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So far From Home puts you on the scene as 4,000 Americans, Britons, and other "enemy aliens" struggled to survive World War II at Santo Tomas Internment Camp in Manila. Imprisoned in the camp by Manila's Japanese occupiers, the internees developed their own government, food-service system, and even built their own homes. The Japanese forbade their prisoners to keep any records, but they kept diaries and statistics, and even took photographs. This book traces the construction of a community from the internees' own words. From the destitution of near-starvation in 1944, when most people were eating soupy mush twice a day, to the euphoria of liberation by Allied troops under Gen. Douglas MacArthur in February, 1945, this book provides a moving account of life behind Japanese lines in World War II.

As the author has written the ratitor regarding this book,

This is, of course, way outside my usual stomping grounds, but close to home since my wife's family was in this Japanese prison camp. It is quite a story, and I did it all myself except the actual printing. I have not a clue as to how to sell the books, however, except the 50 or so (of a press run of 1,000) that have gone to people who were in the camp, of whom I have a mailing list.

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