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Editor’s Note: This compilation is on-going. Please send additional sources relevant to the lawsuits cited herein as well as legal actions of equivalent calibre promoting the human project’s creative evolutionary adaptation into our post-industrial-mind epoch.
Lawsuits Challenging Covid-19 False Claims
Compilation by David T. Ratcliffe, rat haus reality press
Published: 8 Mar 2021
Last Updated: 29 April

As Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati has observed, “The framers of the U.S. Constitution had it right when they talked about inalienable rights, meaning the rights that were given to you by your Creator, even if you believe your creator is just your mother.” Our inalienable rights are being threatened to the point of no return. The antidote to this are the lawsuits in process, challenging official claims Covid-19 justifies locking down global society. This compilation summarizes and references well-conceived legal cases being pursued through judicial proceedings to force government disclosure that answer fundamental, critical questions, a very few of which are:

In 1803 Marbury v. Madison established that in the United States the court is a coequal branch of government and its role is to determine the Constitutionality of governmental actions. The following groups are employing the power of judicial oversight of government decrees to pry loose the data so far not made public which has introduced unprecedented policies with devastating consequences far beyond the actual mortality rate of people dying from Covid, not with Covid. As stated in the Amended Oct 2020 Ohio Complaint regarding Facts:

The fact pattern for this case is extremely complex. A number of sections below discuss errors or the debunking of what is intentionally misleading information put forth by the State or CDC. It is indisputable that COVID-19 is roughly as dangerous as the seasonal flu (see below), less dangerous than many other infectious diseases that we have not taken such drastic steps to stop, and also that the reaction to COVID-19 is the definition of arbitrary and capricious. The continuation of this overreaction has only occurred due to the reality that the facts are complex enough that few have realized how badly they have been misled. Here we attempt to simplify the facts into a digestible narrative.


This Corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a Corona scandal, and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil law damages. On a political level, everything must be done to make sure that no one will ever again be in a position of such power as to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas.
Dr Reiner Fuellmich, 3 Oct 2020
We should be talking about why and how has our society allowed these things to happen? How and why? And we must try to get answers to those so that this will never happen again.
Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, Nov 2020
Sooner or later something like this was going to happen—we didn’t pay attention to the signs. We’d better be paying attention now because they’re never going to let us go unless we do something about it. That’s why we’re filing lawsuits, lots of them and filing a lot more of them because if we don’t ... use the courts to free ourselves we will never be a free people again. We’re filing a federal lawsuit as well and we’re going to keep doing this state-by-state until we set everybody free. And then we’ve got to work really, really hard to make sure this never happens again by being very diligent citizens.
Dr Pamela Popper, 21 Dec 2020
I think our only hope is the courts. The courts have done a really good job—mostly—we have taken beatings in the court too. But there are judges out there and it appears that the Supreme Court judges who—most of whom I don’t like much but they understand that we’re on the same team when it comes to recognizing that this is the onset of a really ugly dark totalitarianism and they have indicated they may be willing to stand up to that.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., 5 Jan 2021

 Corona Ausschuss / English: Corona Committee (auto-gen Eng trans [agEt])

Viviane Fischer

Reiner Fuellmich

Justus Hoffmann

Antonia Fischer

Marcel Templin
•   Overview
•   Crimes Against Humanity
•   Independent, Transparent, Evidence-Based Analysis
•   Covid 19 False Claims
•   Orwellian Censorship Writ Large
•   Additional Background
•   Critical Analysis
•   Recent Developments


The Corona Committee was established in July 2020 by Attorneys at Law Antonia Fischer (agEt), Viviane Fischer, Dr Reiner Fuellmich (agEt) and Dr Justus P. Hoffmann (agEt). Initially in English as the German Corona Investigative Committee, its present-day internet presence is in German: Corona Ausschuss (Corona Committee (agEt)). The Corona Committee seeks answers to the legal questions of whether the anti-Corona measures taken by the German federal and state governments against a possible overloading of the healthcare system (“flattening the curve”) and to prevent SARS-CoV2 deaths were suitable, necessary and proportionate – in accordance with the constitutional standard of review – or whether the collateral damage that occurred was culpably caused.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has been admitted to the bar in Germany and California for more than 25 years. Born and raised in Bremen, he attended school in Bremen and Farmington Hills, Michigan and studied law at Georg-August University in Göttingen and Los Angeles. Along the way he was a research assistant at the law faculty of Georg-August-U and received his doctorate there. Prior to founding his law firm in 1993, he worked in corporate banking for Deutsche Bank in Germany and Japan. Dr. Fuellmich has published various articles and books in the fields of banking law, medical law and private international law, has taught as a professor and lecturer at universities in Germany and Estonia, and is a member of the German American Lawyers Association, German Japanese Lawyers Association, German Lawyers Association, and Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende (Citizens’ movement financial turnaround e.V.). Additionally, Dr. Fuellmich is the founding chairman of the Corona Committee Foundation, and founding member of the interest group A-DuR (Aktion Demokratie und Recht/Action Democracy and Law) for the introduction of, among other things, genuine class actions in the sense of class action and a sanction-protected right of proof in the sense of discovery into civil procedural law for the purpose of creating equality of arms in legal disputes with structural imbalance due to the involvement of state bodies or corporations.

In September 2020 the Corona Committee published the 28-page paper, Stiftung Corona-AusschussBericht (kurz) SARS-CoV2 und die Lockdown-Folgen. A rough English translation produces: Corona Foundation Committee Report (short), SARS-CoV2 and the Lockdown Consequences.

Crimes Against Humanity

On 3 October 2020 Dr Fuellmich published a statement on Crimes Against Humanity, presenting what the Corona Committee had established to that point from its investigations. The complement to the 49-minute film is a complete annotated transcript including the following outline:

Near the beginning he sets the framework:

Crimes against Humanity were first defined in connection with the Nuremberg Trials, after World War II that is, when they dealt with the main war criminals of the Third Reich. Crimes against Humanity are today regulated in section 7 of the International Criminal Code.

The three major questions to be answered in the context of a judicial approach to the Corona scandal are:

  1. Is there a Corona pandemic, or is there only a PCR test pandemic? specifically: Does a positive PCR test result mean that the person tested is infected with Covid-19, or does it mean absolutely nothing in connection with the Covid 19 infection?
  2. Do the so-called anti-corona measures, such as the lockdown, mandatory face masks, social distancing, and quarantine regulations serve to protect the world’s population from Corona? Or do these measures serve only to make people panic so that they believe—without asking any questions—that their lives are in danger, so that in the end the pharmaceutical and tech industries can generate huge profits from the sale of PCR tests, antigen and antibody tests and vaccines, as well as the harvesting of our genetic fingerprints?
  3. Is it true that the German government was massively lobbied—more so than any other country—by the chief protagonists of this so-called Corona pandemic, Mr. Drosten, virologist at Charité hospital in Berlin, Mr. Wieler, veterinarian and head of the German equivalent of the CDC, the RKI, and Mr. Tedros, head of the World Health Organization, or WHO, because Germany is known as a particularly disciplined country and was therefore to become a role model for the rest of the world for it’s strict, and, of course, successful adherence to the corona measures?
Mr. Drosten                        Mr. Wieler                        Mr. Tedros

Independent, Transparent, Evidence-Based Analysis

Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions with worldwide experts and witnesses on a variety of questions about the virus, crisis management, and repercussions. The purpose is to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the corona measures and what the consequences were and are for people. Committed to independent, transparent and evidence-based analysis, these meetings are published on the Corona Committee website. There have been 49 Sessions and 3 Special Sessions (agEt) totaling more than 174 hours of hearings. Session titles (crudely translated) and links to same are listed below with Special Sessions at the end.
  1. Learning from the Swine Flu with Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (3:40:23) Jul 2020
  2. The Situation of People in Nursing Homes (3:23:10) 15 Jul 2020
  3. Bergamo - what was going on? (4:39:52) 23 Jul 2020
  4. The Drosten test, Immunity and the Second Wave (2:30:13) Jul 2020
  5. The Situation of Small Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed (4:22:59) 30 Jul 2020
  6. The Situation of the Children (3:27:48) 31 Jul 2020
  7. Do the Masks Protect or do they Harm? (3:39:24) 6 Aug 2020
  8. USA - the View from the Inside, Current Situation in Sweden, France, Italy, etc. (4:08:00) Aug 2020
  9. The Role of the Media (3:51:30) 13 Aug 2020
  10. Dangerousness of the Virus, Treatment of the Disease, Vaccination as a Way Out? (4:04:45) 14 Aug 2020
  11. Privacy - 1 Million Genomes, Health ID, Tracking App Legal System - Basics for the Measures, Basic Rights
  12. Disincentives in the System - The Role of the Media II (2:38:02) 20 Aug 2020
  13. Middle Class in Crisis, Public Debt, Pandemic Profiteers (5:08:43) 21 Aug 2020
  14. The Rule of Law and the Berlin Demonstrations (4:22:25) 11 Sep 2020
  15. Hypnosis, Rituals, Fear and ways out of the Trauma Crisis (3:01:34) 12 Sep 2020
  16. The Corona Consultation: Help for Self-Help with Masks, Tests, Quarantine (3:11:22) 17 Sep 2020
  17. The Economy Under Control of the Pandemic (3:15:27) 18 Sep 2020
  18. Risks from the Measures, Risks from the Treatment (3:21:47) 2 Oct 2020
  19. Risks of Treatment / Internals from Schools (2:51:37) 6 Oct 2020
  20. Financial System and Hartz IV Regime (3:49:09) 9 Oct 2020
  21. Corporate Power and Corruption (3:41:05) 16 Oct 2020
  22. The Player: Drosten, Ferguson, Wieler, the Charité and the Role of TIB Molbiol (4:33:38)
  23. Play and Serious: Actor Marco Rima, Cabaret Artist Arnulf Rating and a Look Inside a Union (4:05:58)
  24. The Strength of Our Immune System and the Voices of Children (3:16:32)
  25. The Danger of the Alignment of Our Legal System, Police Violence and Attacks by Private Individuals (2:44:02) 30 Oct 2020
  26. PCR test - the Dominoes Fall (3:19:23) 6 Nov 2020
  27. The All-Round Hit (3:42:58) 13 Nov 2020
  28. The Sloping Slope (4:15:24) 20 Nov 2020
  29. The Attack on Body and Soul (3:49:40) 27 Nov 2020
  30. Under the Microscope (4:02:43) 4 Dec 2020
  31. The Dam Breaks Lovingly (2:36:18) 11 Dec 2020
  32. Soul of Man Like You Are Like Water (5:25:55) 18 Dec 2020
  33. Closing Line 2020 (2:45:46) 1 Jan 2021
  34. You Can’t See Those in the Dark (4:43:42) 8 Jan 2021
  35. Lex et salutem - The Blind Spot (4:20:23) 15 Jan 2021
  36. Is it Devil Stuff? - mRNA Technology in Sheep’s Clothing (4:59:33) 15 Jan 2021
  37. The Settlement: Legal System and mRNA Technology (6:37:21) 29 Jan 2021
  38. Attack on People and Society (5:30:08) 5 Feb 2021
  39. The Global Context and the Press: Russia, Sweden, Italy etc. (5:47:55) 12 Feb 2021
  40. The Great Recall (4:56:55) 17 Feb 2021
  41. Troy Everywhere (5:03:12) 26 Feb 2021
  42. The Systemic Crisis (6:39:18) 5 Mar 2021
  43. Again, Fascism and Back (7:02:56) 12 Mar 2021
    (uncut) with Ilana Rachel Daniel, Georg Lind, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Walter van Rossum, Ricky Matyschiok, Robert Cibis, Dirk Pohlmann, Naomi Wolf. Uncut refers exclusively to the informant’s remarks towards the end (from about hour) of the stream.
  44. The Roots of the Evil (5:09:14) 19 Mar 2021
  45. Can Arithmetic Be a Sin? (4:22:15) 26 Mar 2021
  46. Fear is Curable (5:13:29) 2 Apr 2021
  47. Unpacking, Tackling (5:45:40) 9 Apr 2021
  48. Of Lionesses and Lions (5:09:00) 16 Apr 2021
  49. The Oath of Disclosure (1:52:28) 23 Apr 2021

Special Sessions

  • Conversation with Robert Kennedy Jr. about the Berlin Demonstrations and the Corona Vaccination (49:42) 17 Sep 2020
  • The Great Recall - International (4:05:00) 17 Feb 2021
  • Special Session: International Legal Offensive - Part 1 (4:28:03) 23 Apr 2021
    (Truth Comes to Light (57 second longer version, filler at beginning) with time stamp links to each speaker)
    Reiner Fuellmich introduction: “Hello. This is the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee and this kicks off the Special International Session. It is called International Legal Offensive Part 1. There will be a Part 2 because in the mean time we're so many international colleagues that we don't fit into one session. Most of us have been collaborating for awhile. Some of us are new. Today we are going to try and find out if there are any special situations that need special attention in any one of the countries who we're going to talk to. There is, there has been a very close cooperation between us here in Germany, the Italians, the French, the Austrians on the one hand and the Anglo American countries, in particular Canada and the United States. It is going on. It will probably lead to many more class actions complaints. It may even result in a special international corona court. We'll see. We'll see where the current law suits will take us and where the evidence takes us.”
    † links to separate film of speaker; time-stamp: mp3 audio; Et: English translation by Belina Feldman:
    • Renate Holzeisen — Italy 26:56
      at 5:46: Reiner Fuellmich: What’s surprising about this is that there is no full authorization for these three vaccines. There is only a Conditional Use Authorization. Just like in the United States there’s only an Emergency Use Authorization. How can that be? These conditional uses exist only because there are no studies. Because nobody knows about the risks—nobody knows really about the efficacy—no one knows about the risks, adverse reactions. There are lots and lots of reports coming in from all over the world that there are very, very serious side effects, adverse effects, including death. How can that be mandatory then?
      Renate Holzeisen: Yes. It is a fundamental breach of fundamental principles of law and fundamental rights. It’s a breach of the Nuremberg Codes. It’s obvious. But they go on. They go on until we are able to stop them within the courts. We are ready to take every legal step to stop them and obviously, now, we are trying to inform every Italian member of the Parliament because we are now in the situation that this mandatory vaccination was introduced by an order of the Italian government signed by Mr. Draghi on April the first. Within 60 days, within the end of May, the Italian Parliament has to convert this—or not, we hope they won’t do that—but it is forseen that this governmental order is [to] be converted in ordinary law and obviously that has to be done by the Italian Parliament.
      at 24:09: Reiner Fuellmich: It sounds as though a very basic problem—not just in Italy but this seems to be the same all over the world, we'll see—but a very basic problem is the lack of information. And the lack of information exists because the mainstream media are more or less under the control of the same people who control the pharmaceutical and tech industry. So they have no interest in letting people know what is really going on. They have no interest in educating the people about the adverse side effects. That seems to be a major problem not just with the judges but also with the lawyers because if that wasn't the case then I assume many more lawyers would take on these cases. In particular, when you realize that many of these lawyers probably have children of their own who are endangered and they don't know it because they don't have the information.
    • Francis E. Hoar — Great Britain 19:32
    • Dominic Desjarlais — Canada 16:16
    • Ana Garner — New Mexico 15:07
    • Leslie ManookianUS 30:26
    • Andrea Steindl, Gerold Beneder, Dr Michael Brunner — Austria
    • Miguel Luis Marcelo Iannolfi — Argentina, Lawyer and medical doctor - Et 19:58
    • Gustavo Salle Lorier — Uruguay, Law- and Social Scientist - Et 19:33
    • Natalia Ravanales — Chile - Et 31:25
    • Michael Swinwood — Canada (speaking from Peru) 35:30 and again Dominic Desjarlais with Michael Swinwood.

Covid-19 False Claims

The dominant narrative of what occurred in 2019-into-2020 is based on a series of false claims laid out in a cogent 15 December 2020 analysis by Dr Fuellmich: Cease & Desist Order to Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Creator of SARS-CoV-2 PCR test. It was Professor Drosten who invented a prototype Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test to purportedly detect live-and-infectious SARS-CoV-2 virus which became the model for the worldwide PCR test. The five lockdown fallacies detailed in this Order are:
  1. No basic immunity
  2. Symptomless risk of infection
  3. PCR-based diagnostics
  4. The menace of overload of the healthcare systems
  5. Restriction on freedom can be beneficial
As stated in the last paragraph of this Order: “Please note that with every day that you maintain your deliberately false risk assessment of COVID-19, you are only making matters worse - for countless people in this country, but also for yourself. We will make this letter available to all colleagues who are willing to represent clients who have suffered harm as a result of the Corona measures. If you do not comply with our above request, a lawsuit will become unavoidable. In the course of this lawsuit, the whole truth about the lockdown will become the subject of a judicial hearing.”

This Cease and Desist Order lays the ground for initiating legal accountability and recourse. As Reiner Fuellmich said on 12 Dec 2020, “Tomorrow we’re meeting with a large group of lawyers and we’re going to decide who’s going to do what. Some of us are going to go to administrative law courts, some of us are going to work with the tort law cases – which is my specialty – and others are going to do criminal law.”

Orwellian Censorship Writ Large

A fundamental challenge in all this is overcoming the profoundly Orwellian censorship through media collusion with the pharmaceutical and information technology industries. When Fuellmich was asked on 21 Dec, “what about media? Do you get a lot of media attention in Germany?” he responded:

No, no. We have the same problem all over the world. The same people who invested their money in the pharmaceutical and tech industry invested much, much, much money into the mainstream media to get them under control because they needed them to push this pandemic, to push the panic that they needed for the people not to ask any questions, but to simply go ahead and do as they’re told, So we’re not getting any coverage. And if we do, it’s always negative. We’re always Nazis, antisemites, tinfoil, hats, all that stuff that is probably the same thing all over the world. However, when I rode up—I just got back from court—when I took a taxi cab from a train station to my law firm, the taxi driver—actually the taxi drivers are really smart. They seem to understand everything that all these scientists don’t seem to understand. And he said, You know, whenever, we read something about you or someone else who is depicted as a right-wing conspiracy theorist, we realize there’s something wrong. Because if you really were, they didn’t have to take so much that they would let—they would hear you. They would give you a chance to explain your side of the story. And since they don’t, we realize there’s something wrong. So this is not quite working the way that they’re hoping it would work.

The Corona Committee meeting live broadcast on 22 Jan 2021 illustrates an aspect of the work engaged. In Sitzung/Session 36. Ist es win Teufelszeug? mRNA - Technologie im Schafspelz/Is it devil stuff? mRNA in sheep’s clothing, discussion begins with Professor Dolores Cahill at 7:05 speaking to adverse reactions to the vaccine. At 3:40:09 Reiner Fuellmich introduces Tamir Turgal, a lawyer specializing in medical law who also works in high tech, who has come to Berlin from his home in Israel: “We’re going to have a professor of economics who is going to explain to us how the economy, worldwide, is heading toward a gigantic crash. We’ve been talking about some legal issues. You’ve understood the medical issues of Dolores Cahill, what she talked about. This is about how we are lacking moral competence and that is the basic problem why so many people are getting fooled. Because they haven’t learned over the last 20 or 30 years, they haven’t learned to use their brains to think about things and to discuss matters.”...

At 3:42:42 Tamir Turgal speaks to an underlying dynamic of this crisis:

When you instill fear and after fear becomes also hatred in people’s minds, then we as humans, the way I see and the way we see the whole past year, is changing the way that people can think critically and analyze the situation. Unfortunately, it seems that history is repeating itself, time and again, and we can see lack of education but also using very vicious tactics to pull people wherever the regime, or the so-called governments, wants to take them. You spoke about the mainstream media. I’m not sure there is a media anymore, mainstream media. I think the real media is what we are doing here, it’s the open media....

At 3:45:36:
Instead of being what we are calling the fourth pillar of democracy—critical channels for information that ask the right questions, bring different opinions to the table—we see what I call the propaganda. Because we see—and definitely in Israel because I can speak about Israel more than any other place in the world because I’m connected to what’s going on over there—obviously, there is an agenda and that agenda is being pushed over the population and unfortunately with a lot of success in the state of Israel.

And I would say it is symbolic that I am here in Germany getting help of people like you guys, and all over the world, that are giving different information and having a different conversation, when in Israel, which is supposed to be I think the leader—because of our history, of freedom of speech and critical thinking—it became, I feel, and I represent many people in Israel right now, that feels that the country, in terms of consciousness, has been hijacked. And that people are being fooled and maneuvered to believe that they are leading the world, people are so happy with the vaccination. They’re almost there, getting out of this Corona thing. It’s just around the corner. And this is the lie that they are perpetuating to them and many people are buying it.
[See The uncovering of the vaccination data in Israel reveals a frightening picture, by Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit’s Dr. Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ, Nakim discussion forum, 15 Feb 2021 (updated 5 Mar); reported in reprint from Health Impact News on Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID “Vaccines”, Lew]

It’s very sad that this has happened in this country when they don’t know that many other countries are looking at Israel and saying, What? How come in France, 60 million people, almost nobody is rushing for vaccination. Same goes in Germany. Same goes in other countries.... I have a lot of optimism that what’s going on in Europe—in the States its a big question mark—but in Europe will be the first to be the game changer for where we’re heading forward and I believe it’s not getting our life back. We should go to a much better place than where we were before. Because where we were before, that was the ground to where we are now.

It’s not getting our life back.
We should go to a much better place than where we were before.

As inconceivable as this would have been to consider a year ago, the following is indicative of what we are dealing with today in terms of the expanding totalitarian consequences of corporate state media collusion. On 17 February, Thomas Renz, the lead attorney for the lawsuits being mounted by Make Americans Free Again, testified before the Ohio House State and Local Government Committee in support of House Bill 90, which would establish legislative oversight over the Governor’s health orders. The next day, YouTube, which is owned by Google, which is owned by Alphabet, censored Mr. Renz’s testimony by removing it from their platform and attempting to justify their actions by writing, “Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our medical misinformation policy.” The operative phrase here is “we think”. On whose behalf are the owners of the Alphabet-Google-Youtube media cartel speaking and acting for? (The film is available here.)

Such corporate state censorship is heretofore unprecedented. Think of it: that testimony before the Legislative Branch of a State Government—a process of democratic governance conducted in public in the hallowed halls of this Constitutional Republic—is quashed by private power. It is unspeakable, unacceptable, and intolerable that such autocratic power is by the day destroying Constitutional freedoms of speech, of thought, of communication, of governance of, by, and for the people. Did the women and men who fought and died in World War II to preserve this union die in vain? More than 40 years ago in Four Arguments For The ELIMINATION Of Television (1977), Jerry Mander laid out Eight Ideal Conditions for the Flowering of Autocracy. Tragically evermore relevant today, study this brief list. Consider the summaries of the eight conditions. How far has our society advanced down the road of autocratic rule?
  1. Eliminate personal knowledge.
  2. Eliminate points of comparison.
  3. Separate people from each other.
  4. Unify experience, especially encouraging mental experience at the expense of sensory experience.
  5. Occupy the mind.
  6. Encourage drug use.
  7. Centralize knowledge and information.
  8. Redefine happiness and the meaning of life in terms of new and increasingly unrooted philosophy.

Additional Background

Critical Analysis

Recent Developments

 Make Americans Free Again (MAFA)
•   Overview
•   Lawsuits
•   Critical Analysis
•   Recent Developments


Dr Pamela Popper is a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in nutrition, an internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health, and the Executive Director of Wellness Forum Health. In her 21 December 2020 interview for the Planet Lockdown film, she relays the following beginning at 33:31:

[This situation] is a wake-up call, it’s a big wake-up call. Sooner or later something like this was going to happen—we didn’t pay attention to the signs. We’d better be paying attention now because they’re never going to let us go unless we do something about it. That’s why we’re filing lawsuits, lots of them and filing a lot more of them because if we don’t—we have one branch of government in the United States that’s functioning and that’s the courts and if we don’t use the courts to free ourselves we will never be a free people again.

Our cases are different. I think a lot of what people are frustrated about right now is how many cases have been filed and that most of them have failed. The reason is the cases that have been filed have been cases that allege that constitutional rights were being violated and they are. The problem is that the government would then show up and say but it’s an emergency. And it isn’t. But that’s what they would claim and then judges would say, Well they do have a lot of power under the Emergency Powers Act.

Our case says: There is no pandemic [e.g. , ††, †††]. There is no emergency[e.g. , ††, †††] It’s a false declaration. Officials know it and they’re committing fraud. So you can’t respond to that by saying, It’s an emergency. Now you have to prove it’s an emergency.

What’s been very interesting—we filed this first case in Ohio in August—is that they refuse to—all of the court hearings and everything else are involved in them trying not to have to come up with the data. Our attorney actually said at one point in time, You know you can make this all go away so quickly because if you’re right about this and you give us the data and show that you’re right, a couple of things. First of all we’ll go away, obviously. And you’ll be able to really gloat. I mean, think of the press conference the emperor [Ohio Governor Mike DeWine] could have to say we actually proved in court that Pam Popper and Tom Renz and all of these people are wrong. Why don’t they do that? Why this effort not to disclose the information? Because they know they’re in trouble.

So we filed in Ohio. Today [21 Dec] we’re filing in another state [New Mexico]. We’re filing a federal lawsuit as well and we’re going to keep doing this state-by-state until we set everybody free. And then we’ve got to work really, really hard to make sure this never happens again by being very diligent citizens. That’s why I started Make Americans Free Again. We have a lot of work to do once we get ourselves out from under this ridiculousness.

Forcing public health and political officials to prove in the courts that Covid-19 is an emergency holds the key to actually prying open a public discussion and legitimate debate about the course autocratic cartels have stubbornly pursued for the past 12 months. Short of such a call to reason and demonstrable facts regarding the genuine parameters of this crisis, what started out to be 2 weeks of house arrest, will not abate and will only become more restrictive and locked up with no end in sight. Beginning at 24:21 Popper questions the veracity and legitimacy of what public health is:

Once in a while, they’ll put something out that actually explains what’s going on. Like Redfield, the head of the CDC actually testified in front of Congress that I think it’s 25% of adolescents and young adults had thought about killing themselves.[] Think about what that means.

And they’re still wanting to lock everybody down and keep kids home from school and no sports and the whole nine yards. Think about how unthinking people have to be to listen to that and say, yup, we’re definitely on the right track....

Back to your point: What is public health? Do you think public health is putting adolescents and young adults in a place where 25% of them would like to kill themselves? Do you think public health is about older people dying alone without human contact in a nursing home? There’s a new thing they’re putting on death certificates—these days for nursing home does—it’s called failure to thrive. This is where old people just give up their will to live and stop eating. In Canada older people can do assisted suicide.

I covered this in a video clip, a woman who opted for assisted suicide instead of staying by herself alone in her room in the nursing home. And we think that’s okay, seriously, that’s murder. That’s committing murder indirectly when you drive people to do this. And and I won’t rest until we prove that these people have not only committed fraud, but that they have them responsible for deaths and they should be criminally prosecuted. That’s a strong accusation to make too.

† - CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report vol 69 No 12 August 14, 2020, CDC: “The percentage of respondents who reported having seriously considered suicide in the 30 days before completing the survey (10.7%) was significantly higher among respondents aged 18-24 years (25.5%)”

We will assist in the development of state associations that can support these lawsuits; and help to recruit lawyers, to develop legal strategy, to identify and train expert witnesses, and to raise money.
How: By filing lawsuits like the landmark suit filed first in Ohio claiming that there is no emergency and that the government’s response and restrictions are unwarranted.
We will sort our database by state legislative district and work with state groups to make sure that each legislator is visited by representatives of our/your group. We will deliver lists of our registered voter members in each district and secure commitments for support based on both representation in the district and difficulty opposing InforMED consent.
How: By drafting model legislation to be introduced in each state demanding transparency/InforMED consent for all medical matters, and protecting individual rights to choose.
How: by focusing on two strategies:
  • providing excellent free education for economically disadvantaged children who have fallen behind as a result of failing schools AND school closures
  • developing teams of experienced businesspeople to rescue small businesses
How: with a base of tens of millions of members, we can start our own healthcare system with features like insurance plans that cover services that promote health; networks of practitioners trained to collaborate with patients in making InforMED decisions; and treatment protocols that address the cause of disease.

How Does Our Federal Lawsuit Against the CDC & HHS Help You?

  1. Our attorneys are the ONLY ones in the country providing 700+ pages of science-based evidence (most of which is from the CDC itself), along with affidavits from science and medical experts, that there is no COVID emergency, and therefore the response to COVID is not only unnecessary but unconstitutional.
  2. 02/03/2021 we filed for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and a Show Cause Order against the CDC and HHS. (pp. 13)
  3. We’re asking the Court to order CDC and HHS to stop counting COVID deaths using their new revised method, including to stop using the PCR test to diagnose COVID since most test kits include disclaimers stating that they should not be used to diagnose COVID.
  4. This new counting method and reliance on PCR tests is not done for any other disease and only artificially inflates COVID case and death numbers, which Governors are using to justify their response to COVID.
  5. If the Court rules in our favor, it means the CDC and HHS must stop using this new counting method and PCR test, and return to counting COVID stats like they do for all other diseases.
  6. Once this happens, it will show that COVID isn't the threat and the national emergency they keep saying it is.
  7. Therefore, CDC, HHS and Governors across the country, including in Ohio, won't be able to continue to justify their response to COVID, including not being able to justify mandates and restrictions like masks, lockdowns and vaccines.


From pp. 20-21, Ohio Lawsuit filed 1 Sep 2020: Michael Renz, Eric Calderaro, et al -vs- State of Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine, Lance Himes
19 The reporting of deaths related to COVID-19 is so incredibly misleading that, as noted above, even the Supreme Court of the United States was misled. At the time of this writing it is being claimed that there have been over 150,000 COVID-19 deaths in the United States.140 That is simply untrue. While we hope to develop a more accurate number through the discovery process, the number of deaths primarily caused from COVID-19 is likely less than 50,000 and has been estimated in scientific studies to be closer to 20,000.141

20 This will seem like an incredible statement for anyone listening to the news. The key to understanding this statement is that the 150,000 number could be an accurate number of the people in the United States that have died with COVID-19 but instead has been presented as the number of people that have died from COVID-19.142

21 During the early stages of dealing with the COVID-19 “crisis” the CDC changed the rules for counting deaths.143 A full discussion of this is included in Attachment A.1 but it should be noted that the changes allowed for unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 to be included in the death count contrary to both international standards and also in a way that is contrary to how every other disease death has been counted in the USA since 2003. This approach was so egregious that, it can accurately be stated that:

In the interest of complete clarity, according to CDC guidance as discussed here, if a person has a cough and dies, and that person lives in any of a majority of the cities in the United States (nearly all of which have a sustained, ongoing community transmission of SARS-CoV-2) then COVID-19 can be listed as either the cause of death or as a significant condition contributing to death. That death certificate can then act as evidence of a probable case of COVID-19 and earn an additional 20% reimbursement rate from Medicare144 as well as then be reported as a COVID-19 death.145

22 It is also critical to note the financial incentive to include deaths as COVID-19 deaths. In Ohio, according to Becker’s Hospital Review, hospitals are being reimbursed an additional $180,000 per COVID-19 case and a death from COVID-19 requires no lab test but does qualify as a case.146

  1. Cases in the U.S., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Last visited Aug 27, 2020),
    Editor’s Note: the above URL now auto-redirects to: 27 Aug 2020 link reference is embedded in the above parenthesis.
  2. H. Ealy, et al., If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening?, children’s health defense (July 24, 2020),
  3. Id at 1
  4. NVSS: National Vital Statistics System COVID-19 Alert No. 2., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Mar 24, 2020),
  5. CARES Act Sec. 3710
  6. Id at 1
  7. Ayla Ellison, State-by-state breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 case, Becker’s Hospital CFO Report, (Apr. 14, 2020)

Critical Analysis

Associated Organizations

Recent Developments:

Ohio Stands Up! is grateful for your support. As you can see, the more success we have in exposing the truth and holding those responsible accountable, the bigger our fight becomes. We are a grassroots organization made up of concerned freedom-loving Ohioans, who recognize the tremendous sacrifices made by countless generations of Americans throughout our nation’s history to secure, preserve, and protect our God-given rights. We believe it is our duty and privilege to protect our fundamental liberties while demanding our elected leaders be held accountable and be shown they cannot act with impunity for their tyrannical and corrupt behavior. We are united in our common goal to stand against continued violations of our Constitutional freedoms, while working to restore those freedoms from which we have been deprived. All donations, of any amount, are appreciated so we can continue this fight and can be made on the GET INVOLVED tab on our website.

 Constitutional Rights Centre Inc. (CRC)
•   Lawsuit
•   Additional Background
•   Recent Publications
My takeaway—springing from something that Robert said about freedom of speech—as a Constitutional Lawyer, when I am asked “What do you do?” I simply in a word say to them “I protect human attributes and humanity.” The framers of the U.S. Constitution had it right when they talked about inalienable rights, meaning the rights that were given to you by your Creator, even if you believe your creator is just your mother. And so, they’re suppressing our freedom to think. If you can think, but can’t speak, your freedom of thought is useless. If you can speak but can’t associate, your freedom of speech is useless. If you can associate but can’t assemble, your freedom of association is useless. So they are one unbroken—although we break them down for analytical purposes—these Constitutional Rights that are attached to the person, are human attributes and this whole Covid agenda has done in lockstep everything it can do, or try to do, to dehumanize us. And Robert was quite right, with the implementation of devices into our—experimental implementation of devices that’s already out there through the World Economic Forum, it is a movement with AI towards a Borg-like transformation of humanity and that is dehumanizing, and we have to resist it.
Rocco Galati, 5 Jan 2021


Starting out 32+ years ago as a tax litigator for the Canadian Dept of Justice, Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati (B.A.(McGill), LL.B., LL.M. (Osgoode)) switched sides after 3 years and since then only does “cases against the government.” As Founder, President and Director of The Constitutional Rights Centre in Ontario, Canada, Mr Galati is representing Vaccine Choice Canada and seven other plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed on 6 July 2020 against Prime Minister Justin TRUDEAU, Canadian Chief Medical Officer Dr. Theresa TAM, Canadian Transport Minister Marc GARNEAU, Premier of Ontario Doug FORD, and others including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. From page 16 of the 191-page Statement Of Claim:

u) A Declaration that:
(i) the Defendant Federal Crown, and its agencies and officials, including but not restricted to the CRTC, have, by glaring acts and omissions, breached the rights of the Plaintiffs to freedom of speech, expression, and the press, by not taking any action to curtail what has been described by the UK scientific community as “Stalinist censorship”, particularly the CBC in knowingly refusing to cover/or publish the valid and sound criticism of the COVID measures, by recognized experts;
As Mr. Galati stated in an update on 19 Dec 2020 at the Post-Covid19 Stockholm Peace Summit, regarding this lawsuit:

When I filed on July 6th, 2020, government lawyers were calling it a conspiracy theory and threatened to bring in an application to throw the case out. Well, since then, everything that I wrote for my clients in this Statement Of Claim on July 6th, is history. It’s understated past old news. Everything we put in there happened and we’re here now living it....

Of course the problem is that the population obviously is traumatized. They don’t read, they don’t want to read, they don’t want to accept that their government could possibly be doing them harm. I’m always—when I’m criticized, they say, Why don’t you trust your government? Then I remind people that governments have a quaint history of engaging in the following activities: war, genocide, crimes against humanity, persecution, and suppression of every human right ever declared. So why would I necessarily trust the government that’s given me bogus science, bogus medicine, measures that make no sense?...

While people call the allegations of the global agenda behind these measures, conspiracy theories, it’s now gotten to the point where that kind of allegation is embarrassing. I remind people I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a conspiracy analyst. And if you can’t see what’s really happening from the use of the PCR test—I mean, our criminal courts: if you run a PCR test for DNA analysis past a certain cycle—I think it’s 25—it’s not admissible in court because it’s recognized, it’s unreliable. We are running tests in Ontario at 43 to 45 cycles. Anything will test positive at that cycle. And I’m sure when the vaccine is administered, they’ll run them at five cycles and claim that they’ve cured the pandemic. That’s coming up the road as well.

The CRC lawsuit says Trudeau and Ford dispensed their parliaments and have been acting in a manner that was constitutionally abolished 350 years ago.
A Declaration that the “COVID Measures” undertaken and orchestrated by Prime Minister Trudeau (“Trudeau”), and the Federal Crown, constitute a constitutional violation of “dispensing with Parliament, under the pretense of Royal Prerogative”, contrary to the English Bill of Rights (1689) as read into our unwritten constitutional rights through the Pre-Amble of the Constitution Act, 1867, emanating from the unwritten constitutional principles of Rule of Law, Constitutionalism and Democracy, as enunciated by the Supreme Court of Canada in, inter alia, Quebec Secession Reference;
Part 1,c is representative of a number of instances in the opening CLAIM:
1. As against the Crown and Municipal Defendants the Plaintiffs claim:
c) A Declaration that the COV1D Measures taken by both Trudeau and Ford, and their respective governments, at the blind and unquestioned dictates of the World Health Organization (“WHO”) bureaucrats, constitute a constitutional violation of the abdication of the duty to govern, as enunciated in, inter alia, the Re Gray and Canada (Wheat Board) v. Hallett and Carey Ltd. decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada;
d) A Declaration that the COVID Measures undertaken by Trudeau, and his officials, violate ss. 2, 7, 8, 9, and 15 of the Charter, specifically the measures:
(i) “self isolation”;
(ii) “social distancing”;
(iii) the compulsory wearing of face masks;
(iv) arbitrary and unjustified closure of businesses;
In that the Measures are not:
(i) scientifically, nor medically, based nor proven to be effective whatsoever;
(ii) pose physical and psychological harm; and
(iii) are extreme, unwarranted and unjustified;
And that the measures violate of s.2 (right of association ) s. 7 (life, liberty, and security of person), s.8 (unlawful search and seizure), s. 9 (arbitrary detention by enforcement officers), s. 15( equality before and under the law), are further not in accordance with the tenets of fundamental justice in their overbreadth, nor are they justified under s. 1 of the Charter in that they are not demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society;

Additional Background

Recent Publications

Medical Censorship & Harms of Lockdowns

An exclusive interview with 3 Canadian Frontline Doctors.
Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill, Dr. Patrick Phillips and Dr. Ashvinder Lamba
Hosted by Amina Sherazee | Human Rights Lawyer
Co-Director of The Constitutional Rights Centre
video, mp3, (1:02:02) 22 Feb 2021
Source Links; local HTML, PDF

Beginning at 1:16:
In the Covid context, what we see are Doctors who are speaking about the state of public health care with respect to our treatment options as well as with respect to the impact of the health care policies and the Covid measures that are taken. What these Doctors are facing, as result of doing that, is silencing by their colleagues, repercussions from their college and stigmatization from the public. This is serious threat to their right to Section 2B under The Charter which is the right of Freedom of Expression and speech. The Constitutional Rights Centre is concerned about the fact that in a health care crisis the very voices that need to be heard—the Doctors, the Nurses, the frontline workers—are precisely the voices that are under threat and being silenced.

Here, to join me on this panel are three esteemed Doctors who have bravely spoken about the reality on the ground of what their experience—what they're seeing in their patient populations with the most vulnerable sectors. The same groups of people that Covid measures are allegedly intended to protect.

Dr. Ashvinder Lamba
Family Physician in Primary & Long-Term Care,
Board Director of Concerned Ontario Doctors

Dr. Patrick Phillips
Frontline Emergency Medicine & Family Physician

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill
President, Concerned Ontario Doctors, Frontline Physician

Additionally, see The mainstream media, feeding off the CPSO with respect to Dr. Kulvinder Gill, continues to spread its addiction to its own “misinformation”. CRC Newsletter, 4 Mar 2021

 Children’s Health Defense (CHD)
•   Our Inalienable Rights
•   Counting Deaths as Covid
•   Question the Experts
•   Devastating Covid Measures
•   Lawsuits

Our Inalienable Rights

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense. Mr. Kennedy spoke in Berlin on 29 August 2020 to more than a million people—the largest demonstration Germany has ever had. Affirming his devotion to the creative evolution of the human project for which his Father and his Uncle gave their lives, he began his speech, addressing the hopes and desires of people throughout our world:

Back home in the United States the newspapers are saying that I came here today to speak to about 5,000 Nazis. And tomorrow they’re going to report that yes, I was here, and I spoke to maybe 3 to 5,000 Nazis. I look at this crowd and I see the opposite of Nazism. I see people who love democracy. People who want open government. People who want leaders who are not going to lie to them. People who want leaders who will not make up arbitrary rules and regulations to orchestrate obedience of the population. We want health officials who don’t have financial entanglements with the pharmaceutical industry. Who are working for us and not Big Pharma. We want officials who care about our children’s health and not about pharmaceutical profits or government control. I look at this crowd, I see all the flags of Europe. I see people of every color. I see people from every nation, every religion, all caring about human dignity, about children’s health, about political freedom. This is the opposite of nazism.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Understanding the issue of safeguarding human rights in this period of crisis is fundamental to the unfolding consequences of what is occurring. In January 2021 Mr Kennedy sent a letter to 100,000 lawyers stating, “The COVID-19 pandemic has proven an opportunity of convenience for totalitarian elements who have put individual rights and freedoms globally under siege.” In the letter Kennedy urged his fellow attorneys to read a new 13-page report, Individual Rights and Freedoms Under Siege in Era of COVID. The report explores the legal rights to informed consent, bodily integrity, the right to refuse unwanted medical interventions, religious expression and autonomy. All of these rights will be “dramatically constricted” if employers, states and/or the federal government impose vaccine mandates.

Counting Deaths as Covid

An underlying dynamic in this situation continues to be that CDC changed the rules on 24 March 2020 about counting deaths as Covid with COVID-19 Alert No. 2. This is covered in If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening? (CHD, 24 Jul 2020). While long and covering a wide swath, focus on the fourth key finding listed at the top:

Had the CDC used its industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting Revision 2003, as it has for all other causes of death for the last 17 years, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower than it currently is.

Additionally, on 17 Feb 2021 Stand for Health Freedom convened a panel of eight experts – doctors, lawyers, medical ethicists, educators, lawmakers and researchers – to analyze and assess the consequences of this abrupt change by the CDC in how death certificates are now recorded. Titled, Data Disaster: A Call for an Investigation Into the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19 this group shines a bright light on why accuracy, integrity and transparency are so important during a public health crisis; how the CDC set the stage for widespread physical, psychological, and economic devastation; and steps we can take so that incidents of this magnitude never happen again.

Question the Experts

In a 5 January 2021 roundtable discussion convened for an investigative enquiry into the global public health sector, Robert Kennedy, Jr. reflected on an aspect of how democratic processes can serve the needs of humanity. In a segment leading off with an observation about Anthony Fauci, he said:

What I think is important to understand is that he’s a technocrat. No matter how expert, no matter how important and pervasive and thorough his expertise, you still need democracy to control the apparatchiks and the technocrats. What irritates me a lot is when I see Joe Biden and other people who are leading the Democratic party constantly say “We need to trust the experts” because as you know I’ve fought hundreds of law suits in my time and in every law suit and every trial that I’ve ever had there are experts on both sides and they’re both equally convincing. And that’s why when we go to a doctor we get a second opinion. Doctors and experts should not be running our democracy. We don’t allow that. We don’t say we are going to appoint an expert and then we are going to just trust everything he says. That is not democratic. That’s how totalitarian regimes work.

My wife came to the Monsanto trial and the day that she arrived Monsanto was doing direct examination on its own witnesses. And they all were all Harvard School of Public Health, they were from Stanford, they were from the leading institutions. These were the leading lights in toxicity and epidemiology and all of these other disciplines that the trial was focused on. My wife heard those and she said “What are you even doing here? These people are credible and trustworthy and convincing, absolutely.” Then she saw our cross examination. Then she heard our witnesses and then she said, “Why did those guys even show up for this trial?”

Part of democracy is, when my uncle had the Cuban missile crisis, the experts were in the room—virtually everybody wanted—of the 13 people that he had assembled as his experts—virtually every one of them with the exception of my father and Bob McNamara wanted to drop nuclear bombs on Cuba. If that had happened—we now know that the missiles in Cuba that the Russian had there were already armed and that the individuals who were running those sites had independent authority to launch if they found themselves under attack.

We would have obliterated the world. We would have had nuclear winter. We would have destroyed the planet. My uncle said I want to see the aerial photographs myself. And he questioned the experts. And he made them explain things to him and he got both sides of the story and he brought in the best people to criticize them. And he made that investigation separately. He didn’t just trust the experts and say the military and CIA are telling me they know this area and they are telling me to bomb. You don’t do that. The job of a politician is to take advice from experts, to respect them and respect expertise. But you don’t let them run the country.

You question them and you try and figure out—listen, Tony Fauci, even if he is the best expert in the world, okay, on epidemiology or on pathogenic proliferation, let’s say he knows more than anybody and he can predict exactly how many people are going to die depending on masks and lockdowns—he has no expertise in the economy. How many people are going to die when you shut down the economy? When you close 60 million businesses? When you obliterate the social safety net? When you starve—there are 10 thousand children dying a month in Africa because of a lockdown.

Rocco Galati: The last very quick question I had picking up on the example you gave of your sober uncle dispassionately taking in and then coming to a decision that would save the world, essentially. Do you David and Robert take any comfort—quite apart from the mass rallies and people who are objecting to this, even though they are censored—do you take any comfort in the many decisions that have gone to court and have been successful against the Covid measures such as your U.S. Court? ...

RFK Jr.: Rocco, I think our only hope is the courts, I think. The courts have done a really good job of not—mostly—we have taken beatings in the court too. But there are judges out there and it appears that the Supreme Court judges who—most of whom I don’t like much but they understand that we’re on the same team when it comes to recognizing that this is the onset of a really ugly dark totalitarianism and they have indicated they may be willing to stand up to that.

Pursuing genuine accountability in the courts by forcing government officials to prove what’s happening IS an emergency is the most effective course to demand accountability and reveal the truth regarding obfuscations, omissions, lies, and corrupt, criminal policy decisions as well as gaining leverage on imperatives like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and CHD Urge Congress to Investigate the Origins of COVID-19 (CHD, 20 Oct 2020).

Devastating Covid Measures

In Mr. Kennedy’s 17 Feb 2021 meeting with the Corona Committee, he discussed with Reiner Fuellmich serious consequences of injuries and deaths from Covid vaccinations and the pervasive, destructive censorship against criticism of global lockdowns. The following exchange illustrates how whistleblowers who have reported horrific accounts of people in German nursing homes either being severely injured by vaccinations or dying are beginning to speak out:

Reiner Fuellmich: It looks as though there’s something seriously, seriously, wrong with these, let me say injections rather than vaccinations. Do you know of any cases in the United States where maybe the DA is looking into such incidents or is the same story happening in the United States and people don’t want to mess with this?

RFK, Jr.: It’s the same story in the United States and probably the worst malpractice. Everybody is frightened. Nobody is willing to challenge the orthodoxy. The worst malpractice is happening among the American media which punishes and censors people who report vaccine injuries. If you report a vaccine injury on Facebook you’re posting will be taken down and you will be de-platformed. I was de-platformed from Instagram this week. I never put—and they said, because I told falsehoods about Covid. But I never had a single falsehood. Every single posting that we put on Instagram was sourced to a public government database or to a peer reviewed publication. Nobody can show me a single, false statement that I made on Instagram.

But if you criticize the orthodoxy, you will be silenced, you will be demoted, you will be punished. The people in the press know that and the press just doesn’t report it. They report it the way that they’re told to report it which is these aren’t Covid deaths, these are normal and don’t worry about it. So there’s no scrutiny of this enterprise. All of the institutions that democracy has erected to protect vulnerable children from large corporations and from overreaching by government have been dismantled. The lawyers can’t sue in the United States. The regulatory agencies are captured, are an arm of the industry, and the press is also captured. And of course the, the frontline medical doctors are punished if they report vaccine injury.

Beginning at 42:30, RFK, Jr. reflected on the critical need of learning to communicate in other ways given expanding autocratic state censorship and use of the courts.

We’re off of social media. The mainstream press is now captured by the pharmaceutical industry. But there are now other evolving ways for people who are learning to communicate to each other in other ways. And we need to do that. We need to establish credible ways that people who care about democracy, who care about civil rights, who are concerned about the ascendancy of the medical cartel, to begin really revolting against those—the increase and unacceptable power, of those power centers. One of those ways is through communication. The other is in many of our independent nations there are opportunities in the courts where you still have integrity in the court and the judicial system of some of our countries. It’s getting smaller and smaller and more constricted but I think, those to me, those present the best opportunities, really: public organizing, public communication and use of the courts....

We’re suing Facebook at the moment. We’re suing Facebook for censoring us. But Facebook has a right to censor people. Facebook is a private company. If they don’t like what you say they can throw you off. But in our case, what we argue is that the government instructed them to the censor us. Adam Schiff, who’s the head of the Intelligence Committee, told them to censor all vaccine misinformation. And Facebook has said that it is coordinating its censorship with CDC and with WHO, and with the US State Department.

In our country, private companies can censor you, but the government is not allowed to censor you. What our argument in our court case against Facebook says is you are acting as a government surrogate. So you are censoring us because the government told you to censor us and because they don’t like our political speech. That’s a violation of the First Amendment. That’s one of the approaches we’re bringing but we have many, many, many lawsuits right now.

CHD Lawsuits

Under Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s direction as Chief Legal Counsel, the Children’s Health Defense legal team is engaged in many Lawsuits challenging totalitarian government policies of the non-democratic, increasingly authoritarian and devastating Covid measures listed below.

Additional Lawsuits
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