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 C R I M E S    A G A I N S T    H U M A N I T Y

The 9-11 bombings Are Not Acts of War

The 9-11 bombings Are Crimes Against Humanity

the focus is:
Trashing International Law
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"[I]f any doubt exists about the status of captives, they are to be treated as POW's under Geneva rules until an independent tribunal can be held to determine their status. The arrogance of the US is reflected in Rumsfeld's statement that he "has no doubts, they are not POW's". The refusal of the United States from the first to treat these attacks as mass murders and crimes against humanity, in order to justify an undeclared, illegal and extra-legal international war against anyone they decide to target, is the continuing problem.
        "There is certainly no need to revise the Geneva Conventions, which I am sure the US would like to abandon at this point. Here is a telling letter to the editor following the 1998 missile attack of Clinton on Afghanistan and Sudan with the same justification being given us today (retaliate against terrorists and those who harbor them) addressing exactly the same issue:
"No state has the right to exact retribution through an armed attack on another country. . . . Nor does any state have the right to launch missiles against a country it believes to harbor terrorists . . . President Clinton's bald assertion that the U.S. bombing was justifiable because the Sudan and Afghanistan have consistently failed to heed U.S. demands to eject Osama bin Laden and others is extraordinary. . . . The real victim [of the missile attacks] was a world in which rules matter and those responsible for acts of violence are brought to justice, not simply killed. (James C. Hathaway, Prof. of International Law, U. of Michigan, NY Times, 8/23/98, p. A14)
"Most US citizens know little of US law, less of international law, and almost nothing of human rights or Geneva Convention rules. This allows the government to dupe them into agreeing to follow whatever they can be stirred up to support without questioning it. The US violates the laws of war in every modern conflict it takes part in, and then claims other governments don't follow them because they are "evil".
--John Judge, Revise the Geneva Convention??, 5 Feb 2002

"The Bush was enunciated in a series of statements by President George W Bush as he sought to formulate his policy position and response to the Sept 11 attacks. It has three parts: the US will draw no distinction between terrorist groups and countries that in any way harbour or assist them; those countries that do not support the US in the war on terrorism will be considered opponents of the US; the US will not wait to be attacked by a terrorist group or country, it will strike first if it perceives an emerging danger.
        "This new US doctrine changes everything. For virtually all of the previous 50 years since the end of World War II and including the 40-year period of the Cold War, the US stance was one of defence and deterrence. It was never a posture of pre-emptive strike. In these new circumstances, the US will determine which countries or groups it considers might threaten it in the future and initiate military action against them.
        "Under international law, all countries have the right to self-defence but all are also obliged never to initiate an attack upon another and when disputes arise to seek to settle them by peaceful means. . . .
        "If the other unilateral course is followed, as the Bush doctrine appears to suggest, then we will have stepped back from more than 50 years of striving to assert the civilised principle that the conduct of the world's affairs can be regulated and enlightened by law and principle to the admittedly more ancient idea that more important than anything else is the possession and exercise of raw power. Isn't this what the terrorists want?"

--Richard Butler, Perils of a one-superpower world,, 29 Oct 2002

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