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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Catastrophe in Japan
following 11 March 2011 Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake

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See Earth's current night and day on the World Sunlight Map and Dawn and Dusk Hemispheres

News Wrap: Fukushima Workers Hospitalized After Possible Breach of Nuclear Core
PBS News Hour, 03-25-11

In the first 2 minutes of a PBS News Hour news story, aired on Friday, March 25th, aerial movies are shown of the four reactors at Fukushima Daiichi (Units 1 to 4) including those shot by SDF choppers on 23 March. See 0:09 to 0:15, 0:38 to 1:07, 1:24 to 1:53.

Fukushima nuclear plant - Two Flyovers
shot in high definition high quality,
detailed video of the plant shot on 24 March 2011

Radiation level 1,600 times above "normal" in Fukushima
RT, 03-22-11

The notion of "normal" radiation levels is misleading. There is no safe dose of radiation. Any "norms" are usually based on the capacity of a robust man, not the most vulnerable such as pregnant women and children.

Karl Grossman's Commentary on the Japanese Nuclear Emergency

Blasts deepen Japan nuclear crisis
Fukushima coverage going back to 3-11-11,
at Asia-Pacific Newsdesk, Al Jazeera English
Third Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant explosion, 03-15-11

A third explosion deals another blow to Fukushima atomic plant after earthquake and tsunami crippled its cooling systems. Last Modified: 15 Mar 2011 10:21 GMT

Before and after photos of exploded reactor containment building in Japan
before/after photos of exploded reactor containment bldg at Fukushima

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