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Minnesota and Missouri results may be invalid

by, 6 November 2002



Vote counting software was not certified, in violation of state law, absentee ballots opened in secret while Missouri law says public counting, absentee ballots missing instruction sheet

1 in 6 turned away because Tuesday was the first general November election since precinct boundaries were changed based on population counts from the last U.S. census

Provisional ballots counted only after ballot-by-ballot review

St Louis (heavily black/Democratic) had a shortage of punch cards

Despite press reports, Missouri will still be counting ballots for days.


Wellstone absentee ballots not counted; those for Coleman are counted

People still in line at 8:00 PM weren't allowed to vote, contrary to state law. Undoubtedly the lines were longest in the metro (Democratic) areas

Minnesota's 100,000 absentee voters were required to hand-carry new post-Wellstone ballots to their precinct, if they even received them in time by mail. How many do you think actually did this? Absentee is absentee, after all.

Voters went to wrong precincts because of redistricting; many voters used faulty, uncountable ballots which were then hand-transcribed election judges; some ballots contained both Wellstone and Mondale

Despite press reports, Minnesota will still be counting ballots for days


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