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Poison Fire, Sacred Earth,


page 180

Father John (Moderator)

Here is some commentary on that, please.

Helena Nyberg

Helena Nyberg, Switzerland. Representative of a Swiss indigenous support group.

Rex Tilousi just authorized me to tell you that in 1990, there was a horrible flood destroying their corn and everything that they owned, the animals they are depending on, and that flood came exactly from the planned site of that Canyon mine. And also he tells me to inform you that in that mine, it is the biggest mining corporation of the U.S. that has 60 percent of interests. It is Energy Fuels Nuclear, but what is most interesting to us here in Europe is that 40 percent of that consortium is held by a Swiss company and I stand here representing an indigenous support organization from Switzerland. I hope that all our friends in Germany and Austria and all over Europe will help us to fight that mine. Find out whether your country also is involved like Switzerland. I know in Switzerland it is Swiss tax money involved, because it is the atomic lobby that tries to do something here. If nuclear power is going to be used in the future, this Canyon mine will be opened first and mined. The flood showed that the Grand Canyon Area will be threatened by radioactive contamination if it is going to happen.

           Thank you. This was in the name of Rex Tilousi.

Father John (Moderator) Thank you. From the Grand Canyon we go to Africa, to a country called Namibia. . . .

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