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PPV Daily Summary List
This is a summary record of culled content from a list of correspondents that convened in early April and from which Pandemic Parallax View was inaugurated. Prior to June 4, sources high-lighted and critical analysis proffered was harnessed to begin building the primary content areas of PPV. Focusing on the upside down world humanity has been dragged into, this correspondence is networking to broadcast and promote vital, Life-affirming research, reporting, analysis, and information being censored, distorted, ignored, denied, and dismissed by Corporate/Foundation/State-sponsored monetized media. Mary Holland, the Vice Chairman and Legal Counsel of Children’s Health Defense had asked for aggregated daily summaries of the correspondence on April 23rd. Six weeks later, work [finally] commenced to begin assembling this list. Most entries from Mark Crispin Miller derive from his News From Underground forum.
A striking feature of our culture includes the specific set of illusions presented by commercial print and broadcast media which promote a representation of reality through omission, distortion, lack of contextual analysis, and disinforming opinion stated as obvious, incontestable fact. It is always our choice what lens we adopt to view the world and our place in it.
David Ratcliffe, 23 Sep 2015
Big Brother Bill Gates
a.k.a. Father Teresa
Obsessed With His Psychotic Mission:
To Save The World With Techno Logic


Pictures from a 13 June demonstration against
forced COVID-19 vaccinations in New York

09-20-20 PPV summaries

09-19-20 PPV summaries

robertfkennedyjr -
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death robs vaccine safety advocates of one of their SCOTUS champions. The other is Sonia Sotomayor. In 2015, RBG joined Sotomayor in a withering dissent of Judge Scalia’s historic decision in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth. Scalia and his corporatist brethren interpreted the 1986 Vaccine Act (VICA) to shield Pharma with full immunity from liability for vaccine injuries. Their decision removed all incentives for Pharmaceutical Corporations to make vaccines safe and Americans forfeited their 7th amendment right to jury trial against vaccine companies that harmed them, no matter how negligently.
   RBG and Sotomayor said that Scalia’s opinion caused “considerable violence to the statutory texts, misconstrued the legislative history and draws all the wrong conclusions” from VICA.
   Congress, the lady Justices observed, intended to exempt vaccine manufacturers from tort liability “only upon a showing by the manufacturer in each case that the vaccine was properly manufactured and labeled, and that the side effects stemming from the vaccine’s design could not have been prevented by a feasible alternative design that would have eliminated the adverse side effects.…”
   They pointed out that tort suits, including discovery, were the only force incentivizing drug companies to make vaccines safe. “Tort suits uncover unknown drug hazards and provide incentives for drug manufacturers to disclose safety risks promptly.”
   By construing VICA to pre-empt all design defect claims, “the majority’s decision leaves a regulatory vacuum in which no one—neither the FDA nor any other federal agency, nor state and federal juries” ensures vaccine safety. “There is no reason” they added “to think that Congress intended in the vaccine context to eliminate the traditional incentive and deterrence functions served by … tort liability…. Nothing in the text, structure, or legislative history remotely suggests that Congress intended that result.”
   Scalia’s decision made vaccines immensely profitable and gave blanket immunity to the 72 mandated doses of unnecessary, untested, risky, zero liability vaccines now on the mandatory schedule.

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09-10-20 PPV summaries

Bill Gates talks about ‘vaccines to reduce population’ , by F. William Engdahl Darwin Hoop: Forgive me if you've read this, but it's worth bookmarking and sharing with those who haven't. It's Bill Engdahl's superb expose of the Rockefeller-Gates depopulation program. It discusses the deployment of Gates' toxic herbicides and GMO foods and his vaccine eugenics projects. The Good Club, a group of billionaires formed to depopulate the world without government interference, is discussed in detail at the end where Gates, Buffet, and Dave Rockefeller are revealed as founders.
   It is not possible to post this to Facebook without receiving the following warning:
Warning Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.
   It's not difficult to understand why this post violates plutocratic community standards, which is why we must disseminate it widely by other means. It seems new Gates is a recapitulation of old Gates and that old Gates is a recapitulation of Rockefeller eugenics.

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Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.
Walter Lippman, The Stakes of Diplomacy (1915) p.51

“This is what is happening when you wear a mask for a long time. Bacteria grows in humid wet fabric like this and then you are breathing it in. Please do not put these on your child. They do not need them and neither do you.
   If masks work why did they insist there was no evidence back in May? And why have the positive cases gone up since they brought in a mask mandate?”
   Judging by the amount of people I saw last night wearing these muzzles, the information will be largely ignored. Why?? Again, the answer is simple: People still don’t get what’s actually going on. Why is that?? It’s either down to fear or ignorance... Or a combination of both!
   It’s a fact that there are a lot of people who are more than happy to let the media do their thinking for them. It wouldn’t surprise Me if half of the UK is in agreement with Piers Morgan’s vehement attack on Denise Welch for questioning the narrative that We’ve been given. So many people in the UK worked hard to get their massive flat screen TV, and don’t see the irony in the economy being crashed over conflicting narratives coming from the mouths of “government officials”.
   How many of these people have accepted a loss of income due to a strain of influenza?? Once again, none of these muzzle wearers are capable of looking into the patents filed on c19, and who the patents belong to. That said, if You put that information right in front of them they’d claim, “Conspiracy Theories”! This is what many people have become: Intellectually Vacant. They think repeating derogative terminology and name calling is intelligent. What (anti) social media does is to amplify this condition by amassing a connection with other feeble minded people. A majority of people who are wrong will always be just that... WRONG!!!

09-05-20 PPV summaries

Coronavirus: Tests ‘could be picking up dead virus’ MCM: New state order in Ohio says college students can be sent to “isolation facilities,” even if they have not tested positive for COVID-19

09-04-20 PPV summaries

MCM: Armed Antifa militia [sic] turns up in Louisville The pre-election chaos is accelerating, clearly by design. (I inserted “sic” because it’s likelier than not that that turnout is a state-run theatricale; so that is no militia.) MCM: “Child abuse is almost too mild a name for it”: Destroying our children in order to “save” them MCM: Election Day is shaping up to be another 9/11: Whitney Webb breaks it down MCM: From Iowa to New Orleans to Essex to Beirut, there’s a controlled demolition of the global food supply Better stock up, as something’s happening to the supply chain for our food. (This no doubt relates to Gates’ investment in lab-grown meat.)
   In light of all those other “accidents,” that NZ cattle ship capsizing near Japan demands a closer look than the New York Times would ever give it: Ice Age Farmer Report: Food supply spontaneously combusting! Controlled demolition of supply chain MCM: This is what’s now happening to those who dare protest the COVID rules— peaceful protesters blacked out, and/or slandered as “far right,” by the NYTimes and all the other Western media.
Notice how the Melbourne cops force masks on the unruly. Totalitarianism is upon us, and it has nothing to do with Trump, other than the fact that “our free press” is overblowing his “fascism” to distract us from what’s really coming down, all over. MCM: Liverpool cop PEPPER-SPRAYS train passenger for refusing to wear a mask (though he has a medical exemption) Melbourne comes to the UK. Shocking moment police officer PEPPER-SPRAYS rail passenger for resisting arrest after ordering him to wear a face-mask - despite him claiming he is exempt due to a ‘medical condition’ MCM: Duty to Warn: A psychological evaluation of a corporation-funded, fascist/totalitarian leader from history (written 4 years ago, just prior to the last election) Totalitarianism is upon us, and it has nothing to do with Trump---other than the fact that his “fascism” is a huge distraction from the ongoing takeover of our whole society, and economy, and many others all around the world, by players far more powerful.than he is. A Psychological Evaluation of a Wealthy and Powerful National Cult Leader from History who was a Sociopath, a Pathological liar, a Narcissist, a Paranoiac, a Megalomaniac, a Xenophobe, a Demagogue and a Fascist By Gary G. Kohls, MD – 10-31-2016 (2751 words) MCM: Vis-a-vis Assange’s extradition (or extraction), West’s war on journalism to resume on Monday Meanwhile, that war is also Happening Here, and on an hourly basis. Assange was the canary in the coal mine. ASSANGE EXTRADITION: War on Journalism Resumes on Monday September 4, 2020 Assange’s case is a testimony to the deepening crisis of Western liberal democracy, writes Nozomi Hiyase. What has been revealed is a widespread breakdown of systems of accountability and a dangerous trend toward authoritarianism.

MCM: IDF-linked cybersecurity group “protecting” US hospitals “pro bono”—and also going after COVID-19 “misinformation”
I think this outfit’s role in helping to protect the propaganda narrative is even more sinister than its involvement with US medical system (or what’s left of it).
Meet the IDF-Linked Cybersecurity Group “Protecting” US Hospitals ‘Pro Bono’
Anonymous “volunteers” from an opaque group founded by a former commander of Israel’s Unit 8200 have been granted access to some of the most critical private and public networks in the US’ healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, with the help of a US federal agency now run by a former Microsoft executive.

MCM: Must watch now, on Fauci’s lethal role in the HIV/AIDS drama.

MCM: Cop—his own mask fallen off—brutalizes unmasked train passenger (UK)
Yet one more example of the violence against those who will not, or cannot, wear masks. (Like the woman who was assaulted by Victoria police last month, this guy claimed to have a medical exemption; but such exemptions make no difference to the cops or to the mask enthusiasts, who loathe their unmasked fellow- citizens on sight.)

MCM: US, Sweden have the same COVID-19 death rate (out of population), but US (reported) death rate rising more than 15 times faster
US, Sweden have the same COVID-19 death rate (out of population), but US (reported) death rate rising more than 15 times faster
Though there’s no doubt that Sweden’s use of HCQ+ is essential, I would also stress that word “reported” vis-a-vis the death rate here.
Note also the several pieces on the Swedish government’s refusal to mandate masks, since, like the governments of Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand, Sweden’s has reviewed the scientific studies, and on that basis reached the rational conclusion not to mandate mask-wearing by the healthy.
From Kathy Dopp:

As of this morning, Sep 4, 2020, United States, overall, has a COVID-19 death rate out of population virtually identical to Sweden’s; respectively 577.4 versus 577.8 per million, but the United States’ reported COVID death rate out of population is increasing more than 15 times faster than Sweden’s.
   NOTE: Sweden has NEVER HAD face mask requirements, economic lockdowns (did not cause any of its restaurants and businesses to fail), or distancing requirements, and has fully re-opened its schools. One smart thing Sweden did do: Sweden ended its prohibition against the use of hydroxychloroquine +zinc treatment for COVID within a month of first implementing it.
   Source of reported COVID death data
Swedish PM says face masks for Covid-19 offer “false sense ... ’
The Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Lofven has advised against wearing face masks to ward off Covid-19, as they may lead people to assume they are safe from the virus when there is still a risk of transmission.
Sweden’s Top Epidemiologist Says ‘We See No Point In Wearing Masks’ As COVID-19 Cases Drop
As Sweden’s COVID-19 cases continue to drop, the country’s top epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said he sees “no point” to mandating masks in public. “With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport,” he said, as reported by Fortune.
Sweden’s Tegnell: Wearing face masks may be ‘very dangerous’
Aug 19, 2020Sweden’s top infectious disease expert has not recommended face masks, saying it’s “very dangerous” if people believe the coverings alone will stop the spread of the coronavirus.
Masks in Sweden - AIERA close up of a sign Description automatically generated
Swedes practice social distancing, but they don’t much wear masks. In the stores, on the urban streets, and on public transportation, perhaps 10 percent wear masks. Not many. In many other countries mask-wearing is strongly encouraged or even required. I strongly suspect that mask-wearing helps significantly to prevent the spread of the disease.
Masks are pointless, says Sweden’s maverick chief medic
Denmark also doesn’t require face mask use, although The Washington Post reported this week that local media is debating the policy. A Danish hospital is studying the effectiveness of face masks ...
If you are in a high risk group -- low vitamin D, high blood sugar, smoker or vaper or in the CDC listed underlying medical conditions
and need treatment or know anyone who is high risk and need early effective treatment for COVID-19, the Frontline doctors will refer you to a doctor who will prescribe HCQ, but be sure to seek treatment within a few days of first symptoms.

MCM: The Branch Covidians won’t even read this, much less consider it, as there’s no arguing with religion.
Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Do Not Lead to Reduced
COVID Transmission Rates or Deaths, New Study Suggests

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09-01-20 PPV summaries

Pelosi, Philly mayor caught breaking COVID rules

08-31-20 PPV summaries

Twitter Removes Claim About CDC And Covid-19 Coronavirus Deaths That Trump Retweeted This Documentary Will Make You Deactivate Your Social Media Libby Handros: That Vanity Fair published this is amazing. It’s a must read

08-30-20 PPV summaries

MCM: “The left” is not part of the solution, but part---a BIG part---of the problem. And the problem isn’t Trump’s comic-book “fascism,” but TOTALITARIANISM, under cover of “biosecurity." It’s practically here, regardless of what Trump may say or do; and it WILL be here if and when he’s gone, or if he stays, unless we stop it---which will be all the harder to achieve, because the US “left” is A-OK with it. The Reaction of the Left to Lockdown The Seven-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism There are just seven steps from pandemic declaration to permanent totalitarianism – and many jurisdictions are about to start Step 5 Rosemary Frei MCM: From April. By now we’re at Step 6. MCM: Why have the “anti-war” activists not joined us all in trying to stop this war against humanity itself?From Vanessa Beeley (on FB): I watched the images and videos of the crowds gathering in the UK and Europe with simmering hope. People are awake and aware of the lies being fed to them by their governments and tame media outlets - the #Covid_19 gaslighting project has decimated the economy, led to a deliberate culling of the elderly who are being tortured, detained and allowed to die isolated and without medical attention. Abuse in children has increased during the imprisonment of lockdown, suicide is on the rise, depression abounds all because of scientific models that are being challenged by a huge number of doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, nurses, virologists and other such experts. We are globally being tenderised for a future of serfdom and obeissance to Empire, the same empire that has destroyed target nations, murdered target peoples and run infanticide campaigns globally but we are supposed to believe them “this time”. Now, we are the victims of hybrid warfare and the anti-war organisations don't recognise it or are now so horribly absorbed into the establishment, they don't want to see it. No, I am not saying Covid19 is a hoax, I am saying it is NOT a “pandemic” and when the dust finally settles as it did over the WHO “pandemic” swine flu hysteria in 2009, will people remember these words? People who are now pushing us to “trust the WHO” have forgotten this statement: “The world is going through a real pandemic. The description of it as a fake is wrong and irresponsible,” Not long after the swine flu hoax was proven to be just that, a hoax. “This wasn't merely overcautiousness or simple misjudgment. The pandemic declaration and all the Klaxon-ringing since reflect sheer dishonesty motivated not by medical concerns but political ones. Unquestionably, swine flu has proved to be vastly milder than ordinary seasonal flu. It kills at a third to a tenth the rate, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. Data from other countries like France and Japan indicate it's far tamer than that.” Forbes article. The consequences of lockdown and mask-wearing are not temporary, they will affect the global population for decades and will only be exacerabated if people do not resist the power grab that is being foisted upon them - the fourth industrial revolution, the surveillance epoch, the chipping and tatooing, all this will beome normal and you will be no longer in charge of your life or your security, you will be a blip on the ruling elite radar that can be eliminated with the push of a button. Everything will be out of your hands, including your own health and you will live in a global health tyranny, a medical totalitarian universe. My greatest disappointment is with the so-called anti-war movements who have stood shoulder to shoulder with me in #Syria but who now shun those members of their community who are afraid for the future of humanity. They now are the censors, the de-platformers, the scathing smearers lumping us all together as anti-vaxxers, whack-jobs and granny-killers. When did this level of intellectual dishonesty and cowardice creep into their discourse? When did they become what they most abhorred before? When did they disallow opinion because it does not agree with their group think? Do they really believe that people they have platformed in the past, whose research they have relied upon to evidence their anti-imperialist opinions are now foolish enough to take a position without research and evidence? Do they believe that we can be dismissed as idiots who do not care about humanity when they have spent years extolling our virtues as defenders of humanity? Do they believe we would deliberately cause the death of one human being or if they dig deep enough, do they remember that we care more than the majority of human beings about human beings? I am writing this because I hope that all those maybe frightened and misled individuals and organisations will come to their senses. You have a responsibility as influential movements - to inform and educate but when you educate people on only one side of the argument you are the system, you are the establishment. You cease to be speaking truth to power, you are speaking lies on behalf of power and worse, you do not even entertain an alternative view held by your former comrades. You know who you are. Please reconsider the censorship of alternative views on #Covid19, the doctors, scientists and ordinary human beings who do not accept loss of health sovereignty deserve to be heard or you are nothing but instruments of oppression. Sadly, it appears that Ken Stone has already blocked me despite hosting me in Canada last year to speak about #Syria. “Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves” – Imam Hussein Ibn Ali” MCM: Interesting thread on CDC’s latest update (re: only 6% of “COVID-19 deaths” actually caused by COVID-19) MCM: Australian man fitted with tracking device for “sparking a COVID-19 scare at a Perth pub"

08-29-20 PPV summaries

29th August 2020 London Rally Speech (6:03) COVID-19 has seen ‘dangerous and unprecedented’ violation of doctor-patient code CSPOA: Over 40 Sheriffs Stand Against Governor Newsom in California! Time to Deputize Posses? Ratcliffe: Catherine Austin Fitts urges finding common ground and working with local authorities, including law enforcement, in just the way described here.

08-28-20 PPV summaries

Meet the IDF-Linked Cybersecurity Group ‘Protecting’ US Hospitals ‘Pro Bono’ Anonymous ‘volunteers’ from an opaque group founded by a former commander of Israel’s Unit 8200 have been granted access to some of the most critical private and public networks in the US’ healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, with the help of a US federal agency now run by a former Microsoft executive.
Here it comes! As predicted. Boots on, everybody!
   Of all new tools for surveillance, censorship, & political oppression, digital currency is the most effective & feared weapon in the arsenal of totalitarianism. Digital currency allows Governments to track every transaction, & levy taxes while banks get to charge transit fees on every exchange no matter how miniscule. It gives Big Data Titans and state despots access to everyone’s financial data, and power to control & freeze the account of anyone who presents a potential threat, to blackmail & to punish disobedience. It facilitates the ultimate oppression: total control over private resources, over property, privacy, livelihoods, & the human capacity to cover basic needs.
   At COVID’s outset, China launched the global transition to digital currency by issuing digital vouchers to citizens’ smartphones. The system gave China access to intimate data & capacity to verify how policies drive purchasing behavior.
   Xu Yuan of Peking University brags that there will soon be “no transaction that regulatory authorities will not be able to see – cash flows will be completely traceable”.
   Western banks are following. Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank president Patrick Harker says that a real-time digital payment option was “inevitable”. The chief of the Bank for International Settlements says that central banks will soon issue digital currencies. During the COVID-relief debates, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown advocated distribution of stimulus payments through a digital dollar wallet overseen by the Federal Reserve.
   In her 2007 classic, Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein describes how authoritarian elements use global crisis to increase totalitarian control, obliterate the middle class, and impose a system of socialism for the rich and a cruel, barbaric corporate crony capitalism for everyone else.
   Ruling classes use crises to restrict civil rights & restructure economies, shifting national wealth to elites. COVID has allowed elites to impose a global economic shutdown by decree. But digital currency is their most potent tool for social control.
   Public health officials are already laying pipe by suggesting that currency and coins spread disease.

08-27-20 PPV summaries

“Only sociopaths don’t comply with COVID-19 rules": Junk science that’s more dangerous than COVID-19

08-26-20 PPV summaries

MCM: Berlin bans protests against COVID-19 restrictions - Doesn’t that just confirm the protesters’ basic point? Justice Dept Investigating Blue States Over COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes MCM: On the fatal attraction of techno-fascism (MUST-READ on the power of all that pseudo-scientific propaganda) He nails it: Propaganda isn’t just misinformation, but offers those who buy it an illusion of belonging; so when you dare inform them that it isn’t true, and has a heinous purpose, they freak out, as if you’ve told them that their parents were malign, and always lied to them. “If an individual were to insist upon learning more about any of these less-discussed stories, they would soon arrive at the realization that while an abundance of relevant facts can easily be found, and often hidden in plain sight, the truth is that most people simply do not WANT to know, think or talk about any such truths that differ from those accepted by their peers, for whom cognitive dissonance causes such literal pain and disorientation, as to keep them docile and compliant to the dictates of the media.... “Propaganda reassures us that we are complete, that we know all there is to know, that we are rational, pragmatic and pure, that the science has been settled and that we are a part of something special." MCM: “Only sociopaths don’t comply with COVID-19 rules": Junk science that’s more dangerous than COVID-19 James Corbett belts it out of the park.

08-25-20 PPV summaries

Texas mandates vaccines for all kids in public school, even if learning online Children taking all their classes online and not entering school premises at all are nonetheless required to receive all the vaccines the state demands. An FDA Whistleblower’s Documents: Commerce, Corruption, and Death Governments Are Faking It, and Copying Each Other Anthony Fauci has been Mass Murdering People for Decades! Prevented AIDS Patients from Receiving Life-saving Cheaper Drug Here Are Six Accidents UNC Researchers Had With Lab-Created Coronaviruses

08-24-20 PPV summaries

In Greece---the cradle of democracy---you could now spend life in prison for violating COVID-19 lockdown rules Ron Paul talks to RFK, Jr. about the CIA, the assassinations, and toxic vaccines (MUST-SEE) Woke Capitalism: How Huge Corporations Demonstrate Status by Endorsing Political Radicalism MCM: “Woke capitalism” is all about increasing corporate power at your expense REVEALED: UK Officials Inflated COVID Hospital Numbers at Height of ‘Pandemic’ Why Is Lukshenko Being Color Revolutioned Just Now? F. William Engdahl, 24 Aug 2020 MCM: Belarus in the cross-hairs for not clambering aboard the COVID-19 Crazy Train

08-23-20 PPV summaries

‘Pestered’ Belgians sue Bill Gates and Belgium over coronavirus restrictions Donning plague doctor masks, over 200 Belgians are taking their government, Bill Gates and a British epidemiologist to court, in a bid to get all lockdown and coronavirus measures revoked. Gabriela Galindo The Brussels Times, 29 Jul 2020 New Zealand’s first lockdown ruled UNLAWFUL by country’s High Court Meet the Philosopher Who Is Trying to Explain the Pandemic Giorgio Agamben criticizes the “techno-medical despotism” of quarantines and closings. “the threshold that separates humanity from barbarism has been crossed” Carter Page: ‘I was a pawn in the Democrat crusade to bring down Trump’ New Zealand’s lust for lockdown is the latest example of vapid political virtue-signalling NZ may have contained the virus for now with the low mortality rates, but it has taken draconian policies and economic pain to get there Hysteria is the most dangerous coronavirus symptom We need to follow the Swedish example, and keep calm and use our common sense Alex Berenson: Robert Gallo (!) says COVID-19 getting weaker as it spreads

08-22-20 PPV summaries

MCM: France’s “COVID-peak” (over 30,000 deaths) was caused by France’s lockdown Evaluation of the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 in France, from all-cause mortality 1946-2020 by D.G. Rancourt, Maurine Baudin, Jérémie Mercier Abstract We analyzed historic and recent all-cause mortality data for France, and other jurisdictions for comparison, using model fitting to quantify winter-burden deaths, and deaths from exceptional events. In this way, COVID-19 is put in historic perspective. We prove that the “COVID-peak” feature that is present in the all-cause mortality data of certain mid-latitude Northern hemisphere jurisdictions, including France, cannot be a natural epidemiological event occurring in the absence of a large non- pathogenic perturbation. We are certain that this “COVID-peak” is artificial because it: i. occurs sharply (one-month width) at an unprecedented location in the seasonal cycle of all-cause mortality (centered at the end of March), 2 ii. is absent in many jurisdictions (34 of the USA States have no “COVID-peak”), and iii. varies widely in magnitude from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in which it occurs. We suggest that: According to our calculations, this caused some 30.2 K deaths in France in March and April 2020. However, even including the “COVID-peak”, the 2019-2020 winter-burden all-cause mortality is not statistically larger than usual. Therefore SARS-CoV-2 is not an unusually virulent viral respiratory disease pathogen. By analyzing the all-cause mortality data from 1946 to 2020, we also identified a large and steady increase in all-cause mortality that began in approximately 2008, which is too large to be explained by population growth in the relevant age structure, and which may be related to the economic crash of 2008 and its long-term societal consequences. If Cuomo won’t allow outside review of NY nursing home COVID-19 horror, he admits guilt “Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents,” Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 22 Aug 2020 MCM: Patrick Henry would be pissed. All kidding aside, this is obviously being rolled out nationwide, state by state, and must be fought with all we have. MCM: On Lancetgate---a major scandal---and the media’s refusal to look into it John Stevens: Leemon’s article on ghostwriting helps to understand what this could have been.,fact%2C%20the%20sophists%20abandoned%20truth. Elder abuse: Nursing homes, COVID-19 and the bottom line A good piece, which further fleshes out that evil than Gov. Cuomo did. (It doesn’t go so far as to suggest that elderly residents were deliberately allowed to die, to make way for more, and therefore more federal funds; but it’s a solid and important piece of real reporting.) NewsBreak-81-CONFIRMED-COVID-19-Plandemic-a-Known-Live-Training-and-Simulation-Exercise-under-WHO

08-21-20 PPV summaries

Gee, what happened to all the heart attacks during that lockdown? People were having them at home.

News too good for “our free press” to publish it: Studies show that people have LONG-TERM immunity to COVID-19 after infection
Reported in the Philippines.
So those troopers with the needles can stand down....
Research finds best evidence of coronavirus immunity after infection

Say it ain’t so: Joan Baez honors Dr. Fauci with a portrait.
I guess we should cut her some slack, since she’s long had, er, “daddy issues” of the most horrific kind. (Heard “Play Me Backwards”?)
Still, this is too gross for words.

The WHO’s guide to anti vaxxers
Barra Bernstein: This is a fascinating read; it’s a debate prep guide from the WHO. This is like having the opposing team’s playbook, (if you were playing You Bet Your Life).

Follow the Money....Children’s Health Defense on Twitter: “ICAN says officials within Fauci’s NIH working on a COVID vaccine may personally earn millions of dollars in sales of mRNA-1273. NIAID also stands to earn millions annually. Always follow the money.

Libby Handros: This piece shows what’s happening in GB with college admission
Darwin Hoop: Clearly, Operation COVID is, in part, intended to expedite the mechanization of our schools, especially in districts unpopulated by economic elites. Something similar happened in the US where millions of high school students were forced to take their standardized tests via bugg and new, web-based platforms. Having spent years working in survey research at Michigan, I was fascinated to see how quickly notoriously primitive testing companies like The College Board pumped out web-based versions of the SAT and their large library of AP tests. In my experience, it takes a year or more to put out each product--and that’s when you have a lot of full-time staff dedicated to the enterprise. College Board has a hard-won reputation as a “parchment and quill pen” company and has been criticized for being 30 years or more behind where it should be in every dimension of their business. Prior to COVID-19, there were no suggestions they were about to make a bold leap into the digital age.
  ` The transition went poorly. Tens of thousands of students, perhaps hundreds of thousands, experienced glitches that prevented them from posting their answers into answer boxes. College Board was unwilling to work with these students in any way except to offer them retests. There was no way of knowing if your answers actually pasted in or not until you received your scores, at which time it was too late to retest that year. Parent and high school bulletin boards are dominated by parents and students who have had their offers rescinded, kids who received only top scores were notified in July that they received scores of just one or two out of a possible 5. Many top colleges give offers that are conditioned on the receipt of high scores on these AP tests. Most parents hear nothing back for months after filing complaints. Top colleges and universities only care about the result. “A rule is a rule. What if we made exceptions for everyone?” There are rumors that these problems were resolved quickly for students with the “right” school and zip codes. Those who cannot afford to pay for threatening letters from white shoe law firms are, as always, out of luck.
Libby Handros: Are you suggesting the College Board had foreknowledge?
John Kirby: I happen to know from someone who worked there that they were revamping their whole system on the basis of “equity” and internet capacity. This was approximately four years ago...

MCM: Ethics professor (!) calls for psychoactive “morality pill” to make everybody WANT to put on masks, stay home, get jabbed
Isn’t this freak disappointed that Western Michigan University is not going all online this fall? Wouldn’t that be the “ethical” thing to do?

MCM: Fascism is upon us, and it isn’t Trump who’s driving it: (MUST-WATCH)
The Great Reset: Where do we go from here
The global syndicate of “public-private partnerships” about to come into its own is an extreme version---the ultimate manifestation---of the state/corporate mergers that defined fascism under Hitler and Mussolini.
   That’s what we’re facing now; so anyone who thinks that Trump’s the problem, OR thinks he’s (somehow) the solution, is fast asleep, and in for quite a rude awakening.
   We have to face what’s coming, or else we can’t prevent it---as we must.

08-20-20 PPV summaries

On the abysmal clown show that is now American “politics”—a huge distraction from what’s really going on

MCM: Doctors call out Dr. Fauci, for his indefensible stand on HCQ+
Open letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19
By George C. Fareed, MD Brawley, California Michael M. Jacobs, MD, MPH Pensacola, Florida Donald C. Pompan, MD Salinas, California

MCM: Here is a way out of this nightmare
Please join, and send this far and wide. MILLIONS AGAINST MEDICAL MANDATES

Ghislaine Maxwell and The TerraMar Project
Emanuel Garcia: a very interesting woman espousing what is no doubt a noble cause Darwin Hoop: In the clip she’s also promoting a “digital passport” (starting at 9:12). The relationship between the Maxwell-Epstein operations, Operation COVID-19, the Deutsche Bank trial, and “The Great Reset” of which Bill Gates is a principal partner remain underexplored.
“TerraMar didn’t last long but it’s short life was full of suspicious activity. The company had immediate support from globalist organizations including the Clinton Foundation. Maxwell attended multiple United Nations (UN) meetings and even spoke to the council as the founder of TerraMar. Ghislaine and another man from the company’s Board of Directors, Scott Borgerson, spoke in Washington DC at a special event sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations."
Libby Handros: Remember too that Epstein talked about a baby farm and gave a lot of money MIT for weird research
Darwin Hoop:: The Evolutionary Dynamics group at Harvard includes disciples of Laura Betzig’s work on Despotism (she has long glorified men who commanded large harems and sired tens of thousands of offspring) and a work group that explicitly explores how human economies might benefit from knowledge of eusocial insects. The likely implications are enormous and should be cause for tremendous alarm. Catherine Austin Fitts has long claimed to have been party to discussions among top international financiers about plans to bifurcate the species into a group of privileged masters and an underclass of de facto slaves. The ruling elites plan to live for as long as a millennium and they plan to fundamentally transform the underclass into a shorter-lived sub-species of hyper-obedient workers.
   I suspect they intend to leverage highly-advanced genetic awareness of eusocial animals to reconfigure the genome of the underclass into obligate, sterile, highly-motivated worker, nurse, and soldier castes. Some of these genes likely lie dormant in our vast libraries of genes already. Others can be inserted. I think it would be dangerously naive to imagine the highly-exploitative, paranoid, self-congratulatory, and often diabolically-narcissistic transnational plutocracy would not seek to solve it’s security and labor concerns in such a manner. This transition could be affected by a universal vaccination program. Many observers of the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” are discussing how known radiofrequency technology and nano-materials can be used to both monitor and control human behavior. The Gates COVID vaccine is known to irreversibly transform human DNA, but to be minimally effective at producing a robust immune response. This should be sending shockwaves of concern through every community not occupied by the 1%. Unfortunately, those who should be sounding the alarms are paid mercenaries of the Gates, Rockefeller, and Bloomberg misanthropies. It’s a hop, skip, and a jump from the Gates vaccine to secret projects to re-engineer humans in a way that makes the underclass “greener”, “less prone to violence", less likely to commit violence”, “less prone to over-population", and to be “happier with conducting life’s work”. I suspect it won’t be long before we begin to hear of people awakening one morning not long after their annual flu jab with a renewed sense of purpose in life: To dedicate every waking minute of one’s remaining time on this earth to pleasing the powers that be. Perhaps our children will forget why they ever loved or listened to their parents. Marriages will disintegrate as partners commence pilgrimages to fulfill their new purposes.
   If the economic elites acquire these capabilities, they will certainly exploit them. They appear to be moving aggressively to install a global techno-fuedalist dystopia from multiple directions. If we survive this assault on our autonomy, we must refrain from permitting anyone to possess sufficient wealth to enslave other human beings. This is what these people did with our taxes and with excessive wealth that should have been redistributed equitably. Libertarians of left and right alike, are appropriately appalled by the revelations arising from Operation COVID-19. Yet, they are unwilling to address the root cause which is a system that systemically guarantees not only extreme economic inequality but also that the most anti-social and predatory people disproportionately benefit from that inequality.
Emanuel Garcia: yes, we need some kind of hybrid system that ensures basic economic freedom without intense concentration in the hands of the few. I hear that the new cars made in Europe have governors that don’t allow them to go over 60 mph except for brief bursts -- maybe there should be a wealth cap
Libby Handros: Caping things is tough, for who makes that decision. Anything that gives federal governments too much power is corrupting, I think. I tend to look to local and small ideas
Emanuel Garcia: Yes you’re right. Oh for a decentralised world where small is really beautiful

MCM: Downtown Vienna
Gee, it looks just like a city---a free city---on a summer afternoon. (Aren’t they ashamed of themselves, “putting everyone at risk” like that?)

MCM: Our most fundamental rights and liberties---including some rights that the Framers never would have thought to have included in the Constitution, such as the right to breathe, the right to smile at someone, the right to hug somebody or shake hands---are disappearing right before our eyes; and we won’t ever get them back if we don’t stand up and say NO to this insanity, and say out loud that none of this has any scientific basis whatsoever, but is about complete control over our minds and bodies and society.
On the catastrophic costs of complying (MUST-READ)

MCM: Massachusetts now mandating flu shots for ALL students, from pre-school up through college---even though that vaccine actually INCREASES the risk of catching COVID-19 by 36%
Is it all about the money? Or is it that, plus something even worse?
Here’s the military study finding that the flu vaccine is, shall we say, counter-indicated when COVID-19 is (reportedly) still in the air:

08-19-20 PPV summaries

WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA

Humans 2.0: GMO Vaccinations and Transhumanism (33:28)

NIH officials will make millions off the COVID-19 vaccine that they’re busy scaring millions into taking (with the unconscionable help of “our free press”)!topic/newsfromunderground/GBUkfSX6iiQ

Doctor interviewed on Spanish TV slams the media for hyping an “emergency” that isn’t going on (MUST-SEE)!topic/newsfromunderground/wuvM3kbroyc

Facebook blocks users from linking to new Plandemic hoax video

Coronavirus outlier Sweden chooses its own path on face masks

MCM: Dr. Suzanne Humphries has some sickening, but apt, advice for those who are now diapering their lungs

Gov. Cuomo to profit further from the crisis that he did so much to worsen!topic/newsfromunderground/vWN2M7Qenow

08-18-20 PPV summaries

MCM: AstraZeneca supplying 400 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Europe

MCM: Following Ohio’s lead (and fact-based medical advice), Minnesota’s governor lifts ban on HCQ

“Our free press” cares DEEPLY about the US Post Office! (Since when?)!topic/newsfromunderground/GYxID40qGxY

It’s now impossible to comment on Bill Gates’ dystopian tweets!topic/newsfromunderground/GYxID40qGxY
He must be getting some unpleasant pushback from the masses whom he’s planning to exterminate.
I have a couple good ideas:
  1. Demand that he release his children’s vaccination records, and thereby put to rest the rumor that he wouldn’t have THEM vaccinated.
  2. Since he recently slammed “anti-vaxxers like Robert Kennedy, Jr.” for leaving All Of Us defenseless against COVID-19, we should mount a campaign to urge him to debate RFK, Jr., as Alan Dershowitz did.
That’s something we should see; but we certainly won’t, since Gates is too thin-skinned and arrogant to debate anyone, much less such a formidable mind as Bobby, who’d crush him in a proper give-and-take. Gates prefers the softball interview, and forums where he’s treated as a god, to any real discussion of his program, and his atrocious record as a vaccine-pusher the world over. (This was just reconfirmed by his new inaccessibility on Twitter.)
   Anyway, it never hurts to ask.

“The Internet of Bodies Is Here!” chirps the World Economic Forum!topic/newsfromunderground/SY16VCxYcwg

New York State and Sweden have near-identical herd immunity; but NYS had way more deaths, was shattered by the lockdown, its people still in pain, while Sweden’s doing fine!topic/newsfromunderground/IKTV_yx48tw
From Kathy Dopp (who also sent the attached graph):

New York State and Sweden have almost identical herd immunity levels; but NYS had THREE TIMES the total number of deaths per population as Sweden. T-cells also create immunity, not just antibodies, so both NYS and Sweden have much higher herd immunity than can be seen by looking only at antibody testing. The virtually identical low (1.1. In Sweden;1.2 in NYS) rise in COVID deaths per million population in the last few days show both have developed strong herd immunity levels. (New York State has not quite double Sweden’s total population.)
   New York’s lockdown exacerbated the spread of the virus by cooping up infected with non-infected persons; and, of course, Cuomo sped up the spread by forcing nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients so he could keep hospitals empty. Thus Cuomo’s lockdown, along with his ban on using HCQ+ to cure early-stage COVID-19, did NOTHING but kill three times more people than those who died of COVID-19 in Sweden, which never locked down, to arrive at the same herd immunity level. (Sweden did implement a temporary HCQ ban, as did Switzerland for just two weeks, until finding that the ban quadrupled COVID-19. death rates, so they reversed it).
   And NYS continues to require all persons to conform to the unhealthy practice of mask-wearing by the healthy, so I expect that NYS will continue to inflate its COVID-19 death rate above that of Sweden’s.

08-17-20 PPV summaries

Australia’s big four banks remove thousands of ATMs and shut down hundreds of branches as the coronavirus crisis pushes nation closer to a cashless society
MCM: Preparation for the cashless society; and as the violent arrest of unmasked people started in Australia, then moved to California, this next phase may unfold in the same way.

100% of those autopsied post-“COVID-19”-death in Hamburg did NOT die of COVID-19, says forensic pathologist Klaus Puschel!topic/newsfromunderground/3Ima8qShGvQ

NY health clubs suing Cuomo to re-open.!topic/newsfromunderground/OhDFFVy4KLY

Many more people are dying of summer flu, and pneumonia, than COVID-19 in England and Wales!topic/newsfromunderground/85NiPWoy35c

“History will judge the hysteria”: Top Israeli microbiologist says Sweden had it right—and that those ramping up the terror have a lot to answer for!topic/newsfromunderground/yVxY5uubSN8

States with mask mandates have 1.67 times more COVID-19 deaths per population than states NOT mandating masks!topic/newsfromunderground/4m31CfMRaZk
Thanks to Kathy Dopp for this research (attached).
This finding raises the question as to whether that surplus of reported COVID-19 deaths might actually include deaths due to hypoxia, or some other consequence of prolonged mask-wearing.

And because Dr. Vliet is actively pro-Trump, she will be dismissed on political grounds - NOT medical science.
Breaking News: FDA Denies HCQ Approval for Early Outpatient Covid Therapy
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., Preventive Medicine, 16 Aug 2020
Dr. Hahn’s FDA delays and denials of HCQ EUA for use in COVID-19 costs1000 more American lives every day. The deaths and collateral damage of the Fauci-Hahn mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic has to stop NOW.
   Dr. Hahn needs to be held accountable for the preventable deaths caused on his watch. He should immediately be called before the Senate Oversight Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to produce the data on which the FDA is claiming that there is “harm” in using HCQ for outpatients in the mild stage of COVID infections, but not for outpatients with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and malaria. The FDA’s hypocrisy ignores their own safety data, basic science and clinical studies, as well as common sense.
   Americans must speak out now and demand the medical freedom to decide to consult their physicians and freely decide treatment without government interference.
See Also: 7 additional articles by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet:

Australia bans HCQ!topic/newsfromunderground/G0wKFsRWsug

Coronavirus: Face masks could increase risk of infection, medical chief warns
‘For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea’

Trump appoints Dr. Scott Atlas, opponent of the COVID-19 panic, to head the COVID-19 Task Force (thereby sidelining Fauci)!topic/newsfromunderground/Ov2uNNiRjP4

Sweden and Switzerland PROVE, respectively, that (a) the lockdowns are a catastrophic wrong, and (b) so is NOT using HCQ+!topic/newsfromunderground/jsXo3QhWsBc

Bad news (“bad” in both senses) from France!topic/newsfromunderground/TdYr71tWOfg

08-16-20 PPV summaries

More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus
Polio Was NOT Eradicated By The Vaccine, Patricia Doyle, PhD 2010

Multiple arrests, in Orange County grocery store, of people without masks!topic/newsfromunderground/85TAaJ41JU8
Vincent Feldman: Nothing has put more people at risk than the denial that treatments exist and that lying about that and sending people home to wait till they’re sick enough for hospitalization is criminal neglect and the greatest scandal of the US response. Instead people are made to believe that if your not masked or distant your a killer. What’s CNN got to say about that line of thought.

08-15-20 PPV summaries

“Forced isolation may be the only way to stop resurgence of virus” (Says WHO?)!topic/newsfromunderground/CxaVPt9C6m8

Some promising developments---and an urgent warning!topic/newsfromunderground/oe8Y8s0XUGQ

More on the immunity of vaccine manufacturers, whose means of “inmunizing” US against COVID-19 will kill or badly sicken countless people!topic/newsfromunderground/bQY2pXXg1B8

An open letter to Dr. Fauci on using HCQ+ to treat COVID-19 (MUST-READ)!topic/newsfromunderground/fcyHUCA9gbQ

Why has Moderna skipped animal testing of its COVID-19 vaccine? It’s not just to save time.!topic/newsfromunderground/kwLQptJw2rE

Shadowgate: What They Don’t Want You To See (1:22:17)

Update on arrest of Millie Weaver!topic/newsfromunderground/utQHy5kT2yw

08-14-20 PPV summaries

Establishment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Release

Journalist Millie Weaver arrested on the day she was going to release “Shadow Gate” (link here)!topic/newsfromunderground/mM8Uy7DrlZg

They are destroying the kids!
1 in 4 young people are reporting suicidal thoughts.

England “death count review” reduces UK COVID-19 toll by 5,000!topic/newsfromunderground/u8FJHcnIbM0
The true absurdity of England’s “revised” COVID-19 death count

Columbia and Barnard also cutting their own throats

Another defect of the PCR tests
From 2017.

COVID-19 terror ramped up just as the virus fades away. How else to get the masses screaming for injection with that rushed, inhuman witch’s brew of nanoparticles, human DNA (from fetal cells) and toxic adjuvants?!topic/newsfromunderground/3A0jg6xFYcw

Biden wants ALL Americans to be required to mask up “for the next three months”; Officer Harris calls that “real leadership”!topic/newsfromunderground/ydpcFW1YeDw

08-13-20 PPV summaries

“Make America free again”: A movement worth supporting (with one caveat)!topic/newsfromunderground/eBpM9GIx9ac

Mengelinda tries to laugh off Bill’s nanoparticles!topic/newsfromunderground/7k_QfHFvmbU

All New Zealand’s “confirmed cases” of COVID-19 will be put in quarantine facilities from now on!topic/newsfromunderground/irCsKqYsdK0

Spiro Skouras interviews Patrick Wood on the devil we don’t know (yet): Technocracy!topic/newsfromunderground/eX2gMYGW3ws

CHD to sue U. California over mandatory flu policy (and more)!topic/newsfromunderground/ag9A3Q0_ivI

AdBusters sponsors a “50-day siege of the White House,” to help bring on “a new world order”!topic/newsfromunderground/OMiCUXLBwsU

New York City real estate collapsing!topic/newsfromunderground/8hJp00nUXqE

Disparity in UK’s death rate numbers just keeps widening!topic/newsfromunderground/T21JRmdIAkk

“Explosion” of risky COVID-19 research poses risks to researchers—and everybody else, should some new strain be loosed “by accident” this fall (as Bill Gates has smilingly predicted)!topic/newsfromunderground/JEST9TqDpZo

Richard Smith: The faults and dangers of an iatrocracy
Kevin Barry: L&eacye;vy’s third anxiety is the most worrying. He warns against what he calls “hygienics.” He defines it thus: “health becomes an obsession; all social and political problems are reduced to infections that must be treated; and the will to cure becomes the paradigm of political action.” We all know, he writes, where such a doctrine can lead, arguing unphilosophically it seems to me that one example will suffice. He tells the story of eugenics, which gripped France and other countries in the 1930s before being taken to its hideous extreme in Nazi Germany.
Darwin Hoop: Operation COVID is, in part, intended to propel us to new “hideous extremes” of eugenics by way of the DNA-altering vaccines.

Tucker Carlson takes on CNN’s Social Justice posse over his (“racist”) mispronunciation of Officer Harris’ name!topic/newsfromunderground/F7A5-LNHdGE

New Zealand’s “health passports”!topic/newsfromunderground/ySziuu6aEiw

Keeping children “safe” by caging them!topic/newsfromunderground/TUp-269nwyc

Wisconsin now requires state employees to wear masks at home during Zoom meetings!topic/newsfromunderground/wRSBBHxJVHw

08-12-20 PPV summaries

In 1985 CNN aired a series of special programs on US military experiments using Radio & Microwave Frequencies as weapons and for remote human behavior control. Government scientists told CNN that “Certain kinds of weak electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs.” RF and EMFs can be used to alter brain function, induce hallucinations, affect judgement and intellect.” In 1984 Telecom companies started using these frequencies for cell phones, and later for wi-fi and now 5G. Hundreds of studies document the same adverse psychological, behavioral and cognitive affects from wireless devices and infrastructure. But the FCC claims that wireless devices are safe and that people who report injuries are mistaken. During the Cold War Russia lead global research on RF. For this reason the US government publicly denied the harmful effects of RF. Russia acknowledged the dangers in the 70’s and its scientists lead the world in publishing high quality studies warning the world about wireless radiation. This month Russia announced steps to ban Wi-Fi and cell phones in elementary schools. But the US government continues to deny the adverse effects of wireless and 5G because it needs the technology for a new cold war - the “tech war” with China. The Children’s Health Defense sued the FCC for its denial of the evidence of harm and linked its brief to a small library of US and Russian military documents supporting our claims.
Recall Sting‘s hit song from the 1980s “I hope the Russians love their children too”. The question now is if Americans do.
CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (1 of 2) (10:00)
CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (2 of 2) (9:55)
Captured Agency:How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates
by Norm Alster, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University

The official title of this Vaccine Hesitancy Clinical trial is, “Persuasive Messages for COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake: a Randomized Controlled Trial, Part 1.” The researchers bombarded 4000 volunteers in 12 randomized study groups with alternative messaging to determine the best propaganda techniques for overcoming vaccine hesitancy in Americans. The messages ranged from describing vaccine benefits, to stressing dire economic impacts of non compliance,and using guilt,embarrassment,anger,self interest fear of unvaccinated neighbors,the stigma of social judgement and shame to engineer obedience. The study does not explore the potential effects on public confidence of transparency, honesty, robust safety science or of cleaning up the pervasive corruption and financial conflicts in the regulatory agencies.
COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1
Government Propaganda Machine Tests “Persuasive Messages For COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake”

New Zealand’s health passports
Elliot Crown: a friend writes, “It hasn’t been in our news, but I found on the Ministry of Health website that they are already issuing health passports, which not only have your health info, but also notes on how you feel about certain medical procedures, how you communicate with your doctor, etc. In one town they are also trialling CovidCards, a battery-operated BlueTooth card that tracks everywhere you go. Folks are mandated to wear these and they record everyone who comes within 5 meters of you. They are saying that they won’t access the tracking part of your card unless a Covid+ person shows up in your contacts. They are also working on slogans to thwart resistance, so that people ‘wear them with pride’.”

Bill Gates: Trump is a vaccine skeptic, tried to get me to meet vaccine critic RFK Jr.
“Every meeting I have with [Trump] he is like, ‘Hey, I don’t know about vaccines, and you have to meet with this guy Robert Kennedy Jr. who hates vaccines and spreads crazy stuff about them,’” Gates told Wired magazine.

Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’
The techie-turned-philanthropist on vaccines, Trump, and why social media is “a poisoned chalice.”

Doctors lay out plan to ‘punish’ people who refuse coronavirus vaccine: ‘There is no alternative’
‘Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty,’ and America should consider making it difficult for the unvaccinated to participate in society, three doctors wrote.

What a Jerk!
Fed’s Kashkari advocates six-week economic lockdown to defeat the coronavirus
Darwin Hoop: ad infinitum until the people capitulate and consent to genetic transformation by way of perpetual injection

Fauci Recommends Goggles for Protection From COVID-19
Michele Stoddard: I’m remembering the scene of Leslie Neilson and Priscilla Presley having safe sex in Naked Gun. What’s next?

08-11-20 PPV summaries

A glimpse of what it’s like in Melbourne!topic/newsfromunderground/gzhxt3dFSlA

New CDC numbers reconfirm that the lockdown killed a lot of people!topic/newsfromunderground/tOy7LRMaU04

They’re pulling a “color revolution” in Belarus---which got through the COVID-19 crisis with no lockdown, no masks, and very few deaths!topic/newsfromunderground/vPz6kPpa84g

Why are there (reportedly) so many more COVID-19 deaths in the UK than in the rest of Europe?!topic/newsfromunderground/Euy3n5nbyeQ

Mississippi coroner says state’s COVID-19 death tally is misleading, causing “unnecessary fear in the public”!topic/newsfromunderground/tOYG7fmPaZk

Britons would ‘go to prison before being injected’ as distrust of Covid vaccine grows!topic/newsfromunderground/58DXB1tS6Hc

Gov. Cuomo is snubbing the victims of his fatal nursing-home orders

08-10-20 PPV summaries

Filthy lucre at Whole Foods!topic/newsfromunderground/2J5V3--TUrE

If you shop at Whole Foods, you’ll see this laminated poster at the check-out line, not only warning you to KEEP YOUR DISTANCE (“STOP”), with two big blue arrows telling you exactly where to stand (apart), but, on top of that, alerting you that “your money is no good here,” as Lloyd, the ghostly bartender, tells Jack Torrance in the Gold Room at the Overlook Hotel.

Specifically, your CASH is now unwanted; though it’s still possible to pay with your infectious bills at “customer service,” where your money would be made to feel about as welcome as some black person’s in some Mississippi soda shop in 1956.

In checking out, I asked the woman at the register (the two of us appropriately masked), if this meant that Whole Foods is no longer taking CASH, and she explained the New Normal, about “customer service,” etc.; and then she said, with a look of keen revulsion, that “money—is—just—filthy,” by which she clearly did not mean that it’s the root of all evil. It’s covered with viruses, she said, which is why Whole Foods has made this change.

“No, it isn’t,” I said, stupidly (as is my way). “They’re getting rid of cash so that—” She squeezed her eyes shut, shook her head, and said, with great approval, that China’s burned all their something (I couldn’t make it out, what with that mask), presumably in order to save everyone from death-by-COVID-19.

The cashless world—just like the brainless world—is now upon us. (Since Amazon will soon be operating many, if not most, of what used to be small businesses, there won’t be many places left to spend a few bucks on a meal, or shopping.)

ANOTHER safe, effective remedy for COVID-19!topic/newsfromunderground/QiVylPXbOYc
Ivermectin, along with Doxycycline and zinc.
Here it is, reported on Australia’s Sky News (which evidently doesn’t mind the bio-fascist crackdown in Melbourne; but never mind). Which of the major TV outlets in “our free press” would run a similar report on that or any other drug that has shown great promise as a COVID-19 remedy (and, by now, there are quite a few, some now used the world over)?
The answer is: “None.” The US press is a totalitarian joke, and not a funny one.
COVID-19 treatments are ‘staring at us in the face’ but have been ignored (7:47)

Killer Cuomo Claims There’s No Need for an Investigation Into His COVID Policies that Killed Thousands - Send in the Feds!

N.B. Mark Crispin Miller is Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU Steinhardt. He is 70 years of age, has struggled with Lyme disease, and is an exemplar of what a genuine teacher lives for. Tragically, he is one of the very few teachers at NYU—or anywhere else—who is actively pushing for in-person classes to resume with no unsupported-by-sciene mask or distancing impediments. —Editor
“Pupils pose little risk of spreading COVID”!topic/newsfromunderground/xoxHFNH-tPQ

This new study (scroll down) reconfirms the findings of some prior research into the COVID-19 threat posed by children. I sent this one out last month:
No known case of teacher catching coronavirus from pupils, says scientist, The Times, 21 Jul 2020

And, in late June, I sent out this one:
COVID-19 Transmission and Children: The Child is Not to Blame, Pediatrics, DOI: 10.1542/peds.2020-004879

So now we have another study reconfirming, again, that schoolchildren “pose little threat” of killing off their teachers with “the coronavirus.”

But what difference can these findings make to schoolteachers (and professors) whose frontal lobes have been wiped out by fear? Unfortunately, none; because these “educators” are too terrified to take in anything that contradicts the fear-porn that they feed on, night and day, and that they share hysterically, obsessively, almost salaciously online, where they can always find more propaganda to ingest and barf back up at one another. Send them anything that contradicts the deadly narrative, and they just don’t reply. If you happen to run into one who’s slunk out, masked, to run some nervous errand, and tell them something that refutes the narrative, and that (you’d think) might therefore ease their fear, they look at you like YOU’RE insane, or even possibly a closet Trump supporter, and hurry off

We have people with advanced degrees, gainfully employed by universities and colleges, demanding that those schools shut down, and wondering aloud if there is not some way to keep the student “hordes” from coming back. (Of course, these people all hate Trump for his hard line on immigrants.) And we have schoolteachers preparing for this next school year by writing up their own obituaries (as reported recently on CNN).

The only upside to this dismal situation is that all those people freaking out like this, having gulped down the whole COVID-19 propaganda narrative hook, line and sinker, should really not be teaching anyone.

In any case, this moment demonstrates the awful truth of David Foster Wallace’s cogent observation “that the people to be most frightened of are the people who are most frightened.”

p.s. If you know anyone who’d like to fund a little college somewhere, preferably where no one has to wear a mask, please let me know.
’Pupils pose little risk of spreading Covid’, The Times, 9 Aug 2020

AAPS: FDA Delays On HCQ Outpatient Approval Are Causing Deaths Daily
Michele Stoddard: How many are dead from the conniving? Trials, not clinical, for these guys.

Bernie is demanding “masks for all”!topic/newsfromunderground/YXBmEaB_omo

UK government cracking down to halt a non-existent rise in COVID cases!topic/newsfromunderground/DGUyrWoxoro
Same thing’s evidently happening here; and it’s working, because skillful propaganda works, especially on people who don’t know what propaganda is.

MCM: What’s the real relationship between COVID-19 “cases” and infectiousness?
“The immune system works to neutralise the virus and prevent further infection. Whilst an infectious stage may last a week or so, because inactivated RNA degrades slowly over time it may still be detected many weeks after infectiousness has dissipated.”
Are you infectious if you have a positive PCR test result for COVID-19?
The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine develops, promotes and disseminates better evidence for healthcare.

The real COVID-19 threat comes clear in all those people now extremely sick, or dead, because they put off going to the hospital throughout the crisis!topic/newsfromunderground/58inyKaI4V

Mayor Lightfoot puts her foot down (none too lightly) on a festive gathering at Chicago’s Montrose Harbor!topic/newsfromunderground/qLGxazA3cAI

08-09-20 PPV summaries

Who benefits from a cashless society?!topic/newsfromunderground/3IM6d4V-2Fg

China mandatory vaccine started December!
Mark Crispin Miller: No wonder Xi Jinping and Bill Gates are so tight. Coming soon to a government near you.

MCM: “You must NOT do your own research when in comes to science,” Forbes warns us
Independent thinking very bad! Better to trust specialists like Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer and the healers running Merck, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi and Moderna.

MCM: Texas medical board warns Dr. Immanuel and others not to “tout” HCQ+ as a COVID-19 “cure,” as if it’s not one

08-08-20 PPV summaries

In what Bizarro universe does Dr. Fauci merit the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award?!topic/newsfromunderground/ysfvIQTBMTw

“This is child abuse. We are training an entire generation of children to live in fear.” (MUST-WATCH)!topic/newsfromunderground/0oUye03B4HA
The good doctor nails it; and what he has to say about our children in particular is urgent: This fear pandemic is doing all of them grave harm. How do we stop it, when so many parents, and other (nominal) grown-ups, are too panicky to think straight? That’s not a rhetorical question. PLEASE share this far and wide.
The Negative effect of Covid Lockdown On Children

How many Floridians who died of COVID-19 didn’t really?!topic/newsfromunderground/rojVzvO6n8M

Melbourne is committing suicide since 7 old folks died of/with COVID-19!topic/newsfromunderground/nsJFhJdcyfk

08-07-20 PPV summaries

Are the COVID Tests a Way to Surreptitiously Infect or Implant People?,” Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News, 6 Aug 2020
Darwin Hoop: YES. These tests certainly can—and probably do—infect people, likely with the coronavirus that causes the common cold since neither the PCR nor most antibody tests are capable of distinguishing between it and SARS-CoV-2. Oddly, the author seems to be unaware that tens of thousands of tests were found to be “precontaminated” during testing. In fact, the CDC’s own initial tests had to be scrapped because they were determined to be ”precontaminated” after distilled water samples returned false positives. Similar tests have been discovered all over the world (e.g., UK, several African countries). There’s a sinister brilliance to the naso-pharangeal swab and there are three obvious objectives that can be achieved by using them:

  1. Guaranteed false positive result for PCR test
  2. Implant a colony of coronavirus to make subject sick and cause an outbreak of coronavirus that will be indistinguishable from SARS-CoV-2 to most tests, enhancing credibility of ”pandemic” narrative
  3. Take a free DNA sample without HIPAA protections for the patient. Genotype can be stored ad infinitum in blood and organ registries in case a plutocrat needs a heart or kidney or they need to induce a stealth, controlled demolition of the subject
  4. Implant nanites, viruses, and microchips directly into the fluid that surrounds the brain or the olfactory nerves that travel to the brain (a possible cause of the neurological symptoms associated with those who test positive).

There is NO NECESSARY REASON to test the nasopharyngeal region. Shallow nasal swabs are just as effective at detecting respiratory viruses. However, if the purpose is to IMPLANT a viral colony (or other things), few places are better than the region accessed by the nasopharyngeal test. An implanted nasal colony could be jettisoned by way of sneezing and by being subjected to copious nasal excretions, all of which are designed to remove irritants. A colony placed by nasopharyngeal swab would quickly spread through the sinuses, down the throat, and into the lungs by these same mechanisms, including cough.
This procedure raises serious red flags and people have every reason to be concerned.

LA doctor having great success with very sick COVID-19 patients, treating them with HCQ, AND ZINC.!topic/newsfromunderground/eLzSF9Wp2EM

On the New York Times and Biden and the whole damn thing!topic/newsfromunderground/_YtG2qbVez4

What Gates’ fear factory at U. Washington is now projecting: 300,000 US deaths by December!topic/newsfromunderground/Lt3DCY9GuVo

From the Student Handbook at Bard College, Year One of the New COVID-19 Calendar!topic/newsfromunderground/GhGDNE0T0Iw

08-06-20 PPV summaries

Moderna’s highly dangerous mRNA vaccine; Fauci’s double standard on HCQ; and more!topic/newsfromunderground/ujJ6yuG9TUk

So sad and true! afraid-to-speak-your-mind-maybe-were-not-as-free-as-we-think?
Vincent Feldman: I have s neighbor who grew up in Cuba in the early years of the revolution. His Danish parents came to the country to work for the revolution but became suspected of counterrevolutionary activities and were jailed. Their son, my neighbor, immigrated here because he was constantly harassed and hounded. He told me this weekend he’s starting to have flashback panic attacks and depression. The atmosphere here is reminding him of that time.

City of Devils: LA mayor announces city will shut off water and power for houses that host large parties, gatherings!topic/newsfromunderground/Aj-4Mz-ME68

Houston Methodist reports rapid recovery of critically ill COVID-19 patients with new drug!topic/newsfromunderground/lRdGHh40Cd4

On the COVID-19 “isolation facilities” now planned throughout the USA!topic/newsfromunderground/ElI-5EGTsz8

What those masks will do to schoolchildren!topic/newsfromunderground/fj18QViA1oc

New study shows HCQ+ cuts COVID-19 death rate by HALF!topic/newsfromunderground/L_zwLJO6Dk

“It’s like a prison for kids”: Parents blast FL school district’s “apocalyptic” classrooms, with teachers wearing face-shields and lab coats!topic/newsfromunderground/dyr8fGlTmb0

Autopsy shows Florida nurse said to have died of COVID-19 didn’t have it, actually died of a kidney infection!topic/newsfromunderground/a7glfFC5yYI

FOOD EMERGENCY in Chicago: “As invisible as the virus are the hungry, and the lockdown dead”!topic/newsfromunderground/n8oWLrWWoJs

Pictures from a 13 June demonstration against
forced COVID-19 vaccinations in New York

08-05-20 PPV summaries

Profs owe college students something more than blather via Zoom!topic/newsfromunderground/lIwJcvUewP8

Virologist Steven Hatfill slams “our free press” for its Big Lie about hydroxychloroquine!topic/newsfromunderground/s6IVxfhBBhs

Children in NYC, and all throughout Ohio, will have to spend their school days wearing masks!topic/newsfromunderground/Iccaxcym6Eg

Twitter censored my link to Dr. Mercola’s piece on the side effects of Gates’ Moderna vaccine!topic/newsfromunderground/0sv_tVINuh0

And in case anyone thinks the terms techno-feudalism or medical fascism are hyperbole, there’s this; the high-tech, physical ‘branding’ of human beings as livestock...
Mike Champine is with Wanda Lee and 8 others

In December 2019, the Massachusetts Institute of Techno-tyranny announced that their scientists have “developed a way to store medical information under the skin, using a quantum dot dye that is delivered, along with a vaccine, by a microneedle patch.” They went on to explain that “the dye, which is invisible to the naked eye, can be read later using a specially adapted smartphone.” Weird, huh? They wrapped up the article by proudly proclaiming that this research was funded by Bill Gates. Not only that, Scientific American noted that the project came about “following a direct request from Gates himself.”

The MIT article states:

“MIT researchers have now developed a novel way to record a patient’s vaccination history: storing the data in a pattern of dye, invisible to the naked eye, that is delivered under the skin at the same time as the vaccine.”

“Kevin McHugh, a former MIT postdoc who is now an assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice University ... and former visiting scientist Lihong Jing are the lead authors of the study, which appears today in Science Translational Medicine. Ana Jaklenec, a research scientist at MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, and Robert Langer, the David H. Koch Institute Professor at MIT, are the senior authors of the paper.”

“The research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Koch Institute Support (core) Grant from the National Cancer Institute.”

MIT News, “Storing medical information below the skin’s surface,” December 18, 2019

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the team’s research, which was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday. According to a Scientific American story, the project came about following a direct request from Microsoft founder Bill Gates himself...”

ScienceAlert, “An invisible quantum dot ‘tattoo’ could be used to ID vaccinated kids,” December 21, 2019


Jump to mid-March 2020. MIT published an ominous and revealing piece, authoritatively telling the world that we’re NEVER never going back to normal, like it or not! They described a cycle of lockdowns and reopenings, which they said would continue for “at least 18 months”, until there’s a Covid-19 vaccine—as well as “an identity card” or “some kind of digital verification via your phone, showing you’ve already recovered from or been vaccinated against the latest virus strains”:

“To stop coronavirus we will need to radically change almost everything we do: how we work, exercise, socialize, shop, manage our health, educate our kids, take care of family members.”

“We all want things to go back to normal quickly. But what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet will soon—is that things won’t go back to normal after a few weeks, or even a few months. Some things never will.”

“As long as someone in the world has the virus, breakouts can and will keep recurring without stringent controls to contain them. In a report yesterday, researchers at Imperial College London proposed a way of doing this: impose more extreme social distancing measures every time admissions to intensive care units (ICUs) start to spike, and relax them each time admissions fall.”

“Under this model, the researchers conclude, social distancing and school closures would need to be in force some two-thirds of the time—roughly two months on and one month off—until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months (if it works at all).”

“Even in the least restrictive of the Imperial College scenarios, we’re shut in more than half the time. This isn’t a temporary disruption. It’s the start of a completely different way of life.”

“In the short term, this will be hugely damaging to businesses that rely on people coming together in large numbers: restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, gyms, hotels, theaters, cinemas, art galleries, shopping malls, craft fairs, museums, musicians and other performers, sporting venues (and sports teams), conference venues (and conference producers), cruise lines, airlines, public transportation, private schools, day-care centers. That’s to say nothing of the stresses on parents thrust into home-schooling their kids, people trying to care for elderly relatives without exposing them to the virus, people trapped in abusive relationships, and anyone without a financial cushion to deal with swings in income.”

“We don’t know exactly what this new future looks like, of course. But one can imagine a world in which, to get on a flight, perhaps you’ll have to be signed up to a service that tracks your movements via your phone. The airline wouldn’t be able to see where you’d gone, but it would get an alert if you’d been close to known infected people or disease hot spots. There’d be similar requirements at the entrance to large venues, government buildings, or public transport hubs. There would be temperature scanners everywhere, and your workplace might demand you wear a monitor that tracks your temperature or other vital signs. Where nightclubs ask for proof of age, in future they might ask for proof of immunity—an identity card or some kind of digital verification via your phone, showing you’ve already recovered from or been vaccinated against the latest virus strains.”

MIT Technology Review, “We’re not going back to normal,” March 17, 2020


On March 18, the day after MIT’s statement that a medical dictatorship will be forced on us all, Bill Gates did a Reddit question & answer session on Covid-19. Gates said that “digital certificates” will be used to identify who received the Covid-19 vaccine, and these certificates will also be used to identify who can conduct business or not.

One of the questions asked was: “What changes are we going to have to make to how businesses operate to maintain our economy while providing social distancing?”

Gates answered: “The question of which businesses should keep going is tricky. Certainly food supply and the health system. We still need water, electricity and the internet. Supply chains for critical things need to be maintained. Countries are still figuring out what to keep running.

Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

GatesNotes, “31 questions and answers about COVID-19,” March 19, 2020

No conspiracy here...

All the COVID safety rules are little more than theater

We need a vaccine for Dems’ COVID lies

08-04-20 PPV summaries

Number of Americans who plan to get shot falls to 42% (a new low)!topic/newsfromunderground/xRLCv5TwpxA

A modest proposal to starve the American people into “voluntarily” getting that injection!topic/newsfromunderground/_ajGkzpUb1k

Gates Tries to Justify Side Effects of Fast-Tracked Vaccine

Only the post holds the murder Cuomo’s feet to the fire.
Who lit the COVID match at nursing homes? That’s pretty obvious

Interview 589 – Gary Chartier on Lysander Spooner

08-03-20 PPV summaries

COVID-19 vaccine distribution will be “joint venture” of the CDC and Wehrmacht—er, Pentagon!topic/newsfromunderground/Sp5xLaFV_hk

Hunger due to COVID-19 lockdowns killing 10,000 children a month, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins!topic/newsfromunderground/jDcUYFmpELA

Mumbai slums have highest coronavirus immunity rate: study

08-02-20 PPV summaries

A Florida doctor explains what’s really happening there re: COVID-19, and nails the “criminal” restrictions on, and lies about, HCQ+!topic/newsfromunderground/NSLBURB61mY

In Germany (as in the USA), some protests are dangerous, while others, somehow, aren’t!topic/newsfromunderground/2Wof6VdC3go

For-profit healthcare was illegal in the US until Richard Nixon did his friend and funder Edward Kaiser (as in Kaiser Permanente) a cataatrophic favor!topic/newsfromunderground/O3aPP2Aq8a0

On losing friends to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers!topic/newsfromunderground/0Cex60qIliw

08-01-20 PPV summaries

A Tampa doctor speaks out against the madness over HCQ (MUST-WATCH)!topic/newsfromunderground/iMkGQnPB-08

Thousands of Germans protest COVID totalitarianism!topic/newsfromunderground/BaetNGEpVRQ

Dr. Simone Gold was “summarily fired” for speaking out re: her successful use of HCQ to treat COVID-19!topic/newsfromunderground/XVlu6NWSOeM

How is this okay? Were she and all those other doctors lying? If not, what could possibly justify such punishment, all the censorship (YouTube took down the video of the doctors’ press conference at SCOTUS), the relentless smear campaign against Dr. Immanuel, and—above all—the jeering press consensus that those doctors perpetrated a “hoax” by speaking out about their use of HCQ?

A journalist friend tells me that she sent the video to some NYTimes reporters, who replied that those doctors are “quacks.” (They know that how?) That’s to be expected from an outlet heavily dependent on Big Pharma’s advertising revenues, which have long kept the Gray Lady in denial on many dangers to the public health, just as the cigarette industry once did with ITS largesse, and, before then, the cottage industry in patent medicines.

But what is the excuse of all those liberals and “progressives” who’ve piled on? Do they hate Trump so much that they can’t handle any evidence that he’s been right about this issue? If that’s the reason, then they’re as bad as they keep screaming he is re: COVID-19, since this vast blackout on HCQ, not only as a remedy, but as an effective prophylactic in small doses, is killing people in those states that are reportedly now seeing an uptick in serious cases.

In asserting that HCQ doesn’t work, and that it kills, though HCQ DOES work, and DOESN’T kill, Big Pharma and the Gates/Fauci syndicate have, through “our free press,” turned the USA into George Orwell’s Oceania, where “WAR IS PEACE” and “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.”

Dr. Fauci, big supporter of a COVID-19 vaccine, was a big supporter of the H1N1 vaccine that caused brain damage in children!topic/newsfromunderground/WsZmIkGlgLY

Another “leftist” heard from!topic/newsfromunderground/mwE4OibCGqY

“The pandemic [sic] may cause 40 million people to lose their homes”!topic/newsfromunderground/Rbig7qqKwQ0

Again, two doctors who’ve had great success treating COVID-19 with HCQ!topic/newsfromunderground/ufW3GQjg2IE

School in Thailand - Incubators of mental illness!topic/newsfromunderground/C4i_15DNIJs

07-31-20 PPV summaries

Dr. Simone Gold—one of the 20 doctors who demonstrated for HCQ—on the firestorm against that drug!topic/newsfromunderground/JoAK6rKq8zI

Facebook blacks out 2005 study, finding that chloroquine is “a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus,” as “false information.”!topic/newsfromunderground/KVehts_Vmco

On losing friends to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers!topic/newsfromunderground/0Cex60qIliw

De Blasio says NYC schools won’t “fully reopen” until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine!topic/newsfromunderground/ukpIKoG35uk

A compilation on evidence that HCQ+ is an effective treatment for COVID-19!topic/newsfromunderground/5Bd5vqKHCWI

07-30-20 PPV summaries

Minnesota state senator (and doctor) Scott Jensen CLEARED of charges that he spread “misinformation” about COVID-19!topic/newsfromunderground/ZCOk7bjkevQ

Dr. Meryl Nass on the politicization of science (and her own successful use of HCQ+ to treat COVID-19)!topic/newsfromunderground/ah8-qTgRO6A

Sweden, which never locked down, sees COVID-19 cases plummet as the rest of Europe suffers spike!topic/newsfromunderground/P2fMJBJwATo

COVID-19: How can I cure thee? Let me count the ways (MUST-READ)!topic/newsfromunderground/LHoCgyOoEEo

07-29-20 PPV summaries

In defense of Dr. Immanuel
Elliot Crown: From a friend who is originally from South Africa:
“I’m very disappointed to hear people smearing a Nigerian as a whack job because she talks about religion in a very typical way for her country. Most Africans live in rural areas or under served townships. Singing and sermonising in church is our Cinema. The pastors tell the most incredible stories and talk about Demons and Devils. But they are not taken literally. Dreams are encouraged with the drinking of special ceremonial beers and then their content analysed. People discuss issues with the ‘ancestors’ in dreams - a way of objectively looking at your current problems with a friendly sounding board.
“If someone told a Westerner that they were mad for believing Star Wars was real you’d say, of course no one thinks it is real! It’s just a story to explore human relationships and colonialism and Imperialism. Why don’t we extend that respect to Africans?
“All these doctors did was say we trust this method and we’ve had encouraging results. Where’s the harm in that? There’s literally no harm at all unless you own a pharma company that got some of the $billions our Govts handed them to develop a vaccine they’ll keep ALL THE PROFITS to.”

Michigan hospital study says HCQ treatment for COVID-19 ‘cut death rate significantly’!topic/newsfromunderground/HekntNEIK0I

Chicago residents must quarantine after visiting 22 states, or pay large fines!topic/newsfromunderground/Rl0S2oZ_lb0

GooTube has removed the entire “Highwire” channel!topic/newsfromunderground/Qq6ADh4RsFk
You can watch it at, tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. EST. Del asks that we spread the word.

Virginia requiring immunizations for online learning!topic/newsfromunderground/cQaNVRxkxpk

On the clear and almost-present danger of 5G: Two op eds from New Zealand!topic/newsfromunderground/SM1x4g4CGOY

Dr. Fauci says masks aren’t enough: EYE PROTECTION might be necessary, too.!topic/newsfromunderground/lL7t_PHvL7o

07-28-20 PPV summaries

What’s in vaccines? (Brace yourself.)!topic/newsfromunderground/SBvUsETpaCs

Gates laments the spread of “lies” online, and clearly wants them all blacked out forever!topic/newsfromunderground/8s6zmG4zki8
A great example of malignant narcissism, AND projection, as it’s Bill Gates’ own lies that have been spreading faster, and farther, than all the efforts to correct them; and yet those efforts so enrage him that he wants them all stamped out, along with most of humanity.
This is the way war-propagandists “argue”: by attacking truths as lies, and demanding that they be not answered but BLACKED OUT.
That’s not the only similarity between Bill Gates and his Nazi antecedents.
p.s. How much Big Pharma advertising does CNBC run?

What was Fauci’s role in funding Tuskegee-like AIDS experiments on foster children in seven US states?!topic/newsfromunderground/mgtJQe8oqUo
That this evil gnome enjoys a golden reputation as a healer is a testament to the complete corruption of the US press, and (therefore) the ignorance of countless credulous Americans, whose trust in it and him has had disastrous consequences, for decades.

Google searches offer you “fact-checks” you didn’t ask for, to make sure that you don’t commit thoughtcrime!topic/newsfromunderground/KLTZ_YRKkKE

FB, GooTube take down powerful video of doctors speaking out for HCQ in front of SCOTUS!topic/newsfromunderground/n_bZuI20ijk

Forcible hypoxia: Florida police arrest gym owner for refusing to force members to wear face masks during workouts!topic/newsfromunderground/WJLOb0MuSvs

07-27-20 PPV summaries

Trump’s robo-cops in Portland are a big distraction from the real fascism looming over us!topic/newsfromunderground/_jMP5JcPwxE

More deaths, not by the coronavirus, but by medical neglect: “COVID-19 puts critical medical transplants on hold”!topic/newsfromunderground/gvm1b9UPITU
From Erin Marie Olszewski, the travel nurse who blew the whistle on the murderous practices at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, “the epicenter of the epicenter.” Her observations on what’s happening right now due to the COVID-19 cult are an invaluable corrective to the ongoing fear porn blasted at us endlessly by “our free press.”

A deficiency of glutathione may be the likeliest cause of serious symptoms/death in COVID-19 patients!topic/newsfromunderground/oD1CkzNN81M

How these last four months have just about destroyed America (MUST-READ)!topic/newsfromunderground/xWdbWTBnx1
I hold these truths to be self-evident—and wonder why we tend to hear them only from the right.

CNN freaking out as local stations nationwide air “Plandemic,” with its “conspiracy theory” about Dr. Fauci!topic/newsfromunderground/rF_8cx6Q2DE
This alarum, and the deployment of that meme, tell us that that “theory” is no theory but the awful truth.

HCQ works! Why aren’t we using it? A Yale epidemiologist demands an answer (and in NEWSWEEK!)!topic/newsfromunderground/kuiorhcWcFk
Is that dam finally breaking? And, as people are still dying unnecessarily of COVID-19, will Dr. Fauci and his droogs be held accountable for sitting on this cheap, effective remedy?

07-26-20 PPV summaries

The CDC Just Changed How Long You Have to Quarantine After COVID-19
Darwin Hoop: I see they’re also admitting the uselessness of seriology. Now, if we can just make progress educating people about the uselessness of the PCR, we can be done with this. A critical mass will eventually exit the cognitive maze into which our captors dropped us.

Why Sweden Remains Mask Free

Sunday Boston Globe Magazine
The political battle over masks is making us lose the war on COVID-19
William G. Kaelin Jr., a 2019 Nobel laureate, is the Sidney Farber Professor of Medicine at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator
written by Dave Ratcliffe: After a mis-statement about polio:
As a young boy in the 1960s, I was taught that scientists and engineers were heroes. And no wonder: We were in the midst of the space race between the United States and Russia. I grew up believing that American science would ultimately prevail against any threat, whether it was to eradicate diseases such as polio, for which I was an early vaccine recipient, or to defend us against aggressor nations.
Prof. Kaelin begins well enough: This celebration of science in the United States coincided with robust, bipartisan support for federally funded research, and American science flourished. Sadly, in recent decades, science has come under increasing assault, often to serve vested financial interests.
Unfortunately, that’s as far as he goes in acknowledging how, as Celia Farber wrote in “OUT OF CONTROL - AIDS and the corruption of medical science” (2006): “AIDS helped turn disease into politics, and politics, at least in the United States, is all about turning power into money.”
And later gives his own bias indicator by the flat statement, “In fact, virtually all experts now agree that we need masks.”
IT IS VERY DISCOURAGING to live in this moment of human history. Nevertheless, as I was saying to Ed the other day, I live with John Judge’s understanding that, it’s better to die standing than on our knees.
Emanuel Garcia: I second your sentiments Dave
No kneeling for me
We can’t expect establishment types to speak full truth, it just won’t happen
Masks ARE important, they are a very potent psychological and propagandistic weapon currently deployed to shape our views and responses to this viral entity, whatever it is
I happened to speak to a fairly intelligent old friend in the States today and couldn’t believe her ignorance—how important masks were, social distancing (she’s from New Jersey)—and I think I did a nice job of gently enlightening her.
Alon: I just had a similar exchange with a person I know for over 20 years, she couldn’t even listen to anything I gently said, her main points were, a. she know a person who died. b. my level of ‘denial’ is too great for her to bare.
I’m starting to think it is hopeless and that I should stop talking to people who are not ready to even listen to anything which contradict their conditioned unconscious mechanical perceptions of reality. It is like ‘pouring from the empty into the void’.

Corporate Media and Big Tech Trying to Stop Judy Mikovits Interview Exposing Dr. Fauci from Airing this Weekend

Some local coronavirus outbreaks could be ‘mass hysteria’, Joint Biosecurity Centre warns
Organisation co-ordinating UK’s virus response said it would be alert to possibility of ‘local episodes of mass psychogenic illness’

07-25-20 PPV summaries

‘Tropical Trump’ tested negative for covid, credits hydroxychloroquine for recovery
Brazil’s Bolsonaro says he tested negative for COVID-19, credits hydroxychloroquine for recovery

Simpsons - Life Imitates Art - House Cat Flu (1:42)

Bernard-Henri Lévy interview: coronavirus has sent the world into ‘psychotic delirium’
France’s rock-star philosopher says panic about Covid-19 has blinded us to far bigger problems

Indiana Makes Not Wearing Mask a Class B Misdemeanor, Punishable by 6 Months in Jail
John Kirby: And here is the lovely growth of mask wearing charted, which you will notice goes in the opposite direction of the lethality of “the virus”. And here is their chart showing the prevalence of mask wearing rising in inverse proportion to the lethality of “the virus”:

(FULL) Digi-Debates. The Face Mask Debate (1:39:13) MCM: If you want to see a gob-smacking example of COVID propaganda at its most pompous and vituperative, check out Denis Rancourt’s debate with David Kyle Johnson, a professor of LOGIC who slandered Rancourt in his blog for Psychology Today. It happened yesterday. It’s on FB. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. This freak was literally foaming at the mouth.
One of the memes he kept hammering was the faux-altruistic one about the necessity of Protecting Others from Oneself. Every single note he roared came straight from the Mighty COVID Wurlitzer.

07-24-20 PPV summaries

Elder advocates ask why Gov. Newsom flooded nursing homes with contagious COVID-19 patients

Is There A Basis To Believe That Vaccines Contain Blood?
12-page Open Letter from Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, ABIHM, Apr 2019

FDA Recalls 75 Hand Sanitizer Brands for Being Potentially Toxic and Deadly (List Included)

And there’s Dr. Anthony Fauci showing us all he knows exactly how well masks work! Thanks for the lesson, doc.
Alex Berenson

Indiana attorney general argues state mask mandate illegal

Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship
John Kirby: Sadly, as good as this sounds at first blush, it actually fulfills the stated objective of Event 201: to make online services equivalent to broadcasters. So while “equal time” may be given to Republican points of view, “liability issues” will lead to the even more severe restriction of truly “outré” opinion or reporting, ie, like 9/11, vaccine safety, or scamdemic research. It’s a deft deception, but it will effectively roll up online speech on the major outlets. Emanuel Garcia: Let’s see how it plays out ... I think some major legal action will be taken against Twitter, FB et al. August will be a very hot month. Libby Handros: I agree with John on this and have written about it before. Once the online platforms are considered in the same class as broadcasters than they can be sued for libel and defamation and then the self censorship really begins Emanuel Garcia: It will be interesting—lawsuits against ‘publishers’ strike me as being a good thing and these platforms will no longer be able to provide the illusion of being a ‘commons’—but others will fulfill that function (some already are, but they don’t carry the heft of the big ones; I’ve also heard that the DOJ is considering anti-trust action against the big players FB, Twitter, Instagram et al ALL censor in all kinds of devious ways (I’m sure you know about the ‘other’ Epstein, a former Clinton supporter, who testified about FB’s untraceable manipulations). And everything has the potential for propaganda of course. Libby Handros: True, yes, they have always been censoring and just giving the illusion of being free, but it was better than nothing. The big ones should definitely be broken up. New and more platforms would be good and maybe if a platform can prove its totally without censorship it would outside the new thing is for sure it will be interesting to see how it shakes out.

07-23-20 PPV summaries

Modi’s lockdown has India’s farmers facing suicide as he looks the other way, urging ritual mass applause for healthcare workers, etc.!topic/newsfromunderground/FcFl4GGJhno

RFK, Jr. wipes the floor with Alan Dershowitz in exemplary debate over mandatory vaccination (MUST-WATCH)!topic/newsfromunderground/NVgE6puWHdU
Another setback for Voldemort.
From Ed Curtin:
Robert Kennedy Jr. in An Extraordinary Debate Performance Vs. Alan Dershowitz
Made more extraordinary by RFK’s self-discipline in not responding to Dershowitz when he said Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby’s father.

07-22-20 PPV summaries

UC Berkeley offering online courses ONLY next semester!topic/newsfromunderground/loWoH-nsMYQ
This is actually a national disgrace, as countless members of the US professoriate, freaked out by the terroristic propaganda they’ve been avidly absorbing from the New York Times and NPR, and, therefore, knowing nothing about COVID-19, or the most rational responses to it, are OUTRAGED at the thought of going back to teach in-person, evidently thinking it’s okay for their students to pay that sky-high tuition, and sink into a lifetime of debt peonage, to “learn” via Zoom. They also evidently think that their going AWOL won’t result in their employers going out of business; so this academic cave-in to pure terror is not just grossly unfair to the students, and their families, but ultimately suicidal, too.
That Berkeley in particular is going all-“remote” (a boon to Bill Gates and his plutocratic cohorts in Big Tech) is especially appalling, as that’s where Mario Savio started the Free Speech Movement; and now the Berkeley faculty will be teaching all their classes under full (albeit covert) surveillance, as Zoom is notoriously insecure. As one who teaches courses on propaganda, with students from all over—including China—speaking freely of their experiences of state “persuasion,” I see “online instruction” as a danger to their safety, and an excellent reason for them to clam up. (That’s just one reason why I myself intend to teach for real again this fall, even though I’m 70, and, therefore, statistically more vulnerable than countless younger colleagues who will be spending this next term gratuitously “sheltering in place.”)
As Giorgio Agamben has argued (Biosecurity and Politics), this academic fealty to the paranoid ideal of “biosecurity” on campus is as flagrant a betrayal of their calling as it was when the Italian professoriate pledged allegiance to Fascism under Mussolini.
UC Berkeley to begin semester with fully remote instruction

Campus “left” now channelling George Wallace!topic/newsfromunderground/JRQsnnbxX24
I wonder how many white “progressive” FACULTY would also be okay with this.
Leftist Students Support Segregation (4:14)

The Big Crackdown is upon us!topic/newsfromunderground/3owzcLoJ_aE
From Kevin Barry:

The email below is a Paul Revere from the UK screaming, “the culling is coming”.
This email warning from an internet broadcaster rings true to me. I’ve heard similar things from friends who work in Big Data giants in the US. The censorship cull is coming under the guise of stopping Russian “fake news”. They have already censored information that does not conform to WHO’s recommendations. The information below is a logical progression of that strategy. Google, FB, and Twitter will help censor as a favor to the governments in exchange for lack of regulation.
So - as we already know, but the reminder doesn’t hurt - back up your videos, seek social media replatforming, and most importantly, spread the warning to others....
On being totally “disappeared” by Google (and slimed by Wikipedia)!topic/newsfromunderground/i6Tg4jkE8DA
Ron Unz’s latest, on his being “disappeared” by Google, prompted me to see how Google is now dealing with myself. While my name, and NFU, still come up, what the curious Google searcher sees first about me is a revised Wikipedia entry, far more hostile than the surprisingly impartial one that they’d been running. Now I’m a subversive menace, pushing “hoaxes” and flogging one “discredited” notion after another.
For some time now, “conspiracy theory” has been cast not merely as insane but downright dangerous—a theme that started, if I remember right, when that guy barrelled into Comet Pizza with a rifle and fired a few shots into the ceiling, reportedly on a psychotic mission to “save the children” who, he’d been persuaded to believe by Pizzagaters, were captive somewhere on the premises. The flagrant takeaway from that performance was that “conspiracy theorists” are a clear and present danger to society.
Now that everyone’s at risk from the coronavirus, that propaganda subtheme has exploded into a nonstop, all-pervasive symphony of fear and loathing, as anyone who questions ANY aspect of the COVID-19 master-narrative is made to seem as lethal as the coronavirus (is still said to be) itself.

07-21-20 PPV summaries

Facebook begins deleting anti-mask groups

“With coronavirus antibodies fading fast, vaccine hopes fade, too”!topic/newsfromunderground/iutoK3ks9Vc
Maybe there IS a God.
But surely Father Teresa, the Antichrist, has a Plan B....
Studies show coronavirus antibodies may fade fast, raising questions about vaccines

Eric Schmidt to fund new University of Evil!topic/newsfromunderground/fOb4ehPR0wE

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt is working to launch a university that would rival Stanford and MIT and funnel tech workers into government work

90 people in CT who tested positive for COVID-19 didn’t have it, says state’s Department of Health

People who were never tested for COVID-19 test positive for it anyway!topic/newsfromunderground/v1-gmI-iDFg You can’t make this shit up (although someone obviously did).
Concerns arise as some receive positive COVID-19 results but never got tested

Distrust of the elites intent on killing us is putting all our lives at risk!!topic/newsfromunderground/1LHPle1ewvQ

Coronavirus: Matt Hancock warns conspiracy theorists are putting lives at risk as he hails positive results in vaccine trial

MCM: There is no known case of a teacher catching COVID-19 from pupils, says British epidemiologist
This confirms the finding of that study published in Pediatrics in late June.
No known case of teacher catching coronavirus from pupils, says scientist

Budesonide—a respiratory anti-inflammatory—is a cheap, effective treatment for COVID-19, used with great success in Taiwan, Japan, Iceland, and, for this doctor’s lucky patients, in Texas!topic/newsfromunderground/boKw1xSkDhA
Dr. Richard Bartlett | America Can We Talk? Interview 7.2.20

How “the Resistance” thinks: “Trump All Bad, ergo CDC All Good”!topic/newsfromunderground/OiK53lYaJwM
That the CDC is rotten with corruption, a racket that has long served corporate predators like Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and Coca-Cola, is a fact unknown to most, because “our free press” has ignored it, and the Trump-vs-Fauci/Gates pro wrestling match has the whole “Resistance” brainlessly assuming that the CDC must be as Good as Trump is Bad.

Malkin: Mask Mandates Are a Public Health Menace
The evidence does not support broad mask mandates. Yet, now we free-thinkers and free-breathers face jail time and witch hunts for dissenting. It’s all about politics, power, and control.

07-20-20 PPV summaries

COVID-19 mortality rates near zero across all demographics (as mask madness intensifies worldwide)!topic/newsfromunderground/2HcpLpZF0HU

Google searches offer you “fact-checks” you didn’t ask for, to make sure that you don’t commit thoughtcrime!topic/newsfromunderground/KLTZ_YRKkKE
From Bruce Joshua Miller:
I find this utterly bizarre, but the “fact-check” has become a means of search engine capture.
If I Google “virion .12 microns,” I get: “Fact check: N95 filters are not too large to stop COVID-19.”
I did not Google anything about masks for this search.

Lockdown in UK may cost 200,000 lives, claims government report!topic/newsfromunderground/cV701aOBUrs
That’s over four times as many deaths as those (allegedly) caused by the coronavirus: 45,318, as of today; and, of course, if we subtract all those who died with the coronavirus, not of it, as well as those deceased only “presumed” to have had it at all, the toll of those killed by the lockdown is more shocking still, requiring that its advocates—and those who’ve funded them—be held accountable.

07-19-20 PPV summaries

Report on COVID-19 among Swedish, Finnish children, 1 to 9, finds “no increased risk for teachers”
Sweden’s health agency says open schools did not spur pandemic spread among children

Those face masks haven’t worked in Hong Kong after all!topic/newsfromunderground/8Ap-NeJnmFc

New German study links COVID-19 mortality risk to low selenium levels!topic/newsfromunderground/1qZmWDPL_LA

07-18-20 PPV summaries

Fishermen test positive for COVID-19 after 35 days at sea, and all tested negative before they left!topic/newsfromunderground/2zSkeroUJeo

07-17-20 PPV summaries

More on that “spike” in Florida: Young man killed in a motorcycle crash was listed as a COVID-19 death!topic/newsfromunderground/5Wl5T_hibHw
Fox 35 is doing actual journalism. FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Questions raised after fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID-19 death

“It’s all about eugenics in the end”: Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and the inhuman “science” poised to “keep us safe” (48:01)
Amazing Polly brilliantly connects some very troubling dots.
Tracing the Eugenicists’ technofascist takeover from World War 2 until present day by looking at the role of Ghislaine Maxwell’s two leading men: her father Robert Maxwell and her ‘business partner’ Jeffrey Epstein. In the first part I go through some fascinating history to set the stage, and then I get to more & more recent events to show that SCIENCE was co-opted to direct humanity into our current, near devastating condition.
Topics covered: US Army’s “Project RUSTY”, NASA & JPL, Chinese studies of Population Control, Cybernetics, Wuhan connection, Qian Xeusen (who?) and more.

A visit from the FBI!topic/newsfromunderground/Cy_4c79PHMw
Michael Averko, a tireless critic of the Russophobia prevailing in the US foreign policy establishment, and (therefore) “our free press,” had an interesting encounter with two FBI agents a few days ago....

Coronavirus and Regime Change: Burundi’s Covid Coup

Students at Ohio State required to get flu shots, in order to stay “safe” from the coronavirus!topic/newsfromunderground/_3YtJvIVKac

COVID-19 test kits generate 30% false positives, 20% false negatives, CT pathologist finds!topic/newsfromunderground/JqnYZrWN-E0

Bobby Kennedy interview: on the end-game of the Gates/Big Pharma syndicate, its poisonous vaccines, and Dr. Fauci’s role (53:27)
See Also: Transcript beginning at 32:34
Highlights from Darwin K. Hoop:

Bobby’s interview is chock-full of vital information, including bombshells about the end-game of the Gates-Fauci-Big Pharma Cartel: You won’t be able to buy anything unless you are up to date on your vaccines, and Gates wants to eliminate cash because it makes populations easier to control. “That will be the ultimate end to our freedoms”.
Please share. Included:
  • The Vax fascists are all now down-playing prospects for an effective COVID vaccine in the near future.
  • AstraZeneca’s vaccine, the leading version, would, absurdly, give us all mild COVID infections and turn us all into asymptomatic carriers! Bill Gates and Paul Offit are ok with that so long as we all have to get the vaccine. The vaccinated are all infected and all spreading it, becoming a real risk for the unvaccinated. “It seems crazy!”
  • Fauci says the immunity from the vaccine will only last for a few months. Then, we’ll have to get it again!
  • FDA announces it will license and promote versions that are only 30% effective. FDA said to be worried that COVID might disappear altogether if they had to wait for a vaccine that was 70%-80% effective. They’ve expressed the desire to make it easy for vaccine companies to get their products to market and sold before the disease disappears!
  • Efficacy will be impossible to test because the virus will be mostly gone.
  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is manufacturing 1 Billion Doses of the toxic adjuvant it used in Pandemrix, the vaccine produced for the WHO’s fraudulent swine flu “pandemic” that caused tens of thousands of cases of narcolepsy. It was a squalene-like adjuvant and they pulled it from the market. Nobody thought they’d ever dare to reintroduce it but they are producing this same, debilitating adjuvant to use with these new COVID vaccines! “1 Billion Doses”.
  • “Everyone knows it causes narcolepsy. The idea they’re doing that again shows they’re not taking vaccine safety seriously.”
  • 70% of polio on the planet today is vaccine-induced polio. OPV-vaccine-shed polio is extremely virulent, because of the mutation process that occurs when humans take it and incubate it in the gut.
  • Bill Gates’ OPV polio vaccine gets into the water supplies and has caused vast outbreaks in India, Afghanistan, Congo, Nigeria, and the Philippines, outbreaks that have crippled hundreds of thousands of children, devastated communities.
  • Chickenpox and shingles vaccines warn in their leaflets that recipients should not go near pregnant women or immune-compromised people because they will be shedding live chickenpox virus.
  • Flu vaccine recipients transmit the flu at Six Times the rate of people who have a natural flu infection.
  • The pertussis vaccine turns recipients into asymptomatic carriers who spread pertussis everywhere they go!
  • Live virus vaccines infect others and cause the disease they are supposed to prevent.
  • Dead virus vaccines require highly toxic adjuvants to shock the system into causing enormous allergic reactions to everything the body can associate with that toxin.
  • Mercury is actually in dead virus vaccines as an adjuvant, but that is illegal, so they permit companies to call it a “preservative”. Absurdly, it is not illegal to use a deadly neurotoxin as a preservative—just as an adjuvant.
  • Mercury is the most toxic element in the entire universe to humans that is not radioactive.
  • Mercury is one thousand times more toxic than lead.
  • When they were forced to remove mercury from the Pediatric Schedule, they put it in the flu vaccine for pregnant women and children with the strong recommendation that all children and pregnant women receive a mercury-laden flu shot every year.
  • Mercury was placed in the US flu vaccine on the request of the WHO, which was concerned African nations would refuse their mercury-laden vaccines if there was no mercury in US vaccines.
  • There are NO studies that show mercury can be given to children safely at any dose.
  • “GAVI is the spear tip of Bill Gates’ empire...the spear tip of evil.” GAVI is where ID2020 originated with Bill Gates who intends to require an “immunity passport” and, ultimately a chip or tattoo that will contain all of one’s health records. Ultimately, it is very clear that they intend to prevent you from being able to spend money unless you are up to date on your vaccines. Gates intends to eliminate cash because that will make it easier to manage populations: “That will be the ultimate end to our freedoms.” This will give the banks and the rich complete control over your life. You will pay them a fee and a tax for everything, and they will shut off your money if you disobey orders.
  • Part of the COVID op is to get people to believe money is too dirty to handle safely.
  • Gates, GAVI, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced this week that they will be offering cards to most Africans to use to buy things—cards that will contain their vaccine records.
  • Trump now giving FOUR TIMES as much to GAVI as US was giving to the now defunded WHO. “That’s just like giving the money directly to Bill Gates and I’m extremely disappointed and I’m hoping the Trump administration will re-think that commitment”.
  • Gates’ biosecurity cartel is in the process of transforming biosecurity into the leading, controlling factor in all foreign and domestic policy. It gives them a chance to impose conditions on human beings more oppressive and exploitative than any dictator in human history. No dictator or tyrant in history has the power these people now have, to lock you in your home, to forbid you from being with loved ones, to prevent you from working, getting health care, or from moving freely, to force you to wear a mask, to forbid you to send your children to school, teaching kids that they and their friends are biohazards.
  • Government has lied from the beginning about COVID-19, starting with extremely inflated death estimates created by paid cronies of Bill Gates. The COVID-19 tests don’t distinguish between old and new infections or between different coronaviruses.
  • News purposely conceals the death counts for COVID-19 because those are the most important figures and the death counts are widely known to be dropping. They’re trying to frighten us all the time and they are clearly gaming the numbers, so much so you have to be stupid not to be able to see it.
  • John Anthony Morris, inventor of the Swine Flu vaccine, ultimately denounced it as dangerous, ineffective, and neurotoxic. The drug companies to which NIH sold the vaccine got him fired on fraudulent charges (though he was later reinstated) and went on to sell this toxic flu shot for more than a decade, killing and injuring legions (paralysis, Guillaume-Barre, etc.) and causing 7 TIMES as many cases of swine flu in vaccine recipients as in people who never received the vaccine. The government paid out a $Billion in claims, from taxpayer money and not pharma profits.
  • Morris swore until his death that flu shots do not work and that they become deadlier and more injurious every year, greatly raising the overall incidence of respiratory illness. Cochrane Review did enormous meta-analysis and confirmed Morris assertion, concluding “the flu shot is a fraud.”
  • The flu shot makes it more likely you will contract and transmit flu.
  • The CDC and big pharma lie to us to sell us the toxic flu shots. Only 2000 people die every year from flu. They TELL us that more than 40,000 die every year. They do that by a trick of coding where everyone who dies of pneumonia is assigned a fraudulently blended cause of death: “flu/pneumonia.” That way, all of our elderly and end stage pneumonias get coded as flus. In fact, only about 7% of pneumonia deaths test positive for flu. It’s a lie.
  • Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper KNOW they are lying because Bobby Kennedy has shown them the actual data about flu shots. Media lie to protect their pharmaceutical advertisers. “It’s reprehensible,” and a huge problem for American democracy.
  • Fauci is responsible for pushing the fraudulent flu deaths.
  • Bobby Kennedy asks that you support Children’s Health Defense. They are committed to ending this corruption, to restoring the health of our children, and to following good science. It’s a non-partisan effort, an organization with lots of people of every political stripe.
  • RFK on Children’s Health Defense: “We are not republican. We’re not democrat. I don’t even know how the people on this staff vote. I know a lot of them are from the right, a lot of them are from the left. But we work together. We found common ground. The things that hold us together are good science, precise science, robust science, our passion and the corruption and the public health services, our passion for empiricism, for empirical science, for communicating that and above all, we’re fighting for our children. There are no sides. There is no such thing as a republican child or a democratic child. These children are entitled to protection and we don’t care what you are. We want you to be part of this movement. We don’t care what your ideology is, your race, creed, color; you could be communist, you can be fascist. We don’t care. If you want to protect children we want you on our side.”

Were the lockdowns meant to kill off millions of old people? Sure looks like it.... (MUST-READ)!topic/newsfromunderground/yVsVhETrL9o
Inconvenient Truth: ‘They’re Lockdown Deaths, Not Covid Deaths’

COVID-19 now is just about as feeble as the argument for locking down the world!topic/newsfromunderground/eUW_wY9nD5Q
The good news that “our free press” will not report.
My current COVID advice, and some good news
by Meryl Nass, July 17, 2020
“... I believe that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was created in a lab, using multiple techniques and genetic fragments that were already known and had been designed in multiple labs. If you are technically inclined, Yuri Deigin has written a beautiful summary of the evidence here. I have written about this on my blog, and discussed it during an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola and in a Reddit AMA. “Gain of function” research, in which coronaviruses were created to give them added virulence, was government-approved in the US (and elsewhere) and performed in many laboratories that cooperated with each other, around the world, over the past 20 years. At least 4 US federal agencies (NIAID, NSF, USAID, DTRA) and many other governments, paid for this research. Neither I, nor others publicly investigating this area, understand why a number of countries collaborated to produce novel, highly virulent microorganisms. This is a question that has to be addressed, but not in this blog post.
“Assuming SARS-CoV-2 was a lab creation, and first encountered lots of humans last fall, then it is likely that during its subsequent adaptations to the human species, it would develop less virulence.”
Emanuel Garcia: good news but also curious in that, as far as I can tell, she makes no mention of effective early intervention treatments such as HCQ/zinc/azithromycin ... that seems peculiar
MCM: Just an oversight. She’s done the best summary of all the evidence that HCQ has been deliberately subverted by the Syndicate. (I sent it out.) She also prescribed it for her own son (also a doctor) along with high-dose Vitamin C, when he caught COVID-19 (or whatever it is) from a colleague at Columbia-Presbyterian, and was pretty sick, but recovered fairly quickly on that regimen.

Prof Carl Heneghan: can we trust Covid-19 death numbers? (16:12)

Coronavirus and Regime Change: Burundi’s Covid Coup

07-16-20 PPV summaries

In Brilliant Strategic Move, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Overturns Face Mask Requirements

A New Map Shows the Inescapable Creep of Surveillance
The Atlas of Surveillance shows which tech law enforcement agencies across the country have acquired. It’s a sobering look at the present-day panopticon

Michele Stoddard: RNA vaccines...good luck with that!
And various other things of possible interest as the 5G Revolution unfurls on 7/29...
Moderna and US NIAID Poised to Endanger the World Population?
Immunization with Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara-Based Recombinant Vaccine against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Is Associated with Enhanced Hepatitis in Ferrets
Crown Castle International Corp Is Still Bill and Melinda Gates’s Favorite 5G Stock
Gavi and Mastercard join forces to reach more children with lifesaving vaccines
INTERNATIONAL APPEAL - Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

How ‘mask rage’ ruined my trip to the National Gallery
When our Head of Culture returned at last to Britain’s flagship gallery, she stumbled into the latest front in the culture wars – masks
Vincent Feldman: It has become clear that in the presence of constantly enforced fear the rational mind becomes disabled. I just had to laugh at a former colleague of mine posting in FB asking for mask recommendations for jogging. She has purchased 10 masks and still can’t breath through any of them and lacks endurance in her runs. Same day another friend of great mind and expertise in history was describing how uncomfortable it was to pick blueberries with a mask on.
In my faculty meeting yesterday, like Mark, I was the only one willing to go back to the classroom. Even the 30 year old said he would only appear for a maximum of 15% of the term. I went over all the latest disarming figures which helped me be put at ease but they were silent and went on to complain about the Univ. putting them at risk and that the school wasn’t doing enough. I then full realized that intelligent people will lose all rational abilities when chased with fear via TV 24/7 with the same scare mongering that only increases as time goes on. This in and of itself is the spreading of Dis-ease is it not?

Georgia governor overrides all local mask orders in the state
Libby Handros: Go Georgia. No mask orders

Anatomy Of A COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory
The first ingredient of a good conspiracy is a plausible element. Not one that’s necessarily true, just plausible. In this case, the tracking chips. In December, a team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers published a paper in the medical journal Science Translational Medicine detailing how something called “quantum dots” could be delivered to the skin to record vaccinations.
Kevin McHugh, now an assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice University and the lead researcher on the project, said he’s baffled by the idea that his project involves tracking chips. “There’s no microchips at all,” he said. “I don’t even know where that comes from. All the quantum dots [do is] produce light.”
The technology, tested on rats, has not yet been tested on humans. McHugh said the dot signals a patient has received a vaccine in an effort to keep an accurate record.
“It is really difficult to determine who has received what vaccines in the developing world because there is not good record keeping,” McHugh said. “So the idea is, can we actually have something that could inform a health care worker what vaccines have been administered and therefore which ones are still needed?”
Funding for the project was provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which brings us to the second ingredient of a good conspiracy theory: a real person, someone powerful — and rich...And experts such as Brill and Downing agree: A society so divided because of misinformation can lead to disruptions in elections, health care and even create distrust in the entire democratic system. Disclosure: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a supporter of NPR.
Michele Stoddard: Another voice in the echo chamber (speaking of malice aforethought). The point is NOT to wonder how even they write this childlike agitprop with straight faces but to perceive the vilification and intimidation being directed right at the listener in real time... “You don’t want to be characterized as a ‘threat to democracy,’ do you?”
Libby Handros: I love that they feel they have to do this

07-15-20 PPV summaries

Why does the New York Times treat Sweden as “a cautionary tale,” when Sweden did vastly better than New York?!topic/newsfromunderground/f3lMZAdFW6g
Why Sweden Succeeded in “Flattening the Curve” and New York Failed
The reason New York failed to “flatten the curve” and Sweden succeeded probably has little to do with lockdowns.
Emanuel Garcia: that’s a rhetorical question, Mark. You know what answer: they are pure propaganda pushing an agenda.
MCM: Like, duh...
Sean VanDeusen: Cuomo seems to think he did a fantastic job. He’s bragging all over TV.
MCM: He did do a fantastic job, killing off all those old useless eaters.
Sean VanDeusen: That’s true. He can use that for his platform when he runs for president.

HIPAA laws have been suspended for COVID-19?!topic/newsfromunderground/tOaZQCmFz9I
The nurse in this video reads aloud the letter that she and all the staffers she knows have received, informing them that HIPAA laws are not in force re: the coronavirus. This would seem to be in preparation for aggressive use of COVID-19 test results.
Kathi Roussel - Did you know that HIPPA law has been suspended for Covid 19?

How the Gates Foundation has killed public health policy in India—and, with it, countless children!topic/newsfromunderground/UL9ECut0yvA
Score one more eugenic victory for Father Teresa.
WATCH/read summary of: The Gates Foundation and the Subversion of Public Health Policy in India

Fertility, mortality, migration, and population scenarios for 195 countries and territories from 2017 to 2100: a forecasting analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study
Michele Stoddard: Yeah, that’s it—"women having fewer babies”...NOT planet-wide crash of the (long-since un) productive economy; mass unemployment and starvation and the AI, robotic, chemical and digital-driven “4th industrial revolution” in which surveillance and repression of humanity IS the one and only commodity form and the one and only “growth sector” besides soma sales...But first there’d be that interregnum of martial law and die-off (I didn’t even mention the miraculously effective, for the unfurling purpose) RNA vaccine!

DUD PARTS Coronavirus testing delayed after kits found to be contaminated by Covid-19
Darwin Hoop: “Good thing you got tested when you did. You’re infected!”

07-14-20 PPV summaries

Morgues in Phoenix hospitals are NOT packed tight with corpses, despite what Mayor Gallego said on MSNBC!topic/newsfromunderground/2Ov7C5u-kGc
Propagandists love this sort of grisly fabrication. You may remember when “Nayirah,” back in 1990, tearily “testified” in Congress, about those poor Kuwaiti babies dumped out of their incubators by Saddam Hussein’s barbaric troops, and “left to die on the cold floor.” And then, some three years ago, there was the one about the crematorium in Syria, used by the devilish Assad “to hide mass murders at a prison where thousands are believed to have been summarily executed in the nation’s civil war,” as Gardiner Harris, Anne Barnard and Rick Gladstone (and their case officer) put it in the New York Times.
This is a very old tactic, first used by the British during World War I, when they made up a “corpse factory” that Germany was using to provide itself with glycerine, by boiling down the bodies of its own slain troops (a stroke of propaganda slyly—and successfully—concocted to get China on the Allies’ side). The BBC aptly (though inaccurately) called that fabrication “the birth of fake news.”
Those were all bullshit stories, just like this one, cooked up to so enrage us, and/or scare us, that we can’t start to think about what’s really going on.
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego erroneously says morgues [are] out of space; they are just getting close

If you’re a “journalist” now out of work (and scruples), Bill Gates’ “Vaccine Boot Camp” is for you!!topic/newsfromunderground/PauEaGFIAo0
The largest donor to the “National Press Foundation” is, unsurprisingly, Bill/Melinda Gates. This “Vaccine Boot Camp,” sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer and other corporate felons, is essentially a program to train “journalists” to slander and derail the vaccine safety movement, by doing opposition research on its leaders, and coming up with ways to counter its “misinformation” with a “resource page” and other strokes of propaganda.

CDC: COVID-19 deaths for week ending 6/27 were DOWN 91.9% from mid-April peak!topic/newsfromunderground/BM0Yz8b2KKs

This means it’s basically over, for all the daily terrorism by Gates/Fauci and their media.
So how long will it take for this key datum to sink in?
CDC: COVID-19 Deaths for Week Ending June 27 Down 91.9% From Mid-April Peak

Libby Handros: Yup and on that theme FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Florida Department of Health says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results.
Darwin Hoop: It’s critically important that we continue to inform everyone that these tests are FRAUDULENT. The entire exercise now hinges on the credibility of demonstrably invalid tests. Just last week, the Australian Department of Health advised its clinicians that the PCR cannot distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and the common cold, or any other coronavirus. Nor can it distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and MERS or Ebola or a long list of other what it termed “RNA” viruses. And these are problems that occur when the test is actually working properly. There have been numerous cases of “pre-contamination” where the tests routinely find fruit, farm animals, birds, and inanimate objects to be “positive” for SARS-CoV-2.
It’s been quite clear since the beginning that an exercise or operation of this nature could be conducted using nothing more than bogus tests and diagnostic criteria. I have seen nothing since March to indicate that these data are valid in any way, shape, or form. Kerry Mullis, inventor of PCR, repeatedly debunked the idea that PCR is an appropriate tool for diagnosing disease at all. Jon Rappoport has written with great clarity on this. Neither he nor Mullis should be ignored.
As whistleblowers have reduced bounty hunting, absurd provisional diagnoses, and fraudulent death coding, operators have plainly resorted to ramping up positives to provide casus belli for the ongoing hysteria and deadly lockdowns. One effect is a plunging mortality rate but the apparent explosion in infections is being used successfully to change the subject. We need to strike this hoax at its root and that root is fraudulent PCR test data. We should not accept the validity of this test or the nonsense data they produce. The sooner we discredit the test, the sooner we invalidate the lockdowns and get on with rehabilitating the victims and prosecuting the perpetrators.

The ACTUAL thought POLICE turned up at his door (4:09)
The thought police turned up at his door regarding a FB chat

What Is Causing the Spike in COVID-19 Cases? (22:30) 9 Jul 2020
Dr. Jeffrey Barke: Cases are rising, but the fatality rate is dropping. The average age of new cases is 31 — fatality is so low for that age group that it’s hard to even calculate. This and MUCH MORE in this important Will Witt interview on COVID-19 — don’t miss it!

07-13-20 PPV summaries

Coronavirus masks, gloves polluting Europe’s rivers

The Rockefeller playbook for what’s happening now?!topic/newsfromunderground/JmZeSHjHS8E
For those who haven’t seen or heard of this 2010 report, here’s the link to Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, the Rockefeller Foundation’s detailed outline of four possible futures for the world. “Lockdown,” the first of those “scenarios,” seems especially prescient.

5G radiation exposure - will be turned up come September
From anonymous:
Not sure I sent this to you. It is a map of all 5G towers on the planet. You can zoom in to get exact locations. Texas and Florida are saturated. Only safe states are Nebraska and Vermont.
The surprise to me is finding 5G towers in odd rural locations - Fleishmans, NY, Hudson NY, Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks. All symptoms attributed to covid19 are symptoms of radiation sickness. And no virus can create loss of blood oxygen - only radiation does that and pollution containing cyanide gas from fracked fuel. I am fast reaching the conclusion that there is no virus. The test for this is a joke, as it does not test for any virus. It tests for an RNA strand that can be present for any number of reasons. As of now NYC has only one 5G tower operating - which reads at 1 World Trade Center and also at City Hall. There is a 5G box on every street corner. All set to be turned on in September, when they will say there is a second wave of the virus when millions get sick from radiation. So the virus is a cover for radiation poisoning. Interesting that both Brussels and Geneva Switzerland have banned 5G - home to the EU and UN offices. And of course no 5G in West Palm Beach, Trump’s hotel home. With a total media blackout on the truth I don’t know how we even get a public discussion of this. Anyway here is the map.
Vincent Feldan: They need to nip any complaints or commentary about 5G in the bud. If this meme were to take hold the whole foul project could be set back. Just broaching the subject on my local Philadelphia FB page got me banned without comment or warning and my post were removed. This is an 8,000+ group.
They really need this technology and are steamrolling through without making any public objectives for this tech known. And do you think there’s an epidemiologist out there who would risk their career to make a study. Perhaps, very carefully and let’s hope so.
Kelley Voelker: My moms take. 9/11 does sound reasonable. And 2 towers into one.
September also coincides with the installation of smart meters in my building. This is huge problem, complicated by my landord not sending me my signed lease. Sending another request today. I need to talk to you about this.
I bet they turn it on, on 9-11, another ritual date. The single tower is very symbolic for them. It’s symbolic of combining man with machines—5G and/ or other entities, DNA splicing etc as they did before the flood and after. Their big achievement.
One world Order, accomplished. The 2 towers, two races are now one. transhuman.
I don’t believe there is any virus either. I never did because this is in the bible. Some people I know are saying this vaccine will be the “kill shot”. It also sets us up to take the chip, which is their main goal. Look at all these sheep wearing this stupid mask and staying in house. It’s all a big pagan/satanic ritual.. Most are under a spell. All done using fear and isolation.
Vincent Feldan: Very cogent! Let us agree if the vaccine must be rolled out in pre-packaged individual syringes (crazy for such a large deployment) something is amiss and up. And/or if the nano dot tech is accompanying each injection.
Alon: Kelley, about smart meters, is your mom in the US? A few of my neighbors and myself just opted out of installation. It is possible in NY and in other states with some variations mostly about fees. In NY when one opts out Con Ed charges additional $9 a month. Based on my research and communication with landlord, tenant is free to chose whether to opt out...

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NBC News spent weeks on a virologist’s struggle with COVID-19—but he never had it!topic/newsfromunderground/7RRnXewO5_Y
More propaganda fiction from the “respected” news outlet that, in April of 2019, ran the tale that “spoiled brat” Julian Assange had smeared the walls of his Ecuadorian asylum with his own “fecal matter” (a lie that was inaudibly refuted by embassy staffers); has repeatedly, and mawkishly, pumped out White Helmet lies as gospel truth; pushed “Russia-gate” as fervently, and groundlessly, as Rachel Maddow did (and still does), while casting skeptics as the dupes of foreign “Twitter bots” has run numerous false stories on the ineffectiveness and dangers of hydroxychloroquine; and, lately, has been doubling down on the fantasy that Russia paid “bounties” to the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan.
Such is the crapola churned out endlessly by NBC “News"—and the sort of “journalism” that has magnified the COVID-19 threat beyond all reason, and with such dire consequences that NBC News, NBC/Universal and the latter’s owner, Comcast, should all be tried for crimes against humanity.

Why the WHO faked a pandemic!topic/newsfromunderground/pfnF7Zxqxf0
This piece is from ten years ago, concerning the swine flu pandemic that wasn’t. Michael Fumento, its author, describes himself as “an attorney, author, and journalist who has been documenting epidemic hysterias for 35 years.” His other writings in that vein—including one posted on July 9, on the hysteria today—are at:
Having said that, I feel obliged to note that, if COVID-19 is indeed a bioweapon, as ever more evidence suggests, and if the end-game here is to get all the world injected with the impending witch’s brew of human DNA and Bill Gates’ nanoparticles, we would be foolish to ignore the possibility, or likelihood, that some new pathogen—a COVID-20, say—might not be loosed upon us in the coming months. (It could be that bubonic plague, reportedly discovered in Mongolia just last week:
That scenario seems all the likelier for Bill/Melinda’s gleeful forecast of “the next one,” which “will get attention this time.” If that moment doesn’t necessarily prove that something still more evil this way comes, it definitely proves that those two fake humanitarians are actually a pair of psychopaths, who ought to be indefinitely quarantined, ASAP, for our protection:
Bill and Melinda Gates announce “next pandemic will get attention this time”

Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, “Social Separation” and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order | Have Ye Not Read?
Sean VanDeusen: This is a bit old but some of it is interesting. Can’t remember if it was sent out here or not.
Alon: On the subject...The Jesuit Order, past to present.
Important quotes from U S Presidents Learn of the Jesuit order - (4:13)
A compilation of quotes from a variety of sources past to present time. (1:01:21)
Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera - (8:17)
1:34 he’s talking about jesuit arm organizations such as opus dei, the blue army, masons, new age movement, the trilateral commission, club of rome and others all working together in different areas of society
Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera and Others Speak On Jesuit infiltration - (2:01:25)
John Kirby: Fascinating, and there is no doubt Opus Dei is about as weird and well-situated organization as they come. Some of this, particularly from the past presidents, may be anti-papist prejudice. Lincoln certainly didn’t seem to know that the Gunpowder Plot was a false flag, pinned on Guy Fawkes... but funny enough I just saw a movie about an incident Lincoln mentions and blames on the Jesuits, where he travels incognito through Baltimore. The 1951 Anthony Mann film is called Tall Target, and funny enough the fictional guy who saves Lincoln is named Sgt. John Kennedy! In the film the plot is hatched by Southerners, not specifically Catholic...
Anyway, who really knows about Secret Societies? The piece Sean sent I think is fascinating, (btw while it mentions “cabbala” early on, it goes on to discuss the marking of Jews in Germany). While I can’t quite get as specifically “Christian” as that writer seems to require, I would hope he would agree that all people who ally themselves with truth, freedom, justice, etc., are on “God’s side”.
One thing I know for sure, and wish I didn’t know, from years of working on the Franklin Scandal and researching other known pedocratic networks: the “high weirdness” is real, powerful institutions of various kinds, religious and non-religious, or members thereof, practice child rape and ritual murder, some even dress in black robes and chant. A secret society at the heart of global power, centered around occult practice, would help ensure cohesion and silence, and would help explain much of what we see happening. But which is it? The Masons? The Temple of Set? The illuminati? Whoever they are I wish they would cease and desist.
Mairy Thierry’s The Ultimate Evil provides some answers. He was an investigator for the Queen’s DA’s office who found that the Son of Sam murders were really done by a Satanic hit squad...
Keith Rushworth: I don’t think that what the guy says stands firmly justs on its own. But it does fit with my latest thoughts on the way people are reacting in the UK, and probably across Europe. I said a while back they are like sloths on Valium. As time goes on and things become clearer, sloths on valium doesn’t really cover it any more. It’s like people are in a trance.
Facemasks will become mandatory in English shops on 24th July. It’s probable that, on that same date, the daily death rate in Sweden, which had no lockdown, will be down to zero. In the UK (even if you believe their figures) it will be down to 7% of the peak. All without masks. But soon we will have to wear them. Nobody is bothered. Many are positive. This is completely, utterly, crazy. I don’t see how this could happen without some spiritual power being exercised and accepted. People are marching like zombies into the new normal. A move through an occult ritual transformation, which people actually welcome, makes sense. Any meaningful belief in a Creator God has long since gone in the UK. People mostly have no thought out belief system at all. They are ready for a move into something else that has definite rules and boundaries. And it’s not just about Jesuits. They are just one of many secretive societies. That website also features the occult opening ceremony of the new St Gothard tunnel ( and a major teenage girls magazine promoting anal sex in detail ( I had to check both of these out to believe them. Other similar stuff on that site. Society is ripe for anything that goes against traditional/biblical/family/torah values. After accelerating down the runway, this looks like take-off to me. Forget science, forget facts, forget completely the possibility that politicians lie. This thing has its own life and momentum, and most people are entranced by it.
John Kirby: Perfectly said, Keith. I suppose the only solace to take is that the likely presence of transcendental evil would tend to indicate the existence of its opposite.

So Sweden was right after all!topic/newsfromunderground/iTUjA4FGheo
Here’s a summary of the latest evidence reconfirming the eventual judgment of Norway’s own health minister, and (more quietly) the UK’s Neil “Lockdown” Ferguson, that Sweden made the right call after all—an inconvenient fact that “our free press” has either blacked out or misreported, in order to protect the current propaganda drive to lock down the United States again, with agony and face masks for all.
Meanwhile, there’s been no discussion of the similar success of other countries, and states, that have done quite well in this crisis without locking down at all—e.g., Taiwan, Japan, Iceland and Ethiopia; Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and the Dakotas—nor any mention of the similarly inconvenient fact that New Zealand, hailed for its draconian lockdown policy, did not mandate face masks.
Whitney: Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All
Why is the media so fixated on Sweden’s coronavirus policy? What difference does it make?

Vaccine group sues Trudeau government for ‘draconian and unjustifiable’ response to COVID-19
Vaccine Choice Canada launched the legal action against Trudeau, Ford, CBC, and others for their ‘over-hyped COVID-19 pandemic narrative’
On Monday, July 6, 2020, Vaccine Choice Canada formally filed legal action in the Ontario Superior Court to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to COVID-19 measures

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Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic , Michael Fumento, Forbes, 5 Feb 2010
Alon: Truly extraordinary. Today a similar piece would be labeled ‘fake news’ instantly. I wonder how long before Forbes take it down...
Michael Fumento is an attorney, author, and journalist who has been documenting epidemic hysterias for 35 years.

Alex Berenson
Don’t think developed nations with a tradition of respecting individual rights will trash them for #Covid? I have two words for you: New Zealand. Where indefinite confinement is already real, and PEOPLE IN ISOLATION ARE DESPERATELY TRYING TO BREAK FREE. Welcome to the occupation.

China reports NEW unknown disease spreading across Asian country deadlier than COVID-19
CHINESE officials have warned of a fatal “unknown pneumonia” with a death rate higher than the coronavirus COVID-19 which is spreading across an Asian country.
Elliot Crown: Is this what made Gates smile?

COVID-19 Cases Are Rising, So Why Are Deaths Flatlining?
Libby Handros: Wow! They can’t stand it. Why Is the COVID-19 Death Rate Down?
Vincent Feldman: And this has been stated by Fauci, Gates et al in one way or another. They’ve got to keep this from achieving herd immunity or the 100billion$ vaccine initiative will again fall flat like with H1N1 swine flu. Between a 10-25% enlightenment about vaccine safety, 40-60% general immunity and a potentially 50% in/effective vaccine product. This gamble is starting show failure.

Is this the US of East Germany before the wall fell?

•   DO NOT CALL 911
•   CALL --------

Why the left should oppose Lockdown - essay
John Kirby: This is great. I just sent it to Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Alec Baldwin, Lewis Lapham, Mark C. Miller, Bobby K., and a couple of other prominent lefties. Mark and Lewis and RFK are with us already, of course, but they are openly cc’d for effect. This piece should have been written long ago (by one of us!) but I just thank Trotsky it has finally been set down. Talk about having to state the obvious...
Emanuel Garcia: Why we should ALL — left, right and centre — oppose this stupidity!!!
John Kirby: He makes that point! But the “lockdown left” is of course the real problem.
Keith Rushworth: Interesting that it’s on a site run by a right wing maverick.
John Kirby: No doubt the only place that would publish him.
Mark Crispin Miller: Those who attack such pieces because they can’t get published anywhere but rightist outlets are like all those anti-Semites stigmatizing Jews for their involvement in finance, because all other professions had been closed to them.
Keith Rushworth: We have exactly the same problem in UK. Even the extreme left here are supporting coronapanic. The truth is only allowed in right wing, controlled opposition outlets which then become the go-too places for truth.
Same problem with worldometer. Having built up trust as a site that just provides numbers - and their data seems to be as good as any available now - they now have projections that say there will be a massive second wave everywhere if we don’t all wear masks. This is a staggering corruption of science. The real data show daily deaths declining, with an obvious extrapolation to zero. Now, suddenly, without masks, they are going to rocket back up. How could anybody believe that? Ah! But! It’s worldometer! They tell the truth!
Vincent Feldman: I’m convinced the mask push and the social shaming and false connection to political theater is a social control Beta test for the brass ring round, a vaccine. As a parent I’m fully experienced with the wholesale bullying used to force compliance with “mandatory” vaccines for children. The mask narrative template will fit perfectly with this next step to mandate adult uptake of vaccines.
John Kirby: Agreed. They are teaching the shaming protocol to our fellow citizens. Now it is symbolic; soon it will be functional.
The vaccine (well, we might as well call it the Gene Editing Nano Particulate Containing Mass Mind Control/Human Reduction Serum—or in NewSpeak, the TABULARASA) will be special, and require special enforcement. Local mandates, maybe, but denial of services, travel, access to school and work definitely.
And then, if it is a behavior modifying mickey of some kind, those who have taken it will be even more on board with the program. Not just to justify their “choice”, but possibly due to the action of the RNA editors or nano receivers. They will become a completely different species, engineered to be resigned or even happy with their lot... well, after all, they will get to participate in the new world!
We unvaxxed misanthropes will be consigned to the margins, effectively mass-cancelled. Our only hope lies in numbers... if there are enough who say “no”, we might be conceded a few areas to breed and eventually die out while our transhuman compatriots shift into the Singularity.
Or perhaps there will come a miracle.
Libby Handros: No doubt, though I do know a lot of people who object to masks but figure it’s just an article of clothing. They feel differently when it comes to putting something in their body.
Vincent Feldman: Right, hence the need to practice such group compliance.
Sean VanDeusen: Why would the left oppose its own policies either on the lockdown or the rioting ?
Malcolm X: “The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems.”

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Trump pulls millions from the WHO, gives billions to Gates’ GAVI!topic/newsfromunderground/-H0qL-6NiKI
Too many people on the right, and some few on the real left, have let themselves be fooled by Orange Julius’ pretense that he’s opposed to mandatory vaccination. Thus the right deludes itself just as so many on the left fell for the fake-out by Barack Obama—and, right now, the fantasy that Bernie’s going to move Joe Biden to the left (which, in fact, will mainly mean a more “diverse” cast of supporting players, a few more federal pennies for the have-nots—digital pennies, probably —and, of course, the “Green New Deal,” which is another faux-left plutocratic operation).
It’s way past time for both the right and left—or, rather, real conservatives, and genuine progressives—to snap out of the pipe dream that America’s quadrennial pro wrestling match presents real choices, that either party cares at all about our lives, regardless of which color, and that the President of the United States is actually in charge. JFK—"that little Kennedy,” as Allen Dulles chucklingly referred to him a few years after Dallas—was the last one who believed that he was serving as our Chief Executive, and tried to use his power for peace, and in the interests of the people. What happened to him made quite clear to all of his successors—Trump included—that they’re really not allowed to rule, but only star in the ongoing theatricale.
Thus, contrary to my subject line, it isn’t really Trump who’s pumping money into GAVI, but, mainly, our never-once-elected medical dictator Tony Fauci— the Robert Moses of US healthcare.

Vaccine Bait & Switch: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI

Bill Gates’ “global health” empire is all about the empire, and an existential threat to global health!topic/newsfromunderground/QkUXSRmR7oI
Why the Bill Gates global health empire promises more empire and less public health
Behind a veil of corporate media PR, the Gates Foundation has served as a vehicle for Western capital while exploiting the Global South as a human laboratory. The pandemic is likely to intensify this disturbing agenda.

Why the left should oppose lockdown (and would, if it really were devoted to the interests of the underclass)!topic/newsfromunderground/PJECUE25XY4
Today’s “left” has not opposed lockdowns because it’s not really “left” at all, but just another outlet for the COVID-19 propaganda, as it’s long since been corrupted by the CIA funds poured into it through pass-throughs like the Ford Foundation.

For example: Amy Goodman started today’s “Democracy Now!” with a gloating bit on the now-infected Jair Bolsonaro, who had “for months downplayed the severity of the crisis,” lately developing “a high fever and a cough”—and taking hydroxychloroquine, “even though it’s been proven ineffective against COVID-19, and sometimes deadly.”

Thus Amy Goodman serves as a prolific vector of the propaganda hatched by the Big Pharma/WHO/Gates/Fauci syndicate, to denigrate HCQ—a cheap and most effective COVID-19 treatment, as has been “proven” all around the world—so as to set the stage for that vaccine.

What authentic leftist would thus prostitute herself, and lie baldly, and repeatedly, about a treatment that’s demonstrably been saving lives—including many of those black lives so dear to Amy Goodman—in favor of a rushed vaccine, that’s now being tested on poor people in Brazil, South Africa, and other Third World countries?

If Eugene Victor Debs had been a “leftist” like the amply funded Amy Goodman, he would have been out giving speeches on “the rape of Belgium” by “the Huns,” and urging workers to enlist in Woodrow Wilson’s “war to end all wars,” instead of bravely speaking out against it, and going to federal prison for it.

Amy Goodman is, in short, a lethal fraud, like countless other “leftists” who should have been opposing the disastrous lockdown policies, for all the reasons that Phil Shannon sets forth here.

To see who’s funding Amy and her fellow “leftist” stars, check out this chart (click to view full size):

The source for this was first published in 2002:
Bob Feldman
Additional sections were added in the next few years and by 2006 the collection reached completion with the addition of a 2-page flyer.
In 2007 Bob Feldman published the following:
Report from the Field: Left Media and Left Think Tanks—Foundation-Managed Protest?
Left media and left think tank staff people generally deny that the acceptance by their organizations of grants from liberal foundations has transformed their orga-nizational priorities, subjected them to elite control, or channeled their energies into safe, legalistic, bureaucratic activities and mild reformism. In this report, we will be discussing organizations, e.g., Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), Middle East Research & Infor-mation Project (MERIP), Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR); and media, e.g., Nation, Progressive, Mother Jones, In Th ese Times, widely regarded as left-wing. Some originated in the 1960s and 1970s with bold challenges to the United States political and economic system; we can read (some are online) their early publica-tions and mission statements to be reminded of the initial militancy. In the popu-lar mind, these media and think tanks are clearly distinguished from, on the one hand, the liberal media, e.g., New York Times, Harper’s, and think tanks, e.g., Brookings Institution, Urban Institute, and on the other, the “far” left, e.g., Workers’ World, Maoist Internationalist Movement. A few of the left-wing organi-zations are primarily concerned about threats to media independence, yet all their attention is focused on for-profit corporate (or government) control; they ignore the possible influence of large subventions from non-profit institutions such as foundations.
This is report has shown that organizations and media generally considered left-wing have in recent years received substantial funding from liberal foundations. Th is information alone is significant, as left activists and scholars are either unaware of or uninterested in examining the nature and consequences of such financing. Furthermore, although a definitive evalu-ation would require a massive content analysis project, there is much evi-dence that the funded left has moved towards the mainstream as it has increased its dependence on foundations. Th is is shown by the “progres-sive,” reformist tone of formerly radical organizations; the gradual disap-pearance of challenges to the economic and political power of corporations or United States militarism and imperialism; and silence on the relation-ship of liberal foundations to either politics and culture in general, or to their own organizations. Critiquing right wing foundations, media, and think tanks may be fair game, but to explain our current situation, or to discover what has happened to the left, a more inclusive investigation is needed.

Apple And Google Admit Ethereum App To Let Employees Prove They’ve Been Vaccinated
John Kirby: This is how they will do it. No “mandates”, just denial of access to each and every individual sector of society without proof of vaccination. Vincent Feldman: Digital mediation of our lives is the essential tool for consolidating this control. Is it not the keystone of the Fourth Reich that’s has been in the works since Allen Dulles’ separate peace.

“Why we stay asleep when COVID-19 is trying to wake us up” (MUST-READ)!topic/newsfromunderground/syobasTiIvk
A beautiful analysis of why, and how, we must break free from our abusers.

07-09-20 PPV summaries

The “science” of COVID-19 has been a catastrophic fraud!topic/newsfromunderground/wX_YHTyGCf4
An admirably clear and thorough critique of the pseudo-science deployed to crash our world. Those who funded it, and those who cooked it up, must be held accountable.
Please share this far and wide.
Politics Influences the Science of COVID-19
by Josh Mitteldorf, Aging Matters

Voldemort is coming after J.K. Rowling; and Twitter evidently works for him.!topic/newsfromunderground/qnKBEvGg4uQ
I meant to send this out back when it ran a few weeks back. So here it is, belatedly; and, attached, you’ll also find a fresh pro-Rowling tweet that no one can retweet for forward.
This rampant censorship by Big Tech, along with what now calls itself “the left,” is indefensible, and far more dangerous than the coronavirus (another issue that it’s risky to discuss forthrightly). It used to be the right that called for censorship (remember Ari Fleischer, Dubya’s reptilian press secretary, saying, “People should watch what they,” soon after 9/11?), and liberals who deplored it. It’s been noted often, and correctly, that it’s now liberals and “progressives” who believe in “free speech” only for themselves, as loyal members of the Outer Party.
p.s. There’s some irony in this op ed appearing in the Daily Mail, which, along with Rupert Murdoch’s Times, came after me and other academics for promoting irresponsible “conspiracy theories” about Syria, 9/11 and COVID-19.
Senior British academics share coronavirus conspiracy theories online - including speculation it was a biological weapon
“News from Underground” attacked for “conspiracy theories” 11 Apr 2020!topic/newsfromunderground/mUqhaTN4GDI

The Times (UK) and Daily Mail have both come out with hit-pieces on me and other academics who have questioned the Official Narrative of COVID-19, both pieces calling us (of course) “conspiracy theorists,” putting everyone in mortal danger:

“Your conduct risks undermining morale during the crisis and reducing the public’s resolve to stick to the rules put in place to reduce the spread of the disease. Your ‘News From Underground’ website has promoted numerous conspiracies [sic] including that [the] coronavirus ‘may be an artificially created bioweapon,’ that this was planned by Bill Gates to increase his power, and that there is a Gates/ Big Pharma/CDC/WHO complex promoting vaccines.”

A few observations:

Although they’re owned by different oligarchic clans—the “downscale” Mail by the Rothermeres, the “upscale” Times by Murdoch (whose Australian has now recycled the Times piece)—both outlets have acted jointly here, as the Mail piece claims that I was “approached for comment,” though it was not the Mail reporter, but the Times reporter who “approached” me, with the inquisitorial email that you’ll find below, and that had gone to spam, so that I didn’t see it until now.

If I had seen it, I would have first asked where exactly I had ever written that COVID-19 “may be an artificially created bioweapon,” as those are not my words, but were contrived by the reporter. I have sent to this list, and posted on the website for News from Underground, some pieces arguing that this new coronavirus seems to have been engineered for biowarfare purposes. Rather than “approach” their authors (such as Francis Boyle), the Times scribe chose to cast me as the source of that malevolent speculation, so as to make it easier to link me with my friend Piers Robinson and his malevolent views on 9/11 as a state-run pretext for the “war on terror” (views that I do share).

Leaving aside the question as to where I’ve ever said that “this was planned by Bill Gates to increase his power” (a charge too idiotic even to discuss), I also would have asked the Times’ amanuensis is he’s ever actually read anything about the “Gates/Big Pharma/CDC/WHO complex promoting vaccines”—a juggernaut as incontestable as the US military-industrial complex, the global oil cartel, or Hollywood; and yet this animal from Rupert Murdoch’s stable writes to me as if that vast machine (which advertises heavily throughout Murdoch’s commercial media) were just a figment of the warped imaginations of some “academics” murderously intent on “undermining morale during the crisis,” as if we were a pack of Kremlin agents.

I also would have told the Times’ man that he was—is—quite clearly following the old CIA playbook by using the phrase “conspiracy theory” as a tactic to smear anyone who dares to question the state’s “truth,” whether that Big Lie concerns JFK/Dallas (Oswald did it), 9/11 (Osama bin Laden did it), US elections (never stolen), “Russia-gate” (Putin did it), 5G (perfectly safe), vaccines (all perfectly safe), or—as now, inescapably—COVID-19, the “Chinese virus” that naturally arose out of that foul “wet market” in Wuhan, and that will kill us all unless we (a) close our minds to all dissenting views or inconvenient information on that subject, and (b) bend over and get vaccinated.

That’s what I would have told the Times reporter—adding that the new coronavirus isn’t half as dangerous as his attempt to help keep everybody in the dark about it.

07-08-20 PPV summaries

Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong
By Beda M Stadler, 1 Jul 2020
The coronavirus is slowly retreating. What actually happened in the past few weeks? The experts have missed basic connections. The immune response against the virus is much stronger than we thought.
The original article was published in the Swiss magazine Weltwoche (World Week) on June 10th. The author, Beda M Stadler is the former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern, a biologist and professor emeritus. Stadler is an important medical professional in Switzerland, he also likes to use provoking language, which should not deter you from the extremely important points he makes.
This article is about Switzerland and it does not suggest that the situation is exactly the same globally. I am advocating for local measures according to locale situations. And I advocate for looking at real data rather than abstract models. I also suggest to read to the end, because Stadler makes crucial points about testing for Sars-CoV-2.

“It’s a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death,” says Dr. Fauci!topic/newsfromunderground/oShwScHvexI

God forbid we should “take comfort” in COVID-19’s having killed far fewer people than we’d all been told it would. At yesterday’s press conference, Fauci called this natural and humane reaction a “false narrative,” because the dread he wants us to keep feeling is essential to the maintenance of the COVID-based “new normal,” and the universal vaccination program that his syndicate is hurrying to realize, and force on every human being alive (except for those within that syndicate).

Thus Dr. Fauci’s sticking to the script implicit in “Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-Cov-2,” a recent article the New England Journal of Medicine, setting forth “six trigger criteria for state COVID-19 vaccination mandates.” The trick is to increase “voluntary uptake” (emphasis added) by various innocuous-sounding means, so that brute force will finally not be needed. Although the authors are too suave to come right out and say it, the very ground of their whole six-point program is the maintenance of terror that we’ll surely die if we don’t “voluntarily” get jabbed.

The Bizarro universe in which the authors operate comes clear in a sentence on the fourth of the six criteria, “transparent communication of the best available evidence about the vaccine’s safety and efficiency.” That “best” does not mean “soundest,” but “most believable to most people,” is evident in this psychotic observation on the need to maintain “public trust”:

Public trust has already been compromised by federal officials’ endorsement of hydroxycholoroquine as a Covid-19 treatment without evidentiary support; the same must not occur for vaccines.

In other words, public trust was damaged by Trump’s “touting” HCQ as a remedy for COVID-19, on the basis of (what Fauci called) merely “anecdotal” evidence of its effectiveness. Since millions know that HCQ is an effective COVID-19 treatment, it was not Trump’s “touting” it that “compromised” their trust, but the Big Lie that Big Pharma’s instruments, including Dr. Fauci, his associates, and nearly all the “liberal media,” have told about hydroxychloroquine—a lie that’s been exposed as such online, in many articles and videos that, although deleted, shadow-banned, deceptively “debunked” and/or flagged as “misinformation” or “fake news,” have lodged the inconvenient truth in many minds.

“The same must not occur for vaccines.” What this means is that the inconvenient truth about the COVID-19 vaccine—that it will have been rushed out for profit’s sake, only nominally tested, a lethal brew of neurotoxic adjuvants, animal cells, bits of human DNA, and nanoparticles “to encode information for ’decentralized data storage and bio-sensing’”—must be blacked out, and then forgotten in the panic that will be whipped up again by Dr. Fauci, Bill/Melinda Gates, Big Pharma, and their tools in “our free press.”

And Dr. Fauci is already on the job, warning us that “taking comfort in a lower rate of death” is, however natural, fraught with peril, because “there’s so many other things that are very dangerous and bad about this virus.” Fauci then stepped back, to let Doug Jones, Alabama’s Democratic senator, pick up the dirge: “As the percentage of deaths may come down, that does not mean that this virus is not still very, very serious. That it disrupts education, disrupts business, disrupts lives, because it still is [sic]. It still will be deadly.”

So just because deaths as a percentage of total cases may be coming down, it’s no reason at all to kind of let our foot off the gas when it comes to our social distancing, wearing masks and trying to control this virus.

That grim duet was no mere morbid one-off by those two official ghouls. It’s surely no coincidence that, on the same day that Fauci/Jones performed their dismal number, this complementary headline popped up in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Newsday and Bloomberg News (which crafted it): “A Lower COVID-19 Death Rate Is Nothing to Celebrate.” As noted in a trenchant tweet by Alex Berenson, that perverted admonition neatly summarizes all the paralyzing gloom-and-doom with which “our free press” has been flooding us since March: “Three months-plus of media-fed hysteria in one perfect headline. Congratulations, @bopinion, you’ve done it!”

And yet that headline isn’t just the culmination of the last three months’ deliberate terrorism by the press. Along with Fauci/Jones’ aggressively dispiriting performance, that headline is the first shot in a propaganda drive against our natural relief that COVID-19 isn’t the catastrophe it was cracked up to be, and that we’re still being told it is, even as the death rate drops toward zero. As things ease up, and life goes on, it’s only human to take heart, and then demand that the authorities who’ve seized our world now give it back to us; and so they’ll now do everything they can, use all the means within their deadly power, to dishearten us. They must convince us that we can’t “let our foot off the gas when it comes to our social distancing, wearing masks, and trying to control this virus,” because it’s really not “this virus” that they’re “trying to control,” but all of us.

That they now feel the need to rein us in again is actually good news, because it means that many of us now see through their game—which, therefore, they can’t win, if we don’t let them.
Fauci Downplays Lower Coronavirus Death Rate as ‘False Narrative’

Bill Gates: From Entrepreneur to Supervillain

Top health experts press Trudeau’s government for a more “balanced approach” to COVID-19 (i.e., one that doesn’t kill more people than it saves)

Drug overdoses soaring “during the coronavirus pandemic” (i.e., due mainly to the lockdowns)
MCM: More casualties of what Dr. Fauci called the “inconvenience” of the lockdowns.

07-07-20 PPV summaries

Dr. Scott Jensen - Could this happen to you? (13:44)
Most important video I’ve done...gut wrenching. Could this happen to you? Share the one’s immune to attacks.
Sean VanDeusen: Medical board investigates senator’s words
Emanuel Garcia: This shows the utter corruption and depth of their animus, completely incredible in the times of normal functioning, and yet they get away with going after a Senator?

Coronavirus: Rand Paul, Dr. Fauci debate when to reopen schools amid COVID-19 pandemic (7:33)
Sen. Rand Paul delivered an emotional statement during Tuesday’s Senate hearing on safely returning to work and school amid the COVID-19 pandemic, stating data has shown that “young children rarely spread the virus,” and that some countries who have reopened schools amid the pandemic have not had surges in virus cases.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the U.S. said that he “strongly” agrees with Paul that the country needs to “do whatever we can to get the children back to school.”

Anthony Fauci Grilled by Rep Kurt Shrader Over Covid-19 Vaccine (2:35)
Fauci being grilled by Rep. Kurt Schrader.
“How effective is the flu vaccine?”
F. “The flu virus changes rapidly.”
“Much like this virus..”
F. “All RNA virus mutate, that doesn’t mean they change” Thinking face
Confused? You should be.

A Disturbing Glimpse Into The Future: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & The 4th Industrial Revolution (13:06) 6 Jul 2020
In this report we will be taking a glimpse of what the not too distant future may look like. Yes some of this will be speculation, but it is speculation projecting forward based on the facts we have today.
To be clear, the road humanity is being led down does not look very human at all according to the social engineers AKA technocrats who are deciding and dictating what the future of humanity looks like for us, we have no say according to the elite.
Watch this report and decide for yourself, will humanity benefit from this projected future? or will this digitalized system of control be the final nail in the coffin of free will and expression of individuality.
World Economic Forum’s 4th Industrial Revolution (11:30)
Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports To Be Rolled Out In 15 Countries
Digital Tattoo
An Invisible Quantum Dot ‘Tattoo’ Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Kids
Human Mind Control of Rat Cyborg’s Continuous Locomotion with Wireless Brain-to-Brain Interface
Michigan Makes Worker Microchips Voluntary ... Wait, What?
Bill Gates Calls for a “Digital Certificate” to Identify Who Received COVID-19 Vaccine
CIA Mind Control
Forgot To Include RFID Vaccine Needles
The First BFS Enabled “Soft” Syringe

07-06-20 PPV summaries

Really tough on “white fragility,” CHOP/CHAZ communards had no beef whatsoever with the US war machine!topic/newsfromunderground/B-_4HJ8aanc

Swine flue scandal (7:06)
2009 interview: Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde of Finland talk about Swine flue, vaccinations, WHO and more. It’s as if she was talking about covid-19 . “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” G.W Bush

07-05-20 PPV summaries

Orange County inflated its COVID-19 test numbers by “mistakenly” including antibody tests!topic/newsfromunderground/lEYtzjNCu0Y
... just as the CDC “mistakenly” instructed doctors to come up with COVID-19 diagnoses even when their patients may not actually have had it, and countless doctors have “mistakenly” determined COVID-19 as the cause of death, even when it wasn’t, and the governors of New York, Michigan, Washington and California “mistakenly” ordered nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients (further goosing up the numbers with REAL cases)—and just as Imperial College London, and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IMHE) at the University of Washington, both of them (mistakenly?) funded by the Gates Foubdation, “mistakenly” predicted millions of COVID-19 deaths, and governments throughout the world “mistakenly” locked down their countries in response. So do WE now “mistakenly” continue to believe that all those catastrophic measures were “mistakes”?

Analysis of MMR vaccines finds them loaded with human DNA. WHY? (MUST-READ AND -CIRCULATE)!topic/newsfromunderground/LTHhdzjJxB4

Blood tests in Japan reveal that COVID-19 death rate may be even lower than that of season influenza!topic/newsfromunderground/Gh17rq0JiR

Minnesota state senator (and doctor) who questioned COVID-19 death count now under investigation by the state!topic/newsfromunderground/6xhDdKqVY60

PBS troubled by South Africans protesting their use as lab rats by Big Pharma!topic/newsfromunderground/6dToISuZYjQ


07-04-20 PPV summaries

Dr. Fauci is No Nostradamus: How COVID-19 Ran Amok Under His Watch

The art of the gouge: Trump gives Big Pharma free rein to profiteer obscenely off taxpayer-funded COVID-19 drugs!topic/newsfromunderground/Szirjvn7xlY
Way to drain that swamp, Mr. President!
“A Scandal’: Contracts Show Trump Giving Big Pharma Free Rein to Price Gouge Taxpayer-Funded Coronavirus Drugs

Anti-beach-lockdown “autonomous zone” declared in Venice, California!topic/newsfromunderground/wTVzO7fW9PM

Mass protests in the US since the start of the coronavirus crisis have been held to the highest (in the narcotic sense) of double standards. Those protesting the lockdowns were cast throughout the media as Trumpist white supremacists whose reckless gatherings were “putting everyone at risk,” while those who’ve turned out since, to protest the murder of George Floyd, and white racism in general, have been loudly hailed throughout the media, and also by such eminent humanitarians as Jeff Bezos, Mitt Romney, Jamie Dimon and Melinda Gates (who’s proven her belief that “black lives matter” by testing a new COVID -19 vaccine on South Africans, and by pledging to see to it that black people in America get their shots early on, right after the elderly get theirs).

The maintenance of this double standard has required some fancy footwork to explain why the BLM protests have not resulted in the same coronavirus “spike” that was alleged to have been brought on by the fascist goons who protested the lockdowns (as in, for example, “U.S. lockdown protests may have spread virus widely, cell phone data suggests,” published by the Guardian on May 18).

That explanation was provided on June 23, by a crack (in the narcotic sense) team of researchers at the University of Colorado, Denver, who found not only that there was “no correlation” between the later protests and any “COVID-19 case increase in [the] general population,” but that those protests had brought on some “positive change—an increase in social distancing.”

The authors found that any direct decrease in social distancing among the population participating in the protests was more than offset by increasing social distancing behavior among others who may have chosen to shelter-at-home and circumvent public places while the protests are [sic] underway.

How cool is that? Apparently so many people fled the streets throughout the George Floyd protests that social-distancing increased, (presumably) lowering infection rates. This means that there were even fewer people venturing outdoors than when the lockdowns were in place, prompting all those Nazis to protest them. It also means, amazingly, that no one who protested George Floyd’s murder had the virus; or—no less amazingly—that, if any of them did, they didn’t bring it home and give it to their families and/or roommates who were staying in, to “circumvent public places while the protests [were] underway.”

So those righteous gatherings weren’t just innocuous, coronavirus-wise, but downright beneficial, quite unlike those lynch mobs that turned out against the lockdowns—and, apparently, unlike all those Americans who, if they could, would happily turn out to celebrate the Fourth tonight, as usual, now that the Great Fear has been revived, to make it seem as if we’re suffering through a “second wave” of COVID-19. (Since BLM activists are either naturally immune to COVID-19, or somehow aren’t infectious, they should certainly choose not to get injected with that rushed-out Gates vaccine.)

All this goes to reconfirm that much of what’s promoted nowadays as “science”—social science, in this case, but medical science, too—is, in the basest sense, political, and not truly scientific in the least.

In short, it’s all a lot of hooey; and not everybody’s falling for it, as this news from Venice Beach suggests.

The New York Times’ outrageous, arrogant hypocrisy on who gets to be ‘anonymous’

Pictures from a 13 June demonstration against
forced COVID-19 vaccinations in New York - A NYS Citizen Action Initiative

07-03-20 PPV summaries

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on his winning record treating COVID-19 patients with HCQ!topic/newsfromunderground/VM6Zqldxgfg
The doctor’s perfect record of success with HCQ (a/k/a, “the drug that Pres. Trump touted”) earned him a front-page hit-piece in the New York Times, which speared him not with any scientific evidence to “debunk” his claims, or any testimony by unhappy patients (there being none of either), but with the jeer that he’d become a “right-wing star” for “touting” HCQ.
Recall that Dr. Didier Raoult, who’s also used the drug successfully to treat COVID-19, has been under ferocious government attack in France, which Big Pharma doth bestride like a colossus:
From Dick Atlee:

I think this is the answer—or at least the strongest answer—to the people who tell me that advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to treat COVID-19 is tantamount to killing people.

It’s an interview with a doctor whose protocol for the drug is now being used in many countries which have seen hospitalization and death rates drop as a result. I’d heard of him, but with my interest in the fraud and deliberately-designed-to-fail studies of the drug, I foolishly hadn’t paid attention to what he’s been doing for the last four months.

The interview was just broadcast this afternoon, and hasn’t been broken out yet from the longer program, but you can hear it (all 40 minutes, unless you can pull yourself away before that) at
He is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, from Monsey, in upstate New York. He is a very dour, straightforward, no-nonsense-or-hype doctor whose success speaks for itself.

The thing that most intrigued me about the many interesting insights uncovered in this interview was the clear mechanism for how the drug combination of HCQ and zinc works, with azithromycin as a protection against respiratory complications. (Note: I’ve also seen AZT described as interfering with viral attachment to a cell’s ACE-2 receptors).

Zinc is the virus killer, or rather the preventer of the virus’s ability to reproduce in a cell, through inhibition of the RNA polymerase enzyme required for that process
But zinc on its own can’t get into the cell to run that interference. HCQ’s job is as an “ionophore” to open a channel for the zinc to enter the cell
where it can disable the virus’s “replication and transcription complex” (RTC). Zelenko refers to these three components of his protocol thusly: HCQ is the gun, zinc is the bullet, and azithromycin is the bulletproof vest protecting the patient.

He also added clarity to why Trump is being invoked so often in attacks on HCQ. Having Zelenko’s HCQ protocol adopted would mean essentially an end to the pandemic, which would be a win for Trump. It would also open up the economy, also a win for Trump. So those who want Trump defeated can’t afford to have HCQ widely used. He’s not a Trump fan, he’s just being realistic. Which shows us yet another way in which politics is deadly.

It seems evident that this protocol is a true game-changer in this present situation. It doesn’t require hospitalization for administration, and it is extremely inexpensive ($20 for the full treatment). It is saving lives in every country in which it is officially sanctioned, or where doctors are at least not forbidden to use it. Whether we’ll be so fortunate here in the U.S. remains very much to be seen.

“We are not guinea pigs,” say South African “anti-vaccine” protesters!topic/newsfromunderground/uXzjCdBV6vQ
Whether they’re “anti-vaccine,” or just don’t want Gates/WHO using them to test experimental vaccines, we can’t say from this brief piece.
In any case, BLM should be expressing solidarity with them.

COVID-19 death rate for people under 45 “almost 0.0%,” says Dr. John Ioannidis!topic/newsfromunderground/birP9ejoESk
Here’s Dr. John Ioannidis, one of the world’s foremost epidemiologists, telling the truth that no one wants to hear—or, to put it more accurately, the truth that no one in power wants you to hear: i.e., that the COVID-19 infection-fatality rate for people under 45, worldwide, is “almost 0%.”
So much for the journalistic ethics of the “liberal media.” This piece is from the right-leaning Washington Examiner. The only other US outlet that’s reported this tremendously significant corrective to the COVID-19 terror-propaganda is the San Jose Mercury News.
Stanford doctor: Coronavirus fatality rate for people under 45 ‘almost 0%’

07-02-20 PPV summaries

TRUTH with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Episode 6
In Episode 6 of our weekly “TRUTH” series, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Vaxxed2’s Polly Tommey took on the Mask Debate, Hydroxycloroquine, Media Censorship and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s conflicts of interest.

BLM is a pass-through for the Democratic Party (which is itself a faux-progressive adjunct of the state)!topic/newsfromunderground/TeWpL7ArVwY
Go to (a website with very high production values), and click on Donate: “Urgent: Fund the Movement,” reads the headline on that page, and then there’s this: “We appreciate your support of the movement and our ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever.”

Scroll down to “Contribution rules,” and note #2:
“ActBlue Charities is a registered charitable organization formed to democratize charitable giving.”

That’s one way of putting it. So, when we donate to Black Lives Matter, we do it through a “charitable organization formed to democratize charitable giving,” presumably to help BLM organize its protests, bail out the arrested, file lawsuits, lobby legislators, and do whatever else effective grass-roots movements do.

But that is not where your donation goes. As the Center for Responsive Politics has now revealed (with, so far, zero coverage by the media), ActBlue Charities is not a charity at all, but a pass-through for campaign contributions to Democratic Party politicians (including Bernie Sanders, who, although an “independent,” is for all intents and purposes a Democratic pol). It is, in short, a PAC; though ActBlue tells us that it really isn’t:

Alright, let’s cut the bullshit (as Sen. Geary says to Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II), and look at the top beneficiaries of BLM’s largesse, via ActBlue Charities:
Top Vendors/Recipients

RankVendor/RecipientTotal Expenditures
1Bernie 2020$186,780,034
2Biden for President$119,253,857
3Elizabeth Warren Presidential Exploratory Cmte  $93,478,053
4Pete for America$78,100,960
5Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte$55,684,603
6Amy for America$43,167,720
7Friends of Andrew Yang$31,705,527
8Democratic National Cmte$29,924,707
10Amy McGrath for Senate$29,558,536

Thus BLM asks us to support its “ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever,” by funding the campaigns of Democrats who, if not white supremacists themselves (like Joe Biden, and maybe Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar), are big supporters of “state-sanctioned violence” throughout the world, from Honduras, El Salvador, Honduras and Bolivia to Ukraine, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and (last but not least) Israel—violence that certainly has not served to “liberate Black people”: on the contrary.

(Those politicians also are unanimous in their support for the Gates/WHO vaccine programs abroad, despite the latter’s shattering effects on Black people in, e.g., Kenya, Guinea Basso and Brazil, as well as countless brown and yellow people throughout Asia.)

BLM is not the first movement whose rank and file are justly motivated, but whose righteous anger has been skillfully exploited for the good of elite interests; nor is it the first such movement whose protests are applauded by the corporate media, humanitarians like Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon, Mitt Romney and Bill Gates, and do-gooders like the boards of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. The “climate movement,” with Greta Thunberg as its figurehead, and the “movement” against gun violence, ostensibly headed by the Parkland teens, were earlier examples of the same charade.

Meanwhile, real grass-roots resistance in America (and elsewhere)—to the lockdowns, mask mandates, contact tracing, and the CDC’s horrific vaccine regimen—is consistently depicted as malign by “our free press” and its overlords, who don’t believe at all in protest or democracy, and who could not care less about “Black lives,” or any lives at all, except their own.

p.s. There is a Black Lives Matter Foundation—a not-for-profit founded, in Santa Clarita, California, by Ray Barnes, a grass-roots activist with a strictly local focus and conciliatory approach, as its mission is “to help survivors and families that have suffered from the loss of a relative or a loved one as a result of an unjust or questionable police shooting, and use our unique and creative ideas to help bring the police and the community closer together to save lives,” as Barnes recently explained. (For this non-confrontational strategy, Barnes has been reviled as an apologist for the police.)

USA Today “accepts” a great op-ed against the mask mandates (on both medical and legal grounds)—then censors it!topic/newsfromunderground/BIes3OhW4q8
As resistance grows, the blackout intensifies: USA Today “accepted” this lucid op-ed on June 24, but “deleted key phrases/paragraphs for their print paper and then they refused to run it all online.”
This censorship by USA Today makes all too clear that, in the USA today, the affirmation of our constitutional rights and freedoms is verboten.
Dr. Simone Gold Commentary: We Do Not Consent

Rockland County (NY) threatens to subpoena young people who won’t talk to contact tracers!topic/newsfromunderground/STmnihHqciI
MCM: This is where the rubber hits the road.
I send this out as good news—not, of course, that Rockland County’s going after those young people, but that those young people are well-informed enough, about both COVID-19 and the Bill of Rights, and brave enough, to tell the COVID Stasi to fuck off; and also good news that their parents are covering for them.
New York county issues subpoenas to people refusing to talk to contact tracers

Eco-genocide and the Genetically Engineered Mosquito Army
The enemies of life are breeding their own agents of ecological destruction aided and abetted by an incompetent EPA and a rubber-stamp government in Florida, which just gave unanimous approval for the release of hundreds of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes by a company with deep ties to Bill Gates, the US military, and Big Ag.
Libby Handros: This is terrifying
Emanuel Garcia: Yes. This is actually old news ... They’ve been doing this with mosquitoes and mosquito sized drones for a while

07-01-20 PPV summaries

Smirking Bill Gates Says The Virus Will Get Attention “Next Time” (0:31)

Fuming DOE teacher rips into NYC schools: They gave up on our kids

Keep Gandhi’s Statue at the Peace Garden on the Fresno State University campus
Edward Curtin: Take down Gandhi now. All so sick. I hope none of you you have statues erected in your honor. If so, you’re a gonner!

Anti-social robots help to increase coronavirus social distancing - via @FT

Surgeon general says masks are ‘instruments of freedom’ that can bring back football
Libby Handros: Just when you thought you have heard it all — “masks are instruments of freedom!”.

“reality check” from Fauci
THE FAUCI FILES: The IL-2 Antiviral Hoax, U.S. Patent # US1995000452440, 1 Oct 1999

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has been the single person in charge of HIV/AIDS research since the onset of the epidemic. Under Fauci’s tutelage, fraud in research not only prospered, but has become institutionalized (thanks, in no small part, to Fauci’s role in disbanding the ethics police). At the National Institutes of Health, the crooks are firmly in charge and the rigors of scientific discipline have been substituted with the quick fixes of Junk Science schemes, bribes for bureaucrats and a proliferation of lucrative treatment hoaxes. While the HAART Treatment Hoax has flopped face-down in the steaming cow-pie of D.B.A.D. reality (Deaths Before an AIDS Diagnosis), perhaps it isn’t too late to take a closer look at another treatment hoax: The Dr. Anthony S. Fauci IL-2 Treatment Hoax. Let’s see what Captain Fauci has done to help himself as he deliberately steered the HIV Research Titantic straight into the proverbial iceberg with his first and only patent (patent application details are included below): ...
Michele Stoddard: What an oxymoron. Another one from the 1990’s
Libby Handros: It is so sad and terrible that he has had this job for SO long. He is the J Edgar Hoover of medicine.


What Those Masks Are Saying

06-30-20 PPV summaries

From OSS profile of Hitler
(25) He has a capacity for learning from others even though he may be violently opposed to everything they believe and stand for. The use of terror, for example, he says he learned from the Communists, the use of slogans from the Catholic Church, the use of propaganda from the democracies, etc.” (p.45-6)
Langer, Walter C., A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler: His Life and Legend. OSS Archives,

Wondering what’s really happening in Texas? Here’s the email, from a senior executive at a Texas ER chain that sees thousands of patients a month. He went on the record - a brave move. I’m going to let him speak for himself. (Two tweets of screenshots. Worth reading to the end.)
PDF copy of the following

ER visits in Texas

JB Neiman to me

Good morning.

I am the Managing Partner and General Counsel of a Texas based company that owns and operates 13 free-standing emergency clinics in the State of Texas. I follow your reporting and wanted to share with you some information on Texas. I want people to hear this story as opposed to the mainstream reporting. However, I am sensitive about putting a target on myself or my company for conveying this information. I am not sure how you’ve handled this type of situation but I suspect you’ve had other people send you information who are concerned about becoming a target.

In June, we tested over 2231 patients (data through last Thursday). Positive rate is now close to 20% (was 4-6% positive in May). Vast majority of the cases are mild to very mild symptoms. Average age of the people getting tested is mid-30s. Very different patient (in terms of age) than we’ve seen before June. Most of these patients would not have met the strict criteria that we previously had (and all health facilities had) for Covid testing. Now with more testing kits we are able to test a broader group of patients.

Clinically, we’ve had very few hospital transfers because of Covid. Vast majority of the patients are better within 2-3 days of the visit and most would be described as having a cold (a mild one at that) or the symptoms related to allergies. We’ve often provided a steroid shot and some antibiotics. By the time we have follow up calls most of the patients are no longer experiencing any symptoms. They often say the shot really made a difference.

In terms of what is driving them to the ER—Roughly 1/2 have been told by their employers to get a test. They have a sneeze or a cough and their employer tells them to go home and get tested. The other 1/2 just want to know. They have mild symptoms (and some don’t have any symptoms but game the system and check a box that they have a symptom so they can get a test—they cannot get a test unless they present with symptoms. If they have no symptoms we send them away—which does happen).

In terms of information from within hospital systems (intel provided through various contacts ...

The average length of stay of Covid patients is 3-5 days. Much lower then the patients being seen in April and early May. Their symptoms are also milder. Most of these patients are not ending up in the ICU. The hospital ICUs are filled with really sick people with non-Covid issues. They didn’t come in earlier because they were scared and now they are super sick. From multiple sources at different hospitals—they have plenty of capacity and no shortage of acute care beds. No real data on breakdown of patients who have Covid but are not in the hospital because of Covid. Recognition that because all patients are tested for Covid you have some percentage of patients listed as Covid patients who are non Covid symptomatic and that the hospitalization rate is somewhat driven by hospitals taking in their normal patients with other medical issues.

Finally, heard several stories of how discharge planners are being pressured to put Covid as primary diagnosis—as that pays significantly better. Hospitals want to avoid the discussion but if they don’t they risk another shutdown. This may be an explanation for why there is a gap in hospital executives saying they have plenty of capacity and the increasing number of Covid hospitalizations. You open up your hospitals for normal medical care and you test everyone of those patients—the result is higher percentage of patients who have Covid—now

“Vaccine truth, and health freedom, is a Black lives issue” (MUST-SEE interview with Theo Wilson)!topic/newsfromunderground/RakfcERGUGI
Theo E.J. Wilson: A Voice Emerges (25:06, mp3), The Highwire with Del Bigtree, 25 Jun 2020

Two German professors smash Neil Ferguson’s junk-scientific study “proving” that the lockdowns made a difference (MUST-READ)!topic/newsfromunderground/HG7fD2oyYJQ
The lockdowns did nothing to halt or even slow the spread of the coronavirus. What they have done is crash the world economy, heighten mass surveillance, strengthen state control, and thereby nullify democracy, while sickening and killing far more people than COVID-19 could.
Homburg and Kuhbandner’s comment is attached, though here Keith Rushdown takes us through it with his excellent annotations.
Please share this far and wide.
And here, also from Germany, is another, livelier demonstration that the lockdowns were, or are, a dismal farce: German Student Dismantles COVID Alarmism (, 59:38)
SMOKING GUN: Two German Professors Expose the Junk Lockdown Science.
by Keith Rushworth, June 29, 2020

Professors who agree to go online “are the perfect equivalent of the university teachers who in 1931 swore allegiance to the Fascist regime”!topic/newsfromunderground/JKg4GZJo0AU
MCM: A powerful indictment of all those professors who’ve let the COVID propaganda terrorize them into fleeing the classroom—and who feel virtuous for doing so.
Agamben’s referring to developments in Italy (now a captive nation, managed by Big Pharma, as Antonietta Gatti has reported), but his poignant requiem applies to every country where the professoriate has caved, with many of them solemnly proclaiming that “Black lives matter,” while abetting the impoverishment of their black students’ lives.
Requiem for the Students (Giorgio Agamben)

06-29-20 PPV summaries

Wondering what’s really happening in Texas?
Here’s the email, from a senior executive at a Texas ER chain that sees thousands of patients a month. He went on the record - a brave move. I’m going to let him speak for himself. (Two tweets of screenshots. Worth reading to the end.)

BUSTED: Eight NIH Coronavirus Treatment Experts Disclosed Financial Ties To Gilead Cronyism Everywhere
MCM: Yet another motive for Il Fauci’s war on HCQ.

On the racist imbecility of “White Fragility”!topic/newsfromunderground/ur4uS7NfniY

What lies beneath Bill Gates, Monsanto, Starbucks and much more? Bain and Company!topic/newsfromunderground/sMhJltFInOs
Who Controls the Gates Family? (20:31)

What to tell your children when the world has gone insane!topic/newsfromunderground/UkKLsprP3T0
Talking to My Kids About Rona—Part 1, Yolande Norris-Clark, (23:59)

beginning at [4:07]
What’s happening in our world right now is, to my mind, a grand scale feat of social engineering. We are really being programmed for compliance. It’s constantly shifting, a complicated, arbitrary and often conflicting set of rules and regulations and the introduction of very blatant surveillance measures that are again being imposed everywhere. All of this is designed to inure the population to control and manipulation. Now I have no love at all for academic queer theory or post modernists—post-modernism or or any of these branches of philosophy that have influenced so many of the ideas and assumptions that impact leftist policies today. And my opinion is that Michel Foucault was probably a pretty awful person but he did have some ideas that I think have enormous merit in terms of analyzing the manner in which individuals are disciplined most effectively.

So Foucault wrote about the construction of docility using the strategies of surveillance and the specter of the correction to really erode the sense of self on the part of individuals to the point that the value of discipline becomes internalized as voluntary and even desirable. So this is how we see ordinary people an d good people enlisted to participate in what Foucault called a Carceral Continuum.

This is interconnected and interdependent systems of control and monitoring the normalization of which we can see happening right now being reinforced on every scale from family homes small-scale, to farmers markets, to cities. This is, it’s so interesting to go back and read just Discipline and Punish, Foucault’s book and his other works and to see this in effect right now.

As a former vendor of the Fredericton Farmers Market I actually receive the emails that delineate what now constitute the parameters of acceptable behavior at the market. All of this is described using this new language of subservience. So the phases and the bubbles and the hot spots and the outbreaks—we’ve really constructed a new language around safetyisms. All vendors must wear masks. There are guidelines for the mandatory, or at least strongly recommended, use of toxic and carcinogenic hand sanitizers. These are products that I refuse to expose myself or my children to because they’re they’re just incredibly unhealthy.

State Representative Nino Vitale: Test Shows Oxygen Levels Drop into the DANGER ZONE FIVE SECONDS After Putting on a Mask, (6:41) 25 June 2020
Representative A. Nino Vitale, District 85, Columbus, OH

Journalist Blasts California Bureaucrats For COVID Tyranny: “Can You People Do Basic Math?”
Journalist John Ziegler recently tore into Ventura County Board of Supervisors on their tyrannical approach to the COVID-19/coronavirus narrative by implementing unlawful lockdowns and mandatory mask wearing. In the brief two minutes that Zeigler spoke, it was beautiful and he minced no words in his criticism of their tyranny and stupidity.

The Doctor Is In: Scott Atlas And The Efficacy Of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, And Closings
Michele Stoddard: Hi Libby. Thanks for that link! I’m of two minds (or more...) about the fact that we may find ourselves in agreement on the subjects of lockdowns only with people of this ilk, I clicked on the link next to his talk and found this classic delusional Hooverism: Prosperity Projectd Atlas Hoover Institute
It’s (again) stupid to “share” and “post” these days but I did and said this about his paper:
An absolutely classic appeal for the U.S. to “return” of the purported “magic” of the (entirely mythic) “free market” (which for this guy also means the dismantling of Medicare and Medicaid). Big Pharma already IS the primary “regulator” of healthcare in the U.S. More, the top twenty companies, whether American or foreign, have long since entirely cannibalized, inverted, hijacked, converted government at all levels through lobbyists, campaign contributions, outright bribery AND their absolute stranglehold on the media, the medical profession, medical schools, scientific journals, conferences, shadow think tanks, NGO’s and policy organizations. His la-la land is already our nightmare...
Libby Handros: It’s complex these days. Like, you, I am of many minds.
It is complex. Someone this lost may yell at me for saying that Hoover wasn’t a terrible man. He fed a starving Europe. Then, after being vilified he is brought back to serve on committees by Truman and Eisenhower on big government. They are the same ones Papa Joe Kennedy served on that could have set Jack up to be killed.
As someone last night of the chattering classes said, “I can’t believe how fast folks gave their rights up.”
All this to say, maybe we need to be reminded of small c conservatism and how to think for ourselves.

Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic (7:50)
Edward Curtin: A great report. I saw all those mashed potatoes infused with garlic, cream, and butter going into the grave and wept but wept so much more for the farmers who have been screwed by this attack on their livelihoods as the Umbrella People destroy the economy.
John Kirby: We need to find someone who will talk about the overall effect on farmers. Anyone have any thoughts?
MCM: Ice Age Farmer is edited by a very articulate young guy who’d probably be good. Check out his videos on their site.
Darwin Hoop: Those most responsible for these crimes against humanity and ecology are the very people who claim to be the new champions of fairness and the environment. Such vast waste and deprivation should be serious felonies. They are starving people, destroying the livelihoods of other links in the food chain and they are wasting millions of tons of nearly irreplaceable topsoil. Here in North Carolina, and elsewhere, cows, pigs, and chickens are being killed by the millions and bulldozed into mass graves. Tragically ironic the top investors in non-meat meats (e.g., Gates, Tyson, other Green New Dealers, legions of mask and lockdown fascist vegetarians) are responsible.

2022: A Vaccination Passport. The EU Keeps Quiet Over Suspicious Documents

Dr. Fauci warns coronavirus vaccine may not lead to herd immunity in US

06-28-20 PPV summaries

URGENT: Big Pharma has seized Italy, conducting medical experiments on the Italian people!topic/newsfromunderground/uQYvI8QtGAA
MCM: It’s as if Hitler won the war, got rid of Mussolini, and appointed Josef Mengele as Governor of Italy.
Italy: Sold to Big Pharma
A letter to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. by Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti
Dear Robert,
I don’t know if you are completely aware of the Italian situation. Summarizing everything in a few words, Italy was sold to Big Pharma and has become a huge laboratory where experiments are carried out on the population: adults, children, old, healthy, sick people ... it makes no difference, we are all guinea pigs. Now the business, and not just an economic one, is to force 60 million Italians to get vaccinated against COVID, so much so that tens of millions of doses of a product have already been purchased, a product that, in fact, is unknown both in terms of effectiveness and, above all, in terms of side effects. In the meantime, while waiting to receive the goods, a law is being passed according to which everyone, including children, must be vaccinated against the flu (why?), and this in addition to the 10 vaccines that are already mandatory....

Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti
International Fellow USBE
Visiting Professor to Int. Clean Water Institute (Washington, USA),
President of Health, Law and Science Association
Past-Consultant to the Governmental Commission on the depleted Uranium (XVI legislatura)

University of Tennessee REQUIRING all students, faculty and staff to get flu shots, AND shots for the coronavirus, as soon as that rushed COVID-19 vaccine is available!topic/newsfromunderground/MJo2-3CLdQE
A highly toxic combination. That university president should have his head (or bank account) examined.
Tennessee students required to get flu shots, COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available
Mandatory Flu/COVID Vaccinations Begin In Tennessee Uni & Washington Mandates Masks “Inside & Out” (2:25:25, mp3)
The Last American Vagabond, The Daily Wrap Up - 6/28

Merck’s president led secret biowarfare program - influencing experiments on Americans, 3 May 2017
19 September 2017
Merck’s President Led Secret Biowarfare Program Against Americans, 19 September 2017 (11:12)
Not many people are aware that many of our vaccines were made by a corporation whose president led the United States’ biological warfare program.
some of the sources referenced: VAERS vaccine injury reports
Origins of the U.S. Biological Warfare Program
Merck’s President Led Secret Biowarfare Program Against Americans (11:12)
Eugenics and Population Control to Save the Planet, Says Berkeley Professor

Harvard Suspends Fall 2020 Study Abroad
Student Focus Group Instructed to Assume Harvard Will Bring Up to 40 Percent of Undergraduates Back in the Fall
John Kirby: Harvard blazes a trail... to hell

06-27-20 PPV summaries

Lockdown and social distancing could make our immune system weaker, says scientist
People are not exposed to germs and so do not develop defences that could protect them against future pandemics, Oxford epidemiologist warns

SMOKING GUN: Two German Professors Expose the Lockdown Lie
Keith Rushworth: Two German Professors have exposed circular reasoning in the logic behind lockdown. Fancy scientific reports conclude low deaths are due to lockdown, when they are what would have happened anyway. The debates about masks and distancing become irrelevant when you see the casuistry used by lockdown lovers like Ferguson.

A study on infectivity of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers
455 contacts who were exposed to the asymptomatic COVID-19 virus carrier became the subjects of our research. They were divided into three groups: 35 patients, 196 family members and 224 hospital staffs. We extracted their epidemiological information, clinical records, auxiliary examination results and therapeutic schedules.
All CT images showed no sign of COVID-19 infection. No severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections was detected in 455 contacts by nucleic acid test.

Mass-tracking COVI-PASS “immunity passports” slated to roll out in 15 countries (including the US)!topic/newsfromunderground/F0Ze2LHHzQc
MCM:` Did you know that “we’re deep into the third wave” of the COVID crisis? Our freedom of assembly will henceforth depend on these new cyber-papers; Bill Gates says so.

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries
COVI-PASS will determine whether you can go to a restaurant, if you need a medical test, or are due for a talking-to by authorities in a post-COVID world. Consent is voluntary, but enforcement will be compulsory.

How to get EVERYONE injected with that new vaccine (assuming there’s just one)!topic/newsfromunderground/RyvYZa25RmU
MCM: Here’s a game plan for “ensuring uptake of vaccines” (note plural) against COVID-19, when half the population won’t go along. Note that this is a strategy for making mandatory injection seem to be the last resort.

Journalist blasts Ventura County pols for mandating masks, and otherwise ruining life!topic/newsfromunderground/_tTpm6V27VU

Pre-publication Release 2020 - American Academy of Pediatrics COVID-19 Transmission and Children: The Child is Not to Blame
MCM: A new study in Pediatrics. This demolishes the rationale for turning our schools into isolation wards.

Florida Residents Reject Face Masks! | Carl Vernon (7:54)

Zach Bush Our COVID-19 Assumptions Are Wrong: Why Social Distancing & Vaccines Will Make The Pandemic Worse
Michele Stoddard: someone who makes real sense. If you can overlook the introductory’s absolutely brilliant.

Bill Gates says ‘final hurdle’ to distributing a Covid-19 vaccine will be convincing people to TAKE IT

Nurse on the Frontlines of COVID-19 Shares Her Experience
Story at-a-glance

Is Facebook the New Fox News?
And is Mark Zuckerberg doomed to go down in history as a Donald Trump enabler?
Libby Handros: Coke and other advertisers pulling ads over content. Once again it’s going to boil down to the fact checkers

Anti-mask group issues ‘exemption’ card while California ponders citations
Emanuel Garcia: So maybe the big silver lining is that people really are recognising that the government is in our hands after all? The more people do these things, the more we take power back—an exercise in democracy, in resistance to anti-democracy.
Libby Handros: Tis my great hope that we all begin to get it

06-26-20 PPV summaries

‘Don’t be a sheep’: Washington sheriff urges residents to defy mask order
Lewis County Sheriff Denounces Inslee’s New Statewide Mask Mandate (0:56)

Millions on NHS Waiting List – The Forgotten People | Carl Vernon (11:24)
Emanuel Garcia: the fallout from the hoax we won’t be hearing about from the msm

Why you’re wearing a mask the pagan ritual of transformation
John Kirby: This is very important. We need to start really seeing this for the occult transformative mass ritual that it is.
Emanuel Garcia: I agree - Kaufman raised this too in one of his interviews
Libby Handros: Well, certainly all the steps described are present
Sean VanDeusen: Yes! And George Floyd was the blood offering that helped the transformation.
MCM: IF Floyd really died. He had the Freemason’s symbol tattooed hugely on his chest.
Sean VanDeusen: I’m only arguing he was a symbolic offering.

Exposed: Bill/Melinda Gates’ agenda throughout Africa (MUST-SEE)!topic/newsfromunderground/uJkEW_2unZw

Bill Gates is coming for your balls!topic/newsfromunderground/ITmD8UpGcVU

How those speaking out against the fraud around COVID-19 may be cast as scapegoats for a worse pandemic yet to come!topic/newsfromunderground/WrBDaGL2z0Q

RFK, Jr.’s Moving Speech to Sacramento Health Freedom Advocates
RFK begins speaking at 1:30:58

FDA Criticized as COVID Tests Still not Accurate, But U.S. Starts Second Lockdown Anyway

Mask vs No Mask: OSHA Regulation Air Quality Safety Test (10:39)

Revealed: BBC ‘Charity’ receives MILLIONS in funding from Gates Foundation

Getting realistic about the coronavirus death rate

Bill requires employers to keep implanted microchips voluntary for workers

CDC and drugmakers boost flu vaccine doses amid fears of an unprecedented respiratory illness season
Experts are girding for coronavirus and influenza hitting at the same time
Michele Stoddard: CDC, vaccine manufacturers increase influenza doses to prepare for covid-19 this winter
Darwin Hoop: Less than 10% effective, >25% adverse reaction rate (probably much higher, especially over the course of a decade which is unmeasured), and it raises your risk of coronavirus and other respiratory viruses by a third already. What could possibly go wrong? Still, my PC friends from the old co-housing community will be fighting to be seen standing first in line because competitive obedience is the name of the game for them.
Vincent Feldman: Some people need to learn the hard way. Still think that part of the high death rate in long term care facilities was helped by their very high flu vaccine compliance. I have seens that regular old corona virus (common cold) has upwards of an 8% fatality rate in nursing homes. I think just being admitted to a US healthcare facility has a high fatality rate of 3-5%.

06-25-20 PPV summaries

Gates pushing artificial breast milk to help “save the planet”!topic/newsfromunderground/orP3fD-3dJo
MCM: Either we get ready for a world where every interaction, and transaction, is online, with all our movements thereby heavily policed and regulated, or we do all we can, together, to make sure that that world is never realized, by stopping those now trying to bring it on.

HyperNormalisation wades through the culmination of forces that have driven this culture into mass uncertainty, confusion, spectacle and simulation. Where events keep happening that seem crazy, inexplicable and out of control—from Donald Trump to Brexit, to the War in Syria, mass immigration, extreme disparity in wealth, and increasing bomb attacks in the West—this film shows a basis to not only why these chaotic events are happening, but also why we, as well as those in power, may not understand them. We have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. And because it is reflected all around us, ubiquitous, we accept it as normal. This epic narrative of how we got here spans over 40 years, with an extraordinary cast of characters—the Assad dynasty, Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, Patti Smith, early performance artists in New York, President Putin, Japanese gangsters, suicide bombers, Colonel Gaddafi and the Internet. HyperNormalisation weaves these historical narratives back together to show how today’s fake and hollow world was created and is sustained. This shows that a new kind of resistance must be imagined and actioned, as well as an unprecedented reawakening in a time where it matters like never before.

Andrew Lloyd Webber says government suggested musicals return ‘without any singing’
Industry experts warned this week that the UK is on the brink of ‘cultural collapse’

OCLA Asks WHO to Retract Recommendation Advising Use of Face Masks in General Population (PDF)
The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) requests that the WHO retract its recommendation to decision makers advising the use of face masks in the general population (“the WHO recommendation”).
We believe that the WHO recommendation is harmful to public health, and harmful to the very fabric of society. The recommendation is used by governments as a ready-made justification to impose mask use in the general population. The resulting legislative dictates and policies of coercion broadly violate civil, political and human rights. We ask that your ill-conceived recommendation be retracted immediately.

Boston city government bans facial recognition technology

Why Social Distancing Should Not Be the New Normal

Gov. Cuomo can’t dodge accountability for nursing home deaths forever
Libby Handros: Only the Post keeps holding his feet to the fire

Coronavirus antibody tests could give false hope of immunity, scientists warn
Experts say NHS in danger of wasting valuable time and money by focusing on antibody tests that, so far, serve little clinical purpose
John KIrby: In the middle of this they have revealed the rub of the plan: they say previous corona virus antibodies wane in a year. So: yearly RNA (nanobot) vaccine, mandatory.

Schools to scrap social distancing in September
Pupils will return to classes after summer in larger ‘bubbles’ without having to stay one metre apart
Libby Handros: GOOD News from across the pond: Schools to scrap social distancing in September

06-24-20 PPV summaries

Black Lives Matter protests haven’t led to Covid19 spikes. It may be due to people staying home
Barra Bernstein: I’ve read this three times. Am I missing something??
MCM: That is laughably absurd. The takeaway: “good” protesters aren’t infectious, but “bad” protesters are.

MCM: Gates testing COVID-19 vaccine on Africans. (So don’t THOSE “black lives matter”?)
This vaccine has not been tested first on animals.
John Kirby: And of course, Africa is among the first guinea pigs. I am surprised South African blacks let anyone with a syringe anywhere near them, given the history of eugenic bioterrorism in that country... and all of the rest of the continent.

MCM: As one of the directors of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies (OPS), I’m pleased to circulate this statement in response to the hit-pieces that slandered several of us in the upscale Times. (There was a very similar attack, at the same time, in the downscale Daily Mail.)

The Gary Null Show – Merck’s History of Crimes and Misdemeanors – 06.01.20
Has the Merck Pharmaceutical Company Killed More People than the U.S. Military or Any Terrorist Organization?

That much-hyped “smoking gun” in Bolton’s book turns out to be a squirt-gun.!topic/newsfromunderground/OXNHCmoQiRQ

NY, NJ and CT impose 14-day quarantines on “travelers from coronavirus hotspot states”!topic/newsfromunderground/fau70nVs2Ls
As the COVID-19 death rate, and the rate of severe cases, continue to go down, the guardians of public health, along with “our free press,” misleadingly decry the rising level of COVID-19 “cases” and “infections” (i.e., people who’ve tested positive, but mostly have no symptoms), in order to ramp up their draconian “preventive” measures, and thereby prolong and intensify the current state of siege.
With the EU considering a ban on entry by Americans, and now NY, NJ and CT imposing 14-day quarantines on “travelers from coronavirus hotspot states,” we’re clearly being pushed toward needing “health passports” in order to go anywhere.
That step will do nothing to curtail the spread of COVID-19 “cases,” but it certainly will make free movement in and from the USA by US citizens impossible; and, more specifically, its application to Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, the Carolinas, Texas and Utah (as well as Washington) will serve to further stigmatize our fellow-citizens in those “red” states, and so exacerbate the blue/red fracture in the US body politic.

HCQ “trials” in the US (and 13 other countries) are “an ongoing medical atrocity,” OVERDOSING gravely ill C-19 patients!topic/newsfromunderground/XitmGs_gpgY

Covid-19 Has Turned Public Health Into a Lethal, Patient-Killing Experimental Endeavor

Graeme MacQueen: Inspiration from the past
I recommend the book, Dissolving Illusions to those of you who haven’t read it. Here are two quotations showing different responses to compulsory vaccines.
Leicester Mercury, January 1884:
“...a goodly number of anti-vaccinators were present, and an escort was formed, preceded by a banner, to accompany a young mother and two men, all of whom had resolved to give themselves up to the police and undergo imprisonment in preference to having their children vaccinated. The utmost sympathy was expressed for the poor woman, who bore up bravely, and although seeming to feel her position expressed her determination to go to prison again and again rather than give her child over to the “tender mercies” of a public vaccinator. The three were attended by a numerous crowd and in Gallowtreegate three hearty cheers were given for them, which were renewed with increased vigour as they entered the doors of the police cells.”
Humphries, Suzanne. Dissolving Illusions (p. 157). Kindle Edition.
New York Times, September 28, 1885, re events in Montreal, Canada:
“The by-law passed by the Provincial Board of Health making vaccination compulsory having appeared in the Official Gazette increased the excitement among the French Canadians to such an extent that a riot broke out in the east end this morning, and before the crowd dispersed they smashed many of the windows of the East End Health Office... some 50 police had meantime arrived and drove the mob down the street, but they immediately gathered on the Champ de Mars in the rear, where a lively hand-to-hand conflict took place, but the rioters, when dispersed at one place, immediately met at another and renewed the stone throwing, and several of the police were wounded... the mob returned to the house of Dr. Laporte, public vaccinator, and set fire to it... the rioters proceeded once more to the East End Health Office, and easily overpowered the five policemen who were on guard. The whole front of the office was torn out and the smallpox placards and sulphur for disinfecting houses were piled up in the middle of the street and set fire to...”
Humphries, Suzanne. Dissolving Illusions (pp. 179-180). Kindle Edition.

Now they’re coming for Jesus

Controversial California study claims Americans are OVERESTIMATING their risk of getting coronavirus and that the odds of infection are around one in 4,000

It’s lockdown lift-off – but who wants to live in this new normal?
Sorry, but I will not accept the new order. It frightens our children, it damages what’s left of our economy and it restricts our liberty
Libby Handros: It seems in England, thankfully, people do not want to do the heavy lifting on common sense

06-23-20 PPV summaries

Using ILI surveillance to estimate state-specific case detection rates and forecast SARS-CoV-2 spread in the United States

COVID-19 Map - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Forbes Caught in Blatant Censoring Act
Story at-a-glance
 •  Forbes’ June 7, 2020, article on a Norwegian report that claims to present proof that SARS-CoV-2 is a laboratory creation was almost immediately altered to reflect the opposing view
 •  The 180-degree turnaround is being justified by citing “scientific consensus on COVID-19” — a consensus that does not exist
 •  There are many reasons for protecting the narrative that SARS-CoV-2 is of a natural origin. If it is proven to be a lab creation, the public may demand biosafety/biowarfare research into dangerous pathogens be stopped
 •  Thousands of scientists involved in such research would lose their jobs if funding came to a halt and biosafety level 4 laboratories were to be shut down. Many could also potentially face life in prison for violating the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989
 •  American scientists and health organizations would also be responsible, and the U.S. doesn’t want to implicate its own agencies in the creation of SARS-CoV-2

Cats and dogs ‘could spark a second wave of coronavirus cases’ experts now warn

COVID Vaccine Will Only be Good for a Short Time – Multiple Shots Will be Needed

Cows play part in coronavirus vaccine development
Blood Plasma Treatments Could Be Helpful For COVID-19 Patients
Darwin Hoop:This process risks transmission of bovine viruses and prions responsible for BSE (“Mad Cow Disease) to humans
MCM: From March 16.
For nearly 20 years, SAb has been developing and perfecting a unique method of using genetically engineered cows as the source from which to harvest antibodies that can fight human diseases such as influenza, diabetes and cancer.
“The process risks transmission of bovine viruses and prions responsible for BSE (mad cow disease) to humans,” notes Darwin K. Hoop.
(If they’re “working feverishly” to rush out that new vaccine, shouldn’t they be quarantined?)

06-22-20 PPV summaries

Initial COVID-19 Trials: The World’s Deadliest Vaccine?
Warp Speed COVID-19 Vaccine Makes Big Pharma Crooks Rich

Exposing the Gates Agenda in Africa (12:01)

MCM: Bill Gates isn’t gone, he’s just away—at work on GMO mosquitoes, artificial breast milk, and the plan to have black Americans injected with that rushed new COVID-19 vaccine
Grace’s latest video:

These 9 hand sanitizers may contain a potentially fatal ingredient, FDA warns
Libby Handros: Classic

New “report” denies the scientific evidence that EMF is probably more dangerous than cigarettes (whose makers long pumped out the same kind of deceptive propaganda)
ICNIRP’s Exposure Guidelines for Radio Frequency Fields

Critical Race Theory has gone mainstream!topic/newsfromunderground/AnrgRqRKO2w
“Bias training” is a corporate racket that will not end racism, nor will the ritual self-flagellation of guilt-ridden whites—trends based on the mainstream absorption of Critical Race Theory, as Gabriel Scorgie argues here. (My view, as I’ve often noted, is that this academic dogma has not just been absorbed, but purposely deployed, to [a] Change the Subject from the intensifying class war waged by the elites on all the rest of us, and [b] further weaken our impulse, and ability, to fight back all together.)
Compare the premise of CRT with James Baldwin’s far more nuanced critique of white liberals, as unconsciously neo-colonialist, and therefore blind to the necessity of blacks and whites helping each other overcome the legacy of racism in America. (He also noted the CIA’s covert use of “white liberals” for state purposes.)
The White Liberal | James Baldwin | 1969 (4:39)
(That view is, of course, more fully elaborated in Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, among other of his writings, and the documentary “I Am Not Your Negro.”)

Critical Race Theory Has Gone Mainstream

by Gabriel Scorgie June 17, 2020

Bad news for Lockheed Martin (and US empire): Japan HALTS plan to deploy multi--billion-dollar missile defense system!topic/newsfromunderground/AFOWcPtmoWw
The Great Withdrawal, by James Corbett, 21 Jun 2020

There’s plenty we can learn about racism (and much else) from what the protesters are NOT addressing!topic/newsfromunderground/qKTgCt6AUdg
There’s plenty we can learn about racism (and much else) from what the protesters are NOT addressing. Maybe they could take a break from trashing statues, and converge on the US Penitentiary, Coleman, in central Florida, where they’ve been holding Leonard Peltier for over 40 years, on bogus charges used to lock him up, in furtherance of the US government’s covert campaign against the American Indian Movement (AIM), which had allied itself with the Black Panther Party (which the state also destroyed). As Anthony Hall points out (below), in this BLM moment there’s been no audible reference to America’s founding genocide of the Indians, or the misery of their descendants to this day. Protesters could demand an honest public inquiry into Peltier’s sentence, which would result in his release at last.

And, speaking of the BPP, maybe the protesters could stop attacking statues—not only of Confederate leaders, and frank imperialists like Theodore Roosevelt, but also of black soldiers who fought for freedom in the Civil War, and of Ulysses S. Grant, a staunch advocate of Reconstruction—and take a moment to demand that FBI headquarters no longer be named in honor of J. Edgar Hoover, whose virulent racism postdates the sins, real or imagined, of all those 19th-century figures, and who micromanaged the destruction of the Panthers, persecuted Martin Luther King (then helped frame James Earl Ray), and who evidently ordered the murders of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. (Also, protesters in Philadelphia might assemble at the state penitentiary in Mahonoy, Pa., where Mumia Abu-Jamal has been held prisoner, on bogus charges, since 1982. Protesters could demand an honest public inquiry into his sentence, which would result in his release at last.)

And maybe the protesters could take a break from knocking over statues honoring slave-owners like Francis Scott Key, who flourished 200 years ago, and assemble at the doorways of the Israeli embassy in Washington, and Israel’s consulates in other cities nationwide, and demand an end to the atrocious current occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and Israel’s apartheid system overall, since that subjection of the brown lives over there is no less racist, and far more lethal, than the systemic mistreatment of black people over here.

I’m tempted to elaborate on several other of the many cogent observations that Prof. Hall makes in this piece; but I’ll desist, and end by urging you to read it for yourself, to get a firmer grip on the post-COVID pseudo-revolution raging now, as a slo-mo extermination program* planned for all of us unfolds right before our eyes.

* BLM has not protested Bill Gates’ lethal vaccine programs throughout Africa (and Asia), and, likewise, not protested Melinda Gates’ suggestion that black people here should be among the first to get injected with the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Protest, Riot, Loot, and Burn for Black Freedom in America?

Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G
We the undersigned, scientists and doctors, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.
Launched on September 13, 2017. By June 17, 2020 there are 388 signatories. Link The 5G Appeal was prepared in 2017 by scientists and doctors who are urgently calling for the EU to halt the roll out of 5G due to serious potential health effects from this new technology. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.

PM Boris Reviews the Two Metre Rule. The UK Waits with Bated Breath
Boris doing science? See here:

06-21-20 PPV summaries

How COVID-19 killed the office and other commentary
Libby Handros: Well, here is a lot in a nutshell

Coronavirus is weakening, could disappear on its own: Italian doctor

MASKS ARE GONE IN OC — The Healthy American, Peggy Hall (4:58)
Thank you to everyone who drove who spoke who emailed our fight is not over... Next up we will fight forced surveillance and the mandatory vaccines. If you want to know how we did it, sign up for my list and I will send you the talking points and game plan! (I think the threat of a prison sentence may have gotten their attention)

Peggy Hall at OC Board of Supervisors Mtg (1:04)
Peggy Hall at Orange County Board of Supervisors Mtg demanding that Supervisor Don P Wagner immediately rescind the mask requirement due to no scientific evidence being presented by the Public Health Officer Chau to justify a public health emergency.

Booze-bill rule threatens NYC restaurant reopenings
Libby Handros: This is evil! Why are blue states so mean?

Iceland now feels like the coronavirus never happened

Florida adds 3,494 COVID-19 cases as current hospitalizations keep rising in Miami-Dade
Libby Handros: Note the low death toll

Using hand sanitizer during COVID-19 pandemic? FDA warns these 9 might be toxic

If Governments Were Really ‘Guided by the Science’ – Then Lockdowns Should End

Has the World’s Response to COVID-19 Been All Wrong? (29:19)
Knowing what we know now – that the overwhelming majority of victims of COVID-19 have occurred with the elderly in palliative care with multiple long-term chronic health conditions – is it really practical or justified to quarantine the entire population? Should governments now reconsider their emergency health and economic responses to the epidemic and reopen the schools, businesses, and relax “COVID control” measures like social distancing? The Agenda host Steve Paikin moderates a spirited debate between these two experienced Canadian health and policy officials Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health; and Richard Schabas, former Ontario medical officer of health.

UKC News: Gov’t Narratives on Masks, Contact Tracing, Social Distancing, Vaccines – Are Falling Apart (58:06)
All of the government’s widely disseminated claims about COVID-19, from the infection fatality rate, to social distancing, masks and vaccines – are now falling apart. With the economy in free-fall and with millions more joining the unemployment ranks every week, will there be a reckoning? Is the government still accountable to the people, or has it already transitioned into a Chinese-style single party state? Also, Trump lashes out at his former National Security boffin John Bolton for publishing White House secrets in his new book. All this and more.
John Kirby: These guys do such crucial work. Just beautiful, dry, perfect dismemberment of official dogma.

Cuomo takes a bow after his deadly nursing home decision

06-20-20 PPV summaries

CDC coronavirus test kits were likely contaminated, federal review confirms

Have Apple And Google Suddenly Uploaded A COVID-19 Tracking App To Your Phone? The Facts Behind The Furor

Il Fauci says widespread lockdowns no longer needed in US!topic/newsfromunderground/FCtErstArc8
He said this two days ago, in an interview with Agence France-Presse. That no US outlet reported it, and that only the Washington Times has now reported it, makes clear that “our free press” will just continue screeching from the propaganda hymnal that’s been used so successfully for months, despite whatever Fauci’s finally said.

One Dead After Shooting In Seattle Autonomous Zone!topic/newsfromunderground/Vt_T0rY9Wvo
Looks like “Syrian girl” nailed it. The crime spree in that faux-anarchist commune appears to be a standing invitation to a crackdown, or, first, an armed response by (what will be portrayed as) white supremacists, and THEN a crackdown. Either way, it sure looks like the sort of thing the CIA pulled off in Teheran, Jakarta, Santiago, Kiev and all too many other places where the people suffered through what We the People are apparently going through right now.

Media Protects COVID-19 Origin, Despite the Evidence
Cover-Up of SARS-CoV-2 Exposed

A new Jim Crow, Down Under: Those refusing COVID-19 shots should lose their jobs, not be allowed to eat in restaurants or have their children go to school (and that’s just for starters)!topic/newsfromunderground/TzyZXBE5Qj0
New COVID-19 restrictions will be needed for anti-vaxxers

Liz Glass for NY State Senate! (MUST-SEE 1- minute video)
This tweet gets into the incumbent’s ties to Bill Gates, and commitment to the medical-fascist forced-vaccination regimen:

Cory Morningstar on how the “climate movement,” and the “Green New Deal,” are really all about DESTROYING nature!topic/newsfromunderground/R0UAWpzBbd8
Millions of well-meaning people, especially the young, have been adeptly played by mighty interests looking to realize the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” so as to make themselves still wealthier, and further tighten their control, through blockchain technology, AI, total surveillance. Here’s Cory taking us through all that she’s elucidated through her MUST-READ investigative series, which you can find at,
The very telling silences that Cory notes throughout the “climate movement” also tell us something about BLM/Antifa, who say nothing about class, or the economy, or the US war machine, which just keeps grinding on throughout this crisis, further poisoning the planet, and bombing peoples of color, and destabilizing their societies, while everybody here is shouting, “Black lives matter!”
p.s. Cory has a very interesting take on Jeff Gibb’s Planet of the Humans, and Michael Moore’s regressive use of it.

How Will WWIII Be Fought? – Questions For Corbett #062 | film, mp3 (19:06) with notes/references
A Corbett Report viewer writes in to ask about the mechanics of World War III . . . but James’ answer may surprise you. Find out the real nature of the weaponry that is already being used in the unfolding Third World War, and the most important real estate in the world over which this war is being fought.
John Kirby: The second half of this talk is especially important.

Israeli doctors find the cause of fatal blood clots in COVID-19 patients, and may have found a remedy!topic/newsfromunderground/sM1bvu9AL3c
If they get the go-ahead to test colchicine on COVID patients, and it works, don’t expect “our free press” to report it.

States allowing HCQ for COVID-19 treatment have lower death rates than the states restricting it (and there’s a partisan dimension, too)!topic/newsfromunderground/vFmky4RNAKg
From Kathy Dopp (
First, I am a registered voting Democrat. These, however, are the facts:
As of June 20, 2020, US states led by Republican governors, or states known to use hydroxychloroquine, have lower death rates, out of both #cases and millions of people, than states led by Democratic governors or states that restrict hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) availability for COVID19 patients.
State Action on Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine Access
The states that seem to be using HCQ are CO, FL, AZ, TX, and UT (which restricts the use of HCQ for COVID-19 patients to 7 days’ dosage, helping to avoid overdoses).
States restricting the use of HCQ for COVID19 patients are NY, RI, DC, MD, MS, MN, GE, NV, WV, MT, OR, VA, ID, AR, SD.
Please let me know if you think I am wrong about any of these states. Thank you.
See to view the data (shown below)

Twitter “canceling” Joe Rogan for observing that the media has ignored Joe Biden’s mental incapacity!topic/newsfromunderground/Ejagg9W5rpQ
So is “our free press” not ignoring Biden’s cognitive decline? Or is Biden’s mind not melting right before our eyes?
Since no one can rationally answer “yes” to either of those questions, this stroke of censorship by Twitter is insane.
Emanuel Garcia: it’s not insane if you rightly regard Twitter as a propaganda tool

Rubio/Cruz bill would cast Cuba’s medical missions as a “human trafficking operation”
In an act of pure hypocrisy and obsessive cruelty, GOP Senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and Ted Cruz joined together to penalize developing nations who seek to take advantage of Cuba’s hands-on humanitarian work.

For Syrians, the hand of liberal zionism in Antifa is easy to spot.

“Syrian girl” nails BLM for its key role in a US “color revolution”!topic/newsfromunderground/IWDW4Oy1X94
Her strong critique would be still stronger if she noted that BLM has been heavily financed by the Ford Foundation, a longtime pass-through for CIA funding; and that BLM/Antifa serve to deflect mass attention from, and to preclude mass protests of, the depredations by the billionaire elite.
On CIA involvement in the “color revolutions”:
In short, “Syrian girl” ends up over-focusing on Israel; and yet that heavy emphasis is understandable, considering the gruesome toll of Zionism on Syria, and that whole region.
In any case, she’s absolutely right to note that the Floyd/Chauvin episode has served to spark a “color revolution” here and now, with the anomalously vocal backing of the billionaire elite, most of the corporate media, and scores of predatory multinational corporations—interests as concerned about “black lives” as they are about the lives of every other have-not in the US and the whole wide world.

A Hidden US Obscenity – Money, Health and Covid
by Keith Rushworth
More on the obscene amounts spent by “our” government per “COVID cases,” state by state!topic/newsfromunderground/K72of1_Q3BQ
The ongoing pandemic of COVID misdiagnoses is worth $1.3 TRILLION to US states and hospitals—especially those hospitals, like Elmhurst, where “black lives matter” only as a source of revenue.
I mistakenly reported that HHS is spending $1.3 TRILLION for such diagnoses nationwide, when that sum is the entire HHS budget.
In fact, out of its CARES Act Provider Relief Fund, “HHS is distributing [‘only’] $175 billion to hospitals and healthcare providers on the front lines of the coronavirus response.”
That is, of course, far less than that $1.3 trillion; but, as Keith Rushworth notes: “That’s somewhat more than the cost of the NHS—free healthcare for all—in England for a whole year.”

What Spike? Hospitalization Data Show No Indication Of A Second Wave
Emanuel Garcia: this supports Andy Kaufman who has been making conclusions from death rates, CDC, etc.

‘Social distancing’ is a CIA protocol for breaking down enemies of state. It has ZERO place in the classroom.!topic/newsfromunderground/Oc5-E6qFPxk
Leigh Dundas, a lawyer in California, demolishes the CDC guidelines for “reopening” the schools this fall.
Her brief history of the CIA’s keen interest in “social distancing”—a euphemism for “social isolation”—is something everybody needs to know; as is her deft summary of the reasons why the semi-lockdown planned for US schools will be especially damaging to children of color.
So those who really do believe that “black lives matter” must speak out against the use of “social distancing” within, and “remote learning” instead of, our children’s classrooms.

Leigh Dundas: Is Social-Distancing Causing MORE Harm? (9:00)
Many educators and parents are struggling with the concept of social distancing in schools. Here are some lesser known facts about social distancing and isolation: To learn more about the secret military meeting in Canada in the 1950’s that gave rise to social distancing and isolation techniques—and to learn the basis for the “six foot distance rule” during times of COVID—watch this video.
Bottom line? The CA Department of Education has no business deploying CIA protocols—still used to this day to break down enemies because they are more effective than physical torture—against kindergardeners in classrooms.
Particularly since adoption of the 6 foot rule will force CA schools into a hybrid “remote learning” model – where students will only be able to be on-campus part time – which will unfairly disadvantage the 43% of California’s students who are from lower socio-economic families. By fifth grade, these children are already testing 2-3 years behind their counterparts. Because they are poor, they often do not have any parent home with them during the day, and further lack computers and consistent internet connections.
To deploy remote learning against these children is an educational death sentence - simply put, they will never catch up to their peers.
Call and email California State Department of Education and Superintendent Tony Thurmond (916-319-0800 and—and do the same with your County Board of Education, your local school district and your child’s principal—and tell them: NO SOCIAL DISTANCING, and NO REMOTE LEARNING.
PS: For those concerned about sending kids to school this Fall, there is good news: Visit (Resources tab) for more data.

06-19-20 PPV summaries

Tom Wolfe, 1996: Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died
Libby Handros: leave it to Tom Wolfe every time

Libby Handros: What School Lunch Looks Like in South Korea

Prospering in the pandemic: the top 100 companies
The first in an FT series on corporate resilience in a year of human and economic devastation

The threat has passed, so why are our civil liberties still suspended?
This safety-first attitude is recklessly inflicting real harm in the name of averting catastrophe
Libby Handros: Note Boris Johnson saying how surprised he was how easy to take our liberty. Cuomo said something Similar. It’s too bad people don’t understand

Bill Gates’ climate-change investment firm bets on lab-produced breast milk
Kelley Volker: Biomilq. Lab made mother’s milk. New baby poison to add to the vaccines. Disgusting.

Revealed: how drug firms ‘hoodwink’ medical journals
Pharmaceutical giants hire ghostwriters to produce articles - then put doctors’ names on them
“Estimates suggest that almost half of all articles published in journals are by ghostwriters. ... In February the New England Journal of Medicine was forced to retract an article published last year by doctors from Imperial College in London and the National Heart Institute on treating a type of heart problem. It emerged that several of the listed authors had little or nothing to do with the research.”

2010: Of Sophists and Spin-Doctors: Industry-Sponsored Ghostwriting and the Crisis of Academic Medicine
“Ghostwriting has also been used to advance the cause of disease mongering. This occurs as a result of pharmaceutical marketing of indications created specifically to increase prescriptions, such as “social anxiety disorder,” “pediatric bipolar disorder,” “premenstrual dysphoric disorder” and the like (Moynihan and Cassels, 2005). Medical communication companies and public relation firms are engaged to create awareness of a previously unrecognized ‘disease’ and the new treatments for ‘sufferers’ of these conditions.”
John Kirby: This is a really crucial piece which helps explain the mechanism by which pharma captures medical journals.
MCM: Propaganda kills. How Big Pharma has corrupted medical journals

REMAP-Covid study of HCQ—ongoing at 200 sites in 14 countries— is even worse than the UK “Recovery” trial!topic/newsfromunderground/laa1RU0wets
This REMAP-Covid study, Meryl explains, is an outgrowth of “a multicenter study of community-acquired pneumonia begun in 2016.” She wonders how it is that those running/operating these dubious trials have apparently “lost the ability to think for themselves. How can this be? Overwork? Certainly ambition. Medicine is very hierarchical, so why even consider raising questions?”
Even worse than ‘Recovery,’ potentially lethal hydroxychloroquine study in patients near death
by Meryl Nass, MD

Historical Lapses in Public Health Ethics: Will Gates-Funded COVID Vaccine Human Trials Be Business as Usual?
Libby Handros: Children’s Health Defense is doing amazing work

27 May 2020: ‘Decentralized ID at All Costs’: Adviser Quits ID2020 Over Blockchain Fixation
An adviser to the ID2020 Alliance, which aims to bring digital identities to billions of people, has resigned over the organization’s direction on digital immunity passes and COVID-19.

Special Solari Report: Contact Tracing & the HEROES Act - with Mary Holland (58:16)

Multiple Scientists: CORONAVlRUS Altered in Lab to Better Attach to Humans
Ben Swann, Truth In Media, 16 Jun 2020 (12:52)

Libby Handros: Friday afternoon fear porn
The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating, and the Americas are faring the worst, WHO warns

Renowned anthropologist Jane Goodall: Young people shouldn’t look to become the next Bill Gates

VICTORY! WHO quietly halts its risky “Solidarity Trial” of HCQ!topic/newsfromunderground/Yi8V48xGtWs
On 17 June 2020, WHO announced that the hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) arm of the Solidarity Trial to find an effective COVID-19 treatment was being stopped.
From Dr. Meryl Nass:
Update June 18: I sent a tweet to WHO Director General Tedros informing him of these findings 3 days ago. I also emailed WHO’s Dr. Restrepo, inquiring about the doses used in the Solidarity trial. I am very pleased to report that WHO stopped this deadly trial yesterday, with no fanfare. WHO claimed the decision was made on the basis of the Recovery trial result and a Cochrane review, as well as WHO data. One wonders if the DSMB was bypassed again, as occurred on May 25 when WHO halted its HCQ arm for the first time.

I had pointed out that if trial investigators had not disclosed to subjects the known risks associated with the high HCQ doses used, the investigators and WHO would be liable for damages.

I like to think my investigation has helped save some lives.

Are you up for the trans-humanist agenda?!topic/newsfromunderground/z-tCJtLK8zc
Partly Human: The Trans-Humanist Agenda
by Lila York

State-by-state breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 case
MCM: Follow the money

Government bodies to review if vitamin D can help protect against coronavirus
Barra Bernstein: A little late to the party!

Mandatory vaccination bill DEFEATED in New Brunswick!topic/newsfromunderground/XcUOD3RN-ik
From Meryl Nass:
This was the first battle state in Canada, and the people won.
Bob Sears, James Lyons-Weiler and I had given testimony on this bill in Frederickton last August. My testimony then:
It is of interest that Covid-19 did not have the desired effect of frightening people into voting for mandatory vaccination.
Mandatory vaccination bill defeated 22-20
Bill sought to remove religious, philosophical exemptions for schoolchildren

Wikipedia’s Culture of Editorial Chaos and Malice
By Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null (58:07)

We are living through a frenzy of conformity
Sensitive issues are avoided and major corporations are taking it upon themselves to educate the masses

Paranoia creeps into homeworking

Keep cats inside and dogs on leads to avoid coronavirus spread, say scientists
‘Increasing evidence’ that some animals can pass Covid-19 on to humans, says UCL report
Libby Handros: Just as people are realizing it’s safe to come out, let’s terrify everyone who just adopted an animal (animal adoptions have soared) their pet is a carrier...
Darwin Hoop: Were I the type (and I certainly am NOT), I might invest in “mask” industry for dogs and cats. Surely those who wish to “protect themselves” and to demonstrate superior obedience to authority will not deny their pets these opportunities. Probably get a favorable write-up on the front page with a picture above the fold.
Barra Bernstein: I have actually seen dogs in my community wearing masks!

Scientists have seen NO instances of children passing COVID-19 to adults!topic/newsfromunderground/5G8u2BZFw3I
So let the kids go out to play WITHOUT THOSE MASKS ON.
(Somehow Bloomberg didn’t get the memo.)
Children Don’t Pass Covid-19 to Adults, Report Indicates

06-18-20 PPV summaries

Libby Handros: Fauci’s Latest
Darwin Hoop: The “science” advocated by Fauci often requires an asterisk. Most of what is presented under the aegis of science in the US is nothing more than sophisticated marketing paired with the mantle of a major research university. Even the majority of university-conducted science is now corporate-sponsored, though this fact is sometimes veiled thinly by a granting agency the political priorities of which are well-understood (e.g., “NIH is seeking proposals from labs who are able to demonstrate detrimental effects of Hydroxychloroquine in animal and human models”). However, it’s even more common for companies to simply buy the research findings they need for litigation and marketing. Every researcher knows his sugar daddy corporate sponsor is going to disappear if he doesn’t get them the results they desire. Fabricating results is child’s play and will have the desired impact for the company for quite a while before skeptics can get real science published.
Now, more than ever, people should be extremely skeptical of claims alleged to be justified by science, especially where those claims are associated with medical molecules or therapies. There are more ways to corrupt these studies than most would imagine, especially in the design of the clinical trials, and these ways are systematically exploited.
Emanuel Garcia: I couldn’t agree with you more. Marcia Angell, the former editor of the NEJM would also agree.
At a major psychiatric conference in Florence about 5 years ago, I remember being appalled at how many presenting researchers working in universities (like Oxford), also had their own start-up companies founded on the research they had done .... it astonished me, this level of venality and masquerading ‘science’.
And I remember one of them, which had to do with genetic testing for schizophrenia—which I thought was ridiculously dubious under any circumstances—but they already had the patents on their ‘tests’ ... it made me puke. John Kirby: Well put and just so, Darwin, as is backed up by everyone from our former assistant (who worked in government and corporate labs and was asked to falsify data in the latter), to my mother in law (for years at NIH— she sees the pernicious effects of pharma everywhere except where her faith doesn’t allow it: in vaccinology.) to President Eisenhower, who saw how science could be captured , and what was just as bad, how “science” could capture us.

Is this the real reason Sweden didn’t lockdown?
Without changing the constitution, the Swedish government could not overrule decisions made by the country’s Public Health Agency

Many FEWER children have been dying since the lockdowns started. Why? Because of fewer “well visits” and more home births—i.e., fewer VACCINATIONS!topic/newsfromunderground/sIglRaOG4O0
Less well visits = less vaccines = fewer cases of SIDS
Lessons from the Lockdown
Why are so many fewer children dying?
A White Paper from Health Choice
By Amy Becker and Mark Blaxill
June 18, 2020
Surprisingly, U.S. mortality rates have declined among young people during the lockdown, especially among infants. These trends have gone largely unnoticed and remain unexplained.

Covid19 is a serious public health issue, but the breathless reporting among the media of positive tests and an ever-rising death toll does little to instruct us about the true nature of the virus and the unprecedented steps taken to prevent its impact. As in many complex and pervasive health phenomena, there are many ways to measure health effects, but in our view the proper measure of impact is not a narrow or intermediate metric, but rather total health outcomes. In the case of a pandemic virus affecting large populations and where the immediate concern is sharp increases in deaths, the best measure of outcomes is not a selective measure of deaths somehow attributed to the disease but instead is deaths from all causes. For perspective, these deaths must be compared to historical death rates from all causes in prior years (Percent of Expected Deaths). As we will show, a balanced view of the broader American Covid19 experience demonstrates both the scale and variability of its negative outcomes in older Americans, especially the elderly, but also some unexpected positives. Surprisingly, U.S. mortality rates have declined among young people during the lockdown, especially among infants. These trends have gone largely unnoticed and remain unexplained.

Death rates from all causes vary widely and somewhat predictably. The most pronounced variation occurs by age cohort (most deaths occur in the elderly) and by time of year and to a lesser extent by geography. All-cause deaths are cyclical, commonly rising in the winter months and “flu season” and then falling to lower levels as warmer weather arrives. To the extent that death rates vary by region, this is mostly a result of differences in the age mix of residents. In the case of Covid19, death rates are not yet known to be cyclical but they do vary significantly by age and geography.

In the analysis that follows we have examined the evidence on total death rates by geography (mostly by state), by age group and by week (and flu season). We have extracted eight main lessons. Some of these are part of the ongoing conversation around Covid19; others are unexpected or at least have not been widely circulated. Why this discrepancy? Since the infectious disease establishment has controlled the “pandemic” narrative, the variance between this evidence and conventional wisdom is largely driven by longstanding bias and error patterns among the experts in that community.

6 covert forms of propaganda used against us via “our free press” and online (MUST-READ)!topic/newsfromunderground/zHQUHKzN69U
6 secret ways they control information online and in the news
by Sharyl Attkisson

Thousands of Swedes are swapping ID cards for microchips!topic/newsfromunderground/vt0jaQFWxAI
Swedish meatballs. This is from two years ago. Just imagine how the COVID-19 crisis must have grown that number.
World Economic Forum: 16 May 2018

New Trick Could Save Agriculture Even If All the Bees Keep Dying
Michele Stoddard: Oh, great - Drones equipped with bubble blowers could pollinate crops if all the bees die. What really is wrong with the natural world that these lunatics so want to destroy it?

To keep us “safe,” they’re planning to destroy our schools, from kindergarten up through college. Who’s willing to speak out against it?!topic/newsfromunderground/-IJmRxTK6dk
If you’re an elementary or high school teacher, or a professor, or a child psychologist, and don’t approve of the “new normal” planned for the whole US education system, please let me know.
The CDC’s guidelines for “reopening” the schools are noted here (I sent them out on June 5):

A HUGE Cover-Up Happened in Atlanta Last Night (9:33)
Really Graceful: “Hey internet friends. This video is about the huge media black-out last night that occurred in Atlanta. I cover the events that took place on the night of June 17, 2020.”
MCM: What really happened in Atlanta yesterday, and what it really means

Amazon (temporarily) banned sales of Alex Berenson’s new book, UNREPORTED TRUTHS ABOUT COVID-19 AND THE LOCKDOWNS. Here is what he says about it.!topic/newsfromunderground/sCL8VmAchrw
MCM: His take on the NYTimes, where he used to work, is especially noteworthy, as is the role of Elon Musk in Amazon’s reversal.
From Alex Berenson:
Professor Miller,

I believe Amazon is censoring more widely than is realized. That is certainly true of COVID-19 books, which it is refusing to sell through KDP [Kindle Direct Publishing] as a matter of course. I’m not sure what would happen to traditional publishers, who presumably would have more leverage. But KDP is such an important platform and so many books are self-published now that even KDP-“only” censorship is significant.

I don’t really think it’s about Big Pharma (which I covered for the Times). So far, the pharma companies have not really benefited from COVID, with the relatively minor exception of Gilead and remdesivir. I think the vaccine issue will be big - that market will be in the tens of billions, at a minimum, and I suspect the companies and public health authorities are going to work together to press employers to require employees to get vaccinated (there are already public signals of this). I am NOT an anti-vaxxer - I am vaccinated, my children are vaccinated, my wife (a physician) is vaccinated. But getting vaccines that have been around for decades or generations for diseases that have serious mortality or morbidity for children or young adults is very different than what we’re proposing for COVID.

No, I think this is a very strong effort by the public health establishment to beat down any questions about the efficacy and side effects of lockdowns, an effort abetted and even driven by places like the Times. Nearly the entire media is on board here, and the issue has become incredibly politicized. When I worked for the Times, it leaned left, but it was basically center-left, a voice of the establishment, and the bias was more in the story selection than anything else. Reporters were expected to (and did) write with relative objectivity, avoid snark and opinion, make sure they gave the subjects of articles or the targets of investigations a chance to respond. We knew the rules and we basically followed them. Didn’t mean we couldn’t write strong investigative pieces (I wrote plenty), but we didn’t have politics on every page. That’s gone now.

Having noticed that his book is now available, both in Kindle form and in traditional print, I followed up with a question about how that happened. His reply:

They reversed themselves because of the outcry, and specifically Elon Musk. It is available.
Elon Musk calls for Amazon breakup after Covid-19 skeptic claims it censored his book, 4 Jun 2020

MCM under attack at NYU

Having come under attack at NYU last week, I’m sharing my response, as I think doing so will help me to protect myself.
On Friday, June 12, I received an email from an administrator here, telling me that s/he had just been sent four complaints about my MA course on propaganda, which I taught last fall. Each of those bad reviews, all of them anonymous, were just one sentence:
“He spent our classes trying to convince us that 5G would eliminate the human race and that the moon landing was fake.”
“We did not learn anything constructive or useful about political communication or propaganda.”
“The entire course is based on Mark Miller’s biases and the conspiracy theories he believes in.”
“The course made me uncomfortable at times as Miller refuses to hear opinions that oppose his own.”

The person who sent me those complaints urged me to revisit my course descriptions, and revise them, presumably so that they would forewarn potential students that I’m a crank who tolerates no disagreement.
S/he told me not to ask who wrote those complaints (a question that I wouldn’t ask in any case). In any case, all four of them are false in every detail.
Here is my reply:!topic/newsfromunderground/5_lW5DRzdFE

The only randomized, controlled study of cloth masks warns against their use, as they INCREASE the risk of COVID-19 infection by 13%!topic/newsfromunderground/Lv4p8KPl_z4
A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers
C Raina MacIntyre,1 Holly Seale,1 Tham Chi Dung,2 Nguyen Tran Hien,2 Phan Thi Nga,2 Abrar Ahmad Chughtai,1 Bayzidur Rahman,1 Dominic E Dwyer,3 Quanyi Wang4 To cite: MacIntyre CR, Seale H, Dung TC, et al.


Masked Threats? Studies Reveal NO Benefits to Global COVID-19 Facemasks-for-all Policy
The WHO’s new recommendation aligns with that of the CDC and with an open letter by a group of academics to U.S. governors asking them to require everyone to wear a cloth mask in public (the academics say even paper towels are effective).
But these so-called experts ignore the fact that any benefit of masking is from studies on medical-grade ‘surgical’ masks not cloth ones. Indeed, the only randomized controlled study of cloth face coverings to reduce spread of the novel coronavirus warned against their use because they posed a 13% increased risk of infection to those wearing them.

Let’s take this vanity of the bonfires to its logical conclusion: ban all culture!
First Little Britain, then Fawlty Towers, why doesn’t Generation Bedwetter ban David Bowie, John Lennon, and Dickens, whilst they’re at it?

The Global Reset – Unplugged. “The Deep State”
Edward Curtin: Peter Koenig lays it out very clearly. Peter and John Steppling—whose article, “The Big Plantation, The “Digital Billionaires”, the Militarization of Law Enforcement, the Surveillance State” is cited—are my friends and allies in our endeavors.
Libby Handros: It is a well done piece. I am not sure about China though
Edward Curtin: Agree re China but the article puts together so much good info and analysis.
Libby Handros: Yes, it definitely puts together a lot of good info in a way that makes sense

“Fire Through Dry Grass”: Andrew Cuomo Saw COVID-19’s Threat to Nursing Homes. Then He Risked Adding to It.
Elliot Crown: Cuomo nursig home slaughter

06-17-20 PPV summaries

The only thing we have to fear about that “second wave”!topic/newsfromunderground/TIl9wisz2KA!topic/newsfromunderground/TIl9wisz2KA
The panicky decision not to hold a regular election this November, the CDC’s dystopian “guidelines” for “reopening” elementary and high schools after summer break (making them like high-security prisons), and the suicidal plans of many colleges and universities to offer mostly online courses in the fall, all vividly attest to the remarkable success of the Great Fear that has “us” cowering in anticipation of a “second wave” as lethal as the first (although the first was not so lethal after all)—a catastrophic “second wave” the likes of which we’ve never seen: not after the deadly flu season in 1969, not after SARS in 2003, not after the swine flu in 2009, nor after any other notable pandemic.

In short, “we” seem peculiarly resigned to living under lockdown, or something very like it, from now on: an awesome victory for the lords of propaganda, and a huge loss for humanity, if we don’t see that “staying safe” like this will not just make that “second wave” more likely, but—far worse—rob us all of everything that makes our lives worth living.

From Keith Rushworth:
The Basic Susceptible-Infected-Resistant (SIR) model in epidemiology shows a novel infection first spreading rapidly through a theoretically 100% susceptible population, then slowing as the number of infected-recovered, and therefore resistant, people increases. Eventually, the number of resistant people becomes too great for the infection to progress further. This is herd immunity and the end of the epidemic.

America’s Own Color Revolution
Libby Handros: Leave it to Engdahl
Edward Curtin: “Funny” anecdote: In 1974 I was asked to replace a professor who was going on a two year appointment to Harvard. So I signed a two year replacement contract at Southeastern Massachusetts University (later renamed UMass Dartmouth.) I took over his office. He was Mr. Regime Change himself, Gene Sharp, about whom I gradually learned more, all of which was denied by my colleagues in the large department. When the two years were nearly up and it became apparent Sharp would never return, I wished to retain the position but was told I had to be replaced with a black person. The dept. was filled with faux socialist “radicals,” who remained in their cushy jobs for decades.

Teaching unions accused of ‘breathing fear into parents’ that schools are coronavirus ‘death traps’
Libby Handros: This is England, but I bet it is happening here too.

More on the disastrous “unintended outcomes” of gene-editing!topic/newsfromunderground/RqBNb30Uigc
.... which is to say, more on the grave dangers posed by Bill/Melinda Gates’ mad science.

On the criminal Big Lie about hydroxychloroquine!topic/newsfromunderground/-WTzKr5KBNo
For those who don’t let Trump control their thinking—whether they think everything he says is true, or think the opposite of everything he says is true—here’s a sharp indictment of the fake news and junk science used to hide the truth about an inexpensive and effective treatment for COVID-19.
Recall that this campaign began with the “news” that an Arizona man had died, and his wife badly sickened, after they “consumed a version of chloroquine phosphate intended to treat fish for parasites”—a nitwit move allegedly inspired by Trump’s having “touted” chloroquine. The New York Times et al. indignantly headlined that story, to spotlight both Trump’s reckless ignorance and the drug’s supposed toxicity. It shortly turned out that the dead man, Gary Lenius, was no nitwit, and that his wife may well have poisoned him deliberately. That follow-up wasn’t mentioned in the Times, or any other outlet that had blared the bogus story in the first place—a story that, therefore, is still embedded in the febrile minds of countless Democrats.
That shot of propaganda is outrageous not, of course, because it was unfair to Trump. The ongoing campaign against HCQ is outrageous, and inexcusable, because it’s helped to kill a lot of people who would be alive today—including all those “black lives” snuffed out at Elmhurst Hospital—if Dr. Fauci and his minions in the press had told the truth about that drug from the beginning, instead of lying about it, so as to justify the speedy gold rush for a new vaccine, which certainly will be far more dangerous than HCQ could ever be.
All who are responsible for this deception must now be exposed, and held accountable.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has now treated 699 coronavirus patients with 100% success using Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Zinc and Z-Pak

Critical Race Theory Has Gone Mainstream
Libby Handros: Love the phrase the “non-thinking good.”

Scientists Edited Human Embryos in the Lab, and It Was a Disaster!topic/newsfromunderground/ZoDFJg3ACRE
Naturally (as it were), Bill Gates is heavily into this, in his eugenic quest to form a new transhuman race of perfect slaves:
And Gates’ buddy Jeffrey Epstein was also fascinated by “tinkering with genes”:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the sloppy science, and inhuman agenda, behind this (permanent?) lockdown (50:12)!topic/newsfromunderground/wfIH9JyEgNI
To be watched right to the end (and, of course, with an open mind). Kaufman’s calm of mind is as impressive as his clarity, as he’s paid dearly for his heresy, yet will not pull his punches. Kudos to Marshall Hodge, whose work deserves support.

New documentaries on Jeffrey Epstein carefully avoid his ties to CIA/Mossad!topic/newsfromunderground/lhttYnG4pZI
Covert state involvement in child trafficking is one of those third rails.

NIH has investigated 189 researchers for “undisclosed ties to foreign countries,” 93% of them “linked to China”!topic/newsfromunderground/7oJ0gFWBBqg
This may or may not be a tactic in the ongoing demonization of Xi’s China (which the US both attacks, or ostensibly attacks, and emulates). In either case, it’s newsworthy. Let’s see how, or if, our-free-press-which-is-nothing-like- the-state-controlled-Chinese-press, reports it.
A friend asks if Dr. Fauci is among those targets “linked to China.”

At least four lawmakers, or their families, have profited from Congress’ loan program for small businesses shut down by COVID-19!topic/newsfromunderground/SLW0O2nx1R8

CDC and FDA warned doctors AGAINST off-label use of corticosteroids to treat COVID-19, even though (or because?) those drugs really WORK, as we now know (for the moment)!topic/newsfromunderground/nJO21mYRcuo

COVID deaths in Florida have been trending DOWN for months, and there are no fatal cases outside nursing homes
Two tweets from Alex Berenson, based on a detailed press briefing by Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis:

US Coronavirus ‘Bailout’ Scam Is $6 Trillion Giveaway To Wall Street
Michael Hudson, Moderate Rebels, 21 Apr 2020 with transcript
Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, the US Congress rammed through the CARES Act – which economist Michael Hudson explains is not a “bailout” but a massive, $6 trillion giveaway to Wall Street, banks, large corporations, and stockholders.
Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss the enormous financial scam with Hudson, who reveals how the economy actually works, with the Federal Reserve printing money so rich elites don’t lose their investments.
MCM: Meanwhile, “the left” is out there chanting “I can’t breathe!” (with face masks on), and toppling statues.
How many black lives are being ruined, or will prematurely end, because of this outrageous plunder?

Coronavirus: NHS contact-tracing app may not be ready until winter, health minister admits

Virginia Has Provided the Nation with the Template for Mandatory Vaccines: Democracy Sacrificed for Medical Tyranny

Have the protests proved that COVID-19 risks are being vastly exaggerated?
What we have right now is the worst of all worlds By now we ought to be seeing some evidence of increasing COVID-19 cases from the mass protests. The fact we are not raises very serious doubts about the coronavirus lockdowns and other non-pharmaceutical interventions, many of which are still ongoing.

“DNA Tests Could Help Docs Detect Infectious Diseases Faster” - Megan Molteni
Michele Stoddard: This journalist is a pharmapowerhouse-her latest Wired vilification piece posted here by you guys was a classic of the genre. I guess she’s jumping in where Judy Miller used to be but with even more animus and, I dare say, concertattion.

The White Liberal | James Baldwin | 1969 (4:39)
Joe Green: James Baldwin: 4 minutes on the white liberal – Literally more relevant now than when he said it.

Big Brother at the airport and other commentary

Is your boss spying on you? Employers resort to new tools to watch staff work at home

Coronavirus has widened the pool of companies interested in surveillance technology
John Kirby: The panopticon, home edition. Since we’re already prisoners of 2nd Avenue, as it were, the guards might as well move in, too.

Private schools are desperate to open – so why are they being stopped?
Our government has let children become collateral damage in the war on Covid. Their future is now at stake

Norway pulls its coronavirus contacts-tracing app after privacy watchdog’s warning

06-16-20 PPV summaries

An Army of Volunteers Is Taking On Vaccine Disinformation Online
Barra Bernstein: People must be waking up! Volunteers? I’m sure no one is being paid for this!

The Federal Reserve Has Its Own Police and Is Part of a Vast Surveillance Center – Should You Worry?

RFK, Jr. pulls no punches in this shattering indictment of Bill Gates, and his atrocious record with vaccines around the world—especially in Africa and India (MUST-WATCH)!topic/newsfromunderground/tJ6zERYvd4c
ACLU suing to end Clearview’s data mining and surveillance services for governments and private companies!topic/newsfromunderground/RyDfYAYL3ks
This is the sort of thing that the ACLU should be doing, instead of working as a Social Justice propaganda mill. Now it would be great if they’d get back to honoring the First Amendment, and stand up for the free speech rights of all Americans, even if they’re on the right, and/or speak out on taboo subjects.

What to do about America’s police!topic/newsfromunderground/mxgn9StQOZk
Scroll down to see a jaw-dropping comparison of the rules governing police recruitment in Norway, Finland, Germany and the USA. It’s self-explanatory, and a tacit call for radical reform throughout US police departments.
Excuse me for repeating myself (as I sent something out about this some weeks back), but raising the recruitment standards for police is only one of several necessary changes that have also not been mentioned much, or at all, in what passes for the current “debate” on how best to improve US police departments nationwide. We also need to: These are practical reforms that are more likely to make some real difference in how cops treat citizens than sensitivity-training courses, stricter rules against the use of force, and other largely verbal measures that, by themselves, will not improve the culture of today’s US police departments.

US Army has long been producing bio-weapons, and (covertly) testing them all over Africa, Asia and the Middle East!topic/newsfromunderground/KroQGfBprxE
2018: The Pentagon Bio-weapons is an independent investigative journalism platform. It was launched in 2018 by Bulgarian investigative journalist and Middle East correspondent Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

FDA revokes its authorization for emergency use of HCQ, and “our free press” applauds them for it.!topic/newsfromunderground/yin0FJFE2c8

A Shot in the Dark, (Hibbeler Productions, 2020, 33:24)
new documentary on the many neurotoxins in vaccines
MCM: This is hard to watch, yet every parent needs to watch it.

As US COVID death rate hits lowest point in nearly 3 months, Reuters headlines “record spikes.” widespread “hospitalizations”!topic/newsfromunderground/v8hFBRyqZc8
A tweet from Alex Berenson, former NYTimes reporter, whose new booklet, Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and the Lockdowns, was initially banned on Amazon.

Interview !554 – James Corbett Documents the Collapse of the COVID-1984 Narrative
Gary Null interviews James Corbett. Now that the major institutions pushing the COVID panic are admitting that the virus is not an existential threat and the lockdowns were not necessary, what does this mean for the future of the COVID-1984 police state and the ushering in of the new “biosecurity” paradigm?

‘Sir, it’s chaos!’
Critical mistakes doomed the police response to Philly’s George Floyd demonstrations.
Vince Feldman: Philadelphia Police Minimal Deployment
They key here is who’s the opperational mole in the PPD behind the planned bare bones deployment, Deputy Commissioner Dennis Wilson or Commissioner Outlaw? As I relayed to Mark, the Whole Foods within 2 blocks from the planned protest route was completely boarded up that day. Its hard to believe the PPD had less valuable intelligence than Whole Foods.
As Vince S. has communicated to me on a couple occasions, he once asked the incoming School District Police Commander how many leaders in the Philadelphia Civil Rights Movement were police assets. The police offical replied “all but one”.
During the 2000 Republican Convention the PPD executed dramatic premetive raids on non-voilent protest groups. Read the descripition below of a commando raid on a puppet maker’s warehouse in West Philly below.... This was a helicopter commado drop on an artist’s studio building.
At 2:05 PM, Tuesday, August 1st, over 180 police officers and three helicopters lay siege to a warehouse on 41st and Haverford on Philadelphia’s west side. When we looked through a mail slot to survey the situation, the police sprayed mace at us. They tried to barge in through a hole in the roof and, failing that, videotaped, tape recorded, and spit at us through a skylight. All 75 of us inside the warehouse were detained for over two hours before any search warrant showed up. We would become known as the “Haverford 70.”

New World Order Is Advancing Rapidly

There’s a double standard from pols and the media with protests and coronavirus

Pictures from a 13 June demonstration against
forced COVID-19 vaccinations in New York

06-15-20 PPV summaries

Norway deletes contact-tracing app data as problems mount
It comes as other apps around the world, including in Australia and Singapore, run into technical difficulties

‘Like a scene from a disaster movie’: the first face-covered commute shows how strange things now are

Lockdown a ‘disaster for society’ says Lord Hague
Former Tory leader warns of ‘catastrophe’ to come as economic damage emerges
Keith Rushworth: Top Tories, as ever, allowed to spill a bit of truth, cleverly mixed with lies, to give the impression that Free Speech still exists.

You can’t rally. We can riot
The staggering hypocrisy of the Democrats over COVID-19

MCM: Philadelphia cops beat up protesters, while letter looters run amok, and businesses burn down!topic/newsfromunderground/pcW8zAmLOYg

Inside England’s first day back at the shops: queuing all night, stockpiling buttons and the big face mask divide
Keith Rushworth: Sadly, I live in Wales which is still in lockdown, and I’m not allowed to drive more than 5 miles, so can’t legally reach the English border. Also, if you read the detail in that article, there’s less to celebrate. People’s priorities are crazy, lots of stores will go bust anyway, the 2 metre Soc Dis is a complete pain, masks are often a requirement, etc.

Early test results in the Twin Cities show few protesters caught COVID-19

MCM: Early test results in the Twin Cities show few protesters caught COVID-19!topic/newsfromunderground/iCA0FvYAV0c

USA Plan: Militarized Control of Population. The “National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan”
Global Research

MCM: satire alert: George Orwell statue outside BBC headquarters &ldquolto be removed,” because it makes staff &ldquoluncomfortable”

MCM: How Facebook/USA Today do their “fact-checking"!topic/newsfromunderground/0Ahu8CWrgNs

Karl Friston: up to 80% not even susceptible to Covid-19 (34:14)
UnHerd, 4 Jun 2020
full write-up and explanation:
The influential professor’s statistical observations could radically change how we lift lockdown Professor Karl Friston is a computer modelling expert, world-renowned for his contributions to neuroscience. He has been applying his “dynamic causal modelling” approach to the Covid-19 pandemic, and has reached some startling results.

MCM: The WHO and UK trials of HCQ are murderously flawed!topic/newsfromunderground/0qkkW4cM2s8
These trials are a gigantic fraud that’s literally killing people, and “our free press" is an accomplice.
Please read Dr. Meryl Nass’s summary (attached), and send it far and wide.
Potentially lethal doses of HCQ used in WHO and Recovery clinical trials, according to WHO consultant.{docx, pdf}
WHO and UK trials use potentially lethal hydroxychloroquine dose—according to WHO consultant

MCM: Why is the COVID-19 death rate in the US higher than in so many other countries?!topic/newsfromunderground/69kSPlzbxI0
From Kathy Dopp (whose summary is attached):
I’ve been working for about a week outlining and filling this in, with many links from your email list. My aim here is to note the US health-care system’s major problems that have caused, and are still causing, so many unnecessary COVID-19 deaths, in comparison with most other countries.
So I focused on the most populous nations with significantly lower COVID-19 death rates, both out of confirmed cases, and out of total population (in millions). Then I tried to put it in concrete terms, to show that at least 80,000 people who have died of COVID-19 in the US would be alive today, if our health policies and practices were comparable to those in other countries.
I think that people in this country need to know the facts, as they’ve been badly misinformed throughout this crisis; so I hope you’ll send it out. The data is based on yesterday’s (6/14/20) numbers.
Why is the U.S. COVID death toll higher than most nations?

Coronavirus Q&A: Accelerating Therapies and Vaccines (39:52)
Michele Stoddard: Each week, and with every passing month, these guys get more smug, more self-assured in their knowledge that crime pays, then, now and forever! A cartel that fuses I.G. Farben with the Sinaloa.

FDA withdraws emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine

How Gov Could Use RFID Chips When Millions of Americans Inject COVID-19 Vaccine (5:37)

The Hideous Truths Of Testing Vaccines On Humans

How to force social media to respect free speech—or pay big

06-14-20 PPV summaries

Arizona Governor Won’t Require Mask Use as Coronavirus Cases Spike, Says People Need to ’Learn to Live’ With Virus

MCM: Patients in WHO trials of hydroxychloroquine are getting “potentially lethal” doses, FOUR TIME HIGHER than appropriate!topic/newsfromunderground/cMM82A9sI8Y
Looks like they want to kill some patients, so as to kill the drug itself, in favor of Gates/Fauci’s rushed vaccine.
WHO and UK trials use potentially lethal hydroxychloroquine dose—according to WHO consultant

MCM: Links to all the pending mandatory vaccination laws throughout the USA
National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
Welcome to the NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP)
Achieving and protecting the right to informed consent to vaccination is more important now than ever before, and we need your help to make that happen. NVIC wants to help you, our members, to organize and make a difference in your home state right where you live to protect and expand vaccine exemptions. It is at the state level that mass vaccination policies are made, and it is at the state level where your action to protect your rights can have the greatest impact. Also, when national vaccine issues occur, you will be plugged in to the information and action items necessary to make sure your voice is heard.

MCM: Interview most foul (MUST-READ)!topic/newsfromunderground/F98hdH9inS4
Of course, Douglas Brinkley wouldn’t be CNN’s “presidential historian,” or hold the Katherine Tsanoff Brown Chair in the Humanities at Rice University, or, more than likely, be a US history professor anywhere, if he had ever dared write honestly about JFK’s assassination.
Nor—of course—would the New York Times, among the leading vectors of the CIA’s obfuscatory propaganda over that world-changing murder, ever print one honest word about it, or, therefore, about Dylan’s liberating song.
What we’re now living through, this heavy maelstrom of gigantic lies, essentially began with what occurred in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, and the storm of falsehoods that broke instantly around it—lies that “our free press” never will acknowledge and correct, having pumped them out for over half a century.
Edward Curtin:Interview Most Foul

How Big Pharma played The Lancet and NEJM to trash hydroxychloroquine!topic/newsfromunderground/FnXWcnosU8g
Elizabeth Woodworth on The Lancet’s HCQ scandal
Elizabeth was one of the founders (with David Ray Griffin) of the Consensus 9/11 Panel.

Google blacks out Winston Churchill!topic/newsfromunderground/pPG1topX9rg
... This mad PC erasure of the past—now including HBO’s blacking out Gone with the Wind—is, to say the obvious, straight out of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, whose doomed hero, Winston Smith, does exactly that, day after day, as an Outer Party member working for the Ministry of Truth....

COVID Coup: Veron Coleman on the State’s Cynical War on Humanity (10:33)

David Pratt – Modern Medicine – People versus Profits

Book Review: Fear of the Invisible - An investigation of viruses and vaccines, HIV and AIDS

Book Review: Dissolving Illusions - Disease, vaccines, and the forgotten history

Operation Openscript - Opening the Dialogue for Oversight on Bioethics and Bioterrorism
Watchdog on Biodefense, bioterrorism, bioethics, genetic engineering and biotechnology, science, and medical malfeaseance
The Story of Dirty Profit, Inhumane Weapons Development, Science & Medical Fraud, and Illegal Testing on the Population...
Lyme Disease, Mycoplasma, and Bioweapons Development Timeline
Bio-Threats - Vaccines & Other Dangers
Chronic Illness & Disease - 27 listed
Whistleblowers - 41 people listed
Documentaries - 47 complete films all online
Title 50 1520
WAR and NATIONAL DEFENSE. In subsection 1520 it’s parameters are as follows:
Sec. 1520 - Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to experiments and studies; notification of local civilian officials.
... Although this statute was officially repealed and gives the impression of being outlawed, they are still allowed to keep this going in times of War or National Emergency and since we have been under some form of war state or national emergency since the 1970’s, this exception may have become the rule.

Edwin Black: War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race (first published: 2003)
Unmasking a dark chapter in U.S. history
The haunted house of eugenics - An interview with Edwin Black
Hitler’s debt to America

June 2015: Eugenics in the United States Today: Are We on the Same Path Nazi Germany Followed?

Eugenics in America: The Legacy of Sanger and Gates

Bill Gates’ Father, ‘Head’ of Planned Parenthood, Inspired His Abortion, Population Control Views
In a lengthy interview with Bill Moyers released today, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates reveals the inspiration for his funding of pro-abortion population control measures.
Transcript: Bill Moyers Interviews Bill Gates

Margaret Sanger: The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda
Birth Control Review, Oct. 1921
Margaret Sanger's Writings & Birth Control Review, PDF format, issues 1917-1940
Archive: Birth Control Review
Woman and the New Race, Brentanos, 1920

Gates Foundation Meets w/ Contact Tracing Participants & H.R. 6666 Drafter Months BEFORE Coronavirus
Ratcliffe: Rich vein of references — 44 SOURCE LINKS included

Refusing to Wear a Mask Is an Empty Act of Defiance
Those who reject facial coverings during the pandemic do so amid broad consensus about what public safety demands.
Libby Handros: The Atlantic ought to just rename itself as the Fear Porn Pandemic Rag
Dominance, control, closed-mindedness, and obedience have, ironically, become core characteristics of mainstream American liberalism.
Emanuel Garcia: I think we must all agree that these stalwart once-reliable (were they ever?) bastions of our beloved media are purely and simply propaganda. Worse than Pravda. We shouldn’t ever be surprised at what they push

Do You Know What’s in a Vaccine?
MCM: What’s in those vaccines? An indispensable resource.

After years of an increasingly close relationship between the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry, an insider is finally speaking out. Dr. Raeford Brown, a pediatric anesthesiologist at the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital and chair of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Committee on Analgesics and Anesthetics, has been openly critical of big pharma and the lack of proper oversight from the FDA
CV: Raeford E. Brown, Jr., M.D., FAAP, FASA Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics, The University of Kentucky, Pediatric Anesthesiologist – The Kentucky Children’s Hospital

Scathing Report Accuses the Pentagon of Developing an Agricultural Bioweapon
Agricultural research, or a new bioweapon system? Science, 05 Oct 2018
John Kirby: This is crucial, and it’s implications dire. Might insects have been a part of the vector for Covid-19? But just the idea of introducing genetic alterations to crops via bugs carrying viruses... well, it makes one hope that the original Designer will step in with a patent suit asap.

UKC News: Gov’t COVID and War Propaganda – Weaponized Against Citizens (59:06)
Pealing back the layers of State-run propaganda and ‘counter-disinformation’ black ops. This is the result of 20 years of government restructuring. Were the people ever given a chance to vote on this covert deep state revolution?

America Is Giving Up on the Pandemic
Businesses are reopening. Protests are erupting nationwide. But the virus isn’t done with us
Libby Handros: Today’s fear porn
John Kirby: This is rife with clues, and amounts to official propaganda from the New Normalists. I read it as I watch The Mortal Storm [1940: Part 1 (45:00), Part 2 (45:09), Part 3 (45:01), Part 4 (8:19)], about another New Normal that swept like a virus through the world in the 1930’s and 40’s.

The Biggest Psychological Experiment in History Is Running Now - Scientific American

06-13-20 PPV summaries


Covid 1984: World Economic Forum - Strategic Intelligence

Pictures from a demonstration—against forced COVID-19 vaccinations in New York!!topic/newsfromunderground/eyn2YA0d7gU
From Anne Gibbons:
Sending you a few photos from the protest against forced COVID shots in New York State today, along with the flyer from Autism Action Network. A great turnout and spirited event.
Thought you might appreciate some positive news after all that you posted today.
[I do!—MCM]
Click each image (7) for full size
Promotes a collection of works created by children who
lost their rights to a public education. They have suffered,
they have cried, yet they have persevered! They are talented,
creative, HEALTHY and most of all, THEY ARE WIDE AWAKE!
Poem By 16 Year old, Luca


I walked home from school today
Feeling a rather confused way
We stood in an orderly line
For something they said was fine

I have always been told
By people young and very old
That we people have the right to choose
Without fear of anything we might lose

I walked home from school today
Feeling a rather confused way
If we can choose what we do
Why must I walk home at ten past two

At the end of the line there stood a man
With a coat of white and hue of tan
He held something in his palm
And told me to remain calm

I walked home from school today
Feeling a rather confused way
For I knew what it was he held
And with my knowledge I rebelled

I said a word so shockingly sound
That it hit the man with an audible pound
A word he seemed to have never heard
The world around me became all blurred


My teacher turned with a frightening face
The doctor looked slightly out of pace
My classmates swarmed around like flies
And asked the operative question “why”

I told them that there was a choice
Me and my parents had sent an invoice
The doctor was hearing none of my speech
And with that my freedom he did impeach

I walked home from school today
Feeling a rather confused way
Why should we be refused to grow
For having the courage to say “No”
See Also: Taking it to the Streets—Peaceful Protest in Albany As NYSBA Walks Back COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Recommendation.

Singapore Deploys Robots At Migrant Workers Dormitory To Enforce Social Distancing
Libby Handros: Just when you thought you had heard all the most ridiculous hideous ideas, here come social distancing robots

CDC wants newborns to be separated from parents for COVID-19 testing,!topic/newsfromunderground/2Dj9YSFdZUc
Newborns To Be Separated From Parents for COVID-19 Testing

The case of Rick Allen Jones, Gates employee indicted for possession of sadistic child pornography, is as bizarre as Gates’ friendship with Jeffrey Epstein!topic/newsfromunderground/pLDBDnUhKwk

What Is The Real Agenda Behind The Effort To Defund & Dismantle The Police? (36:23) (mp3)
MCM: This moment is the prelude to, and rationale for, a dystopian globalist program that’s no secret; and anyone who calls it a “conspiracy theory” is either a paid troll, or dangerously uninformed.
Watch Spiro Skouras’ interview with Rosa Koire, who explains precisely how “Agenda 21” is being rolled out right now, and what to do about it. As she notes, this program has been in the works since 1992, when Bush the Elder signed on to it; and, again, the program is no secret, but has been explicitly, albeit euphemistically, laid out in public documents that anyone can find online.
The movement to “defund the police,” joined readily by multitudes of well- meaning people, is only part of a vast push to replace human law enforcement with AI, robo-cops and “community policing,” whereby everyone will serve as a potential snitch on everybody else (“If you see something, say something”); and it’s also part of a still more ambitious plan to replace democratic governments, at every level, as well as national sovereignty, with global high-tech governance, as in China.
Since this program will succeed as long as nearly everybody goes for it, thinking it will keep them “safe,” and “save the planet,” it’s time for us to snap folks out of their collective trance, stop screaming at each other, and join to fight out the common enemy above. (Rosa’s explanation of what we must do to stop the juggernaut begins at 28:51.

Protesters pull down Joe Biden after mistaking him for old racist statue

Bill Gates Connected to Multiple Convicted Sex Offenders (1:56)

MCM: Check out this great rap anthem

06-12-20 PPV summaries

MCM: Compared to what’s now happening there, Spain under Franco was like Woodstock!topic/newsfromunderground/T5jD7nj9CgA
Country Formerly Known as Spain Decides to Institute a Permanent COVID Dystopia, Flog Itself to Death

Suppressing the Truth, Sustaining The Lie. Censorship is the “New Normal” in America

Dutch mink farms ordered to cull 10,000 animals over coronavirus risk
Is this possible?
(They still raise minks? What for?)

Sharyl Attkisson still pushing for the truth about hydroxychloroquine!topic/newsfromunderground/udz_VsLjO_I
From Dick Atlee:

Sharyl Attkisson has long been among the best of the vanishing breed of investigative reporters. She gets into all kinds of controversial issues and tells the truth about them. You can get a sense of them despite the somewhat biased coverage at One of my favorite instances of her coverage was her 2008 interview with former NIH head Bernadine Healy, who talked about the fear the CDC has of finding that there is a subset of children who are predisposed to developing autism symptoms as a result of vaccination:
NIH Director Dr Bernadine Healy speaks to Sharyl Attkisson about autism susceptibility (4:31)
partial transcript of Dr. Healy speaking to Sharyl Attkisson
The ‘Open Question’ On Vaccines and Autism,” Sharyl Attkisson, 12 May 2008
She left CBS due to problems with their refusing to publish some of her work, and eventually started her own program, Full Measure, never letting up on her probing for truth.
Recently she and her team did a piece on the covid-treatment controversy between hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir. She invited Remdesivir proponents (manufacturer Gilead, Anthony Fauci) and hydroxychloroquine opponents to participate, and all declined. I think this piece makes it pretty clear what is going on with this controversy:
Hydroxychloroquine | Full Measure - Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson (9:43)
MCM: The awful truth about Black Lives Matter
Pepe Escobar appears to think that what’s going down in Seattle is for real, and perhaps he’s right. I certainly don’t know what’s happening there (if anything), and neither can he, since he’s not there, either.
That mystery aside, Escobar’s hard truth about Black Lives Matter is essential reading: BLM is a pseudo-revolutionary brand that’s been generously funded by the Ford Foundation (i.e., CIA), Kellogg Foundation and JP Morgan Chase, among other champions of “power to the people” (not). Escobar’s comparison of BLM with the Black Panther Party, Angela Davis and Martin Luther King is on the money (so to speak), and should be read by everyone you know.

Ratcliffe: Further, as Mark wrote to NFU on June 2nd, Chaziel Sunz, former BLM organizer in Ferguson, tells some hard truth about that movement, and the profound risk in “taking sides” (MUST-WATCH): “This is from three years ago, but couldn’t be more relevant to what’s going down right now.”
See the the October 2017 film and transcript: Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer Chaziel Sunz Exposes Democrats, BLM, Antifa, And More.

MCM: “Telehealth is here to stay" in Massachusetts!topic/newsfromunderground/Hc2-MY_ZJ6M
Yet another step in the ongoing attack on social interaction, privacy, and human health.
Online medical “examinations”—like “remote learning”—are no substitute for the real thing, however hard Bill Gates and “our free press” are working to make that fact slip down the memory hole.
Speaking of Gates, it should be no surprise that Microsoft is moving to replace Zoom as the biggest cyber-venue on the planet:
Zoom’s Missteps Are an Opening for Microsoft Stock
p.s. The piece here is behind a paywall, but the gist is in the first few paragraphs.
Forced by the pandemic, health care plunges into the digital age
The Boston Globe, 12 Jun 2020

MCM: The Great Reset is coming, and will come, if we don’t act to stop it. (MUST-SEE ) (22:04)
Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, The Rockefeller Foundation, Global Business Network (2010, 54 pgs)

MCM: All the (alarmist) news that’s fit to print: COVID-19 death rates are declining, though you wouldn’t know it from the New York Times et al.!topic/newsfromunderground/0yr0fK2J4u8
Bob Klein’s key points are indisputable: that the COVID-19 death rate is declining, and that the number of those killed by COVID-19 has turned out to be a tiny fraction of the number of reported “cases”—and nowhere near as high as the apocalyptic models, from Imperial College London and the University of Washington, on which the lockdown policy was based, and which have now both been walked back (and both of which were funded by Bill Gates).
From Bob Klein:
From the alarmist coverage by the New York Times and other major media, all screaming that “CORONAVIRUS CASES ARE INCREASING,” you’d never know that COVID-19 death rates—the only meaningful statistic—are falling steeply, or gradually declining, everywhere in the US, even in states that reopened five weeks ago. Likewise, the death rate in Brazil—where, according to the Times, the coronavirus has been “surging”—has not increased, but has held steady at a level far below the officially reported death rate in the USA.

The lurid coverage has obscured this crucial point: While COVID-19 cases are increasing due to increased testing, the death rate has been going down. Moreover, the number of those killed by COVID-19 constitutes a very small percentage—0.16%—of the cases overall; most of those who have succumbed are elderly, with comorbidities; and, in the worst-hit states, those deaths have occurred mainly in hospitals and nursing homes.

The death rate is increasing in Mexico and India, but the actual rate is one-sixth or -seventh what it ever was in the US (2,000 per day, at least according to official figures), and it will never reach the level that the “exceptional” US has suffered for several reasons, such as the homicidal protocol, approved by (Democratic) governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer and California’s Gavin Newsom, whereby COVID patients have been moved to nursing homes, and ventilators have been used in hospitals, with often fatal consequences. Such lethal measures, in conjunction with insurance regulations that encourage diagnosing patients with COVID-19, whether they have it or not, and noting COVID-19 as the cause of death, even when it isn’t, have artificially inflated the COVID-19 death rate in America.

Check out the New York Times’ own statistics, which contradict the doom-saying in the Times’ headlines and ledes. COVID-19 is on its way out, having largely run its natural course, as such pandemics always do (unless they’re artificially revived). As the virus weakens, those managing this crisis are intensifying their efforts to rush out a new vaccine to “fight” it, and then force it on us all; and, even as the virus keeps on weakening, and even though it doesn’t threaten children, the masters of this crisis want to keep the panic going, either by closing schools this fall, or by so tightly regulating every move by every single student that our schools will be like mental hospitals, or prisons.

Don’t let them get away with it.


The Pandemic and Political Order - It Takes a State

“Today, Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow, they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing ever man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.”

06-11-20 PPV summaries

MCM: Bill Gates negotiated a $100-billion contact tracing deal with Rep. Bobby Rush, 6 months BEFORE the coronavirus crisis
It was Rep. Rush who introduced the suggestively numbered H.R. 6666 into the House.
That’s the Bobby Rush who first made news as the co-founder, and “defense minister,” of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party. After the murder of Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark—a killing ordered by the FBI—Rush became the party’s Acting Chairman.
His journey is an interesting one, from his days as a fire-breathing radical, to a stint in prison for bringing a loaded gun into a police station, to his finding Jesus, to his career as a Democratic player in Chicago politics. No doubt he “matured” along the way, as he has said; but I sure would like to see his FBI file.

MCM: Get ready for the Davos “Great Reset”—a/k/a “Hell on earth,” for all except the billionaires
This is what’s been in the works for quite some time; so how do we resist it?
(Note that the US and China are the prime collaborators.)
Now Comes the Davos ‘Great Reset’

Prof Karol Sikora: Covid-19 death toll may be less than half of what has been recorded
In conversation with The Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast, oncologist says medics can too easily put Covid on death certificates

Edward Curtin: The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law (1:01:49)

MCM: Travel nurse Erin Olszewski on Del Bigtreess “Highwire” ;
The whole show is, as usual, worth watching. The section dealing with Erin’s experience starts at 0:54:35.

Norwegian health chief: we advised against closing schools (18:04)

MCM: Armed BLM/Antifa “activists" take over six square blocks of a Seattle neighborhood!topic/newsfromunderground/BhucPlCy8i4

Advisor resigns from ID2020 objecting to blockchain immunity passports for COVID-19

06-10-20 PPV summaries

Twitter Falsely Labels All Mercola Links as Unsafe

Lawsuit targets Quebec over COVID-19 measures

MCM: Expert panel on 5G streams TOMORROW (Thursday) at 5:00 p.m. EST (2:20:20)

MCM: The fascism to come will make the Nazis (who foretold it) look like amateurs (MUST-SEE VIDEO)
Daniel Broudy’s presentation takes us through the works most relevant to what’s now looming all around us. To stop it, we must see it for what it is, understand what’s driving it, and recognize that it cannot succeed unless we buy the narratives supporting it, and acquiesce.
Who Wants to be a Slave? The Technocratic Convergence of Humans and Data (a video essay) (51:38)
Marshall McLuhan observed in the 1960s that humans are toolmakers whose tools eventually reshape them. Fifty years hence, we suggest that the aphorism should include ‘rewire’ humans as the present age of the internet serves as the global nervous system for humankind. This article explores how, in this present period of the Information Age, media manipulate public opinion about and consent for new digital tools and techniques threatening human agency and sovereignty. This essay introduces the concept of convergence as developed by Henry Jenkins and explores how the practice has expanded in the current global pandemic milieu wherein the interests of a technocratic elite converge to cultivate a general acceptance of the digital tools of a new socioeconomic order. Alongside this analysis stands the historical development of computing tools and the development of data as tools of social control. In a world where the manufactured need for ever-increasing speed and efficiency have largely co-opted human reason, we analyze how digital tools threaten to merge with humans. Enlisted in the effort to examine the integration propaganda are historical accounts of this emerging order as elaborated by key public servants and intellectuals of the 20th century. The primary aim is to situate the top-down attempt to acquire control over the masses in a larger historical context when sophisticated computing tools began serving the need to track and control populations. The essay is an effort to grapple with the complex historical attempt to wield control over people through public relations and technologies.

MCM: New Swiss study of COVID-19 lethality finds it “well below 0.1%, in the range of strong season influenza”!topic/newsfromunderground/7Obg0PT-9Tk

MCM: What’s Antifa, really? And why does neither left nor right consider looking into it?
Antifa—like every other feature of the current crisis—has intensified the national division. The left sees Antifa as heroes; the right sees Antifa as ultra-leftist thugs. However much they hate each other, both tribes agree that Antifa is an authentic corps of anti-fascist civilians, and, therefore, not a “movement” guided by state agents acting under cover.
This likelihood explains why so few Antifa (if any) have been arrested. This oddity has been reported only to “debunk” Trump’s claim that the protests are Antifa-driven:
The assumption there is that Antifa can’t be active in/around the protests, since, if they were, the cops would have arrested them. The likelihood that the police have not arrested any Antifa because those ruffians are cops themselves is as inconceivable to those reporters as it is to Antifa’s leftist fans and haters on the right.
Speaking of the latter, here’s the link to Project Veritas’ video exposing Antifa’s secret training for ultra-violence. Since Project Veritas is conservative, an investigative outlet run by rightist James O’Keefe—notorious for going after ACORN and Planned Parenthood—he reflexively casts Antifa as a real grass-roots movement led by the “far left.” Myopic though it is, this video is well worth watching for its revelation of the brutal tactics coolly taught to Antifa’s shock troops behind closed doors.
Project Veritas: Exposing Antifa (8:40)
What’s really threatening us the most right now is not the cops or Antifa (assuming there’s a difference), or any other of the looming threats before us, but the abject credulity of left and right alike, all (so far) dangerously uninformed as to how propaganda works, and stone-blind to the ever-clearer evidence of mass manipulation at its most sophisticated, happening here, and all over the world, right now.

MCM: Police brutality against PROTESTERS is off the charts, as is the cops’ passivity toward VANDALS.
Extreme police brutality against protestors appears to be deliberate policy from coast to coast, as this harrowing video makes clear.
Meanwhile, vandals go about their business undisturbed, as the police stand back, show up too late, or, as we have seen in certain videos, actually let those rampaging “get away" by passing through the cops’ own ranks—which tells us that those criminals are cops themselves, of one kind of another.
Where and when have we seen hordes of cops so viciously and openly attacking peaceful demonstrators? Have we seen anything like this in Russia, or in China?

No immunity Versus Herd Immunity (5:17)
Sweden opted for human rights and herd immunity. New Zealand opted for a police state and no immunity. In this video I examine the two approaches.
Tony Heller, Pulling Back The Curtain On Junk Science.

Former Merck Rep Says Mandatory Vaccination Is For Profit and Not Public Health (9:41)
Apr 19, 2016
Brandy Vaughan is a former sales rep for Merck & Co. - a vaccine maker - and she details how vaccine companies are using vaccines as a vehicle for massive profit and not public health. Brandy researched the safety of vaccines and found that not only do vaccines contain known toxins that can cause neurological damage, but that vaccine makers do not create the same safety studies for vaccines as they do for other drugs. This lack of true safety research of vaccines combined with the known adverse reactions to vaccination has helped Brandy to decide to never vaccinate her own child. Brandy says giving children a vaccine is like playing Russian roulette with our children and that mandatory vaccination is simply a way for vaccine makers to profit off of our children. Don’t be fooled: we do not need mandatory vaccination.

William Henry Gates III
06-09-20 PPV summaries
Herr Gates Comes Clean - superb tell-it-like-it-is cartoon (3:48)
MCM: “Bill” lays out his whole Satanic program here.
For those who haven’t seen it, Gates did use that well-known Hitlerian euphemism to refer to his global vaccination plan, in a repulsively collegial back-and-forth with the long-since-no-longer-funny Stephen Colbert, who then helpfully responded, with an ironic twinkle in his eye, that, “maybe to head off the conspiracy theorists, we shouldn’t call the vaccine ‘the final solution’—maybe just, ‘the best solution,’” to which Bill responded with a frightening cackle at the thought that anyone could be so loony as to find his Nazi rhetoric disturbing.
Bill Gates The FINAL SOLUTION (7:39)
(“The final solution” is at 3:12; Colbert’s fawning comeback is at 4:35.)

Anthony Fauci warns that ‘nightmare’ pandemic isn’t close to over
Libby Handros: Gloom and doom faucci
Vincent Feldman: Last paragraph: “The nation’s top coronavirus expert also warned against trying to implement price controls on manufacturers of vaccines.”

Scientists Have Utterly Failed to Prove that the Coronavirus Fulfills Koch’s Postulates

We often accuse the right of distorting science. But the left changed the coronavirus narrative overnight
Progressives blithely accepted throwing millions out of work to fight coronavirus - but now urge street protests to fight racism

MCM: Black lives DON’T matter at Elmhurst Hospital: A travel nurse tells all about poor patients routinely killed by COVID-19 “treatment”—even those who didn’t have COVID-19
This is a shattering exposé of what’s really happened, throughout NYC’s coronavirus crisis, at “the epicenter of the epicenter,” Elmhurst Hospital (which the New York Times repeatedly exploited, and completely misreported, in its terroristic COVID coverage).
Those responsible for this atrocity, from Gov. Cuomo on down, must be held responsible; so please share this devastating interview with everyone you know—and take care to download it, as YouTube is sure to censor it.
From John Kirby:
Stated flatly, this edition of Perspectives blows the lid off the pandemic.
Episode 9: The Epicenter Nurse - A Conversation with Erin Marie Olszewski

George Orwell’s Deathbed Interview (2:38)
Emanuel Garcia: Never more relevant than now.
I received this response to Orwell’s last interview video. She took the trouble to add her citations at the end, and I thought I would share it because she points to an essential aspect of propaganda: the presentation of two contradictory ‘realities’ simultaneously, as well as other things. She prefers to be anonymous so I refer to her simply as Madeleine. She is clearly part of our resistance.

MCM: Was Trump vaccinated?!topic/newsfromunderground/aQbFxsmNnwc
Good question. Could that be why he’s never worn a mask? The piece below claims that we’ve never seen a US general, or any prominent war profiteer, wearing one on camera. (Have we? Let me know.)
Concerning Trump’s tough-guy refusal to put on a mask, you may recall the bit of video that I sent out on May 19:
Watch this brief video, from May 14, of Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of Germany, visiting a COVID-19 treatment center—a full-blown temporary hospital, set up on the grounds of Berlin’s biggest trade show center.
We see Steinmeier toward the end of his official visit, with everybody duly masked, and standing far apart—until that formal moment ends, and Steinmeier casually takes off his mask, and hands it to an ungloved aide, as others move into the frame, not “distancing.”

I do hope you recall that video— (0:24)—, which GooTube has since taken down:
Then there’s Kit Knightly’s trenchant piece on the so-called “hypocrisy” of Neil Ferguson, Dominic Cummings and Chris Cuomo, who all had flouted the very lockdown rules they’d been so avidly promoting. What those “scandals” showed, wrote Knightly, was not so much that those three COVID celebrities were hypocrites, but that they “don’t believe the hype.” That’s plausible enough; and yet it’s also possible that they were so blasé about the threat of COVID-19 because they’d all been immunized against it.
The REAL meaning behind Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown
From Ferguson to Cuomo to Cummings, the high profile Lockdown violations show the establishment don’t believe their own hype
Whether there’s some secret antidote or not (and if COVID-19 is a US bioweapon, and was released on purpose, there has to be an antidote), the fact is that the lockdown, with face-masks and “six feet apart” required for all the rest of us, appears to be a vast charade led publicly by stars who may not be susceptible to the coronavirus that they’ve used to shut us in, and keep us far apart.
In short—to quote George Carlin—it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.

Is Donald Trump an Anti-Vaxxer? Bill Gates Said President Asked Him if Vaccines ‘Weren’t a Bad Thing’

MCM: China’s lockdown didn’t halt the spread of COVID-19
“Were the public health measures indeed causal, as is widely assumed, in halting the spread of the virus? The data do not seem to support this conclusion.”
This detailed letter to the editor of Toxicology, from two German experts, complements the judgments of Norway’s health minister, and (the notorious) Neil Ferguson in the UK, that the lockdowns in those countries ultimately had the same effect as Sweden’s less stringent regimen—as does the more recent British finding that the vast majority of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in UK hospitals and nursing homes.

MCM: Republicans defunded the police we need (and might be glad to PRIVATIZE police departments)!topic/newsfromunderground/vZNxb5eFMY4
Let me preface this with my own take on the call to “defund the police”—a meme that certainly would not have taken off like this (the New York Times is covering it respectfully) if there were not a worse alternative to municipal police departments in the wings.
It’s one thing to demand less funding for police departments with disgraceful records, and more for education, transportation, healthcare and other public needs; but the more extreme demand to close police departments down entirely isn’t likely to bring on an anarchist utopia, as Max Parry pointed out (on Facebook) the other day:
“Have any of the well-intentioned people advocating ‘defund the police’ even bothered to do the slightest bit of research on the position they are taking? No, that would be too much to ask. It may have a nice ring to it but it has been a known free-market libertarian policy for years to ‘defund the police’ which is inevitably a pretext to privatize law enforcement in the same way that Blackwater (now Academi) and other security contractors make up a quarter of the military personnel in the Middle East.”
That possibility is not at all far-fetched, considering the radical “defunding” of thesort of cops we need, as David Sirota points out here.
Republicans Defunded The Police We Need
Trump and the GOP pretend they love law enforcement—but they eliminated the cops that protect us from the world’s most dangerous and powerful criminals.

WHO says pandemic ‘far from over’ as daily cases hit record high
Libby Handros: Today’s latest episode of fear porn

Dr. Rashid Buttar: the end of recorded history as we know it (10:27)

06-08-20 PPV summaries

Our leaders ignore the high price kids are paying for coronavirus lockdowns

Gates & Military Funded Mosquito Vaccine Delivery + Gates Backed Company To Release GM Mosquitoes (9:57)

MCM: “Encourage Fear”: A new (inter)national anthem!!topic/newsfromunderground/jO-vHU2t73Y

Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says

Dr. Buttar on the World Health Organisation (9:55)

Why Ireland Should Vote for Freedom - Dolores Cahill | IFP Tipperary Cumann Meeting (17:46)

Norwegian scientist Birger Sorensen claims coronavirus was lab-made and ‘not natural in origin’
Michele Stoddard: Keeping in mind that the virus was manifestly here in the U.S. by Thanksgiving and all the suddenly appearing stats that a huge percentage of the population, on both coasts were exposed and immune before the lockdown and adding in that Wuhan Lab was sending live viruses back and forth to their cohorts in North Carolina, and other labs-Washington, Oklahoma, Boston?-the manufacture of this virus is of long date and preparation and its dissemination easy. All it took was the media “responding”...light bulbs in subways of olde? Nah. Airplanes, de plane!

Famotidine Use and Quantitative Symptom Tracking for COVID-19 in Non-Hospitalised Patients: A Case Series

Psychopathic traits linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic
Barra Bernstein: We are no longer conspiracy theorists or rational thinkers, we are just psychopaths

Children Recruited in U.K. for COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Schools Turn to Surveillance Tech to Prevent Covid-19 Spread

MCM: CNN spreads deadly lies about Vitamin D for COVID-19!topic/newsfromunderground/j7ZRssWrWqw
Yet more criminal “fake news”—which is not just misleading, but racist, too, since black people tend to have a higher incidence of Vitamin D deficiency than whites. This could explain, in part, the greater prevalence of fatal COVID-19 cases in that population.
So here we have CNN (whose founder, Ted Turner, is one of those elite eugenicists) joining in the nonstop global dirge over George Floyd, and piously affirming all the protest of his murder, while dangerously disinforming its black viewers.
CNN Spreads Deadly Lies About Vitamin D for COVID-19

The Last American Vagabond
The BlackRock COVID Bailout Plan Written BEFORE The “Crisis” & US Gov’s Lockdown “Success” Story (2:44:53)
Darwin Hoop: As the AngloZionist media howled about Russia, Israel took control of the US Treasury

“We’re actually hacking the software of life”: Operation Warp Speed is a looming crime against humanity
When Profits and Politics Drive Science: The Hazards of Rushing a Vaccine at “Warp Speed”

Norway Scientist Claims Report Proves Coronavirus Was Lab-Made
Ratcliffe: Interesting: This came out yesterday, and is already removed:
However EIGHT backups were made of it today on the Internet Archive*/
here’s one of the eight:
Norway Scientist Claims Report Proves Coronavirus Was Lab-Made
And here’s the study (weird link - the file is replicated here:

Coronavirus ‘R’ rate could be as low as 0.5 outside of hospitals - with the national average inflated by the huge infection rate in medical settings, say SAGE scientists
MCM: “The national average is inflated by the huge rate of infections in care homes and hospitals.... The admission may provide some comfort to those fearful of catching the disease outside of care homes and hospital settings, as the spread of the disease is not as alarming as the headline figure would suggest.”
The whole article is worth reading carefully.

Could a measles shot reduce deadly inflammation in coronavirus patients? Scientists are testing MMR vaccines to prevent sepsis that kills many COVID-19 sufferers

06-07-20 PPV summaries


Operation COVID-Lloyd: There Are Fates Worth Than Death!
Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes The Injection Fraud

All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response
Short URL:
Local copy: AllCauseMortalityDuringCOVID19.pdf
Keith Rushworth (
The “fog of war” that has swirled around whether masks work or not, since Covid came along, has always had the appearance of just that: “fog of war” garbage. Surely we knew long ago whether masks worked or not? How could such a topic be controversial?
Rancourt quotes great evidence for why masks, including even N95’s, don’t work for viruses. He goes on to explain why things like flu are worse in winter, which, for me at least, is radical stuff. Viral particles are de-activated (my word, I’m simplifying) by humidity in the air. More humidity de-activates the virus more quickly. This can get a little confusing since, as most of us know, Relative Humidity is higher in the Winter. Shouldn’t that mean that the viruses have a harder time in Winter? No, because it is ABSOLUTE Humidity that matters. In winter, at, say 5 degrees C, one cubic metre of air might contain 6 grams of water when saturated, meaning at 100% Relative Humidity. In the Summer, at 20C, that same amount or air, even at only 70% saturation (that is, 70% Relative Humidity) would hold twice as much water. This is what knocks out the flu in Summer.
Interestingly, I then went to a pro-vaccine site in Australasia to read their article about masks. (See below.) They report that N95 masks reduce BACTERIAL infection by 62% compared to no mask, while surgical masks make almost no difference. And that is for bacteria, which are typically much bigger than viruses. As this article points out, there is a problem throughout the medical community in placing trust in surgical masks. Is this because Medics are basically stupid, or have the Shadow Government been playing up the mask nonsense for many years in preparation for today?
Study shows superiority of N95 respirators in protecting health workers against bacterial respiratory infections.

DC traffic cam app has gone offline
Vivian Kubrick (Stanley’s daughter) sounds the alarm:

MCM: Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon are really down with the Black community!!topic/newsfromunderground/L53eKskiQ-s
Just like George Soros, as well as Mark Zuckerberg and, of course, Melinda Gates (as Bill Gates’ “softer” half):
Could there be any clearer indication that the purpose of this psy-op— with “our free press” now suddenly in love with mass protests (which, Hong Kong excepted, they were blacking out last year, and then attacking when the issue was the lockdowns)—is to deflect mass fury from its proper target, channel it against “racism,” and divide the people even more?
We should be massing altogether in the streets against those oligarchs who are now showing off their “solidarity with the Black community,” as Amazon puts it. They are the enemy, those brutal cops are serving them, as they continue reaping billions off our ever-spreading misery and fear.
p.s. An example of Jeff Bezos’ “solidarity with the Black community”:
‘They Treat Us Like Robots’: Frequent 911 Calls From Amazon Warehouses Reveal Employees Driven to Despair
“It’s this isolating colony of hell where people having breakdowns is a regular occurrence.”

Biosecurity and Politics (Giorgio Agamben)!topic/newsfromunderground/Qyz_4zFjOW8
A translation of Agamben’s blog, 11 May 2020. The original is here

MCM: When it comes to mandatory vaccination, Alan Dershowitz is dead-wrong on the law and Constitution!topic/newsfromunderground/xo03hXbfBgI
Vaccine Truth vs Alan Dershowitz: Law and Science Is On Our Side, Part 1
Vaccine Truth vs Alan Dershowitz: Law and Science Is On Our Side, Part 2
On May 24, I sent out the link to Del Bigtree’s exemplary debate with Alan Dershowitz, on the constitutionality of forcible vaccination. Dershowitz was, as usual, supremely confident that such vaccination is not constitutional, and claimed that he would readily defend that position before the Supreme Court. Here John Jones, former professor of constitutional law, debunks Dershowitz’s claims, explaining how the law (like science) is on the side of those refusing mandatory shots.
Del Bigtree debates Alan Dershowitz on mandatory vaccinations, 24 May 2020
This very civil and enlightening back-and-forth begins at around 31:00, after a must-see report by Jefferey Jaxen, on the two experimental COVID vaccines now being tested by Moderna and the Oxford Vaccine Group (both funded by Bill Gates). As Jaxen explains in detail, the findings so far are disastrous.

Missing school is bigger risk for children than catching Covid, warns government adviser

Agent Provocateurs? Just A THOUGHT! (3:52)

06-06-20 PPV summaries


Vaccines, Blockchain and Bio-capitalism

The Brothers Grim: Bill and Mike’s Pandemic Panopticon

AstraZeneca ‘on track’ to roll out COVID-19 vaccine in September

Operation COVID-Lloyd: There Are Fates Worth Than Death! - Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes The Injection Fraud

Peter Hitchens: “The Lockdown is a Catastrophe”

Fact check: has Sweden really just renounced its anti-lockdown strategy?

Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company

India Puts the CDC on Notice

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Corrupt, coordinated assault managed by WHO on an inexpensive and effective treatment / Nass
Updated: Lancet Published a Fraudulent Study: Editor Calls it “Department of Error”
Politicized Science: Lancet, NEJM retract studies on HCQ

MCM: “We’re all in this psy-op together.” (So what’s coming next? And will you just REACT to it?)
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
                 —George Orwell
And in a time of nonstop brutal triggering by “our free press,” just THINKING clearly is a matter of survival.
Really Graceful sets a great example:
You Already Know What Comes Next... (10:03)

Who Controls the Gates Family? (16:02)
Bain and Company, revealed

How Bill Gates became the voodoo doll of Covid conspiracies

MCM: COVID-19 Q&A (from the UK)!topic/newsfromunderground/Z5jLwx0wnEM

MCM: Soros denies “paying people to protest”!topic/newsfromunderground/KCgcAtVSDNw

Mobile vaccination centres in shipping containers could immunise 60 million people in four months, says Waugh Thistleton Architects

Bill Gates Installs ‘News Filter’ onto Everyone’s Device to Censor Alt Media

Avoid singing or shouting when meeting with family or friends, scientists warn
Groups of six from different households can meet from Monday, but research suggests raising your voice can increase risk

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order (22:04)
Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, The Rockefeller Foundation, Global Business Network (2010, 54 pgs)

06-05-20 PPV summaries

Dr. Buttar on the World Health Organisation
(Emanuel Garcia is assembling [potentially] censored copy on his bitchute channel.)

MCM: Wearing masks for 7 hours a day? No recess? No physical contact? No cafeteria? One-way halls?
If the CDC planned purposely to weaken kids’ immune systems, they couldn’t have done a more effective job.

‘Deeply Disturbing’: New York Supreme Court Judge Rules Protesters Can Be Detained Indefinitely
Manhattan judge denies Legal Aid request to free hundreds of George Floyd protesters held more than 24 hours
Judge denies release of NYC protesters whose arraignments are overdue

All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response

The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law

Scientists Resume Efforts To Create Deadly Flu Virus, With US Government’s Blessing

No rise in Finland’s coronavirus infection rate since schools reopened

How Pandemic Profiteers Are Getting Richer With the Fed’s Easy Money


06-04-20 PPV summaries

Studies Show Cell Phone Towers Inflict Significant Damage to Trees and Human Health

‘A national disgrace’: 40,600 deaths tied to US nursing homes

Santa Monica’s businesses ransacked by looters, with no cops in sight
MCM: While pummeling and hauling off protesters and journalists, America’s cops seem strangely disinclined to interfere with looters and/or vandals.
Is this not the coup de grace for the US economy, which was already gravely injured by the lockdown?
And isn’t this a most effective way to move the whole economy online, so that ALL transactions will be cashless?
Cui bono? Amazon, and the NSA.

Rush to trash hydroxychloroquine based on faulty Surgisphere data exposes fundamental flaws in profit-based medical ‘science’

“Antifa in Theory and Practice” (MUST-READ)

Prof. Karl Friston: ‘80% Not Even Susceptible to COVID-19’

‘Professor Lockdown’ Ferguson, UK’s Covid-19 czar, admits crippling restrictions MADE NO DIFFERENCE – where’s the outrage?

No new COVID-19 cases from Lake of the Ozarks crowds, Missouri health director says

Bill Gates said it’s hard to deny vaccine conspiracy theories involving him because they’re ‘so stupid’

Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study

Coronavirus infections in England and Wales hit peak days before lockdown, study finds

The “Corona Hoax”, The Proliferation of Racial Riots. Towards a Military Lockdown?

US Police Forces Are Trained by Israel: The Knee-On-Neck Tactic that Was Used on George Floyd Is the Same Tactic that Has Been Used on the Palestinians

Why America’s “Revolution” Won’t be Televised. No one is Aiming at the Empire

When Profits and Politics Drive Science: Rushing a Vaccine to Market for a Vanishing Virus

How American Cities Were Reduced to Esper’s “Battlespace”: From Fallujah to Minneapolis

Democrats Casually “Blame Russia” for the Riots

Emerging Evidence Suggests Nightclub Where Floyd and Chauvin Worked Linked to Intelligence/Money Laundering

Tucker: “What you’re watching is class war disguised as a race war.” (1:47)

Shocking Evidence Suggests Coordinated Effort To Orchestrate An Uprising Inside The United States

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