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Summation of Key Info re 911 Air Defense issue
by malcontent x
9 June 2002

here's my summation of Airforce response, Sept. 11, 2001.
I've tried to be as succinct as possible.


Airforce response, Sept. 11, 2001.

Fact 1
Flight 11 8:20, lost radio/transponder contact. Plane begins to go dramatically off-course, (NW, instead of W).  [1] (Each of these instances are considered "emergencies" insofar as FAA regulations are concerned. According to NORAD, it takes Air Traffic Control eighteen minutes to inform them about Flight 11, (8:38) in contrast to routine procedure.[2] Routine response is to call in an intercept to regain contact with pilot, as in the case of the Payne Stewart incident of 1999; although, the records show that during that incident, it took twenty minutes for the airforce to be called in[3] . . . suggesting perhaps a routine incapacity for the FAA to meet its own regulations. Even so, the Stewart plane was a small lear jet with four passengers, not an airliner with over a hundred, travelling in busy airspace).

Fact 2
NORAD notifies OTIS AFB, (about two hundred miles east of Flight 11's position) just after being told of a second hijacked plane in the same area, (Flight 175) heading west, (away from Otis). [4] According to the American Federation of Scientists, the top speed of the F-15's from Otis is 1800+ miles.[5] Although military spokesmen describe the planes from Otis as flying "like a scalded ape," they actually fly at less than half their top speed.[6] The planes arrive in New York City at approximately 9:20 -- after two planes had crashed into the World Trade Centers- a full hour after the original lost contact with flight 11. (Compare that to Payne Stewart incident).

Fact 3
Flight 77 goes well off-course, (temporarily) at approximately 8:40 am.[7] Approximately 9:00am, transponder signal and radio contact is lost.[8] The plane reverses course, and heads directly back toward Washington, at the same time that a second plane has struck the World Trade Center. At 9:06, the FAA informs all air traffic control centers that Flight 77 has been hijacked; yet NORAD claims it is not until 9:24 that the FAA informs them of the hijacking; TWENTY FIVE MINUTES AFTER CONTACT WITH THE PLANE HAD BEEN LOST -- and all this, a further fifteen minutes after a known hijacked airliner had crashed into the WTC.[9]

Fact 4
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and top Pentagon officials claim they were "unaware" that flight 77 was heading towards Washington[10]; when, in fact, BY LAW, the FAA is obligated to inform the National Military Commnd Center in the Pentagon, as soon as a hijacking is confirmed, (that is, at 8:28) [11]. This is confirmed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Richard Myers, who admits before the Senate that the Pentagon's "crisis-action team" was "up" by 8:50[12]; yet the General fails to inform us that HE was NOT EVEN NOTIFIED by the "team" that a crisis was underway for another 50 MINUTES! -- until AFTER the attack on the Pentagon.[13] Standing before the Senate Confirmation hearings on Sept. 13th, speaking on the bombings, General Myers says "I don't know" ten times.

Fact 5
We are further told that the Pentagon was "unaware" that Flight 93 had been hijacked,[14] and that there were NO FIGHTERS in the vicinity when the plane went down; when, in fact, the FAA had informed NORAD that Flight 93 had been hijacked at 9:16, FIFTY MINUTES BEFORE.[15]

Fact 6
George W. Bush is made aware of the crisis before he leaves his hotel in Sarasota, Florida, just before 9am.[16] According to Vice-President Dick Cheney, "the secret service... FAA... had open lines after the World trade Center was [hit]."[17] Cheney says he was whisked into the basement of the White House for his own protection; yet George W. Bush was clearly in a more-vulnerable position: out in the open, a very public arena, schedule well-publicized; and he continues to his appointment in a third-grade classroom. When he is updated not once, not twice, but thrice about the crisis, he continues sitting in the classroom for a full thirty minutes.[18] Only later do we hear that George. W Bush is the only one who can order any shootdowns.

Fact 7
After making a brief statement at 9:30, the President takes off from the local military base aboard Airforce One with NO FIGHTER PROTECTION.[19] Then the plane is diverted away from Washington for NINE HOURS, limping home with an extraordinary fighter protection, under the guise of some supposed "threat" to Airforce One,[20] which is quietly accepted as a cover-story, two weeks later, by a compliant press.[21]

Fact 8
Top military officials repeatedly lied about the extent to which they were aware of the crises. George W. Bush and his entourage acted as if they were in no danger -- and under no urgency to act. The apparent incompetence of the administration, military, the FBI, has been matched by an exceptionally thrifty and well-coordinated FBI investigation/conviction of the supposed hijackers, the invasion of Afghanistan, the "Patriot Act," and so on.

Fact 9
The media neglected to raise the most-elementary questions about government/military behavior in the worst case of security breakdown in U.S. history -- costing over 3,000 lives.

Question 1
Why does it appear that routine air defense procedures were repeatedly and flagrantly violated on Sept. 11th? Why has the military/administration refused to give any of the details of the fighter-response, beyond the planes supposedly sent from OTIS and LANGLEY? Are we to believe that those planes were sent at all?

Question 2
Why have the conversations between the FAA, Air Traffic Control, and the hijacked planes not been made public?

    In particular:
    • When did ATC officials observing Flight 11 first inform their superiors that the plane was in trouble?
    • Did they try to contact local Airforce Bases?
    • How soon after first being informed of the hijacking, (8:38) did NORAD inform the National Military Command Center (NMCC) in the Pentagon?

Question 3
After the NMCC "crisis-action team" was "up," (at 8:50am) knowing that one hijacked plane had crashed into the World trade Center, and that another hijacked plane was within 50 miles of New York city, why did the NMCC not declare a state of emergency? -- and order as many fighters as possible (in the area) into the air?

Question 4
After George W. Bush was first informed about the crisis in New York, (around 9am) why did he not immediately make a change in his schedule, and begin direct consulations with the NMCC, National Security members, and give the authorization to shoot down any other suicide planes?

Question 5
Who was responsible for the decision to keep George W. Bush away from Washington for over nine hours? and why?

Question 6
Why was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff allowed to explain the failures of the airforce (before the Senate) without any reports from responsible departments?

Question 7
Who will dare to ask the questions of government, in the interests of "we, the people"?



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    USA Today, (radar reports) Each of the above instances, taken separately, constitutes an emergency according to FAA Order 7110.65M 10-2-5. According to Bob Arnott of MSNBC, "Pilots are supposed to hit each fix with pinpoint accuracy. If a plane deviates by 15 degrees, or two miles from that course, the flight controllers will hit the panic button.... It's considered a real emergency, like a police car screeching down a highway at 100 miles an hour."
    Routine response to such emergencies is to order "fighter-intercepts" into the air, to regain contact with the pilot, (NORAD spokesman, Boston Globe, Sept. 15, 2000).

  2. CNN, Sept. 16th, ibid

  3. National Transportation Safety Report.

  4. Top military spokesmen say cutbacks caused a reduction in the number of bases "on alert," (from 100 to 7) meaning that intercepts had to come from greater distance.(4a) Seven bases on the coastal borders for the entire United States! Again, this is not what occurred during the Payne Stewart crises, where four different bases where called in as the plane flew across the continent.(4b) Numerous airforce bases in the eastern U.S. are listed on the internet as maintaining battle-ready fighter squadrons. Syracuse, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, amongst others.(4c)



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  9. Newsday, Sept. 23rd, ibid
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    NORAD later claims that fighters were dispatched from Langley AFB, 130 miles away; when, in fact, four separate newspaper reports show fighters scrambling from Andrews AFB, (ten miles outside Washington) -- yet only after the attack on the Pentagon.
    San Diego Union-Tribune 12 September 2001
    NBC Nightly News, (6:30 PM ET) 11 September 11 2001
    Denver Post, 11 September 2001
    Sunday Telegraph, (London), 14 September 2001
    The reports about Andrews were soon quashed -- the military website quickly changed to show that no fighters were stationed there; and the reports about Langley did not surface until Sept. 14,(9a) (contradicting both, General Myers on the 13th, and Dick Cheney on the 16th) (9b)

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  19. according to report from:

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    CNN, "Breaking News."

  21. Washington Post, Sept 27. (pg. 12)

The above information and sources were taken from the 140 pg. document, "Sept. 11: Unanswered Questions"; located at,
>> From: "malcontent x" <>
>> Reply-To:
>> To: "unansweredquestions" <>
>> Subject: [unansweredQuestions] Re:DRAFT TOPIC AREA: Air Defenses
>> Date: 7 Jun 2002 18:34:24 -0700
>> There are some problems with this.
>> i.e.
>> It was NOT an hour after the second plane hit the tower that the plane hit
>> the Pentagon. 9:02 -9:38 = 36 minutes.
>> It's more than likely that planes WERE launched from Andrews AFB, if the
>> one-the-scene reports of four separate newspapers are any indication.
>> This just goes to show how easy it is to get the facts straight, and how
>> important it is that we be as tight-assed with our statistics as Ronald
>> Reagon was with his compassion.
>> The outline also suffers for the ommission of many outstanding facts,
>> which
>> i cannot go into here -- but will do so within a day or so.
>> I will examine the impressive-looking contribution from Alan Burns, and
>> try to help you construct as impressive an outline for this as you have
>> constructed for the Bush/Bin laden connection.
>> keep up the good work,
>> any suggestions, let 'em fly,
>> talk soon,
>> malcontentx
>>> From: "Kyle F. Hence" <>
>>> Reply-To:
>>> To: "unansweredquestions" <>
>>> Subject: [unansweredQuestions] DRAFT TOPIC AREA:  Air Defenses
>>> Air Defenses (NORAD)
>>> Fact 1
>>> Nearly a full hour passed from the time the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower
>>> until the third plane crashed at the Pentagon.
>>> Fact 2
>>> Intercept jets were scrambled from Langley AFB 140 miles away.  Andrews
>>> AFB where no plane were scrambled is only 10 miles from the Pentagon.
>>> Fact 3
>>> A full array of anti-aircraft missile batteries were not deployed to
>>> defend the headquarters of the most powerful military in the world.
>>> Fact 4
>>> Two interceptors launched from Otis AFB arrived too late at the WTC
>>> having flown at less then half their rated top speed enroute.
>>> Question 1
>>> Why didn't the Otis AFB interceptors, after arriving too late at the
>>> WTC, lock onto the two remaining hijacked planes reported by the FAA?
>>> Question 2
>>> Who is responsible and who has been held accountable for the failure of
>>> air defenses over our nation's capital and at the Pentagon?
>>> Question 3
>>> Who ordered planes to be scrambled from Langley AFB rather than the
>>> closer Andrews AFB to intercept the hijacked plane threatening the
>>> Capital?
>>> Question 4
>>> An analysis of the NORAD timeline issued in mid September shows that all
>>> intercepts jets were travelling at sub-sonic speeds; Given the level of
>>> threat how can this be explained?

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