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A Lawyer’s Dissenting View Addendum
Original Copy published in The Legal Intelligencer, Philadelphia, PA, November 23, 1964, Vol. 151, No. 101, pp. 1, 9.

To the Editor of the Monday Bar Report:

By way of an addendum to my article entitled “The Warren Report—Analysis of Shots, Trajectories and Wounds—A Lawyer’s Dissenting View” (November 2, 1964 issue), kindly take note of the following.

Perhaps the reader recalls my view that at least some of the assassination shots originated from a point other than the Book Depository Building (where Oswald allegedly was). Further proof of this contention is provided by two different versions of the same issue of Life Magazine.

I have before me two copies of the October 2, 1964 issue of Life, both opened to page 45. At the bottom of the page on each is an assassination photo marked number 6. In one of the copies, number 6 shows the President, with what appears to be a gaping wound in the right parietal region, falling towards his wife.

In my other copy of the same issue, number 6 is an entirely different picture. This frame clearly shows beyond any question that an assassin’s bullet has struck and is blasting away the right front of the President’s head. In this photograph we clearly see that the bullet could not have struck the President from the rear.

We will not inquire now into the motives that led Life to remove one of the pictures and replace it with another in its October 2nd issue. What it does give us is additional support for the original medical report by Dr. Robert N. McClelland of Parkland Hospital that “The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the left temple” (pages 526 and 527 of the Warren Report).

When I asked Arlen Specter, Esq. on October 22, 1964 about Dr. McClelland’s statement, he peremptorily dismissed it as “mistaken.” I now refer him and the reader to page 540 of the Warren Report which represents part of the Autopsy Report prepared at the National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, Md. Listing the missile wounds, the autopsy report indicates a “defect” about 13 centimeters in greatest diameter involving chiefly the parietal bone, but extending somewhat into the temporal and occipital regions.

Whether Dr. McClelland and the Bethesda doctors were describing the same or different wounds, in either event the wounds are inconsistent with a shot or shots fired from behind the President’s car.

Member of the Philadelphia Bar
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