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NUCLEAR GUARDIANSHIP FORUM, On The Responsible Care of Radioactive Materials,
Issue # 2, Spring 1993, p. 8.


How To Protect Yourself From Low-Level Radiation

Diet for the Atomic Age examines the low-level radiation exposure in our times, and offers a rational course of action that any individual can follow. Nutritionist Sara Shannon has gathered medical and scientific data that show that certain food and food supplements have properties that can protect us from this threat. She presents the theories as to how and why these foods and supplements stave off the effects of radiation.

As your health status affects your susceptibility to radiation, there are foods that promote optimal-health and create the most protective internal environment: whole grains, fresh vegetables, beans, sea vegetables, miso, tempeh and tofu, nuts and seeds. By cutting out (or reducing) meat, fat, sugar, and refined and processed foods, a new sense of well-being emerges; you consciously participate in creating your body. You can also build high-energy cells that are better able to resist radiation and other environmental health hazards.

                   DAILY MEAL PLANNING GUIDE

FOOD GROUP                      RATIO            SERVINGS

whole grains,                  45-50%              4 or 5
noodles and pasta

leafy greens                                       2 or 3
cabbage family                 20-30%              2 or 3
yellow vegetables                                  1 or 2

lentils, chick peas, etc.          5%           1 or more
bean products, tempeh, tofu                             1

(any type) in soup                 5%                   1
(any type) in side dishes                               1

any type(s)              less than 5%                   1

FISH                                          a few times
small white-meat fish    less than 5%            per week

in season                less than 5%                   1



Beta Carotene           10,000 IU             25,000 IU
B6                        10mg                10-100 mg
B12                     2,000 mcg             2,000 mcg
Pantothenic acid            -             low-dose B-complex
C                     500-3,000 mg         3,000-10,000 mg
E                       50-400 IU            200-600 IU

Calcium                     -               any supplement
                                         except bone meal
Chromium               100-300 mcg           100-300 mcg
Iodine                no supplement             150 mg
                        necessary          potassium iodide
Iron                        _                  10-18 mg
Magnesium                              (if calcium supplement is
                                         used, take magnesium
                                        equaling half that dose)
Selenium               100-200 mcg             200 mcg
Zinc                     15-20 mg             40-50 mg
Cycteine               500-1,000 mg           2,000 mg
                  (take with three times
                 this amount of vitamin C
                       and some B6)

Garlic tablets           1,200 mg          1,200-1,800 mg

From Diet For The Atomic Age, How To Protect Yourself From Low-Level Radiation, by Sara Shannon, Avery Publishing Group Inc., Wayne, NJ USA, 1987. The book is available for $8.95 from the publisher. Tel: 800/548-5757.

1997 Update: this book has been expanded and reprinted as TECHNOLOGY'S CURSE Diet for the Atomic Age by Sara Shannon, the definitive book on radiation protection, 355 pages with 18 pages of references, and is available from or by telephone at 888/690-1277.

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