahn style.

the recording device snaps mr. suave in fluid motion stairs2.gif
this image struck my vanity so deftly: the tail's curve, uplifted paw, curving upper body off to the right, whisker's pleasing evidence, mouth visibly demonstrative, semi-profile flattering--all appealing to my who-mahn-learned trait of self-interest stemming from a sense of lack of inner substantiality. the more i look the more i observe that most of the time who-mahn's are, by their actions, attempting to compenstate for a feeling that they "don't measure up" or "are not very good" in comparison to someone else whom they think is "better" than they are. this preoccupation with comparison is one of the primary ways who-mahns appear to avoid or escape from the actuality of being. my good friend, Krishnamurti, articulated this very well when he said, "Not knowing oneself deeply, profoundly, is ignorance; and you cannot know yourself if you cannot look at yourself, see yourself actually as you are, without any distortion, without any wish to change. Then what you see is transformed because the distance between the observer and the observed is removed and hence there is no conflict."

framed almost in the rect- stairs3.gif -anglular porch threshold
this porch is one of my fave parts of the rat haus. there's nothing like a back porch to sit/lie/stretch out upon and take in the world, freer from the frenzy of hustle-bustle biziness which appears to be taking up more and more of the space of being on this mother earth of all life exploring itself here.

there are a great deal more photogs of this endeavor. i'll have to see if i can interest my who-mahn friend in going back through the many "proof sheets" he's got and make prints to "round out" more of the history of this edifice.

October 9, 1994.

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