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Gulf War Vet Group: US Troops Set Kuwait Oil Fires

by Jon Rappoport, 26 February 2003



FEBRUARY 25. The American Gulf War Veterans Association, led by Joyce Riley, has issued a press release that accuses US forces of setting huge oil fires in Kuwait at the end of Gulf War One.

At the time, those fires -- blamed on Saddam -- burned a billion barrels of oil over a seven-month period and raised a poisonous lingering cloud over the Persian Gulf nations.

The ecological/health disaster persists to this day (see a story posted by CNN on Jan. 3, 2003).

From Riley's release: "One [US] veteran has now stepped forward and given a detailed account of how he and others in special teams moved forward of the front, and then set charges on the [Kuwait oil] well heads."

This veteran, as yet unnamed, states, "We were mustered into the briefing tent at which point a gentleman who I first had thought to be an American began to brief us on the operation [to burn the oil fields]. I was concerned because he was not wearing a US uniform and insignias."

The Gulf War Veterans' release continues: "The information provided over a series of meetings with this veteran corroborates reports from other veterans who are totally unconnected with this individual. This testimony brings into serious question the integrity of the US government, as it [the government] provided information to the American public and military during the last Gulf War."

There could be several motives behind a secret US special ops venture to burn the Kuwaiti oil fields. To further slam Saddam -- blaming the disaster on him. To create the appearance of an oil shortage. To keep certain recalcitrant leaders in Kuwait in line -- "See what we can do if you try to dump `US support'?"

However, the US veteran who spoke with Riley may also be implying that the operation to burn the oil fields was not, at the highest levels, a US government plot, although it used small groups of US soldiers. The briefer may have represented more shadowy power players.

I've made queries, and I'll let you know if anything more falls out of the hopper.

Copyright © 2003 Jon Rappoport
Reprinted for Fair Use Only.

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