Ratmobiles and Ratjets of the Space Age

Stepping up into the space age, we proceed with faster transport mechanisms both by land and by air. There were also "Ratsubs" (see Rat Power and My Rats Inventions), but they were not drawn in this "period". (While i feel the craving to portray these chronologically, i only know for sure that the first two images were drawn first.)

Ratmobiles of the Space Age
Along with the lust for speed, Bazzokas, Death Rays, Guns, Missles, and Cannons
are fully present-and-accounted-for in the author's consciousness at this point...
--dig the operator in the bottom-left corner: extremely non-chalant as he releases a salvo!

Ratjets of the Space Age
Footloose and fancy free -- woodn't you be if you had such a skyship?
Don't bother flying around 'em, just zap mountain tops that get in the way; hmmmm......
luuuuv the bank robber's manipulation of a rifle-thing with his tail without looking back!

1 Passenger Ratjet
Graduation from "the bulbuous look" to a fuller ruler lining.

Ratjets Inc.
These next three were fun:   assembly lines production, secret doors, and lots of activity.
i like the technician at bottom-right as well as the uninhabited desk.

Ratjets Factory
Ratjet coming in! Note the "pad" to buffer its redirect once in the tube (!).
Figure's proportion at left-middle is curious to say the least!

Ratjets Base
A Moutain Base with much industriousness within.

Ratjet model X-600
Moving into the design of 2-passenger Ratjets with model X-600.

Ratjet model X-204
i'm not bebembering why the X-600 has a number higher than the X-204 -- it wood seem the 204
has greater capability with Number 2 not confined to co-piloting. (And the pilot--look ma, no hands!)

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