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Chapter 2

The Power Control Group

      Just who and what is the Power Control Group? Some have said it's the military industrial complex. Some prefer to put the blame on the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relation. Others have talked about control shifting from the "Yankees" to the "Cowboys" and back again. The term "The Cabal," first used in an obscure paper by an unknown author in 1968,[1] described a high level conspiracy group that planned, financed and carried out the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The word Cabal has been used since then by some authors and researchers and applied to all of the major domestic assassinations.
      The idea of a Cabal raises more questions than it answers. Who is in the Cabal? Was the same Cabal behind the planning and financing of all five (Chappaquiddick being the fifth) major eliminations? Or are there several interlocking Cabals? What about the Warren and Rockefeller Commissions? Were they part of the Cabal? Which Cabal controls and infiltrated the media and organized the disinformation that poured forth in 1975 and 1976? Was Ford a Cabal member? Was Nixon? How about Johnson and Kissinger? Has one Cabal commanded the executions of the 100 witnesses and lower level participants?
      The mistake made by researchers in postulating higher level groups is that they simplify a very complex situation. To draw a distinct line between those involved in an overt conspiracy to assassinate a leader and those involved afterward in covering up the first group's actions is a mistake. The cover-ups are far more important than the original assassinations. Each assassination or attempted assassination, or other form of elimination of a leader, is only part of a greater whole. The 16 accomplishments of the power control group listed in Chapter 1, plus those now taking place and those scheduled for the future, should be considered as a continuum. The control group membership may contain individuals in various categories, some of whom planned assassinations, some of whom knew about the assassinations, and some of whom did not know about assassinations in advance. Some may have been on the firing line but have had nothing to do with the cover-ups. Some of them are victims of later eliminations. Somewhere in the power control group's hierarchy is a sub-group or perhaps several sub-groups that have been responsible for the attempted assassinations of presidential candidates, earlier assassins, witnesses, and earlier middle-to-higher level members in the power control group. These sub-groups might be thought of as intelligence-style task forces or mini-Cabals. There is little question that many of the individuals in these task forces are from organized crime and from the intelligence community, or both. They have had access to intelligence techniques and weapons that have frequently been used in the the elimination process.
      A second mistake made by some researchers is to assume that the Cabal's shape remains static through time. Evidence shows that the Power Control Group has been a living organism that both shrinks and grows as a function of time. The shrinkages take place through eliminations and a few natural deaths. The growth takes place for several reasons. It is necessary to use new techniques and new people for the group's activities as time passes in order to continue effective control of the media and to continue to fool the people and Congress. It's also necessary to bring new high level people into the group from time to time. Candidates for president acceptable to the group must be sworn in and must agree to continue the cover-ups. New media lackeys or new special committees or commissions are also needed. Once in a while an individual blackmails his way in. Some come in on a de facto basis. (Protectors of the Kennedys and their children fall into this category.)
      The very nature of the cover-up procedure has made it necessary to expose at least some of the truth to vice presidents and vice presidential candidates, in addition to presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Each vice president elected or appointed since 1963 has had to know the truth about the cover-ups in the event he became president (Humphrey under Johnson, Agnew under Nixon, and then Ford and Rockefeller). Ford was the most important of these since he had to agree to pardon Nixon and to protect the tapes.
      The heads of the FBI and CIA, selected trusted second-level men, and the deputy director of plans (DDP) in the CIA have all had to know some of the truth. The members of the 40 group and their successors who presumably know all intelligence secrets of the country are, no doubt, brought into this "inner circle" of knowledgeable people.
      The Warren Commissioners were split. Warren, Dulles McCloy and Ford all knew the truth; Cooper, Boggs and Russell did not. The Rockefeller Commission was also split. Rockefeller certainly knows and so does Ford's man on that Commission, David Belin. Kissinger must have known the truth; so must have the officers in the Department of Defense. Then there are the Secret Team members, planted in the various media organizations, who know the truth. A later chapter will describe who they are and how they lead the media cover-up and disinformation mill.
      This living organism view of the Power Control Group can best be constructed and proven by starting with the cover-up efforts and the control of the media, as opposed to examining the conspiracies to assassinate each leader. It is much easier to show how Gerald Ford, for example, led the cover-up in the JFK conspiracy than it is to determine who the members of the Power Control Group were who planned and financed the assassination.
      It is difficult to show evidence of higher level participation in the assassinations of Robert Kennedy, Dr. King and in the attempted assassination of George Wallace. It is not difficult to prove that many high level individuals conspired to cover-up the conspiracies in each of the three cases. It is not difficult to prove that they helped frame at least one of the patsies (James Earl Ray).
      Much of the content of this book will show evidence of the cover-ups and discuss the actions that are still taking place that protect the Power Control Group. Only summary information is included on the original conspiracies, except where there is a lack of published data.


  1. Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, Torbett, 1968 (Copeland Document)

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