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Commentaries by J Truman
Founder and Director of Downwinders
On the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT),
the "Permanent Five", India and Pakistan,
and Other Observations

i've been enjoying the privilege of being included in mailings from J Truman. Of late, with the "hot"

Asian Annihilation Bombing
International Nuclear Mafia's Lastest Puppets Unveiled

story, i've become that much more appreciative of J's keen, incisive, in-it-for / over-the-long-haul analysis of what's really going on here, and what we who oppose such nuclear-envy transgressions must do if mankind is ever to succeed in jumping off the annihilation-envy merry-go-round before it makes its final revolution in to oblivion, taking all the precious remaining infinitude of Life on Earth with it.

Included below are a selection of some of the more salient observations J has to share on what the true meaning and implications are of the explosions fracturing our Mother Earth in Asia. It is incumbent upon everyone who apprehends the actual dynamics of this situation to do everything possible to help others understand precisely "who" the true "loose cannon", as well as the de-facto leader, of this "problem" actually is. In the best sense, J Truman upholds the tradition of journalists/writers/editors like George Seldes, honoring the same credo that was Seldes guiding light:   "If ever the facts are presented fairly and honestly, truth will take care of itself."


[W]hen it comes to news which will affect you, your daily life, your job, your relation to other peoples, your thinking on economic and social problems, and, more important today, your going to war and risking your life for a great ideal, then you cannot trust about 98 percent (or perhaps 99 1/2 percent) of the big newspaper and big magazine press of America.

Is the Entire Press Corrupt?
© 1994 by George Seldes and Randolph T. Holhut.

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