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Silenced truth: "pacifists" protect tyrants and incite wars


History will record with severity the huge social, human and political cost of the activism of the erroneously named "pacifists"

The so-called "pacifist" movements, articulated by leftists, and their silent accomplice, have decisively contributed to the protection of the most fierce tyrants of the XX and XXI Centuries, since Adolph Hitler and Stalin, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Il, to Saddam Hussein. With their harmful political formula of "giving in so as not to loose", they paved the way for several of those dictators to increment warmonger attitudes against countries and continents, in addition to enslaving their own people.

Towards the end of the 1930's, it was the English and French "pacifists" who, with the pretext of avoiding war with Germany, pressured the public opinion of their respective countries, to give-in before the annexation of Hitler in Austria and other territories where German was spoken belonging to Czechoslovakia ("Sudentenland"), Poland (Dantzig "corridor"), etc. Those "pacifists" supported their respective Heads of State, Chamberlain and Daladier, in their giving-in attitude before the German despot. It was not in vain when Winston Churchill, the great English statesman, reprimanded Chamberlain by telling him: "Your choice was between shame and war; you chose shame and you will have war". In fact, after so many shameful concessions, peaking with the Munich pact, which legitimately recognized the usurpations of Germany, it invaded Poland, which led to the Second World War, which had a toll of 60 million deaths. During the decade of 1970, the handing over by U.S. government of several Southeast Asian nations to communists -who unleashed indescribable massacres of millions of innocent civilians, such as in Cambodia- was in most part precipitated by pressures on behalf of "pacifists". Other historical examples could also be mentioned.

During the present, the complex circumstances of war in Iraq do not impede us from pointing out similarities and censurable contradictions of Western "pacifist" movements that, with the pretext of condemning the war, lift up a smoke screen in front of the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, in front of the conditions of misery and oppression of the Iraqi people, in front of the danger which said regime represents to regional and international peace. As it has already been denounced, those "pacifist" manifestations which are spread throughout the world were previously articulated in the recent Worldwide Social Forum of Porto Alegre, a gigantic catalyst of revolutionary forces which survived communism.

Those same "pacifists" who cry only with the left eye, do not only keep silence as to the crimes of the Iraqi dictatorial regime, but also as to the repressive onslaught unleashed recently by Fidel Castro against oppositionists and independent journalists; the cruelties of Colombian narco-guerrillas; the violations of political-religious rights in countries such as China, Cuba and North Korea; Christian persecutions in Muslim countries; the pro-Castro despotism of the Venezuelan President Chavez; the fratricidal violence of the ETA, in Spain, etc.

It is symptomatic that in the United States entities that promote anti-war protests, such as "Workers World Party" and "Answer" their fagade entity (at a cost of an estimated 200 thousand dollars per protest), have initiatives in their curriculum in support of Castro's Cuba, Saddam's Iraq, and Kim Jong Il's North Korea, as demonstrated by the journalist Dan Springer, of Fox News. In Spain, protests of the erroneously named "pacifists" resort to violence, attacking government party headquarters and causing much destruction to public property. According to a denouncement made in editorial of Libertad Digital, in Spain there is a resurgence of the "Jacobean traditional sectarianism", with "violent methods" used by the "extreme totalitarian left" who are counting on the support, through act or omission, of the United Left and the Spanish Socialist Workers Party. In England, Ahmed Chalabi, of the Iraqi National Congress, in exile, denounced that the supposedly pro-peace activists want to "prolong the life of Saddam and the misery of the Iraqi people". In Italy, journalist Ernesto Galli della Loggia, in a front-page article in the "Corriere della Sera", calls attention to the enormous "capacity" of the so-called "pacifists" in that country to "manipulate reality", using as an example the "massive" use in protests of pictures of the Cuban-Argentinean guerilla "Che" Guevara, who is being presented as a symbol of "pacifism" when in reality, his cruelty made him contrary to peace. As Elio Bromuri, another Italian journalist, Communications Director of Perugia Archdiocese, observed, "pacifist" Italian leaders are guided by "an ideology that only maintains pacifism in its name".

After the emotional climate artificially created by the left (with the collaboration of the media), that clouds reason and common sense, History will, without a doubt, record with severity and indignation the gigantic social, human and political cost of the erroneously named "pacifists". The cause of peace is too important to leave it in their hands.

Lastly, it is important to not confuse the pacifists with the peaceful. Jesus Christ promised to those last mentioned an admirable prize: "You shall be named Children of God". The peaceful ones are those that love true peace, defined by Saint Augustine as "the tranquility of order". On the contrary, if the pacifists speak of peace it is as a pretext to fool and immobilize the peaceful, supporters of order.


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Thanks for your attention. Yours, Fernandez-Lspez, Madrid, Spain.

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