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Editor’s Note: The message is produced by Dreaded Cheetah. Gratitude and Blessings to Uwe Alschener for pointing to the original source on Telegram and sharing the transcript with me. Uwe’s German voice-over edition of this is here.

Australian Elders Jubullum Message to All Peoples:
Your DNA Is Sacred
Dreaded CHEETAH on Telegram, 17 Oct 2021
video, mp3 (9:42)

Across Australia, Indigenous communities are being
coerced & bribed into taking experimental covid injections.

The corporate Australian governance
has sent police & military into these
communities to administer these injections.

This violates several internationally recognised
Human Rights laws.

This is a message to ALL Original peoples...
across Australia & around the World.

Uncle Lewis Walker, Warhlubal Elder & Lore Man (00:27): (First speaking in his language.) As the chairperson of Ganjangali as in Co-op in Jubullum Community, our message for all of our communities out there; the desert mob up North, out West, down South, and the East Coast mob of Australia, left and right, Black and White, it doesn’t matter now, we gotta unite and be strong together.

Aunty Robyne Elizabeth Stone Kay, Midjinbul Elder - Dudabal, Custodian & Guardian of Byron Bay Region (01:18): I’m Auntie Robyne Elizabeth Stone Kay, I’m the custodian and guardian all the way from South Twwed Heads to Point Bar. I went up to Jubullum because I’d heard that the police and the army was up there. They offered $700 to you to get the COVID shot. I’m a bit upset about this, I’ll admit it. But I’m also, I’m a peaceful demonstrator, and I believe in peace for the world, not just here. It’s going on all over the world.

Uncle Cecil Roberts, Widjabul Elder (01:54): (First speaking in his language.) My name is Cecil Roberts. I’m a promised heir from where Uncle Louis lives. I’m a visitor from the Widjabul clan to the township of Nimbin. [laughter] I don’t feel like the jab. No. And I hope you guys don’t feel like the jabs either.

Cindy Mebbingarri Roberts, Widjabul & Warhlubal Tribes (02:24): My name is Cindy Roberts. My aboriginal name is Mebbingarri and she’s the Woman Eagle and I’m a Widjabul-Warhlubal descent. I’m a descendant of the Banjelan Nation because my blood runs through all this country because of my forefathers. And all our people, they need to come back to the truth because we all one mob.

Lewis Walker (02:54): Well, I should have been notified and all our other elders, three, maybe four months in advance, to let us know that it was gonna come into our community. We had three different other communities that was coming to our community, one from Drake, Bonelbo, Mallanganee and other villages up in the mountains, Ewingar, Bulldog, and Pretty Gully. We had them people come into our community.

Robyne Stone Kay (03:24): As for putting a COVID checking place on an aboriginal reserve, which they’re not allowed on in the first place, and then bringing other people from around the area ... One I know of, Drake already has COVID, and they’re bringing them on our mission to test them.

Lewis Walker (03:51): So we wanted our community to be locked down before the other people bringing that into our community. Our community was a neutral ground for this kind of stuff. We weren’t prepared for this kind of stuff.

Cindy Mebbingarri Roberts (04:05): This jab, they call it the vaccine. But truth be known, we know it’s not a vaccine. Because it goes against the Nuremberg Code. They are in breach, in violation of the Nuremberg Code. If it does not cure and it does not prevent what’s going on right now with the Coronavirus, and it’s not helping the people by killing and poisoning the people, then you know something’s wrong.

Robyne Stone Kay (04:38): Now, if that’s not genocide, I’ll stand on my head. How’s that? Hmm?

Cecil Roberts (04:48): It often takes only one jab. If you look on the side of that little bottle, it says, up to seven times. So you get the—unless you get up to seven times the jab, then it might work. It mightn’t work.

Cindy Mebbingarri Roberts (05:05): It’s medical genocide that they’re committing. If you don’t wanna take the jab, then it’s your right to say No. Don’t let them force this upon you because they have no law in this country.

Cecil Roberts (05:20): You can go out to places like this. Hang out, even go to the beach. Hang out, away from civilisation, all those rat race, and you’re gonna live to a hundred without using one jab. The only thing is gonna muck this up is Centrelink, because they’ve been saying “You got to have the jab if you wanna get paid.” The government has always got these little schemes.

Lewis Walker (05:53): Cause of Death, that act that they broke under the human rights, in our constitution in 1946 Referendum. There was a clause added to Section 51 of the Constitution, which prevents the government from forcing people to medicate. At that time another amendment that was given to the Constitution in Section 51a allows for the granting of various social service, what we call social security, back in them days, to authorise any form of civil conscription. This means that the government, or those acting on it’s behalf, cannot force you to have a child vaccinated in order to maintain benefit payments.

Cindy Mebbingarri Roberts (06:46): I feel sorry for all Australians. I feel sorry for my people because we’re all going through this together now. It’s just not a Black thing but it’s an everybody thing.

Robyne Stone Kay (07:07): This has been going on for a long while. I want all of this stopped. Not only for our children and our people, but for other people too. And they ain’t gonna kill us off our land. I’ll fight. I don’t care if I have to get up in front of a court house and call them all, “Sons of bitches.” They cannot wipe our race out because they stole our land. And that’s all they’ve been doing ever since they stole it, is trying to wipe us off the face of the earth. I will not stand for it.

Cecil Roberts (07:53): And for a beautiful country like this, I love it. But don’t forget we also got the cure for it.

Lewis Walker (08:03): As a Jubullum ____, as a ____ man, I would like to bring forward and put a recommendation in to this government: neutral ground. Next time, not in our community. Next time in a public town, public place. We could have had it over town at the football hour. We could have had it over town at a race course and set up in proper manner instead of bringing it into our community where they could have brought the virus into our community without none of our people knowing. It’s only a heads-up for the people who doesn’t understand. Heads-up, and be aware of our community and letting people come into our community without authorization. Thank you for listening and more to come.

This is a message to all peoples...
Your DNA is sacred.

It is crucial for your connection to self, to country & to spirit
to protect your DNA & stand in your true power.

Say NO to coercion & YES to freedom of choice.

United We Stand.

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