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Editor’s Note: the following transcript of the first portion of this recording is presented to provide 2023 chronological context for the work being done at Phinance Technologies.
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Edward Dowd: Global Excess Deaths Since C-19 Injections
Gord Parks, Bright Light News, 30 May 2023

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Gord Parks
at 00:15:

We are shining a light on the truth. But are self-funded. Help us keep the light on. Please donate or send an e-transfer to And enjoy this interview with Ed Dowd.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. We are so honored to have here today, Edward Dowd. He’s the author of “Cause Unknown”, the number one bestseller in medical pathology on Amazon right now, ten years at BlackRock, managing a $14 billion growth stock portfolio, and a founder of Phinance Technologies. Thanks so much for joining us today, Mr. Dowd.

Ed Dowd
at 00:48:

Good to be here, Glen. Thanks for having me on.

Gord Parks
at 00:51:

Excellent. We’re here to talk about a few things today. We’re going to talk about the book. We’re going to talk about the pandemic of Covid vaccine injuries, and as well as get into a little bit about the financial collapse that’s impending. First of all, let’s talk about this book. If you could tell us—number one bestseller on Amazon in medical pathology—tell us a little bit about the book and the impact it’s had, please.

Ed Dowd
at 01:13:

Sure. I came on the scene in February of 2022 and started making podcast rounds with the discovery of what was going on with excess deaths in the insurance industry and some of the CDC data. Then as time rolled on, I partnered up with some guys in Portugal, two PhD physicists. We started a company together to raise money for a hedge fund, which we put on hold because the vaccine data took precedence.

Around August of 2022, I was approached by Gavin Becker, who lives on Maui with me. He wrote [the] Afterword, he pitched the book idea to me because he thought it would be important to get a Wall Street perspective on what’s going on rather than more medical battles in the peer review papers. Because what I do is, I’m a trend follower, a pattern recognition guy, apply the same skillset that I use on Wall Street to pick stocks to analyze what we call metadata.

The metadata suggests that something went off the rails starting in 2021, continued it in 2022, and continues in 2023. The book is a compilation of stories, sudden athletic deaths and other sudden deaths that, while they did happen in the past, it was rare. The frequencies are off the charts. The book then goes into metadata and is pretty convincingly showing that something happened where there was a mixed shift from old people dying primarily in 2020 to young people starting to die in ’21 and ’22. We also looked at disabilities. They went off the charts starting in 2021.

As time has rolled on, we’ve gotten more and more data. It’s all on our website, The book—I blame the vaccines. That’s our thesis. That’s what investors do. We have a thesis, and I asked the question at the end of the book: if it’s not the vaccines, I’m open to other interpretations. But what I find very curious is that the health authorities around the globe see the same data that I see, and they remain silent. And there’s, at this point, a coverup, which is a crime in and of itself.

Gord Parks
at 03:34:

A hundred percent. Now, you just recently released another comprehensive data set on the vaccines. Can you talk to that a little bit, please?

Ed Dowd
at 03:42:

You referring to the Vaccine Damage Report?

Gord Parks
at 03:44:
Ed Dowd
at 03:45:

We released a report. It’s a summary of all our work. We come to some estimates of the human cost and the economic cost. A lot of these numbers come from the clinical Pfizer trials. There was two months of blinded data that were compelled to be released by a court. They wanted to hide it for 75 years and we discovered why. Because when you look at the data, the severe adverse reactions were so bad, they should have halted the trial. So we were able to impute the real world effects. The deaths, we estimate at 300,000—and this is US vaccine damage because we have the best data right now. We think there are about 1.36 million disabilities from the vaccine and 26.6 million injuries, which are showing up as chronically ill, missing work.

So let’s go through each. That’s about 28-plus million. That’s about 10% of the US population. What we found is that the vaccine, because of the mandates, seems to have adversely impacted the employed of the US. So we have a national security issue, in our opinion. I said that to Senator Ron Johnson in December, in Washington DC. The numbers are just eye popping.

What we’ve discovered most recently was the injuries. The injuries are obviously more than the deaths by a factor of 10. The disabilities are 10 x the deaths and the injuries are 10 x the disabilities, about. The injuries—we found absence and work time loss data at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. What was surprising is that it went up a little bit in 2020, as you might expect, because of confusion, covid, what have you, lockdowns.

Then it went up again in ’21, but then it went off the rails in 2022 and accelerated. And it currently stands at 13 standard deviations above a 20 year trend line, which in Wall Street is a black swan event. Three standard deviations happens 0.03% of the time. So 13 is off the rails, and it’s showing up as people chronically presenting to work as sick. Between the disabled and the injured, we’re having a problem in hiring workers in the US. And we’re hearing about that across the globe. There’s a lot of help wanted signs as we go into a recession, which is quite interesting.

So that’s the human cost. We were able to estimate the economic cost very simply through wages lost by deaths, disabilities, and work time lost. The deaths were about $5.2 billion in ’22. The disabilities, cumulative, is about $52 billion. Then the work time lost from the injured is $89 billion. So it’s about $150 billion.

That’s what we can measure. What we can’t measure is the productivity lost. And also there’s opportunity cost, because as more and more people suffer this, there’s going to be more and more resources put towards taking care of these people; that’s an opportunity cost. So the economic damage is what we can measure. It could be 10 x that. It could be, a trillion plus, $1.5 trillion, or half that number, like $800 billion. It’s just, we don’t know.

Gord Parks

Your staggering numbers—and a big footnote to put on this is these are conservative estimates that you’ve calculated.

Ed Dowd

Correct. We don’t like to be—we want—everything’s on our website, all our work. It can be checked if you want. And again, these are estimates. We’re Wall Street guys. That’s what we do. We don’t wait for authorities to tell us that we’re right, because on Wall Street, by the time it shows up in the newspaper, or the SEC figured it out, it’s over.

For instance, if there’s a fraud, the stock market figures it out well before the regulators do and the press. Why is that? That’s because we do our work. We use imperfect information to come up with a thesis. It’s called deductive reasoning. We create an analyst mosaic, and we make bets. The idea is, if you’re wrong, you’ll figure it out pretty quickly. If you’re right over time, as more and more information comes in that you’re right, you make the position size bigger.

I started this really in the fall of 2021. I really started thinking something was wrong. So I had a suspicion it was the vaccines. It was a thesis. If this was a stock, I would’ve started with a 50 basis point, half a percent position in my portfolio. As time rolls on and you get more confident this would be the biggest position in my portfolio—vaccine fraud—if it was a stock.

Gord Parks

Now, incredibly, the human costs, as you said, are eye-popping as well as the economic costs. I mean, these are staggering numbers that you’re talking about. You brought it up with Senator Ron Johnson. You’ve used the word, coverup. Why is it that no other politicians, seemingly, seem to be onto this devastating, once-in-a-lifetime event that’s happening right now?

Ed Dowd

Well, there’s been censorship. I mean, my message has been censored. I’m appearing mostly on echo chamber red meat podcasts where people kind of know what’s going on. I have had some crossover interviews. Dr. Drew seems to be turning around to our position. I went on Tucker Carlson. He was then fired, not because of me, for a host of other reasons, probably including a little part of what I did. But you can see the actions: Watch what they do, not what they say. The WHO has declared the end of the pandemic on May 7th. Rochelle Walensky resigned the same day. So you have to ask yourself this question: If the pandemic’s over, and they declared it’s over, why are we having pandemic type numbers now?

The numbers I’m seeing are way worse than 2020. I suspect they’re declaring the end of the pandemic because they want people to forget and move on while this tragedy continues to manifest. So watch what they do, not what they say. The numbers of the numbers. And if I’m wrong, let’s pretend I’m wrong. What is it? What is causing all these excess deaths, disabilities, injuries, and lost work time? It’s in the numbers. The numbers are real. If it’s not the vaccine, what is it and why aren’t we talking about it? If you use the logic of, Why aren’t we talking about it?, I think we know why.

Gord Parks

In your mind, do you think this just comes down to government and public health agency incompetence as to what’s happening here and hence a coverup? Or do you think there’s something greater going on?

Ed Dowd

I think it’s a coverup at this point—at a minimum it’s a coverup. I wasn’t in the room when all these decisions went down, but as time rolls on and we get more information, it’s looking more and more nefarious. You and I were talking before the show; I was not aware in Canada that doctors during 2020 were told not to use any homeopathic remedies for Covid specifically.

Gord Parks

Right. That was in Austria, I was telling you. But that actually was the case for all alternative therapies in Canada as well.

Ed Dowd

Wow, Austria and Canada, I was not aware of this. So you have to ask yourself, Why would they specifically alienate Covid? As an analyst, you have to speculate: well they needed dead bodies to generate fear. We saw this in the US. There was a demonization of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, anything. It was all about going to the hospital. If you presented with Covid and you weren’t sick enough, they told you to go home, take some Advil, and then come back, and then they would put you on a ventilator and kill you. That was the protocol in 2020, if you followed the recommendations of what you were being told at the time.

In hindsight, to me, they looked like there was an attempt to create fear and get the body count as high as it could go and report on it. Right now, curiously enough, the body counts are not being reported, the pandemic’s over, and they’re silent on that. It’s very curious to me. Also, if the unvaccinated were dying, let’s assume that this was happening to the unvaccinated. It would be all over the media. But the fact that these deaths aren’t being reported is all you need to know if you use simple logic.

This transcript ends at 12:46; the recording continues through to 29:58.

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