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  • September 2015 Equinox — rat haus reality: celebrating 20 years wide
    Dr. John W. Gofman: His Life, and Research on the Health Effects of Exposure to Ionizing Radiation. Beginning in 1995, I was grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. John Gofman and his assistant Egan O’Connor building a digital archive of a portion of his written works. Dr. Gofman did more than most other medical scientists to warn people about the health effects and dangers of exposure to low dose radiation. He earned a Ph.D. in Nuclear/Physical Chemistry at UC Berkeley in 1943 where his graduate advisor was Glenn Seaborg. He co-discovered Uranium 232 and 233 and was the leader of the Plutonium Group at UCB for the Manhattan Project, where he produced the first 1.2 milligrams of plutonium for J. Robert Oppenheimer. He went on to receive his M.D. degree from UCSF in 1946. He successfully identified high density and low density lipoproteins and made a number of other major discoveries involving cholesterol, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and especially cancer. In 1963 he was invited by the Atomic Energy Commission to found and become the first Director of the Bio-Medical Research Division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to study the “Implications of All Nuclear Energy Programs Upon Man in the Biosphere.” In 1969 he and his colleague Dr. Arthur Tamplin publicly concluded that the dangers of exposure to low-level ionizing radiation were much greater than previously acknowledged and that there was no evidence of a risk-free dose of radiation. By 1973 the US government had de-funded Gofman’s Livermore lab research on chromosomes and cancer. He returned to teaching full-time at UCB and chose an early and active “retirement” in 1974 as Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology, devoting the next 30 years to pro-bono research into human health-effects from radiation. Dr. Gofman produced a wealth of published works that have increased understanding and awareness of the biological hazards of low-level ionizing radiation and was a vital voice of intelligence and clarity calling for the cessation of further nuclear pollution of Grandmother Earth.

  • August 6, 2015 Hiroshima Day — rat haus reality: celebrating 20 years wide
    An Expanding Light to Dispel the Darkness: A New Movement to Ban Nuclear Weapons. 70 years ago today, the first atomic bomb used to kill people was detonated approximately 580 meters above the center of Hiroshima, Japan. The terrorizing capability to obliterate life on Earth with nuclear war was conceived 70 years ago. Its potential began to manifest in the late 1950s, and was wholly produceable by the 1960s when arsenals of multi-megaton hydrogen bombs numbered in the thousands and ICBMs were deployed. The means to create nuclear weapons came from the existence of uranium. The Manhattan project was all about enriching uranium. Since the 1960s the specter of nuclear annihilation has been steadily amplified by technology that continues the manipulation of uranium to generate radioactive elements especially suited to making nuclear warheads. Beginning on February 28 of this year Helen Caldicott convened an extraordinarily vital Symposium at the New York Academy of Medicine in New York City on The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction. In May work began crafting a collection of files to highlight and emphasize the significance of this Conference. The shortcut link to it is: <>. Here you will find background on the Symposium, complete transcripts with inlined slides of 8 speakers (soon to be 9), mp3s of all speakers plus the Q&As, additional educational materials, and means to engage with people working to abolish nuclear weapons.

  • July 4, 2015 — rat haus reality: celebrating 20 years wide
    Increasing Consciousness, Outgrowing Our US Exceptionalism Myth. The U.S. origin story is based on an unconscious acceptance of and belief in the inevitability of Manifest Destiny, the idea that Europeans and later Anglo settlers were destined by God to take the land from sea to shining sea. Inherent in the origin story was the implication that the land had previously been terra nullius, a land without people. In this way, “the frontier” was ready for God’s chosen people to first “tame” it and then found a nation of dominion and freedom for all. This is the source of U.S. Americans’ belief in their unique exceptionalism. In fact, the historical reality is how the theft of lands that are today called the United States came to be claimed and owned by white men, revealing the processes and characteristics of settler colonialism. This specific brand of colonial usurpation is founded upon institutionalizing extravagant violence through unlimited war and irregular war. Extreme violence was carried out by Anglo settlers against civilians in an attempt to cause the utter annihilation of the Indigenous nations and communities of people existent across the continent for thousands of years before it was “discovered” by Europeans. The goal of this extermination was to enable the settlers’s total freedom to acquire land and wealth. Increasing consciousness of this historical reality is, as historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz writes, “both a necessity and a responsibility to the ancestors and descendants of all parties.”

  • February 2015 full moon — rat haus reality: celebrating 20 years wide
    Keep the Balance. September 2014 to September 2015 marks rat haus reality’s 20th revolution around SOL. This ratitorial highlights John Trudell’s 2001 explication of What It Means To Be A Human Being. Trudell submits that responsibility is the liberator’s word, “because then we are taking direct action with our intelligence.” To honor and serve Life’s needs contains and expresses profound significance, value, and purpose.

  • December 2004 solstice
    What To Do In Our Crazy Life? Attend Democracy School. This ratitorial recounts participating in a three day symposium of the Daniel Pennock Democracy School presented by Thomas Linzey and Richard Grossman. It explored the systemic historical and legal analysis of corporate power and democracy, and why democratic self-government is impossible when corporations wield constitutional rights against communities to deny the rights of people. Many instances of grass roots programs were presented that are altering this situation.

  • September 2004 equinox
    Moving Toward Thinking "like a mountain" looks out beyond the confrontation over corporate claims to constitutional rights towards framing rights to include everything not represented in our current structure and system of law. By framing rights in terms that "the right to exist is innate for the nonhuman world because it is grounded in the universe, not in any act of human law," we can envision and explore the dimension of being and belonging that supersedes the human-centric universe we have fashioned for ourselves in recent millenia.

  • September 2003 equinox
    We're All In Prison, And Most Of Us Don't Know The Door Is Unlocked considers how many illusions we began learning as children condition our perceptions to collude in our own social imprisonment. The door out of this prison is wide open and most of us do not see it. Closely examining the ways of our world and how it works will open the door to our living more fully and creatively in the life of our time.

  • March 2003 equinox
    Living On The Creative Edge shares moving into life with Nina Vansuch and how we exist not for ourselves alone. We are all part of a Great Conversation going on throughout our universe. It for each of us to choose how we participate in the specific ways we trust our lives and our future.

  • september 2001 equinox
    The New Myth For Our Species: The Creation of Consciousness explores the the need in human society for a new central living myth, grounded in the creation of more and more consciousness. Such a new myth can serve to resurrect our human family from the apparent ashes and darkness that, on the manifest level, we appear to be evermore attracted to. Instances of human activities are listed in the latter half that signify experiences lived in awareness that augments the sum total of consciousness in the uni verse. Such a fact of the creation of more consciousness provides a tangible "meaning for every experience and gives each individual a role in the on-going world-drama of creation."

  • september 2000 equinox
    Lessons at the Edge of the World describes recent inner and outer events I felt were especially significant.

  • december 1999 solstice
    Seattle Journal of November 26-December 3 recounts my journey to learn from and participate in the workshops, teach-ins, services, marches and rallies, as well as the group mind I knew would be manifesting there.

  • september 1999 equinox
    Four as a Symbol of Wholeness celebrates completion of ratical's fourth revolution around SOL, four significant new additions, thoughts on Y2K and manifesting psychic wholeness.

  • march 1999 equinox
    Expanding the Song of Life outlines some of what community currencies offer in the area of building a sustainable civilization, the gift of helping kids learn to play piano, and living life heroically.

  • december 1998 solstice
    The Biological Debt We Are Accruing By Continuing The Development and Promotion of Nuclear Power heralds the electronic availability of the classic lay-person's primer, Poisoned Power.

  • september 1998 equinox
    3rd Revolution Shift marks the changing o' the guard from .com to .org. And we've decided not to go for 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

  • june 1998 solstice
    Planting Seeds of Transformation considers some of the bountiful gifts life bestows upon us and how dynamics of inner transformation provide ways to manifest change within which, in turn, changes the world without.

  • march 1998 equinox
    HELP STOP THE WAR IN CHIAPAS   --   send e-mail to keep the pressure on officialdom.

  • december 1997 solstice
    "Independent Watchdogs:   An Antidote to Nuclear Pollution" focuses on ways you can be a Common Sense Expert on behalf of the health and well-being of your community and the world.

  • september 1997 equinox
    celebrating completion of ratical's 2nd revolution around SOL with a transcript of a talk given by Laurens van der Post in 1961 on The Psychological Origins of Racial Prejudice .

  • vernal equinox, march 20, 1997
    Highlighting the Committee For Nuclear Responsibility's Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation (HEIR) Reports with particular emphasis on Preventing Breast Cancer: The Story Of A Major, Proven, Preventable Cause Of This Disease .

  • beaver moon, november 24, 1996
    november's beaver or frosty full moon was the occasion for launching The Six Nations, Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth.

  • september 22, 1996 equinox
    observations on the occasion of the completion of rat haus reality's 1st revolution around SOL; feelings of blessing and excerpts of Laurens van der Post .

  • september 19, 1996
    approaching completion of rat haus reality's 1st year revolution around SOL: bumpy traveling and preparation to pick up many threads . . .

  • new moon, june 16, 1996
    Focus on the addition of Nuclear Techhnology: The Inappropriate Exercise of Human Intelligence, -- and Given This, What Is Appropriate?

  • spring equinox, march 20, 1996
    Focus on the addition of Chapters 18-21, Disproof of Any Safe Dose or Dose-Rate of Ionizing Radiation, with Respect to Induction of Cancer in Humans from Radiation-Induced Cancer from Low-Dose Exposure: An Independent Analysis
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