My Rats Inventions

The vaguest of mem'rheys says this booklet was created as a rejoinder to the drawings contained in Ratmobiles and Ratjets of the Space Age, but the style here does not embody the same level of detail as the previous set. i almost think this was intended at the time to be some sort of attempt at sketching out a "rat history" because the actual working title was "My Rats And Their Inventions", but the rat lineage was never penned. The one thing i do bebember is that this was something that was started but never finished. The drawings were glued on 11x14" purple art paper (there's a specific name for this kind of paper but it's not coming back) and then yarn tied thru holes along the side acted as a "binding".

The Rat-Rat's Inventions
Rat-Rat was the best i cood come up with to have the equivalent moniker of, say, "batman"
for a creature who was a "ratman" except that he was a rat, not a man.

A Rat Base
A simplistic, but more inclusive Rat Base, than the Mountain Base in
Ratmobiles and Ratjets of the Space Age. While ambiguous perhaps to others,
the "E." abbreviation is clearly understood by those who participate in this endeavor.

Ratjet and Ratmobile
Whether by air or by land/bridge, Rats are there!

Ratjet's on Take-Off Ramp
In the upper-left corner of the page with the picture above,
we have here a metal runway ramp where the jets simply scrape along before taking off.

The Ratjet               The Ratmobile
Smaller vignettes of a simplistic Ratjet and Ratmobile design; nothing elaborate or cumbersome.

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