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Nuclear based crimes--->JFK vs The Y-12 Nuclear National Security Network

by MN, 28 Apr 2002



The old guard changed with the election of JFK to presidential office in the early 60's. JFK inherited a problem from the previous administration's war on communism. The US administration placed Jupiter nuclear-tipped missiles in Turkey and the USSR would come to place Nuke missiles in Cuba.

The JFK administration initially was into CIA tactics and approved some CIA tactics to overthrow Castro in Cuba and there were some plans around to assassinate Castro, as well. The Cuban leader and the Russian leader were both communist and supported each other.

After the failed JFK and CIA attempts on Cuba, Castro called on Russia to help defend Cuba. The Russians liked this and shipped nuclear warhead missiles to Cuba, and tactical nuclear devices as well.

These mistakes brought the world near the brink of nuclear conflict and disaster as the Cuban Missile Crisis developed. It finally was worked out in backwater methods to deal a pull out of the Turkish missile systems.

This slowly lead to less nuclear bomb spending and the atmospheric test ban treaty. The nuclear national security types and the many rich persons that lost money in Cuba still wanted to escalate another Cuban crisis.

Kennedy was sensitive to the environment and sought to end lots of nuclear testing and also make cut backs in Oak Ridge. The anal retentive Southern Baptists in the national security business in Oak Ridge hated JFK. They did not like all the affairs, nor the bootlegger origins.

The national security types at the Oak Ridge nuclear bomb factory called Y-12 had access to all the CIA documents on how to replace Govts and cause problems. It was these persons that would use these same methods to control their own job security.

It was one of the Y-12 national security types that set up the plan to take out JFK. A Y-12 national security person with good CIA connections and also good connections to Jack Ruby set up the plot to knock off JFK and save jobs in Oak Ridge and the nuclear network.

The Y-12 JFK hit connection is the missing piece of the whole JFK conspiracy that is kept hidden by our corrupt Govt. But when one knows that little missing piece, then all becomes quite obvious. It is the missing bit of information that is the glue that ties all the JFK assasination conspiracy together.

The main JFK conspirator was named Ray Tucker and was one of the supplanted national security types at the Y-12 nuke bomb factory. He went to school in Chicago with Jack Ruby and knew the Mafia was getting down on JFK and RFK. So, he used Ruby for getting the New Orleans mob, that Ruby dealt with to get girls for his night club's strip shows, to take out a hit on JFK. It was this person that coordinated getting the Govt. to play along. He had support from those Texas interests that lost investments in Cuba to LBJ.

One can find that thread very obviously with a prosecutor down there chasing that chain. So, the shooters were imported and they killed JFK. Later, RFK came because he also offended the same Mafia types.

The CIA-like plot also needed a lone crazy person to blame it all on, so the rich folks in Dallas that lost money in Cuba groomed Oswald for the patsy, because he was getting to some of the news on Cuba and dirt in the CIA and national security world and they wanted to get rid of him.

The Texas plot was helped along by LBJ himself, who set up the single lone-shooter Warren panel to hide the real story. LBJ was making a fortune from Vietnam interests. He also hated JFK. And this high-level source, CIA types, and etc. sought to cover-up what really happened.

Ruby offered to talk and tell all if they would take him to DC, otherwise the Mafia would just take him out for talking. Lots of persons that got too close to the truth on JFK died prematurely.

Since those times, the national security network has tried bigger and bigger scams on the gullible American public. The Bush's, the CIA, and the Texas oil types are often at the very epicenter of the problems, but always making money.


Today, the scams are huge and the American public so duped it is simply incredible. The environment is so affected that secret Govt. measures try to correct for the acid air and particle effects that add to the atmospheric destructive storm energies. The techniques worked out by places like LLNL and Teller himself and helped along with ALCOA and its white reflective particles research using jet fuels as distribution sources. What is hushed up the most is the devastation of the fluorides chemicals on the environment and humans. The main effect involves the lymph nodes and macrophages and results in the bulk of the diseases and illness in the world.

Because of all this, the American public has been taken hostage by the monetary interests and the rights to know and the constitution taken over.

The crimes continue today.

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