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Subject: World's People Say "No" To War
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 07:19:51 -0700

World's People Say "No" To War

A simultaneous international poll conducted by Gallup International <> provides a surprising picture of the world's people in substantial agreement with one another, while world leaders are distinctly out-of-step with a more militaristic attitude. Concerns about the economic future and the impact of US foreign policy were also investigated.

In the US corporate media, virtually all discussion of responding to the terrorist attacks of September 11 is phrased in military terms. However, there's another alternative: responding to it as what it actually is, a crime against humanity. Taking the approach of international law has barely been mentioned in the corporate media, yet 30% of Americans support this option, compared to 54% who support a military response (with 16% undecided), according to a Gallup poll conducted last week.

It seems quite likely that a majority of Americans would support the international law approach, if only they heard it talked about seriously, had it explained, and heard its pro's and con's contrasted with those of a military response. As it is, the US is one of only 3 countries out of 35 surveyed by Gallup International in which more people favor a military approach. The other two, Israel and India, both have experienced decades of conflict with Islamic neighbors and are far more militaristic in their response.

Elsewhere, landslide majorities favor a non-military approach. Support for a non-military approach ranges from 67% to 88% among NATO/Western European nations, from 64% to 83% among Eastern European nations, and from 83% to 94% in Latin America.

This held true even in countries with the highest levels of support for military action. In Western Europe, France and the Netherlands show the strongest support for a military approach, but this position is outnumbered by 2-to-1. In Eastern Europe, the 22%-64% breakdown in the Czech Republic is nearly 3-1 against a military response. In Latin America, Ecuador's 19%-83% breakdown is over 4-1 against military action.

In short, aside from the US, Israel and India, the overwhelming majority of people around the world favor treating this terrorist act as the crime it is, rather than the act of war the terrorists want it to be.


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