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Included below is a significant portion of the hearings from this monumental book. This record serves to re-mind and re-alert all to the radiotoxic dangers and increasing damage to the genetic integrity of all species posed by the 50+ short years employment of nuclear technology. If we are to survive as a species, befitting our role as the guardians of our supremely precious planet, we must cease activities in the interlocking lethal industries of nuclear weapons and energy. From around the world people came and spoke to how their lives have been negatively impaired and tragically altered by first-hand experience of the mining, processing, and dumping of uranium and its "offspring". May their voices benefit the rest of us with this critically useful resource and record.

-- ratitor

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Poison Fire, Sacred Earth



ISBN 3-928505-00-9

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The vocabulary of our industrial society contains the well-known and continuously used term of the "peaceful use of nuclear energy". A well functioning international system to suppress disturbing information has enabled the nuclear industry to promote itself as safe and environmentally sound. But this label is a lie.
            At The World Uranium Hearing held in Salzburg, Austria in September 1992, witnesses from all continents including indigenous speakers and scientists testified to the falsity of the terminology used and sanctioned by industry and governments world-wide. Fifty years of military and civilian use of nuclear power meant war for those whose homelands have been used for mining and processing of uranium and chosen for atomic weapons testing, atomic energy production and atomic waste disposal. Every day human life and the natural world are sacrificed along the radioactive trail of our nuclear way.
            One of the tasks of this book is to empower the people living on the exploited areas, however remote, as well as to carry it onto the desks of the decision makers. Each statement of this historic week serves as evidence of the urgent need for world responsibility. On a radioactive planet all plans for the future will become meaningless.
(from the Forward)

All materials are reprinted here with the permission of Paul Brown,
World Uranium Hearing at the International Action Center (IAC)
39 West 14 Street # 206
New York, NY 10011

We gives thanks to all who made this book and its record possible.

We dedicate this manifestation to all children throughout the world,
and to their future free from the physical and psychic contamination
which has been caused by disturbing Uranium's timeless sleep in our Earth.

Table of Contents

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Sunday, 9-13-1992

Day of the Mountains, 9-14-1992

Day of the Forests, 9-15-1992

Day of the Deserts, 9-16-1992

Day of the Waters, 9-17-1992

Friday, 9-18-1992

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