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The Health Costs of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation

Champion Mother Earth and ALL Her Life


10.   Upcoming Events / Resistance is Life Affirming

  • Apr 14-25 2005: Global Hibakusha Film Festival
    MIT and Tufts University, Cambridge/Boston Massachusetts


  • Mar 27-28 2004: The Atomic Film Festival
    Cinemareno, A Year-Round Festival of Films, Nevada Museum of Art
    CINEMARENO is a non-profit film society founded for the purpose of promoting the art of motion pictures in Northern Nevada. Screenings throughout the year showcase new independent films and videos, along with a selection of obscure films and classic movies. CINEMARENO proudly offers an alternative to current Hollywood fare, bringing to Reno films that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

    11:30 am

    PLUTONIUM CIRCUS (1995) - This hilarious documentary looks at the PanTex nuclear weapons factory near Amarillo, Texas and the zany folks that live and work in and around it. Directed by George Ratliff, 73 mins.

    1:00 pm

    THE DAY AFTER TRINITY (1980) - Oscar-nominated documentary provides a haunting journey through the dawn of the nuclear age. An incisive history of the Manhattan Project and the man behind it, J. Robert Oppenheimer. Directed by Jon Else, 89 mins.

    3:00 pm

    ATOMIC CAFE (1982) - At once funny, sobering and shocking, this brilliant compilation of propaganda films, atomic test films and newsreel footage provides an entertaining overview of the atomic age and the pervasive anxiety it created in cold-war America. 88 mins.

    5:00 pm

    ON THE BEACH (1959) - 45th Anniversary screening. Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Anthony Perkins and Fred Astaire star in Stanley Kramer's powerful and haunting adaptation of Nevil Shute's best-selling novel about Australians living out their remaining days after the rest of the world has destroyed itself from nuclear war. In wide-screen CinemaScope format, 134 mins.

    11:30 am

    MELTDOWN AT THREE MILE ISLAND (1999) (Free) - A riveting documentary that details the events of March 28, 1979 when the worst nuclear accident in U.S. history occurred at a power plant in Pennsylvania. 60 mins. Full-festival pass holders get priority seating.

    1:00 pm

    THE CHINA SYNDROME (1979) - 25th Anniversary screening. Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas star in this suspenseful story of a nuclear power plant accident. Eerily, it accurately foreshadowed the events at Three Mile Island, which occurred only 12 days after the film premiered in March 1979. In wide-screen format, 121 mins.

    3:30 pm

    PANIC IN YEAR ZERO (1962) - Ray Milland directed and starred in this rare 1962 cult classic. An apocalyptic tale of survival about a family escaping a nuclear attack on Los Angeles. With Jean Hagen and Frankie Avalon. In wide-screen CinemaScope format, 92 mins.

    5:30 pm

    DR. STRANGELOVE (1964) - 40th Anniversary screening. Arguably the greatest black comedy ever made, Stanley Kubrick's cold-war classic is the ultimate satire of the nuclear age, a perfect spoof of political and military insanity that gets funnier with each viewing. With Peter Sellers, Sterling Hayden and George C. Scott. In wide-screen format, 93 mins.

  • Jan 25-27: Three Minutes to Midnight
    NPRI Symposium on the Impending Threat of Nuclear War
    January 2004 in Washington DC at the Omni Shoreham Hotel

    The Cold War is Over.
    The Nuclear Threat is Not.

    Twelve years after the end of the Cold War, the U.S. and Russia each maintain 2500 nuclear bombs on tenuous hair trigger alert. This chilling reality and other critical nuclear issues will be examined in-depth at the Nuclear Policy Research Institute's groundbreaking symposium. Join scientists, policy-makers, military and medical experts from around the world for three days of analysis, insight and strategy.


    • The risk of accidental nuclear exchange by United States and Russia,
    • The risk of terrorist intrusion into U.S. or Russian early warning systems
    • Proliferation to Pakistan, India, Israel, Iran, North Korea and other nations,
    • The "Second Manhattan Project" -- "Stockpile Stewardship Program"
    • Science, business and the military roles in the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

  • Nov 23-29 2003: International Anti-Food Irradiation Week
    Milford Square, Pennsylvania


  • Oct 16-19 2003: Depleted Uranium and other Uranium Weapons
    Trojan Horse of a Nuclear War
    World Uranium Weapons Conference 2003
    an International Educational/Organizing Conference
    University of Hamburg, Germany

    We are preparing a World Uranium Weapons Conference to do work on a new and in some ways more prevalent and immediate nuclear threat: the issue of organizing an international campaign seeking the official ban of uranium weapons and their classification as weapons of mass destruction.
              For some years activists have faced the problem that the U.S. and British government are producing and upgrading their weapon systems containing uranium. With these also-radioactive weapons the boundaries between conventional and nuclear weapons becomes completely obscured. Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States writes,
              "DU weapons are not conventional weapons. They are highly toxic, radioactive weapons. All international law on warfare has attempted to limit violence to combatants and to prevent the use of cruel unfocussed weapons. . . . Consequently, DU weapons violate international law because of their inherent cruelty and unconfined death dealing effect. They threaten civilian populations now and for generations to come."
              Under pressure from activist groups the military itself was reluctantly forced to admit that huge amounts of uranium weapons (320 t DU) got used for the first time in southern Iraq in 1991, 3 t in Bosnia and 10 t in Serbia and Kosovo. Credible independent researchers believe that some 1000 t uranium was used in the bombing in Afghanistan, and at least that the same amount is expected in the recent war in Iraq. Experts from all allied NATO countries are observing an increase of the so-called Gulf and Balkan War Syndrome amongst veterans, which some link to the use of uranium ammunitions. Leading international independent researchers believe that exposure to DU during the 1991 Gulf War are responsible for the majority of the current, ongoing medical problems reported by over 260,000 returning veterans (one-third of all the troops participating in that war!), a rate with dire implications for future wars and conflicts where these weapons were recently and further intended to be used.
              The uranium isotope used in DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. DU and other uranium weapons are weapons with indiscriminate effects, causing genetic damage and by this endangering over generations the human race as a whole. Articles 35 and 56 of the Geneva Convention clearly prohibit weapons which are this indiscriminate and catastrophic in their effects on civilian populations, suggesting that their use could legally constitute war crimes.
              The governments using DU ammunition deny the link of these weapons with the illnesses and are lobbying hard to make a large, scientifically credible inquiry in Iraq impossible. They even try to hide the information of which kinds of weapons contain uranium today.
              Cancer rates in Iraq have increased dramatically over the rates noted before the Gulf War of 1991. A planned study supposed to be done by the UN was turned down in December 2001 under the pressure of the U.S. government. Also scientific magazines infrequently publish the results of smaller independent studies. This whole situation brought quite some irritation inside the scientific circle and inside the peace activist movement. For example the results of two recent studies [1] which have already calculated the cumulative dose effects to both Iraqi civilians and Allied and Iraqi troops during the Gulf War if 1991 are not well known among the larger international medical, health and scientific communities; while at the same time, reports by government bodies who use DU ammunitions are well publicised, distributed and give the impression that no or little effect exists.
              We believe a World Uranium Weapons Conference is needed to bring together the scientific experts with their independent studies and the peace, veterans, and anti-nuclear movements to get updated and have the results of their studies and their work combined. The Conference will also include extra time for the conference members to combine existing information, and to discuss the need for creating, conducting and funding their own additional independent, peer-reviewed, international study on the health hazards caused by the use of uranium weapons worldwide. Specifically, attention must be given to Iraq before the data is lost or corrupted by the occupation. Because many governments have the stated agenda of perpetuating uranium weapons, their conclusions about uranium weapons effects are not reliable or acceptable. Therefore, the independent international non-governmental movements will have to be responsible for the huge costs of this kind of study, which cannot be done by a single country or organisation.
              Ideally such a study should be conducted or co-ordinated by WHOWHO´s operations are potentially compromised by its constitutional obligations to the IAEA with its strong obligations tothe nuclear lobby. The WHO is not allowed to publish results without the consensus of the IAEA. The results of any study done by WHO on DU or other uranium weapons issues therefore should be highly suspect in its credibility. It therefore becomes the additional responsibility of our movements to constantly review and publicly critique all governmental claims on these issues.
              Full-scale independent peer review of existing data, continued independent study, and a unified plan of action will lead to the evidence needed to get uranium weapons officially banned by the international community.
              Thank you for your consideration of this project. We welcome your future interest and involvement.

    For peace,
    Marion Kuepker
    Co-Coordinator, GAAA

    World Depleted Uranium Weapons Conference -
    Co-Coordinator Marion Kuepker, Germany, ph. +49 40 4307332,

    Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen,
    [The Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen - GAAA - is a German non-governmental organisation dedicated to the total abolition of nuclear weapons. GAAA observes and pressures the nuclear weapon states to fulfil their obligation under international law and treaties to start to abolish their nuclear weapons. The U.S. government has deployed B-61 nuclear bombs in seven different European countries and has also stationed Thunderbolt warplanes with depleted uranium ammunition in Germany, Italy and elsewhere. We organise actions on civil disobedience at these military bases in Germany, and conduct public hearings to inform the German population. Besides this we do lobby work and network with affiliated groups in Europe and throughout the world.]

    1. Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi, Environmental Damages Resulting from Using Depleted Uranium Weaponry against Iraq During 1991 Aggression by USA and its Allies; also, Prof. Asaf Durakovic, M.D., Urinary Excretion of Uranium Isotopes in the Gulf War Veterans After Inhalation Exposure to Depleted Uranium, Eleventh International Congress of Radiation Research, Dublin, Ireland, July 18-23, 1999; Urinary Excretion of Uranium Isotopes in British, Canadian and United States Gulf War Veterans, European Association of Nuclear Medicine, Paris, September 2-6, 2000.

  • Conference: Facts on Depleted Uranium,
    Prague, Czech Republic, November 24-25 2001
    We are interested in hearing at this conference technical, military, political, juristic, health, ecological and other expert's views on this problem. We have requested Prof. Jiri Matousek from the Institute of Environmental Chemistry and Technology Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology from Czech Republic, to be an expert moderator at this Conference "Facts on Depleted Uranium". For quite natural reasons we consider it correct to invite also members of various humanitarian, health, ecological and peace organizations. We mention that in view of the nature of the conference we calculate with the participation of the approximately fifty persons. Contributions from this conference will be published in a conference volume....
            If you are interested in aspects related to depleted uranium, it would be a great pleasure to welcome you at the conference "Facts on Depleted Uranium" in Prague.
            We would appreciate very much too, to recommend us for invitation those of your friends who could address the conference on aspects connected with depleted uranium!

  • Earthlife Africa Media Release:
    Secret Meeting of International Nuclear Panel,
    , 1 Oct 2001
    In a process reminiscent of the apartheid days, an international panel of "experts" are meeting to discuss and debate the feasibility study for the proposed Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor (PBMR), under the aegis of the Department of Minerals and Energy.
            The process to date has excluded civil society completely, and is being carried out behind closed doors. "The first feasibility study was withdrawn by Eskom, as we were able to find many flaws in it" says Nuclear Energy Costs the Earth Campaign Co-ordinator, Muna Lakhani. "It seems that they are afraid that we will do the same to this one. All our research to date shows that the PBMR, at best, and getting everything right the first time, will cost over R3.3 billion over it's proposed 40 year life. This is more than sufficient to install safe and clean wind turbines, for example, and easily generate the same amount of electricity over the period, with no radiation or long term radioactive waste hazard. The alternatives will also create many more jobs than the PBMR ever could."

  • Earthlife Africa Needs Our Help
    To Transform Leftover Apartheid Nuclear Energy Path
    , 15 April 2001
    A letter from a Southern African volunteer environmental activist group seeking assistance to stop the development, production and use/sale of Pebble Bed Modular Reactors (PBMR), by Eskom, South Africa's parastatal utility, intending to build a `new generation' of nuclear power reactors. Eskom's partners include BNFL (UK) and Peco (USA). The plan is to build a demonstration unit, and then anything up to 216 reactors over the next 10 years. Anyone with ideas of how to help the people in Earthlife Africa prevent this inappropriate exercise of human intelligence is urged to contact them directly.

    See Also the following mirrored copy from Earthlife Africa:

    As well as the new ratville times' section on Deregulation and The Fake Energy Crisis.

  • Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout
    CNP represents a coalition of Canadian public interest organizations concerned with the environmental consequences of nuclear power generation. CNP's mandate has been endorsed by over 300 public interest groups from across Canada.

  • The Nuclear-Free Future Award Recipients teach us a great deal
    Their life-paths provide many examples of ways to resist, educate, promote solutions, and participate throughout one's entire lifetime in honoring and serving life.

    No degree of prosperity could justify the accumulation of large amounts of highly toxic substances which nobody knows how to make "safe" and which remain an incalculable danger to the whole of creation for historical or even geological ages. To do such a thing is a transgression against life itself, a transgression infinitely more serious than any crime ever perpetrated by man. The idea that a civilisation could sustain itself on the basis of such a transgression is an ethical, spiritual, and metaphysical monstrosity. It means conducting the economic affairs of man as if people really did not matter at all.

    --E.F. Schumacher
    Nuclear-Free Future Award

  • 3 e-mails from Robert Smirnow via nukenet:
    1. Dr. Rosalie Bertell Notarized Statement
      Re: Ongoing Cover-Up of TMI Accident
      , 7/10/98

    2. President Jimmy Carter/Admiral Hyman Rickover
      3 Mile Island Cover-Up
      , 3/22/98

    3. Dr. Rosalie Bertell to Jimmy Carter
      re: "Rickover Report on TMI"
      , 2/10/98

  • Tri-Valley Cares Sues DOE For Withholding Information On Weapons Labs
    Case to set precedent with national implications as plaintiffs ask court to rule on Dept.'s pattern of abuse.

  • Use Tri-Valley Cares Sign-On letter to Tell Sec. Of Energy Bill Richardson to Stop Nuclear Testing and the NIF

  • Nuclear Power Will Not Save the Earth, November 12, 1998
    Environmentalists in Japan Urge Japanese Government Not to Construct Nuclear Power Plants in Developing Countries through the Clean Development Mechanism. (Citizens' Nuclear Information Center / Japanese Version)

  • Help Educate and Inform people in and around Cambridge, Massachusetts:
    Cambridge, MA votes to Move MIT Nuclear Reactor Out of Residential Neighborhood: MIT Plans to Double Reactor Capacity
    Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 16:27:11 -0500
    Dear Dave Ratcliffe, Committee for Nuclear Responsibility
    I'm sending this to you because of your interest in nuclear safety. On November 3, Cambridge voted to move the MIT Nuclear Reactor out of a residential neighborhood. Despite this referendum vote, MIT has plans to double the reactor's capacity. We need all the help we can get to make MIT comply with this vote, and we are grateful for your help, as outlined in the above URL -- it contains the details of this situation.                     David Hoicka   /   Committee for Social Justice

  • Learn about HR-2545: Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act of 1999

  • The Gods of Metal Plowshares Five Court Action, by Anabel Dwyer Esq., 9/30/98
    These people were the first in the U.S. to rely upon the International Court of Justice opinion on nuclear weapons for legal authority to disarm a B-52 "in service" at the Andrews Air Force Base open house.

  • Stop the Jabiluka Uranium Mine
    in the World Heritage Kakadu National Park, Australia

  • Join the The Campaign for a Plutonium Free World, a project of Plutonium Free Future

  • Repeal the Price-Anderson Act from No Escape

  • Russian Environmentalists Campaign to Boycott Siemens
    Group demands Siemens gets out of Russia & Central/Eastern Europe where it is attempting construction of more nuclear power plants

  • Temelin Nuke Plant sponsored by PIANO (Prague International Anti-Nuclear Office)

  • Stop MOX Fuel page focus
    The USG is planning to use plutonium from nuclear warheads to power civilian nuclear reactors. The plutonium will be in a form called mixed oxide fuel, or MOX. This is a VERY bad idea. With your help, we may be able to stop the government!

  • Oct. 6-7: Nuclear Free Great Basin Gathering
    Skull Valley Goshute Reservation, Utah
    Join with hundreds of people concerned about nuclear contamination for a special weekend of camping, education, ceremony, celebration and action, as we RESIST attempts by the nuclear industry to bring the nations nuclear waste, containing the most toxic substances ever created, to our beautiful, fragile western deserts.
            The Great Basin bio-region stretches through five states and is home to strong indigenous people and cultures, high mountainous alpine lakes and forests, deep winding canyons and rivers, as well as many endangered and threatened plants and wildlife. Sadly, this land and her people have already experienced the deadly effects of nuclear weapons testing as well as the disposal of radioactive and toxic wastes in leaking dumps threatening precious land, air and water.
            Together we can:

    • Learn from native and environmental experts and leaders about nuclear issues around the country and in the Great Basin.
    • Learn how nuclear issues are intertwined with cultural and land rights issues of Native Americans and low-income communities.
    • Learn about sane and sustainable alternatives to nuclear energy and nuclear waste dumping.
    • Celebrate our strength and diversity.
    • Raise an inspired and united voice of resistance and opposition the nuclear industry's plan
    • Demand immediate clean up and containment of current leaking nuclear facilities.

  • Mushroom clouds over Nevada: 50 years later, the tragedy of nuclear tests
    The Downwinders Organization is planning a commemoration of the Golden Anniversary of the day, 50 years ago, when the Nevada Test site went into operation on January 27 at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City, Utah. Native miners, downwinders, government officials, and atomic veteranss have been invited. If you're in the area, consider attending this gathering.

  • COP6: Are we gonna nuke the climate?
    In the framework of the international negotiations on global climate policy the nuclear industry is trying to get nuclear energy accepted as a tool in the struggle against the greenhouse effect. They claim nuclear energy will contribute to the solving of the climate crisis. This is not the case. Nuclear energy is neither efficient nor effective in cutting CO2 emissions, is not an endless energy source and causes problems humanity can not handle.
    Learn about the The Hague's Conference of the Parties or COP6, being held November 13-24, 2000 and how you can participate.

    Radiation Standards-Recommending-Committee is heavily biased toward the nuclear industry. public comment until June 22, 1999

  • Stop the Cassini Earth Flyby action site with large related links/references listing

  • Healing Global Wounds presents Mother's Day Gathering, May 7-10th, 1999

  • 1999 Radioactive Metal Recycling ALERT -- public comment deadline 7/5/99

  • Minisymposium on SEMICONDUCTOR RADIATION DETECTORS will be presented by the INT'L   CONFERENCE   ON   MICROELECTRONICS,   DEVICES   AND   MATERIALS in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia, September 23-25, 1998.

  • Help STOP the Recycling of Radioactive Scrap Metal Into Consumer Products

  • April, 1988: Nat'l Conference On Communities Contaminated By Nuclear Facilities
      People from around the US are being invited to Southeastern New Mexico to tell what happened to them and their communities due to radiation exposure from nearby nuclear facilities as is being organized by the Albuquerque-based Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping (CARD)

  • May, 1988: Joanna Macy at Schumacher College: Living Body Of Earth

  • Sept, 1998: Major Symposium on Radiation and Health, New York City

  • Green Scissors '98 Campaign launched to Cut NIF, 1/21/98

  • Downwinders -- It's official: We're all Downwinders now!
    8/1/97: Statement On Release Of NCI's Report On 1950's Atomic Bomb Test Fallout
    7/17/97:   Press Release on proposed spent nuclear fuel storage facility in Skull Valley, Utah

    The following link is dead
    -- does anyone know where this Campaign site is now?

  • Stop Monju Breeder Campaign, in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
    Green Action, Suite 103, 22-75 Tanaka Sekiden-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606 Japan
    Tel: 075-701-7223   Fax: 075-702-1952 Email:

  • Le Carnet:   An International Antinuclear Effort in France

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