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Editor’s Note: This is an adapted list of the 16 sources making up the annex of the 108-page Criminal Complaint filed on 4 Nov 2021 in the French Criminal Court described by Xavier Azalbert and Virginie de Araujo-Recchia in the first portion of the Corona Committee Session 78: New Paths Out of Trauma conducted on 12 Nov 2021.
Summary of Documents in Support of The Complaint
Exhibit 1 - Tableau des exemples d’éléments de désinformation (20 pages)
(Table of examples of misinformation)
Exhibit 2 - Interview with Dr Ariane BILHERAN, September 1, 2021 (19 pages)
French original: Interview d’Ariane Bilheran (19 pages)
Exhibit 3 - Letter to British Psychological Society dated January 6, 2020: The ethics of using covert strategies - a letter to the British Psychological Society
French translation: Lettre à la société psychologique britannique du 6 janvier 2020 (8 pages)
Exhibit 4 - Mémoire concernant les failles des tests PCR (19 pages)
(Memorandum on PCR test flaws) [Please send English translation of this if you find one]
Exhibit 5 - Fichier relatif aux liens d’intérêts (18 pages)
(Links of interest file)
Exhibit 6 - Judgment of 19 May 2021 No. 525/21.4BELSB of the Lisbon Administrative Court (16 pages)
Exhibit 7 - Chronique N°24 : “Les conflits d’intérêts pendant la crise du covid-19 : ils n’ont pas disparu !” 8 Septembre 2020 (34 pages)
(Newspaper article entitled: “Conflits of interest during the covid-19 crisis - they didn’t disappear!”)
Exhibit 8 - Three articles written by Mr. F.William ENGDHAL, strategic risk consultant, lecturer and author in the United States 2020-2021:
• Scandal Behind the FDA Fake Approval of Pfizer Jab, 30 Aug 2021
• Bill Gates talks about ‘vaccines to reduce population’, 4 Mar 2010
• Will Next WTO Head Impose a Gates and Davos Agenda? 23 Oct 2020
French translations: Trois articles rédigés par M. F. William ENGDHAL, consultant en risques stratégiques, conférencier et auteur aux Etats-Unis 2020-2021 (13 pages)
Exhibit 9 - The same shady people own both Big Pharma and the media (8 pages)
French translation: Article du Dr MERCOLA, en date du 15 juin 2021 (11 pages)
Exhibit 10 -  Mémoire du 15 septembre 2021 intitulé ‹‹ Eléments juridiques contre l’injection de substance génique expérimentale sous la contrainte ›› et annexes, pour (204 pages)
(September 15, 2021 brief entitled “Legal Arguments Against the Injection of Experimental Genetic Substance Under Duress” and annexes, for Annexes begin on page 38
Annexe 1 is in English: Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines - Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Reveal the Ingredients in the CoV-19 Vaccines)
Exhibit 11 - Study dated September 30, 2021, published in the European Journal of Epidemiology entitled “Increases in COVID-19 are Unrelated to Levels of Vaccination Across 68 Countries and 2947 Counties in the United States” (4 pages)
French translation: Etude en date du 30 septembre 2021, parue dans la revue European Journal of Epidemiology et intitulée ‹‹ Les augmentations de COVID-19 ne sont pas liées aux niveaux de vaccination dans 68 pays et 2947 comtés aux États-Unis ›› (13 pages)
Exhibit 12 - Study by immunologist J. Bart Classen published in Trends In Internal Medicine, the result of his analysis of the randomized clinical trials of the Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen genetic vaccines (6 pages)
French translation: Etude de l’immunologiste J. Bart Classen a publié dans Trends In Internal Medicine le résultat de son analyse des études cliniques randomisées des vaccins génétiques Pfizer, Moderna et Janssen (12 pages)
Exhibit 13 - Report on vaccine deaths by Dr. Vladimir ZELENKO, MD, dated September 2021 (52 pages)
French translation: Rapport sur les décès dus aux vaccins du Dr Vladimir ZELENKO, MD, datant de septembre 2021 (52 pages)
Exhibit 14 - Rapport du Dr Astrid STUCKELBERGER Privat-docent de médecine, PhD et Master de Science Scientifique, experte pour l’OMS et l’UE, en date du 16 septembre 2021, intitulé ‹‹ De la dangerosité de l’essai clinique et du vaccin expérimental Covid-19 & De la non justification scientifique des mesures autour des vaccins expérimentaux ›› (47 pages)
(Report by Dr Astrid STUCKELBERGER Privat-doctor of Medicine, PhD and Master of Science Scientifique, expert for the WHO and the EU, dated September 16, 2021, entitled “On the dangerousness of the clinical trial and the experimental vaccine Covid-19 & On the non justification scientific of measures around experimental vaccines” [English begins on page 21; Dr Stuckelberger’s CV begins on page 23])
Exhibit 15 - Slide show published by the analyst, Steve KIRSCH on October 26, 2021 (137 pages)
French translation: Diaporama publié par l’analyste, Steve KIRSCH le 26 octobre 2021
Exhibit 16 - Global Justice Now report dated December 18, 2020 (46 pages)
French translation: Rapport de l’association Global Justice Now en date du 18 décembre (73 pages)
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