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Editor’s Note: Today marks completion of ratical’s 28th circle ’round the Sun, inaugurated on the 1995 September Equinox: “living life passionately, birthright of ALL life.” Unbounded Gratitude for the gifts bestowed on all life exploring itself here on Mother Earth, our single, irreplaceable planetary home.

Antidote to the Hubris of Greed While Living Under Domination
Seeing the Maximum Security Establishment Denial System
David Ratcliffe, rat haus reality press, 23 Sep 2023
Corporate Empire State: Greed Unbounded
Revealing the Violence of
Present Day Tragedy Choreographers
Government Watchdogs:
Gatekeepers of the Public Interest
Scoundrel Time, the Next Generation
Antidote to Wanton Violence, Arrogance, and Presumption Towards the Gods
Choosing the lens we adopt to view the world
and our place in it
And it's 1, 2, 3, What are we fighting for?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Vietnam.
And it's 5, 6, 7, Open up the pearly gates
Ah, ain't no time to wonder why, Whoopee! We're all going to die.

Fifty-four years ago, seeing, calling out, and mocking evil was front-and-center. In the 1970s, I’ll always remember a black-and-white magazine photo of a U.S. GI sitting in a jungle with the caption, “Why die for a piece of junk?” The double entendre of heroin and bankrupt U.S. policy was standard fare in journalism.

Since then, the steady erosion of a virile fourth estate, challenging the increasing reach of corporate state influence and power, has impoverished every facet of society.

Corporate Empire State: Greed Unbounded

In July, investigative reporter Paul Thacker[1] wrote about how “We must reform the law to force corporate documents into the public - Companies continue to hide evidence of product dangers by sealing off records behind corrupt court protective orders.” He was to attend a Toronto conference as part of an international group of academics and journalists focusing on ghostwriting in science and medicine. Enroute from Madrid, he found himself stuck in the Newark airport because of hundreds of flight cancellations. He ended up remotely giving his talk in a quiet corner: “Records entered into public courts belong to the public[2]

Thacker’s paper includes details of how, “Since a 1984 Supreme Court decision on rules of discovery, the courts have become more secretive and willing to keep documents hidden under seal, even if those documents show a product is dangerous.” Discovery is the process when each side in a lawsuit gets to see the other side’s documents, depositions, etc., “to explore if their legal opponent is being honest.” During discovery all such evidence is held in secret.

Citing the UCSF Documents Archive which contains litigation records from tobacco, chemicals, drugs, food, fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals, and opioids, Thacker points out, “These documents are critical to exposing harms caused by corporate products and the strategies companies use to fool people. Litigation is critical to uncovering evidence of dangerous products, but discovery documents are seldom made public, and are often sealed as part of settlements.”

Thacker summarizes a number of significant court cases where sealed documents caused unconscionable injury and death, including the recent, criminally intentional harm referred to as the opioid crisis.[3] He concludes his analysis urging promulgation of sunshine rules and laws in all states:

Texas and Florida have “sunshine” rules and laws that limit the sealing of health and safety records, but corporate lobbying has stymied federal sunshine legislation for decades. While pursuing a federal law to limit court secrecy, reformers should consider advancing similar state laws to ensure court documents, once entered into public courts, remain public.

Corporate historian Richard Grossman (1943-2011) was an extremely articulate, insightful, visionary and teacher, who as my wife has observed, was gifted in the art of listening.[4] He was steadfast and uncompromising in his challenging the disastrous rise of U.S. corporate governance.

You want sanity, democracy, community, an intact Earth? We can’t get there obeying Constitutional theory and law crafted by slave masters, imperialists, corporate masters, and Nature destroyers. We can’t get there kneeling before robed lawyers stockpiling class plunder precedent up their venerable sleeves. So isn’t disobedience the challenge of our age? Principled, inventive, escalating disobedience to liberate our souls, to transfigure our work as humans on this Earth.

Grossman’s analysis spans the timeline from creation of the original slavemaster constitution, through its initial replacement with the post-civil war nascent corporate constitution, into the 20th century and beyond. An excerpt from American Tragedy: The Codification and Institutionalization of Violence[5] on the “Clean Air Act” provides an example of his resolute perspective:

Bush Senior puppeteers staging their heroic drama propped up every scene with the USA’s “cult of divinities.” They, too, drew upon folk memory and folk history—but memory and history fabricated by generations of slavemaster and corporate manager operatives. How easy it was for them to act out a play called “Clean Air” while condemning yet another generation to breathing poisons! By then, it was a tradition. The nation’s poisoners and intimidators had long been engaged in play-acting—see how they camouflaged the rule of law which guaranteed the flooding of the South under toxic chemicals and usurpers.

Of course, very important people throughout our society had to pretend not to see as government and corporate gods drenched the South in poisons and denials of rights, as they drove their Dirty Air laws into the books. These men and women appeared to suffer not as they devoured their reviews, back-slapped at cast parties, accumulated honors, and lived the good life.

Today in Washington DC there is a new generation of tragedy choreographers. The actors’ masks may be different, but the violence is the same. And the corporate press, dressed for critical analysis, continues to fabricate swill.

Revealing the Violence of Present Day Tragedy Choreographers

The above was written in 2004. Coming up on two decades hence, the violence of present day tragedy choreographers is beyond comprehension for too many souls. This is primarily due to the heretofore unthinkable censorship by the U.S. federal government, led by the executive branch, directing big tech to delete all information, analysis, and debate not conforming to official increasingly-injurious-and-lethal dogma.[6]

One (of many) consequences from this suppression is the complete blackout of any government or mainstream media analysis—much less acknowledgment—of the trend of excess deaths and disabilities, beginning in 2021 and continuing to accelerate. Former BlackRock fund manager Ed Dowd wrote the book, “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022. Published in December 2022, Dowd had already teamed up with Yuri Nunes (Physics PhD) and Carlos Alegria (Physics and Finance PhDs) to form Phinanace Technologies (“we do data-driven research to build knowledge for top-level decision making”).

Dowd learned to see trends while working on Wall Street. He grew the portfolio he managed at BlackRock from $2 billion to $14 billion. He also became adept at seeing fraud. As he described in May 2023:

[I]f there’s a fraud, the stock market figures it out well before the regulators do and the press. Why is that? That’s because we do our work. We use imperfect information to come up with a thesis. It’s called deductive reasoning. We create an analyst mosaic, and we make bets. The idea is, if you’re wrong, you’ll figure it out pretty quickly. If you’re right over time, as more and more information comes in that you’re right, you make the position size bigger.

I started this really in the fall of 2021. I really started thinking something was wrong. So I had a suspicion it was the vaccines. It was a thesis. If this was a stock, I would’ve started with a 50 basis point, half a percent position in my portfolio. As time rolls on and you get more confident this would be the biggest position in my portfolio—vaccine fraud—if it was a stock.[7]

The Index of Phinanace Technologies as of early September 2023[8] includes sweeping multi-level data sets and their ongoing analyses being developed and updated. Published in July, data from the UK Disabilities Personal Independence Pension (PIP) program by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) includes what human body system is affected by the claim for different age groups, sex, and underlying cause broken out in both Monthly and Yearly PIP Clearances (new claims), listing 15 different body systems.[9]

As Dowd summarized some of the trends:

In 2020, all claims for all body systems went up 3 percent. In 2021, 20-and-a-half percent. And in 2022, 76.7 percent new claims above the four-year trend. These are Claims Above Trend, excess claims, we call them. Some of the categories that went off the charts are haematological, which is blood.... We had auditory issues up 121% in ’22. I mean, the numbers are just all over it—it’s just, it’s a disaster. And the standard deviations are what we call black swan event deviations. They run the gamut from three to sixty standard deviations across these different human body systems. The one system that seems to be really taking off in 2022 is cancer. Cancer, or what they call oncology, was up 2% in 2020, 6.4% in 2021, and 35% in 2022. So cancer’s really starting to come on in 2022, standard deviations of black swan events.[10] [emphasis added]

The following 28 thumbnail charts are Yearly UK PIP Clearances (New Claims) from 2016 through 2022. (See individual charts.)

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Haematological Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Oncology (Cancer)
Viral diseases Ischaemic heart disease Valve disease gastrointestinal tract
Haemolytic disorders Cardiac arrhythmias Aneurysm breast
Anaemia Cardiac failure Pericarditis respiratory tract
Blood disorders Other cardiovascular disease Auditory genitourinary tract
Clotting disorders Peripheral arterial disease Sensorineural hearing loss haematological system
Platelet disorders Peripheral venous disease diseases affecting hearing+balance brain and spinal cord
Metabolic red cell disorders Cardiomyopathy Mixed hearing loss skin
      Other sarcomas

That the unprecedented increases in UK disability claims across the 15 human body systems beginning in 2021 with alarming, consistent accelerations in 2022 and beyond, as well as data analysis of UK Absences Due to Sickness, excess deaths across the globe,[11] the rapid rise in US Disabilities, and Bureau of Labor Statistics Absence Rates data, is not being acknowledged by government public health officials nor mainstream media is clearly a coverup.[12]

Additionally, as Dowd points out, “we really don’t have low[er] employment. We just have a smaller workforce that’s masking the fact that we are losing people to disability and death.... the Federal Reserve, which controls the interest rate of the globe, is basing their decisions off of the wrong data, and they’re screwing up. This is going to be the greatest policy error of all time.”[13]

Government Watchdogs: Gatekeepers of the Public Interest

When so-called official bodies of authority fail in their responsibilities to uphold moral, ethical, and legal obligations and oaths, it remains for just-plain-people to step up and address the paramount issues of the day. Dowd, Nunes, and Alegria are joined by many, many others in their capacity as independent agents and government watchdogs to act as gatekeepers of the public interest.

Over the past several years, Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt have been combining their respective professional skills—ex-pharmaceutical R&D industry executive and entrepreneur and paralegal with research and writing focus on structural analysis of really big lies respectively—to uncover what has occurred regarding what are accurately defined as demonstration Department of Defense Covid-19 Countermeasures.

Latypova, Watt and others attended a 13 Dec 2022 zoom call with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) scheduled by his staff. Latypova recently published a subsequent MEMO she and Watt spent weeks preparing, upon his request: IN RE: Evidence of Covid-19 Regulatory Failures, Criminal Wrongdoing and Attempts to Avoid Liability by Senior Executive Service Officials in Multiple Federal Agencies. The memo and its 775 MB document package is based on publicly available sources and document in exhaustive detail how:

Americans were misled about all Covid-19 “countermeasures,” including those products marketed as “vaccines.” Covid policy was managed by the National Security Council (NSC) acting on war footing and countermeasures were contracted for by the Department of Defense (DoD) and Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) without any effective regulatory oversight at any stage along the process.

The activities passing as “regulatory processes” appear to have been fraudulent attempts to create color of law and avoid liability for what were clearly criminal acts. These multiple overlapping and mutually reinforcing violations of federal law have imposed serious harms on the American people, including severe injury and death.[14]

In November 2022, Latypova and Watt discussed the topic, American Domestic Bioterrorism Project - SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 is a US DOD Military Prototype Project. The point is made of how the contents of the vials are federal property until they are injected into people. Beginning at 39:16:

How do we know DOD has complete control? Part of it is the fact that the people who have been able to actually get the vials either before injection or after, just using the residue, had to smuggle them from the chain of custody. Because like you said, you talked about some of the documents that Warner Mendenhall found, and other people, where it shows it’s considered a federal theft if you divert the product anywhere in the chain of custody before it goes into the person’s arm. And the fact that those diversions have happened anyway, they also have produced important data about what’s in them, which you’ve written about like way more than I have.
Yes. The the contract that Warner was mentioning, that’s the contract between CDC and the vaccination centers. It’s actually—people can read it that specifies this whole language about federal property until it’s injected.
The intentional part—it’s fully intentional. But they ask me is it depopulation or genocide? I can’t get into the head of a criminal. Nobody can. So, the purpose of why they’re doing this, I don’t know. But I know for sure it’s intentional. That’s what the data shows and that’s what their behavior shows and all the documents. Of course all these government officials in CDC and FDA and NIH, they all know. They all know how many people have died. They have great data to follow it. They’ve known it since day one. They followed thousands of deaths and they’re under no confusion about this. So the fact that they continue is just intentional.
—Sasha Latypova, C-19 Injections, Regulatory and Manufacturing Fraud:
Tessa Lena Talks to Alexandra Latypova
, 24 Oct 2022
See Also: Latypova: C19 Countermeasures: Evidence for an Intent to Harm, Stockholm International Conference, 21 Jan 2023 (25:05)

David Hughes is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations (Social and Political Sciences) at the University of Lincoln, England. On 3 Sep 2022, the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research published his paper, What is in the so-called COVID-19 “Vaccines”? Part 1: Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity (local PDF, 132pp.). From the Abstract:

Between July 2021 and August 2022, evidence of undisclosed ingredients in the COVID-19 “vaccines” was published by at least 26 researchers/research teams in 16 different countries across five continents using spectroscopic and microscopic analysis. Despite operating largely independently of one another, their findings are remarkably similar and highlight the clear and present danger that the world’s population has been lied to regarding the contents of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. This raises grave questions about the true purpose of the dangerous experimental injections that have so far been shot into 5.33 billion people (over two thirds of the human race), including children, apparently without their informed consent regarding the contents. Surprise findings include sharp-edged geometric structures, fibrous or tube-like structures, crystalline formations, “microbubbles”, and possible self-assembling nanotechnology. The blood of people who have received one or more COVID-19 “vaccines” appears, in case after case, to contain foreign bodies and to be seriously degraded, with red blood cells typically in Rouleaux formation. Taken together, these 26 studies make a powerful case for the full force of scientific investigation to be brought to bear on the COVID-19 “vaccine” contents. If the findings of these 26 studies are confirmed, then the political implications are nothing short of revolutionary: a global crime against humanity has been committed, in which every government, every regulator, every establishment media organization, and all the professions have been complicit.

Given the historically-unprecedented worldwide corporate state censorship and gagged thought[15] complemented by pervasive 24/7 propaganda,[16], the work of an expanding number of independent agents and government watchdogs[17] identifying and addressing what is actually taking place,[18] is unavailable to average people.

Scoundrel Time, the Next Generation

The framework of the second red scare Lillian Hellman described in Scoundrel Time has seen increasing psychically and physically toxic iterations through the ensuing decades.

Professor Graeme MacQueen was an accomplished political historian, journalist, philosopher, and media critic. Shortly before he went through the door to eternity in April, he left us a significant compendium of his work in The Pentagon’s B-Movie - Looking Closely at the September 2001 Attacks. In the Conclusion of Chapter 23, The Triumph of the Official Narrative he described confronting an intelligent opponent. Replace “9/11” with “the 2020 Pandemic” in the following to encapsulate what we are dealing with 3.5-plus years into the penultimate inauguration of Lockdown World.

“Oftentimes, researchers (engineers, scientists, academics, etc.) carry on their research as if they were merely studying the natural world — a world that has no interest in the researchers and does not look back at them. But in cases such as 9/11, researchers are working within an intellectual context shaped by an intelligent opponent. This opponent is neither inert nor disinterested, but looks back at the researcher. It has intentionally laid down sets of false claims and dead-end trails and can be expected to continue to do so.”

At this juncture, it is helpful to reflect on a statement by Jim Douglass upon the release of his book, JFK and the Unspeakable - Why He Died and Why It Matters:

It’s that everything [in the Cold War in 1962-1963] was totally out of control and then, through a kind of incredible process where these two men were communicating secretly with each other over the year previous [Sep 1962-63], and smuggling letters back and forth to each other, in the midst of this conflict, they were beginning to trust each other.... It’s a remarkable process. And it’s all beneath the surface. But so are all the things that count as Merton understood.... And that’s why I have some hopes that if we are willing to go deeply enough into the darkness – and Kennedy was, and Khrushchev was – anything can happen for the good. But if we don’t go into the darkness it doesn’t happen. [emphasis added]
—Jim Douglass at Elliot Bay Books, 6 May 6, 2008

Our world is being intentionally enfolded in increasing mental and spiritual darkness. Reflecting on this, consider the analysis by Dr. Martin Schotz, writing in his book History Will Not Absolve Us (1996), and the talk he gave in 1998, The Waters of Knowledge versus the Waters of Uncertainty: Mass Denial in the Assassination of President Kennedy. Writing On Belief Versus Knowledge he emphasized how “It is so important to understand that one of the primary means of immobilizing the American people politically today is to hold them in a state of confusion in which anything can be believed but nothing can be known, nothing of significance that is.” While he was writing about the assassination, his examination is even more germaine today, especially concerning the nature of pseudo-debate and the process of cover-up by confusion. Here, replace “assassination” with “2020 pandemic” and “assassins” with “virus”.

The lie that was destined to cover the truth of the assassination was the lie that the assassination is a mystery, that we are not sure what happened, but being free citizens of a great democracy we can discuss and debate what has occurred. We can petition our government and join with it in seeking the solution to this mystery. This is the essence of the cover-up.... The lie is that there is a mystery to debate. And so we have pseudo-debates. Debates about meaningless disputes, based on assumptions which are obviously false....

But the fact remains that there is no mystery except in the minds of those who are willing to drink this premise. The premise is a lie, and a society which agrees to drink such a lie ceases to perceive reality. This is what we mean by mass denial.

That the entire establishment has been willing to join in this process of cover-up by confusion creates an extreme form of problem for anyone who would seek to utter the truth. For these civilian institutions—the media, the universities and the government—once they begin engaging in denial of knowledge of the identity of the assassins, once they are drawn into the cover-up, a secondary motivation develops for them. Now they are not only protecting the state, they are now protecting themselves, because to expose the obviousness of the assassination and the false debate would be to reveal the corrupt role of all these institutions. And there is no question that these institutions are masters in self protection. Thus anyone who would attempt to confront the true cover-up must be prepared to confront virtually the entire society. And in doing this, one is inevitably going to be marginalized.[19]

Marginalizing people remaining true to their ethical and moral consciences by masters of deception and self protection is another indicator of our matchless scoundrel time. Physicians are disciplined and/or losing their licenses by medical boards for recommending and prescribing repurposed drugs including HCQ and Ivermection and advising their patients to receive fully informed consent before being injected with experimental gene therapies[20] mis-labelled as vaccines. Doctors and academics are being fired for voicing professional concerns regarding mandating—read coercing—these demonstration DOD Countermeasures drugs with no medium- or long- term studies of their ill effects[21]. It takes courage and morally unshakable conscience to stand firm in such a time.

Never Again Is Now Global is a 5-part documentary series directed by Vera Sharav, a public advocate for human rights. A holocaust survivor born in 1937, she is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection. Sharav survived because she trusted her own experience and intuition. This is the only documentary dealing with the Holocaust directed by a Holocaust survivor. Although complete annotated transcripts increase accessibility to the films documentation and sourcing, both corporate state press and so-called alternative media are too afraid to touch it. Some argue it would be inappropriate to put a Jewish ID card next to a vaxxine passport on the poster of the film, so they are silencing Holocaust Survivors. The epoch of open, wide-ranging, respectful public debate and exchange of ideas has been extinguished, thrown upon the dustbin of history by corporate state secrecy.

Antidote to Wanton Violence, Arrogance, and Presumption Towards the Gods

The increasing data accumulation of injuries and deaths from the demonstration DOD Countermeasures[22]—cataloged by the above-cited independent agents (with so many others[17]), and government watchdogs analyzing the public record to demonstrate “multiple overlapping and mutually reinforcing violations of federal law”—that is not being acknowledged and addressed by the state nor reported by corporate state media, is the darkness demanding exposure.

The law is literary
Here is a beautiful court ruling during a national emergency.
West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624 (1943):
“Struggles to coerce uniformity of sentiment in support of some end thought essential to their time and country have been waged by many good as well as by evil men. Nationalism is a relatively recent phenomenon but at other times and places the ends have been racial or territorial security, support of a dynasty or regime, and particular plans for saving souls. As first and moderate methods to attain unity have failed, those bent on its accomplishment must resort to an ever increasing severity....[t]hose who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only unanimity of the graveyard.”
In our current national and worldwide “emergency,” the suppression of dissent in the face of compulsory shots and medical protocols, and the suppression of a variety of treatments for Covid19 has killed millions.
Warner Mendenhall, 25 Sep 2022

The Online Etymology Dictionary defines hubris (n.) as “a back-formation from hubristic or else from Greek hybris ‘wanton violence, insolence, outrage,’ originally ‘presumption toward the gods;’”.

The evidence grows daily of intentional wanton violence in the lock-step push by national governments around the globe to continue pursuing the “safe and effective” propaganda dogma war. The drive for the type of state-imposed hygienic imperative framed as benevolent governance has been in process for a long time. To more fully grasp the implications of this, it is helpful to look further into the past.

Paul Virilio wrote in Fall 2001, about “a new sanitary ideology cast in the form of humanitarianism” including how, beginning in WWI, philanthropic enterprises were set up by the multinationals including “the Rockefeller Mission on the French front, claiming that it would eradicate tuberculosis from the country. Not forgetting those Americans who dreamed of ‘universal sanitation’: of the installation of a universal health police in a world linked by great bacteriological chains.”[23] The 2001 Anthrax Attacks and the 2020 US DOD Military Prototype Project[24] are present-day instances of programs inherent within structures of domination developed long ago.

Taking George Santayana’s maxim—“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”—one step further, Those who do not know the past are condemned to be imprisoned by it. In 1965 James Baldwin described a means of liberating oneself from the tyrannical power of history:

History ... does not refer merely, or even principally, to the past. On the contrary, the great force of history comes from the fact that we carry it within us, are unconsciously controlled by it in many ways, and history is literally present in all that we do. It could scarcely be otherwise, since it is to history that we owe our frames of reference, our identities, and our aspirations. And it is with great pain and terror that one begins to realize this. In great pain and terror one begins to assess the history which has placed one where one is and formed one's point of view. In great pain and terror because, therefore, one enters into battle with that historical creation, Oneself, and attempts to recreate oneself according to a principle more humane and more liberating; one begins the attempt to achieve a level of personal maturity and freedom which robs history of its tyrannical power, and also changes history.

Shawnee/Lenape scholar Steven Newcomb has been uncovering the roots and contemporary patterns of living under domination and so-called Christian Discovery, cemented into federal anti-indian law and international law since the early 1980s. As he described in 2015:

Those ideas are traced to Vatican ... papal bulls of the fifteenth century and to royal charters of England which declared the right of Christian people to discover the lands of “heathens” and “infidels” and to assume a right of domination or subjugation against the nations and peoples of those places, “which before this time have been unknown to all Christian people.” In 1823, Chief Justice John Marshall, on behalf of the United States Supreme Court, wrote that doctrine of Christian discovery and domination [Johnson & Graham’s Lessee v M’Intosh, 21 U.S. 543] into U.S. case law, where it remains to this day.

The majority of people living in the U.S. have no awareness of the language in 15th Century Vatican documents justifying the claim of a right of domination by this so-called Constitutional Republic over Original Free Nations and Peoples and their land extant on this continent for tens of thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.[25] The Marshall Trilogy, consisting of Johnson v M’Intosh (1823: declared Native peoples did not own their lands after being “discovered” by Christian colonists), Cherokee Nation v. State of Georgia (1831: declared Native Nations were not independent of the U.S. and Native peoples were subject to U.S. “guardianship”), and Worcester v. State of Georgia (1832: declared “U.S. ultimate dominion” over all Native peoples and lands), established what has been euphemistically called “federal indian law.” The precise and accurate term for this system is federal anti-indian law.[26]

In the essay, An Original Nations’ Examination of “Freedom,” “Human” and “Human Rights”, written on the occasion of the August 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions convened in Chicago, Newcomb analyses how “the claim of a right of domination, and the behaviors that follow from that claim, are the main cause of the global problems we all face.” Defining domination as “living under the arbitrary will of another” or “having to conform one’s actions to a will external to one’s own” he explores “why, from an Original Nations’ Perspective, the term ‘human,’ in the Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian sense, as traced to the Vatican papal bulls of the fifteenth century, means ‘living under domination,’ which in turn changes our understanding of the term ‘freedom.’”

The wide-ranging framework of this essay[27] provides fertile insights and wisdom to respond with our birthright intelligence to the lethal hubris being conducted by means of denial, deception, and suppression of truth.

In the Conclusion, Newcomb invokes the defining purpose uniting our species in life -affirming and -supporting collaboration:

We have a sacred responsibility to place the long-term well-being of our children and future generations here on Mother Earth ahead of any technological dystopia. Now is the time for the people of good hearts and minds to come together and live out our spiritual values by accurately naming the domination system so we can end it. We need to publicize the claim of a right of domination, by pointing it out wherever it exists. We need to declare the claim of a right of domination to be invalid.

This language of domination continues to be fundamentally operative in today’s world. Colonization, in what Newcomb terms the Empire Domination Model of Christianity, has the dual purpose of both the taking of Original Free Peoples’ lands and lives throughout the world as well as colonizing consciousness and thought patterns. As he describes an instance of this:

Cultivate in Latin is colere which means to colonize and to design. The root of colonization is colon which is the digestive tract of the body politic, to extend that metaphor. But colo in Latin is to filter out impurities in the process of mining. So the background context is the mining and that means mining everything for profit, for wealth and so forth—power. The root impetus to the entire thing is greed, the will to domination; the will to be enriched in order to gain more power.

Taking in the entire span of our species existence on Mother Earth can open up previously unimagined possibilities. In the 1990s Margaret Thatcher was a staunch proponent of the TINA philosophy or There Is No Alternative to economic—read corporate—liberalism. A significant counterweight to such framing of human possibilities is the 2021 book, The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity which illuminates “A dramatically new understanding of human history, challenging our most fundamental assumptions about social evolution—from the development of agriculture and cities to the origins of the state, democracy, and inequality—and revealing new possibilities for human emancipation.” From the dust jacket:

For generations, our remote ancestors have been cast as primitive and childlike—either free and equal innocents, or thuggish and warlike. Civilization, we are told, could be achieved only by sacrificing those original freedoms or, alternatively, by taming our baser instincts. David Graeber and David Wengrow show how such theories first emerged in the eighteenth century as a conservative reaction to powerful critiques of European society posed by Indigenous observers and intellectuals. Revisiting this encounter has startling implications for how we make sense of human history today, including the origins of farming, property, cities, democracy, slavery, and civilization itself.

Drawing on pathbreaking research in archaeology and anthropology, the authors show how history becomes a far more interesting place once we learn to throw off our conceptual shackles and perceive what’s really there. If humans did not spend 95 percent of their evolutionary past in tiny bands of hunter-gatherers, what were they doing all that time? If agriculture, and cities, did not mean a plunge into hierarchy and domination, then what kinds of social and economic organization did they lead to? The answers are often unexpected, and suggest that the course of human history may be less set in stone, and more full of playful, hopeful possibilities, than we tend to assume.

Excerpts from the book’s Conclusion[28] provide instances of the scope of questions posed, and possible responses, revolving around: “What is the purpose of all this new knowledge, if not to reshape our conceptions of who we are and what we might yet become? If not, in other words, to rediscover the meaning of our third basic freedom: the freedom to create new and different forms of social reality?”

Choosing the lens we adopt to view the world and our place in it

It is all too easy to give in to the overwhelm of hopelessness and a belief of being powerless. To dispel this enchantment, remember that each of us is answerable to our Creator. Each one of us has an immutable relationship with the source of our existence. The ineffable mystery we each embody is eternally framed in the wonder of whatever is really going on here. What’s more, these lives we’ve been given are about so much more than just our own souls discoveries. Reconnecting with the bedrock relationships we were born into with all those of our species, as well as all Life exploring itself on Mother Earth, provides for all our intangible needs. Speaking about our Indigenous Ancestors, John Trudell pointed out how in the experience of our lineage from the very beginning, we are borrowing today from the past and the future. “The reason for being was to keep the balance.... this was ... what I will call a spiritual perception of reality. And so because of the spiritual perception of reality they understood that life was about responsibility. It wasn’t about the abstraction of freedom – it was about responsibility.”[29]

Tuning in to and exercising our remarkable powers of response ability opens us up to seeing through the fear blanketing hearts and minds. At the root of existence is the fact that the only thing we can control is our thoughts. Seeing beyond fear allows awareness of opportunity; finding the means of being comfortable with uncertainty allows infinite possibilities to reveal themselves.

The fear being relentlessly promoted by corporate-government, media, and academic institutions is a powerful soporific.[30] The hearts and minds of souls possessing the antidote to this captivating abyss exercise and manifest divine awareness of truth and integrity. We are here to live out the birthright imperative each of us is blessed with: to discover and explore the unknown and infinite possibilities of existence. Learning about one’s ancestors is a way to reconnect with our collective conscious and unconscious totality. As I wrote in 2021:

Ancestors in my Father’s and Mother’s family lines were variously involved in the genocide, dispossession, subjugation, and cultural colonization and assimilation of Original Free Peoples of Turtle Island, extant here for millennia before the arrival of Europeans. Living with this inheritance, it is life-affirming and life-honoring to psychically acknowledge and find ways to atone for the misguided and Life-negating actions of my ancestors.

A way sought to mend the Sacred Hoop is to amplify voices exercising intuition and creative intelligence expressed by human beings devoted to honoring and serving Life’s needs here on Mother Earth, including—and not limited to—such illuminated souls as Steven Newcomb, John Trudell, James Douglass, Elisabet Sahtouris, Oren Lyons, John Gofman, Jerry Mander, Richard Grossman, Ed Curtin, Helen Caldicott, Vincent Salandria, John Judge, Fletcher Prouty, and Mary Lou Williams to name but a few.

All of us are divine beings having the physical experience of wearing these human overcoats. Dogma has been put on everyone to take away the conscious awareness of our own divinity and put it in the hands of someone else. Tyranny started with that idea of laying dogma on people and pulling everyone away from their own relationship to spirit. There is no greater purpose than to choose for our selves the lens we adopt to view the world and our place in it. Doing so opens us up to seeing more of the infinite mystery Life contains and expresses through all our relations.

Recognizing the intelligence we have been given by our Creator and using it as clearly and coherently as we possibly can is the antidote to the entire techno-logic perceptional reality that is based upon death. The eventual, inevitable outcome of such reality is oblivion and annihilation. It is our responsibility to see and acknowledge this and then act upon this understanding.

I think our whole society tries to stabilize itself by starting out to destroy sensitivity to incoherence starting with very young children. If people could see the vast incoherence that is going on in society they would be disturbed and they would feel the need to do something. If you’re not sensitive to it you don’t feel disturbed and you don’t feel you need to do anything.
I remember an instance, a daughter was telling her mother, “this school is terrible, the teacher is terrible, very inconsistent, doing all sorts of crazy things,” and so on. Finally the mother was saying, “You’d better stop this—in this house the teacher is always right.” Now she understood that the teacher was wrong obviously, but the message was, it was no use. Even the message may have been right in some sense, but still it illustrates that the whole thing is in order to avoid this sort of trouble, starting with very young children, we are trained to become insensitive to incoherence. If there is incoherence in our own behavior, we thereby also become insensitive to it.


  1. [] Paul Thacker is a former Fellow at Harvard’ Safra Center for Ethics. He has written on scientific ethics for many newspapers, journals, and magazine and spent time in the U.S. Senate investigating corruption and conflicts of interest in science and medicine. He frames The Disinformation Chronicle in terms of “Investigative journalism dedicated to helping the world understand scientific disinformation” and “is assisted by several of the smartest people in journalism and the nonprofit world.”
    See Also: Paul D Thacker, Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial, BMJ 2021;375:n2635, 2 Nov 2021
    Steve Connor Award for Investigative Science Journalism: “Judges Quote: A very good story on a sensitive issue that was reported responsibly, it very clearly spells out why the story mattered.”
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    Companies continue to hide evidence of product dangers by sealing off records behind corrupt court protective orders.
    Paul D. Thacker, The DisInformation Chronicle, 7 Jul 2023
    Investigative journalism dedicated to helping the world understand scientific disinformation.
    Records entered into public courts belong to the public
    1. Background
    2. Ghostwriting and Ghost Management in Science
    3. Secrecy in the Courts
    4. Disclosing court documents can be costly
    5. Reform Required
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    Monthly and yearly PIP Clearances can be selectively searched for the following types of output:
    monthly and yearly PIP Clearances:
    • PIP Clearances (Absolute number)
    • Excess PIP Clearances (Number)
    • Excess PIP Clearances (%)
    • Excess PIP Clearances (Z-Score)
    Age Group:
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    • 20-24
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  10. [] Edward Dowd: Increasing Injuries & Deaths from C19 vaccines, a Crime & Coverup, Greg Hunter,, 29 July 2023.

    The attempt by Federal Drug Administration, of the Department of Health and Human Services, of the Executive Branch of the United States government to lock up 400,000 pages of documents pertaining to the approval under the Emergency Use Authorization of Pfizer’s “Covid-19 Vaccine” for ages 16-plus is damning evidence of what Dowd refers to regarding black swan event deviations. From Covid Vaccines: Risks and Consequences, History Will Not Absolve Us:

    After the FDA approved the Pfizer shot marketed as Comirnaty on 23 Aug 2021, Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT)—made up of public health and medical professionals, scientists, and journalists—submitted a Freedom of Information request to the FDA for all data within Pfizer’s C19 vaccine biological file. PHMPT’s sole purpose is to make the biological product files data publicly available for each of the C19 vaccines, enabling independent review and analyses, starting with Pfizer.

    The FDA tried to lock this data away from public discussion and evaluation for 75 years. PHMPT then sued the FDA for not releasing the data and on 2 Feb 2022 Federal Judge Mark Pittman ordered the FDA to release redacted versions of the documents. Pfizer documents began being released in November 2021 and starting that December are released in batches at the beginning of each month at:

    One illustration: an initial release of Pfizer post-marketing data from December 2020 to February 2021 is titled, 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports. Pfizer was well aware of the risks and consequences of its shots: 1,223 people died in the first 90 days of injections and 1,284 medical injuries were registered in Appendix 1. List Of Adverse Events Of Special Interest filling the last nine pages of this document [see Appendix 2]. No wonder the FDA wanted to bury the 400,000 pages of Pfizer EUA documents for 75 years.

  11. [] See Phinanace Technologies data in the Excess Mortality Project providing Death Rate Analysis in the following countries:
  12. [] The data Phinanace Technologies is gathering and analysing would normally be investigated and broadcast by government regulatory agencies. Given funding interests resulting in regulatory capture, the complete blackout of such government and mainstream media acknowledgment and analysis is indicative of the depth of corruption being directed by corporate empire sanction. Ed Dowd speaks to this situation in a July interview:
    We put the data out there.... we encourage doctors and scientists to tell us what the hell’s going on.

    Let’s assume for a moment we’re wrong, which we’re not. But let’s say we are. The data’s so bad. It’s either systemic fraud in the UK pension system, which if that’s the case, the UK needs to pay us a fee for discovering this fraud. If it’s not fraud, which we don’t think it is, it needs to be explained. The regulatory bodies in the UK, and I suspect this data would be found in the US if we had access to it, need to explain what the hell’s going on. Because these numbers are worse than the pandemic by a long shot. Deaths are worse. Excess deaths across the globe are worse. Disabilities are worse. And now we have some granularity on the disabilities. The human body system seems to be going haywire, and it needs to be explained. At the very least, this needs to be addressed.

    The silence is deafening. That’s why this data we put out on the UK Disability System deserves an answer. Their silence will tell you all you need to know. Because it’s either systemic fraud and they should cut us a check for $5 million consulting fee for discovering this fraud and saving them billions. Or it’s not, and they’re covering it up. Or they’re dumb and they have billion dollar budgets and they can’t figure this out on their own. They’re either dumb, covering it up, or there’s systemic fraud. Either way, this is going to become too big to hide. Congress needs to act. These people in the GOP are forming all these committees on January 6th and all these other things. Great. Good on you. How about the Covid Vaccine Committee? Call me up, I’ll share my numbers.

  13. [] In Dowd (op. cit.): at 10:24 and following:

    Carlos, Yuri, and I are investors. We come from the world of finance. And in the world of finance you make predictions and you try to project what’s going to happen. Right now, as far as I’m concerned, the vaccine is doing damage, great damage. The damage is evident. So we have what we call an asymmetric information gap. Most people don’t know this. It’s word is spreading finally, but most people still don’t know this. So most people are clueless as to what’s coming economically and financially. Most are clueless. This is going to be the greatest disaster I’ve ever seen. And it will become apparent to people. Unfortunately, the way the capital markets work, by the time everyone figures it out, it’ll be too late. So what’s going to happen and what is happening?

    Let’s start with the Fed, the Federal Reserve. Luke Groman, a mainstream economist on Twitter recently said something about the disability data. He said, maybe the unemployment rate that the Fed is keying interest rate hikes off of is wrong because the disability, as people are rolling into disability, it’s reducing the labor pool. So the numbers are all messed up and the signal is screwed up. So we really don’t have low employment. We just have a smaller workforce that’s masking the fact that we are losing people to disability and death. So that’s number one: the Federal Reserve, which controls the interest rate of the globe, is basing their decisions off of the wrong data, and they’re screwing up. This is going to be the greatest policy error of all time. They just raised 25 basis points. The money supply continues to tick lower, economic activity is growing to a halt, and they should be lowering interest rates. But they’re clueless at this point. So that’s Economic Disaster Number One.

    Economic Disaster Number Two: it’s already affecting the supply chain.... They just don’t have enough people to service everything, and everything’s slowly breaking down....

    [W]hat we do know is this: that morbidity leads mortality and morbidity is disability getting sick. So we had a big spike into disability in September, 2022. And now we have another spike taking off in June of 2023. Let’s say it’s six to twelve months delay, where some of those people will start dying. And because ... their disabilities seem to be accelerating at the same time, we could expect a wave, beginning end of this year into 2024....

    Look, the US disability data, the BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics, is real time. It doesn’t get into granular stuff like what’s the cause. It’s a survey and it’s directionally correct and it’s statistically imputed. So the signal we saw beginning in February of 2021 was real, peaked out in September ’22, kind of went sideways, and then it just broke out the last two months. A strong, strong signal. A million point one or two individuals in the last two months. That is huge. So that’s indicating to me that, unfortunately, whatever’s going on is inflecting again. Do I have definitive data? No. But I’m on the watch for it. So whatever’s going on is reaccelerating.

    Concerning Dowd’s point about the increasing and unacknowledged reality of having a smaller workforce because of more and more people rolling into disability, Paul Thacker noted his experience of this being stuck in the Newark Airport enroute from Madrid to Toronto: “United Airlines said that the weather on the Eastern seaboard forced them to cancel hundreds of flights, but I don’t think they are being honest. They’re hiding the fact that they’re having labor problems as well.”

    See Also: PHINANCE TECHNOLOGIES: quantifying 300,000 deaths from C19 injections, $147bn damage to economy in just 2022 alone, Hidden History Center, 5 May 2023 (with updated site outline)

  14. [] Memo Sent to Sen Johnson and His Staff in December 2022, Detailing the crime committed by the US Government against all of us, Sasha Latypova, Due Diligence and Art, Sep 7, 2023.
    After listing a nine-point fact pattern background, the Memo states:

    The implications of the above can not be overstated. Senior Executive Service officials within the U.S. Government authorized and funded the deployment of noncompliant biological materials on Americans and others without clarifying their “prototype” and “large scale demonstration” legal status, making the materials not subject to normal regulatory oversight, all while knowingly and willfully maintaining a fraudulent pseudo-“regulatory” presentation to the public.

    These materials have harmed and killed and continue to harm and kill Americans and other people around the world.

    The Covid countermeasures deployment program has been partially coordinated through the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise and via several other public, private, hybrid and quasi-governmental entities, including but not limited to: the FDA’s Medical Countermeasures Initiative (MCMi); BARDA; and the Medical Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear [CBRN] Defense Consortium (MCDC).[8]

    Six primary enabling statutes include[9]:

    Enclosed are detailed summaries and background supporting documentation of the clinical trial, manufacturing and contracting violations, as well as the legal histories of statutes, regulations and executive orders that have attempted to grant “color of law” to this misconduct, which is likely responsible for millions of injuries and deaths.

    The Memo summarizes the 775 MB accompanying Countermeasures Evidence References and Exhibits package of materials. The directory is structured in the following manner:

  15. [] Published in History Will Not Absolve Us - Be Liberated From The United States of Denial as APPENDIX 13, State Censorship & Gagged Thought - Once Unthinkable, Now Run-Of-The-Mill, this is an ongoing listing of reporting and analysis from mid-2021 to the present.

    Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: The Top 50 Organizations to Know
    The citizen’s starter kit to understanding the new global information cartel
    Susan Schmidt, Andrew Lowenthal, Tom Wyatt, Techno Fog, and 4 Others, Racket News, 10 May 2023
  16. [] As NYU Prof. of Media, Mark Crispin Miller observed in Oct 2020:
    “Propaganda wants no argument. It’s not like oratory in ancient Greece where one speaker would follow another, they would disagree publicly, and the people would listen and make up their own minds. That’s not how propaganda works. Propaganda wants to monopolize all the space around it. It wants to monopolize every mind within its reach. It wants no contradiction. Those who dissent, those who disagree are either censored or vilified or both and that’s one sign of the fact that we’re living in the shadow of a totalitarian roll out, the likes of which the world has never known because this is global.”
    For a smattering of the Propaganda Matrix system see:
  17. [] For example, see a very partial list of an expanding number of independent agents and government watchdogs (additional references welcome):
  18. [] A concise, direct, and inviting example of this is Sasha Latypova’s 6 Sep 2023 Announcement of an event in Iceland on 4 October. In it, she writes:
    A few weeks ago I sent a personal invitation letter to this event to the following public health officials in Iceland. I re-sent it today with updated time and agenda and offering to comp their tickets. I am not doxing anyone, these are public emails:

    To: <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>

    Subject: Invitation to a free event in Iceland discussing Covid-19 vaccines as a global military campaign

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is my pleasure to invite you to an educational event in Iceland on October 4 at 6:30pm at the Grand Hotel, (Gullteigur room). This meeting will be for members of the public and anyone interested in this topic to learn about the true nature of the global “covid pandemic” as well as the role of the US Department of Defense and other global actors in developing and distributing bio-chemical poisons “medical countermeasures” under false pretenses of vaccination for a viral illness. Relevant pseudo-legal frameworks utilized in the US and EU to commit this global crime will also be discussed.

    I realize that you will likely want to dismiss the speakers and organizers of this event as “crazy conspiracists”. I nonetheless urge you to consider attending. Trust in public health agencies is at the all-time historical low globally, and it continues to decline. It is not difficult to guess why. Covid event was based on lies, propaganda, censorship, denial of care, denial of informed consent, prosecution of dissent, intent to cause harm and death, and gaslighting of the injured. Public trust once lost is nearly impossible to regain without at least hearing from those who did not go along with the official narrative.

    Please feel free to email me with any questions. I hope you can attend.

    Best Regards,
    Sasha Latypova
  19. [] From: The Waters of Knowledge versus the Waters of Uncertainty: Mass Denial in the Assassination of President Kennedy, E. Martin Schotz, Coalition on Political Assassinations Conference, Dallas, Texas, 20 November 1998.

    The lie that was destined to cover the truth of the assassination was the lie that the assassination is a mystery, that we are not sure what happened, but being free citizens of a great democracy we can discuss and debate what has occurred. We can petition our government and join with it in seeking the solution to this mystery. This is the essence of the cover-up.

    The lie is that there is a mystery to debate. And so we have pseudo-debates. Debates about meaningless disputes, based on assumptions which are obviously false. This is the form that Orwell’s crimestop has taken in the matter of the President’s murder. I am talking about the pseudo-debate over whether the Warren Report is true when it is obviously and undebatably false. The pseudo-debate over whether the Russians, or the Cubans, or the Mafia, or Lyndon Johnson, or some spinoff from the CIA killed the President. These are all part of the process of crimestop which is designed to cover up the obvious nature of this assassination. And let us not forget the pseudo-debate over whether JFK would or would not have escalated in Vietnam. As if a President who was obviously turning against the cold war and was secretly negotiating normalization of relations with Cuba,[14] would have allowed the military to trap him into pursuing our war in Vietnam.

    Since the publication of History Will Not Absolve Us, what I have found most striking is the profound resistance people have to the concept of pseudo-debate, a resistance in people which is manifest as an inability or unwillingness to grasp the concept and to use it to analyze their own actions and the information that comes before them. Even amongst “critics” who are very favorably disposed to my book, I note a consistent avoidance of this concept. And I see this as part of the illness, a very dangerous manifestation of the illness, which I want to discuss further.

    The Malignant Nature of Pseudo-Debate

    Perhaps many people think that engaging in pseudo-debate is a benign activity. That it simply means that people are debating something that is irrelevant. This is not the case. I say this because every debate rests on a premise to which the debaters must agree, or there is no debate. In the case of pseudo-debate the premise is a lie. So in the pseudo-debate we have the parties to the debate agreeing to purvey a lie to the public. And it is all the more malignant because it is subtle. The unsuspecting person who is witness to the pseudo-debate does not understand that he is being passed a lie. He is not even aware that he is being passed a premise. It is so subtle that the premise just passes into the person as if it were reality. This premise—that there is uncertainty to be resolved—seems so benign. It is as easy as drinking a glass of treated water.

    But the fact remains that there is no mystery except in the minds of those who are willing to drink this premise. The premise is a lie, and a society which agrees to drink such a lie ceases to perceive reality. This is what we mean by mass denial.

    That the entire establishment has been willing to join in this process of cover-up by confusion creates an extreme form of problem for anyone who would seek to utter the truth. For these civilian institutions—the media, the universities and the government—once they begin engaging in denial of knowledge of the identity of the assassins, once they are drawn into the cover-up, a secondary motivation develops for them. Now they are not only protecting the state, they are now protecting themselves, because to expose the obviousness of the assassination and the false debate would be to reveal the corrupt role of all these institutions. And there is no question that these institutions are masters in self-protection. Thus anyone who would attempt to confront the true cover-up must be prepared to confront virtually the entire society. And in doing this, one is inevitably going to be marginalized.

  20. [] See:
  21. [] For Physicians steadfast in remaining true to their Hippocratic Oath, see:
  22. [] See Appendices from History Will Not Absolve Us - Be Liberated From The United States of Denial: and see In Memory of Those Who Have “Died Suddenly”, Mark Crispin Miller, News from Underground, 1 Feb 2022 to ongoing
  23. [] From Ground Zero, by Paul Virilio, Verso, 2002 (pp. 80-81)
    “The anonymity of those who initiated the attack merely signals, for everyone, the rise of a global covert state – of the unknown quantity of a private criminality – that ‘beyond-Good-and-Evil’ which has for centuries been the dream of the high priests of an iconoclastic progress.”
    Will the war of each against all play a major role in a new sanitary ideology cast in the form of humanitarianism? Once again, we have to remember here the role played, since the early twentieth century, by the battlefield. With the arrival in Europe of the many philanthropic enterprises set up by the multinationals: Standard Oil, for example; or, in 1917, the Rockefeller Mission on the French front, claiming that it would eradicate tuberculosis from the country. Not forgetting those Americans who dreamed of ‘universal sanitation’: of the installation of a universal health police in a world linked by great bacteriological chains.[97]

    Let us further remember that a Ministry of Health was created in France in the 1930s. While the Nazi government, after setting up free medical insurance enabling files to be opened on its entire population, would soon allot the task of X-raying the nation, and sending its sick to their deaths, to a medical science which had turned into a forensic medicine—here again practising an eradication worthy of veterinary prophylaxis.

    Thus, on the first day of total war, Hitler, now confident of his rights, could at last sign the death sentence of millions of human beings who were decreed irredeemable. After the pathogenic races (Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, etc.), it would quickly be the turn of the mentally ill, of sexual deviants, of the disabled, then the tubercular, those suffering from heart disease, the aged, whom the regime planned to marginalize before proceeding to slaughter them.[98]

    Should we be surprised, then, that today former concentration camp prisoners, such as Joseph Rowan, are almost the only ones to rebel against the immense death pyres on which, since the year 2000, hundreds of thousands of animals have been consumed, condemned by a health measure which has passed from prevention (BSE) to economic logic (the entirely curable foot-and-mouth disease), with a mysterious bacteriological terrorism, then as yet in the pipeline, establishing the veterinary relationship between animals and humans, in the form of anthrax.

    97 See Paul Virilio ‘L’idéologie sanitaireL’Insécurité du territoire. 2nd edn (Paris: Galilée, 1993), pp. 185-93. See also Lion Murard and Patrick Zylberman, ‘Les Rockefeller Medicine Men en France, 1917-1923’, in Jean-Louis Cohen and Hubert Damish (eds), Américanisme et modernité (Paris: Presses de l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales/Flammarion, 1993).

    98 Hitler had planned to introduce a ‘National Health Bill’ which would have meant that ‘the number of people no longer allowed “to remain among the public” would have formed a considerable portion of the German population’ (Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism, p. 416 n.).

    On page 416 of the above citation, footnote 80 reads:
    Hitler contemplated during the war the introduction of a National Health Bill: “After national X-ray examination, the Fuehrer is to be given a list of sick persons, particularly those with lung and heart diseases. On the basis of the new Reich Health Law ... these families will no longer be able to remain among the public and can no longer be allowed to produce children. What will happen to these families will be the subject of further orders of the Fuehrer.” It does not need much imagination to guess what these further orders would have been. The number of people no longer allowed “to remain among the public” would have formed a considerable portion of the German population (Nazi Conspiracy, VI, 175).
    However the reference of “Nazi Conspiracy, VI, 175” is incorrect: on page 175 of Nazi Conspiracy And Aggression by Office of the United States Chief of Counsel For Prosecution of Axis Criminality (1946) as well as throughout this volume, there is no occurence of the above quoted text.      —ed.
  24. [] In Johnson Memo (op. cit.) See:
    • According to Operation Warp Speed / Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) reports, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) directed, oversaw and managed the development, manufacture and distribution of nearly all Covid countermeasures,[2] largely utilizing DoD’s previously established network of military contractors and consortia.[3]
      [2] See “VRBPAC-10.22.20-Meeting-Presentation-COVID19-Vaccine-Development-Portfolio.pdf” in Attachment for EXHIBIT 2.
      [3] See EXHIBIT 2, pp. 7-11.
    • DoD, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) contracted for Covid countermeasures, including “vaccines,” as “prototype demonstrations” of “large-scale manufacturing.”[4]
      [4] See a sample of DOD/BARDA contracts for countermeasures in Attachment to EXHIBIT 2.
    • As prototypes under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) during a PHE, Covid countermeasures need not comply with laws governing clinical trials, manufacturing quality, safety or labeling (21 USC 360bbb-3(k)). The result: we have a chaotic mess of everything from sham injections that may be mostly just saline all the way to extremely dangerous/deadly shots, all of which are being distributed under the same product brands and labels.[6]
      [6] See EXHIBIT 1 and Attachments.

    See Also:
    How Bad is My Batch - Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines

    There are, of course, many obvious solutions to the totalitarian drive being pursued. One example is the work of international advocate of food safety and natural medicine, Guy Hatchard: “Twenty Reasons Biotechnology Experimentation Should Be Outlawed,” GLOBE - Campaign for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation, 13 Aug 2023.

  25. [] For an example of the language of domination written into U.S. law, see, the Papul Bull Dum Diversas. From
    Pope Nicholas V issued the papal bull Dum Diversas on 18 June, 1452. It authorised [King] Alfonso V of Portugal to reduce any “Saracens (Muslims) and pagans and any other unbelievers” to perpetual slavery. This facilitated the Portuguese slave trade from West Africa.
    The same pope wrote the bull Romanus Pontifex on January 5, 1455 to the same Alfonso. As a follow-up to the Dum Diversas, it extended to the Catholic nations of Europe dominion over “discovered lands” during the Age of Discovery. Along with sanctifying the seizure of non-Christian lands, it encouraged the enslavement of native, non-Christian peoples in Africa and the New World:
    We [therefore] weighing all and singular the premises with due meditation, and noting that since we had formerly by other letters of ours granted among other things free and ample faculty to the aforesaid King Alfonso—to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed, and the kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities, dominions, possessions, and all movable and immovable goods whatsoever held and possessed by them and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate to himself and his successors the kingdoms, dukedoms, counties, principalities, dominions, possessions, and goods, and to convert them to his and their use and profit—by having secured the said faculty, the said King Alfonso, or, by his authority, the aforesaid infante, justly and lawfully has acquired and possessed, and doth possess, these islands, lands, harbors, and seas, and they do of right belong and pertain to the said King Alfonso and his successors, nor without special license from King Alfonso and his successors themselves has any other even of the faithful of Christ been entitled hitherto, nor is he by any means now entitled lawfully to meddle therewith—in order that King Alfonso himself and his successors and the infante may be able the more zealously to pursue and may pursue this most pious and noble work, and most worthy of perpetual remembrance (which, since the salvation of souls, increase of the faith, and overthrow of its enemies may be procured thereby, we regard as a work wherein the glory of God, and faith in Him, and His commonwealth, the Universal Church, are concerned) in proportion as they, having been relieved of all the greater obstacles, shall find themselves supported by us and by the Apostolic See with favors and graces—we, being very fully informed of all and singular the premises, do, motu proprio, not at the instance of King Alfonso or the infante, or on the petition of any other offered to us on their behalf in respect to this matter, and after mature deliberation, by apostolic authority, and from certain knowledge, in the fullness of apostolic power, by the tenor of these presents decree and declare that the aforesaid letters of faculty (the tenor whereof we wish to be considered as inserted word for word in these presents, with all and singular the clauses therein contained) are extended to Ceuta and to the aforesaid and all other acquisitions whatsoever, even those acquired before the date of the said letters of faculty, and to all those provinces, islands, harbors, and seas whatsoever, which hereafter, in the name of the said King Alfonso and of his successors and of the infante, in those parts and the adjoining, and in the more distant and remote parts, can be acquired from the hands of infidels or pagans, and that they are comprehended under the said letters of faculty.
    The second half of the above is from page 23 of English Translation of The Bull Romanus Pontifex (Nicholas V.), January 8, 1455 in European treaties bearing on the history of the United States and its dependencies, edited by Frances Gardiner Davenport, published in 1917 by the Carnegie Institution of Washington.
  26. [] See On non-Indian, anti-Indian Law, Steven Newcomb, Indian Country Today, 1 May 2009, and Federal Anti-Indian Law: The Legal Entrapment of Indigenous Peoples, Peter d’Errico, Canopy Forum On the Interactions of Law & Religion, 7 Mar 2023.
  27. [] An Original Nations’ Examination of “Freedom,” “Human” and “Human Rights”, 14 Aug 2023
    In our view, the claim of a right of domination, and the behaviors that follow from that claim, are the main cause of the global problems we all face. This is why opposition to that claim is a potentially unifying theme for homo sapiens.


  28. [] The following provides a sketch of some of the focus by Graeber and Wengrow regarding opening up previously unimagined possibilities for exploring and exercising our birthright intelligence and wisdom to shape entirely new social realities.
    page 503:
    ... the key point to remember is that we are not talking here about ‘freedom’ as an abstract ideal or formal principle (as in ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity!’).3 Over the course of these chapters we have instead talked about basic forms of social liberty which one might actually put into practice: (1) the freedom to move away or relocate from one’s surroundings; (2) the freedom to ignore or disobey commands issued by others; and (3) the freedom to shape entirely new social realities, or shift back and forth between different ones.
    What we can now see is that the first two freedoms – to relocate, and to disobey commands – often acted as a kind of scaffolding for the third, more creative one. Let us clarify some of the ways in which this ‘propping-up’ of the third freedom actually worked. As long as the first two freedoms were taken for granted, as they were in many North American societies when Europeans first encountered them, the only kings that could exist were always, in the last resort, play kings. If they overstepped the line, their erstwhile subjects could always ignore them or move someplace else. The same would go for any other hierarchy of offices or system of authority. Similarly, a police force that operated for only three months of the year, and whose membership rotated annually, was in a certain sense a play police force – which makes it slightly less bizarre that their members were sometimes recruited directly from the ranks of ritual clowns.4
    page 508-9:
    The Roman Law conception of natural freedom is essentially based on the power of the individual (by implication, a male head of household) to dispose of his property as he sees fit. In Roman Law property isn’t even exactly a right, since rights are negotiated with others and involve mutual obligations; it’s simply power – the blunt reality that someone in possession of a thing can do anything he wants with it, except that which is limited ‘by force or law’. This formulation has some peculiarities that jurists have struggled with ever since, as it implies freedom is essentially a state of primordial exception to the legal order. It also implies that property is not a set of understandings between people over who gets to use or look after things, but rather a relation between a person and an object characterized by absolute power. What does it mean to say one has the natural right to do anything one wants with a hand grenade, say, except those things one isn’t allowed to do? Who would come up with such an odd formulation?
    An answer is suggested by the West Indian sociologist Orlando Patterson, who points out that Roman Law conceptions of property (and hence of freedom) essentially trace back to slave law.9 The reason it is possible to imagine property as a relationship of domination between a person and a thing is because, in Roman Law, the power of the master rendered the slave a thing (res, meaning an object), not a person with social rights or legal obligations to anyone else. Property law, in turn, was largely about the complicated situations that might arise as a result. It is important to recall, for a moment, who these Roman jurists actually were that laid down the basis for our current legal order – our theories of justice, the language of contract and torts, the distinction of public and private and so forth. While they spent their public lives making sober judgments as magistrates, they lived their private lives in households where they not only had near-total authority over their wives, children and other dependents, but also had all their needs taken care of by dozens, perhaps hundreds of slaves.
    page 514-5:
    In the course of writing this book, we have tried to strike a certain balance.... we have tried to map out what we think really happened, and to point out the flaws in other scholars’ arguments only insofar as they seemed to reflect more widespread misconceptions.
    Perhaps the most stubborn misconception we’ve been tackling has to do with scale. It does seem to be received wisdom in many quarters, academic and otherwise, that structures of domination are the inevitable result of populations scaling up by orders of magnitude; that is, that a necessary correspondence exists between social and spatial hierarchies. Time and again we found ourselves confronted with writing which simply assumes that the larger and more densely populated the social group, the more ‘complex’ the system needed to keep it organized. Complexity, in turn, is still often used as a synonym for hierarchy. Hierarchy, in turn, is used as a euphemism for chains of command (the ‘origins of the state’), which mean that as soon as large numbers of people decided to live in one place or join a common project, they must necessarily abandon the second freedom – to refuse orders – and replace it with legal mechanisms for, say, beating or locking up those who don’t do as they’re told.
    As we’ve seen, none of these assumptions are theoretically essential, and history tends not to bear them out. Carole Crumley, an anthropologist and expert on Iron Age Europe, has been pointing this out for years: complex systems don’t have to be organized top-down, either in the natural or in the social world. That we tend to assume otherwise probably tells us more about ourselves than the people or phenomena that we’re studying.15 Neither is she alone in making this point. But more often than not, such observations have fallen on deaf ears.
    It’s probably time to start listening, because ‘exceptions’ are fast beginning to outnumber the rules.
    page 519:
    All this brings into focus another question. Does this newly established nexus between external violence and internal care – between the most impersonal and the most intimate of human relations – mark the point where everything begins to get confused? Is this an example of how relations that were once flexible and negotiable ended up getting fixed in place: an example, in other words, of how we effectively got stuck? If there is a particular story we should be telling, a big question we should be asking of human history (instead of the ‘origins of social inequality’), is it precisely this: how did we find ourselves stuck in just one form of social reality, and how did relations based ultimately on violence and domination come to be normalized within it?
    page 522:
    We eventually came to realize that this reluctance to synthesize was not simply a product of reticence on the part of highly specialized scholars, although this is certainly a factor. To some degree it was simply the lack of an appropriate language. What, for instance, does one even call a ‘city lacking top-down structures of governance’? At the moment there is no commonly accepted term. Dare one call it a ‘democracy’? A ‘republic’? Such words (like ‘civilization’) are so freighted with historical baggage that most archaeologists and anthropologists instinctively recoil from them, and historians tend to limit their use to Europe. Does one, then, call it an ‘egalitarian city’? Probably not, since to evoke such a term is to invite the obvious demand for proof that the city was ‘really’ egalitarian – which usually means, in practice, showing that no element of structural inequality existed in any aspect of its inhabitants’ lives, including households and religious arrangements. Since such evidence will rarely, if ever, be forthcoming, the conclusion would have to be that these are not really egalitarian cities after all.
    page 525-6:
    In developing the scientific means to know our own past, we have exposed the mythical substructure of our ‘social science’ – what once appeared unassailable axioms, the stable points around which our self-knowledge is organized, are scattering like mice. What is the purpose of all this new knowledge, if not to reshape our conceptions of who we are and what we might yet become? If not, in other words, to rediscover the meaning of our third basic freedom: the freedom to create new and different forms of social reality?
    Myth in itself is not the problem here. It shouldn’t be mistaken for bad or infantile science. Just as all societies have their science, all societies have their myths. Myth is the way in which human societies give structure and meaning to experience. But the larger mythic structures of history we’ve been deploying for the last several centuries simply don’t work any more; they are impossible to reconcile with the evidence now before our eyes, and the structures and meanings they encourage are tawdry, shop- worn and politically disastrous.
    No doubt, for a while at least, very little will change. Whole fields of knowledge – not to mention university chairs and departments, scientific journals, prestigious research grants, libraries, databases, school curricula and the like – have been designed to fit the old structures and the old questions. Max Planck once remarked that new scientific truths don’t replace old ones by convincing established scientists that they were wrong; they do so because proponents of the older theory eventually die, and generations that follow find the new truths and theories to be familiar, obvious even. We are optimists. We like to think it will not take that long.
    In fact, we have already taken a first step. We can see more clearly now what is going on when, for example, a study that is rigorous in every other respect begins from the unexamined assumption that there was some ‘original’ form of human society; that its nature was fundamentally good or evil; that a time before inequality and political awareness existed; that something happened to change all this; that ‘civilization’ and ‘complexity’ always come at the price of human freedoms; that participatory democracy is natural in small groups but cannot possibly scale up to anything like a city or a nation state.
    We know, now, that we are in the presence of myths.
  29. [] keep the balance, in What It Means To Be A Human Being, John Trudell, The Women’s Building, San Francisco, 15 Mar 2001.
  30. [] There are many operations being conducted with the apparent goal of creating a supremely invasive 24/7/365 Digital Dark Age of Surveillance Command and Control including the following:
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