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The Committee For Nuclear Responsibility (CNR)
709 Tall Oak Trail
Seneca, South Carolina, 29678, U.S.A.
A non-profit educational organization since 1971
CNR logo:  Knowledge / Wisdom
rat haus reality press is deeply honored to present the web incarnation for publications of The Committee for Nuclear Responsibility. Chaired since 1971 by Dr. John Gofman M.D., Ph.D., CNR is a non-profit, educational group organized to provide independent analyses of the health effects and sources of ionizing radiation.

With a Ph.D. in nuclear / physical chemistry, and a medical degree, Dr. Gofman, Professor Emeritus in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California at Berkeley, is uniquely qualified to articulate the critical and essential health issues surrounding exposure to low-level ionizing radiation and it's consequences.

Committee For Nuclear Responsibility
Electronic Publications

XaHP: The X-rays and Health Project
The plan:  Lower x-ray doses per x-ray procedure.
The result:  Fewer cases of x-ray-induced cancer
and coronary heart disease.
Plutonium Life Span

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