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Life Magazine and the Warren Commission
Original Copy published in Liberation, October 1966, Vol. XI, No. 7, p. 44.

In my article of January 1965 in Liberation, “A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the Shots, Trajectories and Wounds,” I concluded:

The evidence of the Warren Report concerning the shots, trajectories and wounds is convincing. It convinces me that this killing of one man and wounding of two could not have been the work of one man firing a bolt-action rifle from the Book Depository Building.

In this article I set forth as one of the most significant reasons for my conclusion of a multiple-assassin killing that a Kennedy head hit was inexplicable except for an assassin stationed to the front and right of the President. Since Kennedy’s head was snapped to one side by the impact of a bullet on it, I concluded:

A hit aimed from the back and above, on a car moving away from the source of the shot, hitting with such force that it carries away major parts of the skull, would not cause “a snapping of his head to one side.” Rather such a hit on the head that is facing front, as the President’s was, would have snapped the head forward and downward.

The motion pictures taken by Mr. Abraham Zapruder at the assassination site and then sold to Life magazine provide the keys to the assassination. Gaeton Fonzi and Allen Halpern of Greater Philadelphia Magazine and this writer succeeded in having two crucial Zapruder frames drawn by an artist at the National Archives. The artist drew the projections of frames 313 and 316. Two tandem and identical projectors were used simultaneously in order to superimpose the projected images of these two frames. Frame 313 shows the President at the instant of a head hit. 316 shows the President 1/6 of a second later.

    Mr Salandria holding the superimposed drawing of frames 313 and 316

This dramatic illustration clearly reveals the fakery of the Warren Commission. We see the President propelled, smashed and pivoted backward and leftward by the force of a bullet aimed from the front and right of him, to wit, from the grassy knoll area. This abrupt snapping of the President had to be the consequence of an externally applied force, for the speed of the movement cannot be explained as a result of either voluntary or involuntary self-propulsion. The frames which follow 313 demonstrate that this thumping of the President leftward and backward results in a continuous progression which pounds him to the back of the limousine seat and then bounces him into his wife’s lap.

In failing to address a single word to this problem of why President Kennedy did not fall on his face as a consequence of the head hit, the Warren Commission fell on its face as a fact-finding body and revealed itself to be the fact-concealing body which it was.

In my article which appeared in the March 1965 Liberation I initiated the demand for the missing X-rays and photographs taken of the President’s body at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center. This cry has now been taken up around the nation. The appeal for the X-rays and photographs was imperative and proper when I made it and continues to be. But I suggest that such a clamor could prove to be an irresistible invitation to governmental forgery or political blackmail.

Now, I wish to call upon Life magazine to release for public viewing the motion pictures which it bought from Abraham Zapruder. One showing of that tragic film will instantly democratize the research and let the whole public into knowledge of the gross fraud perpetrated by the Warren Commission.

When the Zapruder films are shown to the public, every adult and every child over six years of age, will upon viewing them, know that the Warren Commission and its staff wore no clothes. They will realize that the dead thing which immediately before the head hit was a President, since it was pounded leftward and backward, had to be hit by an assassin situated to the right and in front of it.

For me, the production of the X-rays and photographs which Liberation permitted me to cry out for back in March of 1965 continue to be important. But, far, far more significant are the Zapruder films. Our people will understand these films. Since the motion pictures have already been thoroughly explored by researchers at the National Archives, they cannot be further altered. This cannot be said with assurance about the X-rays and photographs.

How can we call ourselves an open society when almost three years after the historical Zapruder films were taken, they have not been released to the general public? These photographs will serve to educate the people about the assassination, the Warren Commission and our government. For these films have the potential to rekindle in the American people a sense of outrage so often necessary for a rebirth of democracy. Life magazine—the people must know! Produce the Zapruder films!

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