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Editor’s Note: This is an annotated transcript of segments of the livestream event produced by New Earth Media.
Focus on Fauci
Kennedy, Martin, Mikovits, Galati, Stone
5 January 2021
video, mp3 (2:10:52)

0:01:34 - start
0:01:58 - opening

0:12:11 - 0:31:53    Judy Mikovits
0:31:53 - 0:47:22    David Martin
0:47:23 - 1:03:51    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
1:03:51 - 1:08:21    introduction

1:08:22 - begin roundtable:
Sacha Stone
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Dr. David Martin
Judy A Mikovits, PhD
Rocco Galati

Closing Comments:
2:01:27 - 2:02:01    Judy Mikovits
2:02:09 - 2:04:15    David Martin
2:04:22 - 2:05:47    Rocco Galati
2:05:51 - 2:08:52    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Beginning at 0:47:33
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: I am going to talk to you a little bit about Tony Fauci.

Tony Fauci has been for 50 years at NIH [National Institute of Health], that makes him kind of the J Edgar Hoover of the NIH. Hoover lasted at the FBI for that long, about 50 years, by forming close relationships with powerful entities in the society. A lot of them were criminal entities and a lot of them were powerful politicians. But Tony Fauci has used many of those techniques for staying in power at NIH.

People at NIH who buck the system, who stand up to pharmaceutical companies, who get in the way of them developing drugs and pushing their products to the American public or who find fault in those products, don’t last very long at NIH. In the wake of, alas, of the pharmaceutical takeover of NIH there are a lot of really heroic people, wonderful scientists like John Anthony Morris, like Bernice Eddy, like Judy Mikovits who you heard this morning, all of them who have been forced out of that Agency because they told the truth, because they stood up to the pharmaceutical interests. Tony Fauci has lasted because he was willing to carry water for those interests.

Fauci came to NIH a year after his residency in 1968. He took over the National Institute for Allergic and Infectious diseases, which I will call NIAID from now on, in 1984. He was there, he was 2nd in command in 1976, during the first pandemic, bird flu epidemic, which turned out to be fake. He then periodically has been able to generate money and funding for the interests who he represents, who he supports, who he fights for, the big pharmaceutical companies, on a series of epidemics that have come up roughly every couple of years since then: Zika, Ebola and other fake epidemics, 2009 was a swine flu epidemic, and many, many others.

Fauci took over in 1984 at the beginning of the HIV pandemic. At the time that he took over, NIAID had no jurisdiction over AIDS. The first AIDS appeared in 1981 among small groups of gay men in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. One of the first indicators of this immune deficiency was Kaposi Sarcoma which is a cancer. The initial studies and the initial jurisdiction went to the National Cancer Institute which is one of about a dozen sub-Agencies of the NIH, NIAID being another one.

At that time National Cancer Institute was very, very well equipped to develop drugs and to develop remedies for what they thought at that time was HIV AIDS. The National Cancer Institute had developed many drugs in the past, it was experienced in developing drugs, it had extensive laboratories and it was developing drugs specifically to treat cancer.

In a power struggle that took place in 1984, Tony Fauci gained control of the HIV program from the National Cancer Institute because he said now that they had proven, supposedly, that AIDS was caused by HIV which was a virus and infectious disease, actually NIAID would have jurisdiction. NIAID had no experience in making drugs or in developing products or remedies that would solve the problem. NIAID’s function was to do basic pure science, fundamental science on causes, to learn the causes of infectious diseases, of chronic diseases, of auto immune diseases and to then help maybe develop drugs or remedies for them. They didn’t have any capacity—at that time the Agency had no capacity to develop drugs. Tony Fauci ended up relying very, very heavily on Glaxo Smith Kline, which at that time was called Burroughs Wellcome—it was before the merger with Glaxo—which had begun developing a drug called AZT with the National Cancer Institute.

Then Tony Fauci was in a big jam because he had told Congress he was now in a position himself to take advantage of all the hundreds of millions of dollars that were pouring in from Congress because of the lobbying acumen of the HIV community, of the gay community, and he promised the gay community and he promised Congress that he would quickly develop a drug. He said he would have a vaccine within two years.

Three years went by and no drugs had come out of the program and billions of dollars had been put into his program and he became more and more dependent on the Glaxo Smith Kline people, what we now call them Principle Investigators who were running the clinical trials for AZT. They were very hostile to alternative medications for example Aerosolized Pentamidine which had been shown to be very, very effective against the pneumonia’s that were actually killing people with AIDS, against a spectra of Bactrim and AL-721 and many other remedies that were expired patents or they were unpatentable remedies which did not promise great profits for the vaccine industry or for the pharmaceutical industry.

So Tony Fauci ended up really focussing the efforts and all of the money that was coming in to him on one drug, which was AZT. After a lot of problems, in 1987 they finally got that drug approved. At that point Tony Fauci had built an institution that was almost completely dependent on what we call Principle Investigators. Who are these Principle Investigators? They are usually people with academic credentials. They are leading doctors at hospitals, at universities around the country who run the university research centres. They run the departments at hospitals and they run clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry.

The institutions for which they work are largely dependent on funding that comes initially from NIAID and from NIH and then subsequently as the drug or the compound progresses through the process of Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials, increasingly the drug companies come in and begin financing the clinical trials. Typically, in a clinical trial the principle investigator is given about $15,000 per patient enrolled, about 50-75% of that goes to the university for overhead costs. The universities and the local hospitals, like the Kaisers and the other hospitals are largely dependent on that clinical trial funding.

The Principle Investigators became very, very powerful during this period, thanks to the huge amounts of money initially being pumped into them for HIV drugs and then more and more as Tony Fauci basically turned NIAID over to the pharmaceutical industry to become an incubator for pharmaceutical drugs.

The really important job that NIAID is supposed to be doing, which is to be trying to find the source of all these chronic diseases that began exploding under Tony Fauci’s watch—he’s supposed to be in charge of preventing those diseases and yet not one vaccine of the 72 doses that are now mandated for American children has ever been subject to pre-licensing clinical trials, where they’d compare a placebo group to the health outcomes in a vaccinated group. And that ultimately is Tony Fauci’s problem—it’s the outcome he wanted. But what he has become, he is the incubator for drugs.

Between I think 2009 and 2016 there were several hundred new drugs that were approved by the FDA. Virtually every one of those drugs came out of Tony Fauci’s shop and he controls the entire approval process. Because his PI’s (Principle Investigators) control all of these empires around the country—at Stanford, at Harvard, at Baylor University, at NYU and Columbia and all of the major hospital research centres in the country are run by people, the department heads, the Deans, et cetera, who are taking money from Tony Fauci.

He can not only control the outcome of your study. If your Institution does a study that he doesn’t like, he has the capacity to ruin your institution and destroy you. Because he can say “You are not getting any money from NIH anymore.” For the past 2 decades Tony Fauci has dictated the public health science that occurs, not only in this country but all around the world.

That’s why we don’t see studies that say, How has, for example, pesticides like Glyphosate, how have they impacted public health? You don’t see that kind of study coming out of NIAID. You don’t see studies about health outcomes from vaccines comparing vaccinated groups to unvaccinated groups. That’s the only way we can tell whether vaccines are actually working. And yet all those studies are never done.

The whole purpose of NIAID is to get products out into the system, and we don’t care about public health. And public health has declined dramatically. Why don’t we know the answer to the question about, Why is it that Autism has gone from 1 in 10,000 in my generation, when Tony Fauci arrived there, to 1 in 34 children today? Why is nobody asking Tony Fauci to tell us, Why do we have food allergies in this country which were virtually unknown when I was a kid and yet 1 in 12 kids has them today?

What about the explosions in diabetes and juvenile diabetes and arthritis and lupus and Crohn’s disease and Graves disease and all of these other problems? You won’t hear about those from NIAID. NIAID is an arm of the drug industry. It controls the debate on drugs. It controls the narrative. If you look at the Committees that approve new vaccines for example: The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which recommends the vaccines at the CDC; the vaccine-related Biological Product Advisory Committee that licences new vaccines at FDA; the Data Safety Monitoring Review Boards that have approved these new COVID vaccines. Those panels, those critical panels that he keeps saying “Oh, it’s all going to be evaluated by an independent panel.” Those panels are virtually all completely dominated by his PIs.

If you look at their conflict of interest, almost all of them, the way you do that is you look up their articles, and go and you actually find the articles that are written by the people on those Committees and they have to disclose where they have been getting their money and we’ve been looking at that and virtually all of them, all of these Committees are absolutely dominated, if not fully populated, by people who have taken money from Tony Fauci and who are sucking at the Federal tit, and he is the one who is feeding them.

So of course they do it. If you look at these people who appear on CNN and MSN NBC and Fox and defend his program, people like Peter Hotez and Paul Offit and Arthur Caplan and all these other ones, they are also taking his money. These people are everywhere. They are sitting on the local medical boards that delicense the doctors who complain about pharmaceutical products.

For example I was giving 60 page speeches a year, mainly at colleges and universities around the country. When I started talking about vaccines, they started cancelling. And we would say to the Speakers Committee, We signed a contract with them. Why did you do that? They would say Oh we got calls from the local hospital association, we got calls from the medical board, we got calls from all these prominent doctors. When we looked into it, the people they were getting calls from were people who were on Anthony Fauci’s payroll. So he has the capacity to absolutely control and shut down debate in this country.
Ends at 1:03:51
Beginning at 1:50:57
RFK, Jr: I wouldn’t say that Tony Fauci is not an expert, because—I mean it depends what your threshold for expertise is but he is certainly a public health expert. What I think is important to understand is that he’s a technocrat. No matter how expert, no matter how important and pervasive and thorough his expertise, you still need democracy to control the apparatchiks and the technocrats.

What irritates me a lot is when I see Joe Biden and other people who are leading the Democratic party constantly say “We need to trust the experts” because as you know I’ve fought hundreds of law suits in my time and in every law suit and every trial that I’ve ever had there are experts on both sides and they’re both equally convincing. And that’s why when we go to a doctor we get a second opinion. Doctors and experts should not be running our democracy. We don’t allow that. We don’t say we are going to appoint an expert and then we are going to just trust everything he says. That is not democratic. That’s how totalitarian regimes work.

My wife came to the Monsanto trial and the day that she arrived Monsanto was doing direct examination on its own witnesses. And they all were all Harvard School of Public Health, they were from Stanford, they were from the leading institutions. These were the leading lights in toxicity and epidemiology and all of these other disciplines that the trial was focused on. My wife heard those and she said “What are you even doing here? These people are credible and trustworthy and convincing, absolutely.” Then she saw our cross examination. Then she heard our witnesses and then she said, “Why did those guys even show up for this trial?”

Part of democracy is, when my uncle had the Cuban Missile Crisis, the experts were in the room—virtually everybody wanted—of the 13 people that he had assembled as his experts—virtually every one of them with the exception of my father and Bob McNamara wanted to drop nuclear bombs on Cuba. If that had happened—we now know that the missiles in Cuba that the Russian had there were already armed and that the individuals who were running those sites had independent authority to launch if they found themselves under attack.

We would have obliterated the world. We would have had nuclear winter. We would have destroyed the planet. My uncle said I want to see the aerial photographs myself. And he questioned the experts. And he made them explain things to him and he got both sides of the story and he brought in the best people to criticize them. And he made that investigation separately. He didn’t just trust the experts and say the military and CIA are telling me they know this area and they are telling me to bomb. You don’t do that. The job of a politician is to take advice from experts, to respect them and respect expertise. But you don’t let them run the country.

You question them and you try and figure out—listen, Tony Fauci, even if he is the best expert in the world, okay, on epidemiology or on pathogenic proliferation, let’s say he knows more than anybody and he can predict exactly how many people are going to die depending on masks and lockdowns—he has no expertise in the economy. How many people are going to die when you shut down the economy? When you close 60 million businesses? When you obliterate the social safety net? When you starve—there are 10 thousand children dying a month in Africa because of a lockdown.

Rocco Galati: The last very quick question I had picking up on the example you gave of your sober uncle dispassionately taking in and then coming to a decision that would save the world, essentially. Do you David and Robert take any comfort—quite apart from the mass rallies and people who are objecting to this, even though they are censored—do you take any comfort in the many decisions that have gone to court and have been successful against the Covid measures such as your U.S. Court? ...

RFK Jr.: Rocco, I think our only hope is the courts, I think. The courts have done a really good job of not—mostly—we have taken beatings in the court too. But there are judges out there and it appears that the Supreme Court judges who—most of whom I don’t like much but they understand that we’re on the same team when it comes to recognizing that this is the onset of a really ugly dark totalitarianism and they have indicated they may be willing to stand up to that.
Ends at 1:57:08
Beginning at 2:04:22
RG: My takeaway—springing from something that Robert said about freedom of speech—as a Constitutional Lawyer, when I am asked “What do you do?” I simply in a word say to them “I protect human attributes and humanity.” The framers of the U.S. Constitution had it right when they talked about inalienable rights, meaning the rights that were given to you by your Creator, even if you believe your creator is just your mother.

And so, they’re suppressing our freedom to think. If you can think, but can’t speak, your freedom of thought is useless. If you can speak but can’t associate, your freedom of speech is useless. If you can associate but can’t assemble, your freedom of association is useless. So they are one unbroken—although we break them down for analytical purposes—these Constitutional Rights that are attached to the person, are human attributes and this whole Covid agenda has done in lockstep everything it can do, or try to do, to dehumanize us.

And Robert was quite right, with the implementation of devices into our—experimental implementation of devices that’s already out there through the World Economic Forum, it is a movement with AI towards a Borg-like transformation of humanity and that is dehumanizing, and we have to resist it.

RFK, Jr: ... Tony Fauci has played a key role in creating the architecture of this totalitarian subversion of democracy. My uncle President Kennedy—it’s hard to measure the success of a Presidency, but if you measure it based upon a President’s popularity abroad, there is no President in United States history who has a more convincing record. There are more boulevards and schools and in capitals in every country in the world named for him than any other President.

The reason for that is that he believed in democracy and he proclaimed it. He was cautious about the military and knew that the military industrial complex, which today includes a medical cartel and a pharmaceutical cartel, were the biggest threat to humanity and democracy. And he celebrated science and he created this effort to get to the moon, which was a way of elevating all of humanity, by bringing humanity together through science.

What Tony Fauci’s done, over 50 years in office, is to not only dismantle and obliterate the American love for science, and completely fail as a public health official—chronic disease exploded under his regime. But also he is now the principle author of this dismantlement of America democracy. What he does has nothing to do with science. It’s about religion.

Science is not what Tony Fauci says. It’s not what CDC says. It’s not what your doctor tells you. It’s what you find in peer-reviewed publications on PubMed. And even that, you need to question and you need to look at critically.

He has been an instrument for obliterating critical thinking among Americans and he’s created an orthodoxy which is a religious belief. It is the belief in undeserving authority and the faith in undeserving authority and that is the emblem, that is the genetic legacy of tribalism. Orthodoxy is just tribalism writ large, designed to divide us and to allow the ascendancy of very, very powerful people who will dominate and enslave us and that’s what we are watching right now.
Ends at 2:08:53

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