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Poison Fire, Sacred Earth,


page 179

Father John (Moderator)

Thank you for the message from Grand Canyon, and let's hear now what Carletta has to tell us.

Carletta Tilousi

Carletta Tilousi, Havasupai Nation, Grand Canyon, USA. Member of Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice.

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters from all over the world! I am also a member of the Havasupai tribe. I represent the youth that live within my home. I travel to many countries and speak for my people. We live in the Canyon, we do not have cars, it's not easy for us to come out of the Canyon. So that is where we stay. We plant corn, that is how we live. The waters in the pictures you have seen here is how it looks in my home. The beautiful waterfalls you have seen attract millions of tourists, but most of the tourists don't know the truth of what is really happening there. That's how come we are here before you, to tell you the truth. The bluegreen water that you have seen is going to be contaminated. We use that to drink and feed our animals and to water our crops.

           As a young person, I was taught by my Elders to understand that this is my home and it always will be. And we are considered guardians of the Grand Canyon. When I am growing up, I see many bad things going on all over the world. And I, too, will continue the struggle, fighting to protect my Mother Earth and my future to come. I'd like to encourage each and every one of you in this movement because time is running out. I am afraid to see the future. And I'd like to encourage you to continue your fight because in the end we are the ones that will be rewarded.

           That is all I have to say. Thank you.

Father John (Moderator)

Thank you, Carletta, for that inspiring and touching talk. If you noted her talking, I think she was really giving herself totally and the future really depends on her and the other youngsters like her.

Here is some commentary on that, please.

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