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The following engendered JJ's mail response of April 1 2002.

US invented air attack on Pentagon, claims French book
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by Jon Henley, The Guardian, 1 Apr 2002


From: art b Rosenblum <>
Date: 04/01/02 09:03
Subject: Where were you on that fateful day?
To: John Judge

Dear John,

You said in an email that you know a stewardess who survived the crash of flt. 77. Who else survived and where is her (or their) story? Where are cockpit voice recordings to prove anything of a hijacking or whatever? When can we talk about this so I can respond to some of these questions?

See below.

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US invented air attack on Pentagon, claims French book
Jon Henley in Paris
Monday April 1, 2002
The Guardian

A bizarre book claiming that the plane that ploughed into the Pentagon on September 11 never existed, and that the US establishment itself was at the heart of the New York and Washington attacks, has shot to the top of the French bestseller lists to indignation on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Frightening Fraud, by Thierry Meyssan, sold out its original run of 20,000 copies within two hours of going on sale. "We've sold 2,500 copies in 10 days, when a blockbuster novel sells maybe 1,500 in a month," a spokesman at Fnac Les Halles, one of France's biggest bookshops, said. "It's a phenomenon."

Mr Meyssan's conspiracy theory argues that American Airlines flight 77, which killed 189 people when it smashed into the headquarters of the US defence department, did not exist, and that the whole disaster was a dastardly plot dreamed up and implemented by the US government.

The French media has been quick to dismiss the book's claims, despite the fact that Mr Meyssan is president of the Voltaire Network, a respected independent thinktank whose left-leaning research projects have until now been considered models of reasonableness and objectivity.

"This theory suits everyone - there are no Islamic extremists and everyone is happy. It eliminates reality," said Le Nouvel Observateur, while Libiration called the book "The Frightening Confidence Trick... a tissue of wild and irresponsible allegations, entirely without foundation".

A Pentagon spokesman, Glen Flood, said the book was "a slap in the face and real offence to the American people, particularly to the memory of victims of the attacks". He said he had not read it and had no intention of doing so.

Mr Meyssan's argument, which started out as a rumour on the internet and has risen to prominence largely thanks to the author's reputation and chatshow appearances, suggests that the plane could not have existed because eye-witness statements are contradictory, there are suspiciously few photographs of the catastrophe and none of them shows any wreckage. Even the rescue workers' accounts, published on the Pentagon website, are not convincing, he says.

He also asks why the facade of the Pentagon did not immediately collapse from the shock of the impact, and questions the fate of the plane's passengers. "What became of the passengers of American Airlines flight 77? Are they dead?"

Both Libiration and Le Monde set out to disprove his theory, tracking down photographs that do show debris, and speaking to victims' relatives.

But Le Monde admitted that the information made public by Washington did not entirely add up. "There is no official account of the crash. The lack of information is feeding the rumour," it complained.

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