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Wake up and wake up, Arabs
Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, Popular Resistance, 18 Feb 2024

Israel imposed mass famine, and committed massacres every day. What happened was all expected. I wrote a book about this previously 20 years ago. Children are now living in the streets and tents in the bitter cold. Their weak, fragile bodies are torn apart by shells or they die of hunger and more than 700,000 people suffer from diseases related to famine, lack of clean water and lack of sanitation. Although there are other hungry and oppressed people elsewhere (Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Western Sahara, etc.), our situation is unique. The images are horrific and we have active and deliberate genocide by a colonial power supported by the governments of several colonial powers (US, UK, France, Germany, Australia). The genocide is broadcast live and is not hidden. No one can claim that he did not know. Every human being on this earth knows (including perpetrators and accomplices), but my topic here is not knowledge; It is corruption that leads to these things.

Surely there are enough resources to feed, clothe and house every person on the planet. 3% of what the United States spends on the military is enough to eliminate world hunger. Sudan alone could feed the Arab world, but it is now mired in a conflict led by elite powers from Israel, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates. Syria was also a prosperous country. Palestine was paradise on earth. Everyone knows the reasons and the Global North, controlled by its media companies, only seems to care if white Europeans are killed, and cheers when indigenous people are killed en masse in support of the Western political elite and their cronies. In the past 100 years, at least 200 million people have been killed or starved to death in the Global South, primarily linked to elites’ access to those countries’ resources. From the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the armed forces of nations, the machinations to enforce such control and cause endless killings and wars are now well understood by audiences around the world. The carnage that Palestine has witnessed over the past 76 years bears witness but also illuminates knowledge and sheds masks. Palestine is a geographic wedge between two regions of great geopolitical importance: North Africa and West Asia (both largely Arab and Muslim). Both regions had a large population of indigenous Muslims, Jews, Christians, and followers of other religions living in harmony. Then came Zionism and its side agreements: the Balfour Declaration and Cambon. Sykes-Picot, the San Remo Conference, the “Peace” Conference in Paris, etc. This was supposed to lead to the creation of mini-states at odds with each other and a “Jewish state” that would divide a wedge into this Arab and Islamic world and exercise overall hegemony. The Zionist project became essential in the Western destruction of the Arab and Islamic world, starting with Palestine but branching out into wars on Libya, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia, and others. “Israel,” as Professor Ilan Pappé has said, must be understood as a Zionist project, a project of global Zionism and imperialism, both of which existed before Israel and are likely to exist (however weakly) after Israel’s collapse. The American and Western governments that support and cover the project will abandon it and move on to other projects.

The policy of divide and rule was and still is the policy followed. Finding any small differences between some people (religion, sects, geography) and pitting them against each other. But to do this there was a need to create “leaders” willing to comply and fight anyone who did not want to comply. After the British and French created “states,” they installed their puppets in those states. Of the 22 Arab-majority countries, more than two-thirds are run by Western puppets (kleptocratic regimes such as the rulers of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, among many others). These rulers help implement projects that prolong wars and genocides. Egyptian dictator Sisi helps besiege 2.3 million people in Gaza. The land trade corridor running from the UAE through Saudi Arabia via Jordan saved the Israeli economy while Yemen complied with international law to stop ships heading to Israel to stop the genocide.

The Palestinian “leaders” were not safe from Western plans and made a historic mistake. There were agreements signed in Washington, D.C., in 1993 and 1994. To distract us, they call them the “Oslo Accords,” but they should be called the Washington Accords. What followed was the end of the role of the Palestine Liberation Organization in trying to liberate Palestine and the transfer of the Palestinian leadership to the “Palestinian Authority,” which is mainly responsible for providing security for the Israeli occupiers (settlers and soldiers) and alleviating the financial burden of the occupation by using foreign aid to support the rule of service bodies for the occupied people, most of which are not successful. The economy of the Palestinians deteriorated (except for those who benefited from the neck bones) while the agreements granted the Israeli government the most profitable occupation in history. The number of settlers rose from 150,000 to 930,000 during 30 years of the “peace process” that was organized to consolidate colonialism and apartheid. This is what the Washington Accords (also known as Oslo) achieved. It destroyed the PLO, destroyed its mandate, and even claimed to have changed its constitution (this was an illegal meeting). President Arafat implicitly, not explicitly, returned to the resistance, so they poisoned him and appointed a replacement

While the government of Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab and Western governments claim that they are unable to restrain Israel and stop the genocide, the facts on the ground show the opposite. How could besieged and impoverished Gaza defeat the Israeli army on October 7 and withstand a fifth month of genocidal bombing while killing more than 800 (some estimates 4,000) Israeli soldiers and costing the Israeli economy $33 billion? How could besieged, impoverished Lebanon inflict huge losses on racist Israel and force 100,000 settlers living on stolen land in the Galilee to leave? How did besieged and impoverished Yemen manage to shut down shipping to and from the genocidal state of Israel? So we now know that the 1948 war and the “Six Day War” in 1967 were not wars! Indeed, these complicit Arab leaders did not seriously think about war, let alone wage war. Many of the Palestinian Authority leaders who claim to support “peaceful resistance” have in fact cooperated with Israel to destroy all forms of resistance (see my book Popular Resistance in Palestine).

Of course, there are honorable people in all political organizations, including Fatah, and I can name many of them. We hope that they will lead their factions and have new leaders. Despite all the Arab and Islamic collusion, Palestine lives and the Palestinians form a shield against the expansion that Zionism hoped to create an empire extending at least from the Nile to the Euphrates. In fact, religious Zionists openly claim that all non-Jews will be their slaves, that we are in the end times. Perhaps the heroism and steadfastness of millions of our people (here and in exile) and the honorable Palestinian leaders, including the martyrs (i.e., those who did not neglect and benefited) over 76 years. The sacrifices will not be wasted: 140 thousand martyrs, a million who experienced prisons, 800 thousand wounded. The failure of 99% of our people to surrender made our enemy lose his balance and continue killing, vileness, cruelty and brutality.

But that won’t wake him up.

The UN Security Council will try to pass a resolution calling for a ceasefire (it should be called a resolution to end genocide) but the US is expected to veto it and thus violate its own laws again as well as the Genocide Convention. But there is a global awakening after Gaza and Palestine dropped all the false masks. Especially among the hundreds of millions of young men and women who are changing this stinking world, and everyone who has benefited or betrayed his conscience will fall with him. He has been excused whoever warns, repents, and returns to his conscience and his nation...and every era has something to say.

As George Anthony warned us about a hundred years ago: Wake up and wake up, Arabs

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