Kin Kletso
Chaco Canyon, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Arriving at Kin Kletso in the late afternoon of the clearest day, the golden color of the sun saturated an already exquiste hue of rock into something ineffably vibrant and deep.

at first, a walk around the perimeter revealed much (west side facing east)

the masonry towered above one's head

how compelling the forms made by the shadows and shapes (NW corner facing E-S-E)

at this point, walking a little to the south, the moon sang out!

climbing the cliff for a birdseye view, & looking east to Pueblos Bonito & del Arroyo

back down at the cliff's base, the shape and form of the walls again called out

Chetro Ketl Pueblo Bonito Pueblo Del Arroyo Casa Chiquita Casa Rinconada



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