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Pentagon Plans to Gas US Citizens
Another Bitch Slap to the Head of Bush Supporters

by Al Martin, All Martin RAW, 30 September 2002


(Sept. 30) The Department of Defense has petitioned the UN for a ruling on the use of its new compressed high potency Valium gas for the purposes of domestic riot control. The United States is a signatory in an agreement that allows domestic law enforcement to use tear gas and pepper gas, but since the UN Commission makes no specific mention of it, the Department of Defense wants a specific ruling as to whether it can dispense to the Office of Homeland Security and other domestic law enforcement agencies (including US troops based on US soil) its new high potency Valium gas for use against US citizens for the purposes of riot control.

The Department of Defense did an internal report, which is secret, and which it refuses to release, but details were apparently leaked out by some anti-Bush faction within the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD has noted that domestic disturbances are on the increase in the United States. They did a theoretical study based on the concept that George Bush would remain in office for a second term and that the Bushonian economic agenda would continue and that the Bushonian "national security" agenda would continue to further strip American citizens of their rights and liberties.

Under that guise, the Department of Defense predicted that the result would be an enormous increase in civil disobedience - even more so than we are seeing now. The DoD initially said that it's because of the riots we've had at the IMF and World Bank meetings and so on and that they need stronger measures to control radicals, but what they were really looking at, however, was a longer-term.

The DoD report stated that if Bush is "elected" in a second term and if Bushonian economics (which they noted creates a long term deleterious effect on our economy is continued), then more and more of the American citizens are going to see the value of their 401(K)s and IRAs wiped out.

The report also noted the growing insecurity of the domestic pension systems because of the Bush administration's refusal to fund legislation to guarantee pensions and its refusal to pressure corporations that give large mounts of money to the Republican Party to shore up their own pension systems.

The DoD said that more and more of the American people will have their retirements destroyed through Bushonian economic malfeasance and the tremendous budget deficits, which said malfeasance generates and which causes an increase in the national debt. The DoD conclusion is that Bushonian economics is essentially a downward spiral, which continues endlessly. When that this is combined with increasingly restrictive state security measures denuding the American people of more of their civil rights, eventually more and more people may start resorting to civil disobedience to complain about it.

The DoD is concerned that an increasing number of people will see through the "fagade" of the Bush administration. Though the Pentagon intended to keep this report secret, parts of it have leaked out and have been reported.

Consequently, should Bush remain in office for a second term with, of course, the normal Bushonian economic malfeasance intact, if more people begin to identify George Bush with the destruction of their retirement and the loss of confidence in our marketplace and as more of their liberties are taken away under the guise of "the war on terrorism," then the Department of Defense wants the ability to invoke "stronger measures" to control an anticipated surge in civil disobedience. That's why they're asking the UN Council for a ruling on the use and distribution of this new high potency Valium gas.

The same DoD report also will recommend to the White House and the Office of Homeland Security a longer term option (LTO) wherein the Department of Defense could covertly undertake a program to saturate the nation's water supply with a soluble form of Prozac.

The DoD used a group of psychologists to come up with a report and they said that the DoD not only had the problem of quelling increasing domestic disturbances, but that there was a possibility of an opposite reaction occurring at the same time.

They noted that since the election of George Bush, the use of Prozac has increased by 30% and it was the opinion of this board of Department of Defense psychologists that if Bush has another term in office, it could lead to mass depression in the United States, wherein suicide and homicide rates could continue to rise.

There is also a memorandum from the FBI, expressing concerns about this -- that if Bush is allowed a second term in office, there could be not only an economic depression but also a mass psychological depression in the United States.

If you wanted to deal with your problems, you could just go to a demonstration and get gassed with Valium, then you could go home and drink a glass of tap water dosed with Prozac. Until your next 401(K) statement arrives in the mail.

AlMartinRaw. Com is glad to see that our government is on the ball and we would like to send the Department of Defense kudos for anticipating these Bushonian linked problems. By the way, as a public service, we are also considering publishing a schedule of demonstrations, so you can attend and get your dose of Valium gas at no cost.

It should be noted that the tone of the report showed that the Department of Defense is frankly tired of getting blamed for $600 toilet seats and $100 hammers. A general, who didn't want to be identified on CNN, kept saying that the Department of Defense gets unfairly lambasted. He said the reason that happens is because the Bush Administration "keeps forcing us to buy weapons systems we don't want and which don't work." The unnamed general actually pointed to the recent contract given to the Boeing-Bell consortium to produce the V22 Osprey, which the Air Force calls "The V22 Death Trap."

(See previous column "Clueless in Afghanistan")

Sometimes the Department of Defense is actually unfairly criticized. The reason they sometimes overpay for toilet seats and hammers is to hide the problems like the amount of money they have to spend to fix weapons systems that don't work which they are continuously forced to buy for political purposes. Like the man said, every V22 the Bush Administration forces us to buy is another $3 million in the Republican coffers.

The economic picture is getting bleaker and bleaker. We continue to recommend the Smart Republican Money strategy of shorting the rallies and covering on the dips.

Fed Chairman Sir Alan Greenspan is going to be talking to the other Federal Bank board members. Greenspan, rewarded by the Queen of England for providing "economic stability," has received only an "honorary knighthood." All honors bestowed on US leaders and politicians are always "honorary" in recognition of the 13th Amendment, which disallows American citizens from receiving "titles of nobility." In other words, Greenspan will not appear in the British Book of Peerage, nor does he become a Peer of the Realm and, of course, he can't serve in the House of Lords. Other "honorary" Members of the Order of Bath include Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, Casper Weinberger and Rudy Giuliani. This means that Sir Greenspan can't be Chairman of the Federal Reserve and a member of the House of Lords at the same time.

In other news, demonstrators against the IMF conference in Washington DC are being handcuffed, beaten and dragged out as well as zapped with the new so-called non-lethal weapons.

The commander of the police force was laughing saying that they got their new shipment of high technology non-lethal control devices and that "we can't wait to try them out on the demonstrators." This includes the new super duper ultra high voltage tasers and the spinning nets with the lead weights. They were hoping to test out these new devices during the demonstrations. They were clubbing demonstrators left and right, but it's just practice for what's coming

People will start to get their IRA and 401K statements for the month of September, and they will get more depressed in a market, which is already the worst month of the year, while everyone is whispering "collapse" behind the scenes.

Then there's the fact that liquidity in the US economy has been essentially drained and there isn't any money left for all practical purposes, while we continue to spend billions every month fighting a "war on terrorism," which is compeletely deficit financed.

When Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neill was asked about the price tag for the war on Iraq, he said it was "irrelevant". For all intents and purposes, he's correct because the estimates range from $60 billion to $200 billion up front -- plus God knows how much money down the line because we don't know what kind of commitment we're going to have to make later to stabilize the government of Iraq -- assuming that we get Saddam Hussein out of power.

But as O'Neill said -- it really doesn't make any difference anymore -- how much it is. The rationale is that there isn't any money left. In other words, it would all be deficit financed anyway. This means that the government will just issue more bonds to finance it and those bonds just become part of the over all national debt. There is a widespread expectation now that that debt will never be paid and that we are effectively beyond the point of having to worry about it.

The Treasury Department has invoked the Special Protocol 157 and those Special Protocols that exist in the 160 Series of long-term protocols. In other words, we are now operating under the assumption that the United States will eventually experience an economic collopse.

What O'Neill was saying is that we are now operating under the long-term assumption that United States will collapse. There is so much debt accumulated that nobody even knows how much there really is anymore. There has been so much fraud and malfeasance through the Reagan-Bush years and now once again that the Bushes will cause the country to effectively collapse at some point, and therefore what real difference does it make?

The only difference it makes is for government to continue to maintain the Big Lie Principle and make the people think that -- oh yes we can continue to service our debt because it doesn't look so bad on the service. Every time you hear Bush say that we're only devoting 24% of our federal budget to debt service and look at Britain they're devoting 37%, remember that the difference is that Britain is actually paying on all the debt it has outstanding and we're not. Over half of our debt, now closing on two thirds, is hidden under convoluted, non-marketable, non-interest accrued, contingent securities.

The Bushes have effectively created (from 1980 to 1992 and again from 2000 to however long Bush serves or lives or whatever) a giant balloon mortgage for the country.

That's really the best way to put it. We're servicing between a third and a half of our debt, but we're not telling you that the rest of the debt exists. Although we know that it exists. And it's all issued on a non-marketable accrued deferred semi-compounded rejiggered balloon payment. The debt that is not being serviced (and this is particularly true of the $3.5 trillion of non marketable US Treasury bonds that the Reagan Bush people stuck into the Social Security trust fund to bleed out all the money) continues to accrue interest at the rate of $100 billion a year. They're 3.5% bonds, but that interest is not being paid.

People need to understand that as long as Bush stays in power, you can make money, but you have to do it the smart way.

There's another reason why the Department of Defense wants to put Prozac in the water supply. The Department of Justice has begun to notice a very disquieting correlation -- a rapid and tremendous increase in violent crime over the last six months. These include murders, kidnapping, rapes, and assaults, and this has occurred in correspondence with the time when people get their IRA and 4o1(K) statements.

Also, in the first week of every month, suicides have increased six fold since Bush was elected. It happens in the first weeks of the month. That's where the greatest increase has been. Of course, there have been 2 million jobs lost and 2 million citizens have been forced into bankruptcy. That's what is pressuring these crime rates. And that's why I think it's a good idea to put Prozac in the nation's water supply. I'm sure George Bush thinks it's a wonderful idea. But for everybody else, it's a good idea as well because --how else are you going to deal with it?

The people are too stupid not to vote for a Bush.

So if you're too stupid not to vote for a Bush and if you're too stupid not to sell short and make money like the Republicans do, then you have to go to the only alternative you have -- take Prozac.


AL MARTIN is America's foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. A relentless whistleblower, he has written a book called, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," which chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press, Order Line: 866-317-1390). This detailed account of government criminal operations, namely State-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales, is unprecedented in publishing history. Al Martin is also well known for his great charm and profound insights into world events, and he is frequently interviewed on many talk radio shows across the nation. His weekly column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly online at Al Martin Raw, (

Copyright © 2002 Al Martin Raw
Reprinted for Fair Use Only.

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