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The story of a Major, Proven, Preventable Cause of This Disease.
John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. 1996.

  Preface and Acknowledgments, p.vii

Section One - Introduction

1.   Our Conclusion:   A Large Share of Breast-Cancers Need Not Occur, p.1
2.   "Incubation Times" for Radiation-Induced Cancer, p.7
3.   Early-Onset Breast-Cancer:   Evidence on Radiation-Induction, p.11
4.   Three Key Concepts in Our Analysis, p.19
5.   The Rationale of Our Study:   Methods and Materials, p.29

Section Two - Stories of the Exposures in Our Master Table

6.   The "Enlarged Thymus" Story:   Start of a Long Controversy, p.37
7.   Benefits of Thymus Irradiation:   Delusion or Reality?, p.43
 8.   Thymus Irradiation before Age One:   Start of Our Master Table, p.55
9.   Irradiation to Reduce Sudden Death in Childhood, p.55
10.   Thymus Irradiation before Anesthesia and Surgery in Childhood, p.75
11.   Ending of the Era of Radiation Therapy for Enlarged Thymus, p.83
12.   Reaching into the Womb:   Pre-Birth Breast Irradiation, p.87
13.   Treatment of Acute Postpartum Mastitis with X-Rays, p.91
14.   A Physician's Dilemma:   What to Do about Chronic Mastitis, p.97
15.   Management of Tuberculosis:   An Eminently Sensible Program, p.105
16.   Mass Screening for Tuberculosis, p.111
17.    Treatment of Bronchial Asthma with X-Rays, p.113
18.   Treatment of Pneumococcal Pneumonia with X-Rays, p.117
19.   Treatment of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) with X-Rays, p.121
20.   Treatment of Hyper-Thyroidism and Breast Irradiation, p.125
21.   Management of Adolescent Scoliosis (Curvature of the Spine), p.133
22.   Chiropractic Examinations and Breast Irradiation, p.139
23.   Major Diagnostic Radiological Contributions to Breast Dose, p.143
24.   Occupational Sources of Breast Irradiation, p.155
25.   Weapons-Test Fallout, Pre-1960, and Breast Dose, p.161

Section Three - Stories of Exposures Not in Our Master Table

26.   The Beauty Shop as a Source of Breast Irradiation, p.163
27.   Yes, We Do Have Your Size:   Shoe-Fitters and Breast Irradiation, p.165
28.   Mammography:   Past and Present, p.161
29.   Major Surgical Advances and Irradiation of the Breast, p.183
30.   Pre-Employment Fluoroscopic Exams for Pulmonary Tuberculosis, p.189
31.    Fluoroscopy:   Source of a Big Underestimate in Our Breast-Dose Finding, p.193
32.   Hard-to-Find Doses from Fluoroscopy and Other Sources, p.207
33.   Dermatology:   More Underestimation in Our Finding, p.219
34.   Treatment of Skin Disorders:   Overview by Dr. MacKee, p.227
35.   Breast-Exposure by Radium:   More Underestimation in Our Finding, p.235
36.   Radiotherapy of Benign Diseases:   Overview by Dr. Dewing, p.243
37.   Recent Concerns:   Intensive Care Units, Insurance Cases, p.255
38.   Summary on Underestimation of Dose in Our Study, p.261

Section Four - Our Finding and Recommendations for Action

39.   Bottom Line:   The Master Table, p.265
40.   Conversion-Factors:   The Basis of Column "V", p.273
41.   Some of the Uncertainties and Certainties of Our Finding, p.285
42.   Prevention of Breast-Cancer, Starting Now, p.291

Section Five - Response to Critiques of the First Edition

43.   The Process of Genuine Peer-Review p.301
44.   Criticisms in the Journal of the American Medical Assn. p.309
45.   Three Remarkably Similar Reports on the Safe-Dose Fallacy p.317
46.   "War in Britain":   The Natl. Radiological Protection Board p.329
47.   Seven Short Objections from Other Sources p.345
48.   Susan M. Love, M.D.:   Is Radiation Overdosing a Past Problem? p.353
49.   What Happens Next? p.373

Table 1, Annual Breast-Cancer Cases in USA, 1960-1994, p.377
Table 2, Growth of Population in USA, 1850-1994, p.378
Author:   Biographical Information and Curriculum Vitae, p.379
References, p.383
Index and Glossary, p.403

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