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The idea of an anthology of my work on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy was not my idea. Whatever blame is attributable to such an enterprise—and considerable censure may be in order for the waste of paper attendant to this project—is properly placed on Mr. John Kelin.

Mr. Kelin sees value in these writings which I have always accepted as the clumsy expressions of simple truths. I wrote them, not to demonstrate any skills I had as a writer or as a scholar, since my writings clearly show my limitations as such. Rather, I wrote these pieces to explain how easy it was to come to the truth of how and why our national security state killed President Kennedy in order to perpetuate the Cold War.


The material I presented was not born of original thinking or meticulously researched. Rather, what I mainly used in demonstrating the truth of this assassination was material offered to us by the United States Government in the Warren Report and its accompanying transcripts and exhibits. I also utilized material which was published in our press.

In examining these data in light of the model of explanation of a national security state foreign policy assassination, I found that the data fit the model. Finding this to be the case, I felt duty-bound to the society to bear witness to what I saw as the truth.

This truth was there for all of us to see. Any mystery which obscured the truth was first instilled by the power structure of our nation in order to maintain a semblance of legitimacy and constitutional democracy when both had been effectively destroyed by the killing of our President. Why was this mystery regarding the assassination accepted by much of our population? For most of our people the truth was too painful and placed upon us too much responsibility. We did not wish to reexamine, condemn, and confront the violence in the extra-constitutional power structure that finally ascended to hegemony over our citizenry and over much of the world.

But the truth was easily ascertainable. I feel that my work on the assassination is an accomplishment which required little intelligence, minimal analytic ability and no special talents. Rather it reflected a willingness to bear witness to the truth irrespective of the consequences. In my responsibility to adhering to the truth as I saw it, I have been and will continue to be, oblivious to all the consequences of its expression.

Vincent J. Salandria
Summer, 1999

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