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Preventing Breast Cancer . . . 1996

      This book uncovers the major cause of the recent breast-cancer incidence in the USA. The author shows that past exposure to ionizing radiation --- primarily medical x-rays --- is responsible for about 75 percent of the breast-cancer problem in the United States.
      The good news: Since the radiation dosage given today by medical procedures can be significantly reduced without interfering with a single useful procedure, numerous future cases of breast-cancer can be prevented.
      The author recommends specific actions to start breast-cancer prevention now, not ten years from now.

The following chapters have been put online
and are available here in ASCII text format:

As of April 5, 1998 a complete electronic representation now exists of Preventing Breast Cancer. The work to manifest this has taken more than of 27 months and has been well worth the time for the treasury of information now available to anyone who can get online and find their way to this.

-- ratitor

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