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Response to JJ's mail of April 1 2002.

Where were you on that fateful day?
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From: art b Rosenblum <>
Date: 04/03/02 09:06
Subject: Re: Where were you on that fateful day?
To: John Judge

Thanks, John for that clarification. The voice recorders are designed to withstand such crashes and so it seems entirely unlikely that none of the 4 recorders would have survived in reasonable condition.

There are so many unanswered questions about all of this that it is not surprising that many rumors would come from all over.

It is very odd that cell phone calls were recorded -- Do you know who recorded them? Unless they were set up to routinely record all incoming calls or the call was received only by an answering device recording would appear unlikely.

Assuming they were recorded by such a device (which often happens), the question, "What to tell the pilot" clearly implies that the plane was taken over from the ground, not by Arab hijackers as the hijackers would have supposedly killed the pilots or kept them from being told anything.

So, how did you leran of such a recorded phone call and do you have access to the actual recording or is it third hand?

Also re the plane that crashed in PA there are people saying they saw it shot down and others saying parts landed 7 or 8 miles away which could only have happened if it was caused to disintegrate at high altitude. Have you any info on that?

As Norman Cousins said: "The right wing has gained so much from the events of Sept. 11, that if i were still a conspiratorialist, I would believe they did it."

This whole "War on Terrorism" appears to be so well rigged in so many ways as to be just the kind of fascist world takeover that someone or group has been working on for years. Clearly the Afghan war was that. I suppose you have seen Greg Palast's article on the election cover-up by which Bush took over, "Above the Law, Bush's Racial Coup D'Etat and Intell Shutdown." It's at

That makes it perfectly clear that the U.S. media is controled by Joseph Goebels or his spiritual offspring. Is there any court case to hold Jeb Bush and his henchwoman Kathleen Harris responsible for their guilt in this affair?

I sense that the anthrax attacks are clearly designed or being used to instill fear in our people. On every postal box in Philadelphia you see a sign: "Stop! It is illegal to deposit packages weiging over one pound..." These were put on after the "Unibomber" was safely in jail and there were no more mail bombs in the news. But even so, is it really so that mailbombs weight only 16 oz. are harmless? What craziness! The purpose was obviously just to create fear and I suspect the anthrax thing had a similar purpose. The more fearful people are the more easily they allow all power to the rulers.

Peace and love,
Art Rosenblum,
Aquarian Research Foundation, 5620 Morton St., Philadelphia, PA 19144.
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Working for Interplanetary Cooperation for a positive future.

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