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Chapter 1

The Overview and the the 1976 Election

      The taking of America has been both a simple and a very complex process. It has not been the result of a coup d'etat, although some aspects of the process resemble a coup. It has not been a process similar to the dictatorship takeovers in Germany, Italy and other fascist regimes. It has not been a process like the Communist "uprisings" in Russia, Hungary and other Eastern European countries.
      The taking of America has been a process unique in the history of the world. The one feature that makes it unique is that what was once the greatest democracy in the world has been taken over by a power control group without the knowledge of most of the American people, their congressional representatives, or the rest of the world.
      The group has taken America in this fashion because manipulation of the American presidency and the presidential electoral procedure is enough to control America. Two fiendishly clever stratagems were used to keep the fact that control had been seized from being obvious to the people. The first of these was control of the established media in the dissemination of both true (blocking) and false (flooding) information. The second was the use of clandestine and secret weapons and techniques developed during World War Two and perfected during the Korean and Viet Nam wars. These techniques are so new and unusual as to be unbelievable to most citizens. Thus, the incredibility of such weapons as hypnosis, brainwashing and "programming" of patsies as assassins became a psychological tool in the bag of techniques of the power control group. The average American has shrugged off the possibility of the takeover with the belief that, "That's not possible here."
      The use of such weapons, coupled with a tremendous campaign through the controlled media that both whitewashes any signs of conspiracies and spreads disinformation throughout the country, has successfully blocked any serious or official attempts to get at the truth. Unofficial investigators, private researchers, and even Congressional representatives have been ridiculed and completely blocked by both the power control group and their media allies.
      To take over a real democracy without letting the people know it has been taken over is a fantastic achievement. A list of the accomplishments of the power control group illustrates the point. Since 1963, they have:

  1. Assassinated John F. Kennedy;

  2. Controlled Lyndon B. Johnson as president;

  3. Forced LBJ out of the presidency;

  4. Assassinated Robert F. Kennedy, assuring Nixon's election in 1968;

  5. Assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King;

  6. Eliminated Ted Kennedy as a contender in the 1972 elections by framing him at Chappaquiddick and threatening his children;

  7. Stopped George Wallace's campaign, assuring Nixon's election in 1972;

  8. Knocked Edmund Muskie out of the 1972 election campaign by using dirty tricks;

  9. Covered up all of the above;

  10. Controlled the 15 major news media organizations;

  11. Made Gerald Ford vice president and then president;

  12. Insured continuity of the cover-ups by forcing Ford to pardon Nixon;

  13. Murdered about 100 witnesses and participants in the three assassinations and one attempted assassination;

  14. Blocked efforts by private citizens and organizations to reveal the take-over; discredited, ruined or infiltrated these individuals or groups; murdered or were accomplices to the murders of the operating assassins;

  15. Blocked efforts by members of the Senate and House to initiate investigations of the assassinations and attempted to whitewash, ridicule or eliminate these efforts (their influence and infiltration has been particularly effective in the Church Committee and in the House Rules Committee);

  16. Controlled the presidential election procedure since 1964 by eliminating the candidates who might expose the truth and insuring the election or appointment of candidates already committed to covering up the truth about the take-over.

      The question for 1976 was: Could the power control group continue the take-over during that year's elections? Would they be successful in blocking efforts to expose the take-over by congress? Would they be able to fool the American public again, control the media, and eliminate the contenders for the presidency in 1976 who might have threatened their secure position? The answer to these questions was "Yes."
      The candidates on the scene during the 1976 primaries fell into three categories according to the control group's point of view. Category 1 included candidates that would continue the cover-up of the take-over. Gerald Ford led this group with Ronald Reagan not far behind him. Henry Jackson was a probable ally because of his backing of the CIA, an important organization in the cover-ups and the takeover. Category 2 included those candidates who would probably try to expose the take-over and the power control group if elected. Morris Udall, Fred Harris and George Wallace fell into this category. The third category included candidates whose intentions were not clear, or unknown at the time. Jimmy Carter, Franck Church and Hubert Humphrey remained in this group, and Sergeant Shriver and Birch Bayh were also in this category before they dropped out of the race.
      Efforts would have been made to eliminate Udall, Harris or Wallace if any one of them was nominated at the Democratic convention. Carter must certainly have been put to some kind of loyalty test before being permitted to continue as the Democratic nominee. Reagan and Ford were, no doubt, already "safe" candidates for the control group because of their demonstrated cover-up performances.
      Ford had cooperated fully in at least four ways. He was on the Warren Commission and played a leading role in the cover-up. He wrote the cover-up book Portrait of the Assassin. He pardoned Nixon and protected the Nixon tapes. And he formed the Rockefeller Commission, appointing David Belin as head of the staff to continue the cover-up of the JFK conspiracy.
      Reagan had cooperated in at least three ways. He protected important witnesses from extradition from California between 1967 and 1969 for testimony before the grand jury in New Orleans and at the trial of Clay Shaw. He assisted Evelle Younger, then district attorney in Los Angeles and later California state attorney general, in covering up the assassination conspiracy in the Robert Kennedy case. And he has consistently supported the foreign and domestic clandestine activities of the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies both nationally and in California.
      A later chapter will describe just how the Democratic candidate may be eliminated and when. Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez from San Antonio, Texas, who introduced House Resolution 204 to reopen the two Kennedy assassination cases, the Dr. King case and the George Wallace shooting, took a public position on the possibility that the 1976 election was controlled. Gonzalez said "If we find the answers -- the truth -- to the questions I have raised (about the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK and the Wallace attempt), as well as those many others have raised, will the truth make us free? Yes, it will, for the truth will make us free to pursue democracy -- our system of government -- through the ballot box, and we will not be subject to government by bullets. The truth will enable us to prevent such a series of events from happening again. Some of the supporters of the investigation have written to me recently of their hope that the investigation will get underway right away (March 1976) because they are concerned that there is great danger in store for the Democratic nominee for the President, whoever he turns out to be. I hope very much that these fears do not turn out to have a basis in fact."

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