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Address by Hiroshima City Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba on Hiroshima Peace Day 2002, 8/8/02

Is the Bush Administration preparing
to break out of the nuclear weapons testing moratorium?

by Steve Erickson and Preston J. Truman, 6/28/01

Utah should say no to N-power by Winston Weeks, 5/31/01

Bush's Nuclear Doctrine: From MAD to NUTS?, by William D. Hartung, Dec 2000

Abolition 2000 Report Card, Annual Progress toward a Nuclear-Free World, UN Day, 24 October 2000

Hibakusha Wins in Nagasaki A-Bomb Matsuya Lawsuit,
Claims of Thousands of Nuclear Victims of the World Justified, 15 October 2000

Japan maps out path to nuclear-free world, 15 October 2000

Learn about HR-2545: Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act of 1999

Links to Further Reading


Order the November 1999 issue of The Ecologist,
"Rethinking Basic Assumptions..."

The Madness of Nuclear Energy, 11/99


For five decades, humanity has been hoodwinked by the most poisonous confidence trick in history. Now, as we begin a new millennium, it is time to end the nuclear nightmare - for good.


  • Ending The Nuclear Century by the Editors
  • Nuclear Power: Time to End the Experiment by Peter Bunyard and Pete Roche
  • The Final Boltholes by Anthony Froggatt
  • Poisoning in the Name of Progress by Chris Busby
  • Nuclear Power - A Dead Loss by Peter Bunyard
  • Nuclear Skullduggery by Chris Busby
  • Richard Doll Falls into Plutonium Trap by Richard Bramhall
  • Victims of the Nuclear Age by Rosalie Bertell
Nov Ecologist - The Madness of Nuclear Energy

Spring, 1998: Asian Annihilation Bombing
International Nuclear Mafia's Lastest Puppets Unveiled


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